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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay needs to talk to Tabitha but there is a note telling that the girls are asleep and Tabitha too has gone to bed. Kay runs up the stairs anyway in desperation, but stops when she hears the doorbell ring. It is Simone who has come to visit. She heard about Grace getting killed. Kay knows that her mother shouldn't have ever have been on that bus. Simone finds that Ivy is at blame here. She did all of this to get to Sam. Kay still knew though and should have told someone. Kay still does things wrong it seems. She needs to talk to someone or she will explode. Kay tells that she has been with Miguel. Simone thinks that that they were just talking but Kay tells her that wasn't what she meant. Simone is stunned to hear her friend slept with a man other than the man that she married that night.

Fox has to find Kay now. She has been away too long. He talks to himself about how he needs to keep her close to him all the time. He doesn't want her talking to Miguel again. she might just believe Miguel's stories this time. "You are right about that," Miguel says walking in the room and hearing Fox talking to himself. "I know all about the lies that you told her."

Jared is on his way home…He thinks about how it was when he left Tess in bed. He was rubbing her back and saying sweet nothings to her…Jared has finally found the woman of his dreams. "You get ready Tess. I am going to make love to you all night long."

Gwen is in bed and she realizes that Ethan isn't with her. She sits up! "Ethan! Where are you?"

Theresa is in bed with Ethan, but when she looks at his face…it at first appears to be Ethan's, but then it morphs into Jared. "I love you Jared," Theresa says. "I love you too," Ethan says. They continue kissing in bed.

Luis kisses Fancy who is sleeping now. He turns the light off and removes his coat to sit on the couch in the room. He will be right there if she needs him. He gets under a blanket and settles in for sleep…Behind the mountain of teddy bears, the Peeping Tom Rapist is peeping. His eyes dart left and right, and then left again. When he sees that all is quiet and everyone is asleep, he comes out of hiding comfortable with the darkness… and he moves about the room undetected…

Gwen calls out some more for Ethan, but he is nowhere to be found. Gwen calls Ethan's work but gets his voicemail. Gwen leaves a message asking Ethan to call her. She does the same thing on Ethan's cellphone voicemail and then she gets out of bed. She looks in Jane's room but she is safe in there. "Maybe he is in the kitchen…"

Jared is happy driving home and thinking about Theresa and the times they have had…playing baseball…exercising…hitting her in the face with pie at the fair…putting their coin pieces together…making love with her in variety of places…tearing their clothes off together…dancing salsa together…she reaching out for him…making love at the gym at Crane…spending time in the steam room together…Jared thinks about how Theresa had him coming and going for a while. He really believes now that Theresa has Ethan out of her life now. He is going to start the honeymoon a little early…like tonight…

In Theresa's bed, she thinks that Jared is ravishing her but it is really Ethan. It is just that every time that she looks at Ethan's face, she sees Jared.

Simone doesn't get this. she just married Fox. This is her wedding night. Kay didn't make the decision. She couldn't help herself. Simone knows that Kay loved Miguel but she thought that was all behind her now. Kay loves both men. Simone can't understand this. Kay couldn't even honor her vows for a couple of hours. It is crazy. Out of all the incredibly crazy things that Kay has done, this tops them all. Kay says that she wanted to be alone and she went to a park. Miguel knows her and went there to find her and they had sex…committed adultery. Simone reminds Kay that Fox is dying in a couple of months. Kay tells that Fox isn't dying. Miguel thinks that Fox is faking. Eve is the primary physician for Fox and Miguel pointed out that Fox would have gone to Eve first. She would have had to have some sort of inclination that something was wrong. Eve would have been the one to make the referral for Fox, but she doesn't even know about this and that is why Miguel thinks that Fox is lying. Kay thinks that Fox somehow found out that she was in love with Miguel, and set this thing up. All that Kay knows is that someone is lying here.

Fox tells Miguel that he has a lot of nerve calling someone else a liar. Miguel knows that Fox isn't lying. He knows that Dr. Gasparro is lying. Fox reminds that Eve says that the man is legitimate. Miguel knows that the Cranes can make things look the way they want. Fox says that Eve didn't know about this because he didn't want her to know if someone was wrong. He wanted to make sure that Kay wouldn't find out. Miguel knows that Fox guilted his wife into marrying him. "You are no more dying than I am and I am going to prove it! You have been lying to Kay all along and I am going to prove it!"

The Peeping Tom Rapist stands over Fancy's bed as she sleeps. She smiles… She is dreaming of Luis being the quarterback and she being the cheerleader…like in her novel…Luis finds her cheering and likes it. She never thought that he would talk to her. He is a senior and she is just a junior…Fancy smiles now as she dreams about Luis. The Peeping Tom Rapist goes over to where Luis sleeps on the couch ad he looks him over. He takes out a syringe and sticks it in Luis's neck. Luis wakes and has a horrified look on his face as he stares into the eyes of the Peeping Tom Rapist, but the effect of the drug takes hold fast and Luis doesn't have time to react to what is happening…He is soon out of the game and his eyes close again.

Jared smiles as he tells himself that he is almost home…He dreams of how it will be when he gets there. She will be waiting for him and they will make love …He will try his best to make her happy. "I swear I will."

