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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox and Julian have been busted. Ivy heard them. She heard everything. Fox isn't really dying. She hates that they made her think that Fox only had months…weeks maybe to like. Julian tells Ivy that she should stop screaming like a Banshee. Fox can't deal with this right now. He has to find Kay.

Kay is outside by a fire with Miguel and they are kissing and declaring their love for each other.

Luis doesn't understand why his prints are on the perp's knife. He is always very careful to pick up evidence with something covering his fingers. Fancy sees again that she