Gwen has checked everywhere and then she realizes that he might be with Theresa. She hopes that he wouldn't do that to her again. She dials the sitter and apologizes for calling so late. She says that she has an emergency and needs her to come upstairs…

Theresa is in the throes of passion. Ethan remembers the message that was put in his head telling him that Theresa needs him and he has to get to her right away.

…Fancy continues her dream. In it, Luis asks her to do another cheer… "Our team is on the move, Luis is out of sight…Luis is in the groove…Luis is dynamite…" Fancy jumps and falls awkwardly hurting her ankle. Luis rubs it for her and she feels better already…

The Peeping Tom Rapist has done his damage. He removes Luis'[s necklace and rips his shirt open. He gets a package of latex condoms and gets to work. Luis lays very still as all this is happening, but he does manage to opens his eyes ever so slightly and peer for a few seconds at the Peeping Tom Rapist.

Luis sees something in front of him but he doesn't know what. It is the Peeping Tom Rapist, but Luis calls out Fancy's name and smiles…The Peeping Tom Rapist watches everything.

Kay may never find out the truth about Fox. Simone feels that Kay really needs to get some proof about this. Kay doesn't understand her marrying Fox and having sex with Miguel. It might just be hormones, but Kay is sure that it is because she loves Miguel. She believes Miguel about Fox not being sick. In fact, Fox was dancing up a storm at the wedding and looked really good. Simone feels that the wedding might have just gotten Fox happy about living his time out with Kay. Simone knows that the one thing that they do know is that Miguel is a two-timing jerk. Kay says that was all a lie as well. Simone was there. Simone saw it. Kay tells that Miguel swears that he hasn't ever been with Charity since he returned.

Miguel tells Fox that Kay doesn't really love him. Fox knows that Kay will come to her senses. Miguel grabs Fox and holds him by the corner. He asks through gritted teeth how Fox managed to make Kay think that he slept with Charity…Fox thinks back to how he hired the fake Miguel and Charity actors and they used their masks to fool Kay into thinking she saw Miguel making love to Charity…Miguel demands an answer. He knows that Fox set him up and he will make Fox tell Kay that he set him up. Miguel tells Fox that Kay ran off after the wedding because she couldn't stand the idea of spending the rest of her life married to him. Fox tells Miguel that she was just upset but Miguel knows differently. "She wasn't upset. She left because she wanted to spend time with me." That is enough and so Fox punches Miguel hard in the face, sending him crashing to the floor.

Kay decides that she is going to have her marriage annulled. She wants to be with Miguel. Simone finds this ludicrous. She knows that what she and Simone saw wasn't true. Simone knows that she saw this…with her own eyes…Back then Simone pulled her from the door… Miguel and Charity were making plans to be together but Kay doesn't care. She believes Miguel now. Simone feels that this doesn't make any sense. Kay is letting her heart overrule her eyes…

Gwen gets to the house the same time that Jared does and she tells that she has been looking for Ethan everywhere and suddenly the thought occurred to her that maybe Ethan came there to see Theresa. Both Jared and Gwen head up the stairs to see if Theresa's alone.

Miguel overpowers Fox in their fight and he tells Fox that he is going to have the truth come out…

Upstairs, Ethan and Theresa are making it like animals in her bed…

Fancy still dreams that Luis is rubbing her ankle to make it feel better. He and she have their faces very close and he leans over and kisses her. Soon the kisses get more and more passionate…Fancy hugs her teddy bear as she smiles and dreams sweet dreams of the man of her dreams…In the room, Luis has been over powered by the Peeping Tom Rapist and now is completely out of it. The roaming rapist now has a hand under each armpit and he drags Luis from the room…

Miguel beats Fox to a pulp. He tells how Kay spent the last few hours with him just now. "She's all mine!" Fox catapults himself from the floor and lunges at Miguel.

Simone points out that Kay is accusing a man that she has married of doing something totally horrible. Kay feels that the people that they saw were lookalikes or something. Then there is Jessica. She saw Miguel and Charity and they weren't themselves. She also said that the two were maybe aliens and they peeled their faces off. The whole thing is creepy. Kay knows Fox so well and thinks that he wouldn’t be capable of this kind of deception. Simone says that the way to find out the truth about all this is if Charity were to show up. The doorbell rings. Kay opens the door and Charity is at the door. "Hi! It's been a long time…"

Miguel and Fox are still fighting and rolling around on the floor…

Jared and Gwen stop at the bedroom door and Gwen is suddenly afraid to go in. Jared thinks that they have every right to see what is going on. They should just go in and see what is going on for themselves. They open the door and stop short…Ethan and Theresa are making love beneath the sheets as Gwen and Jared watch!

The Peeping Tom Rapist has returned to Fancy's room alone. He slowly walks to Fancy's bedside. She is in bed wearing her robe and he starts pulling at it. He pulls at the belt and then at the opening at the front. Fancy is smiling. She thinks that it is Luis playing with her and she turns to him, but when she opens her eyes, she sees the Peeping Tom Rapist before her and she starts screaming. It is too late. He has his hand over her mouth and his other hand holds her to the bed so she can't move…

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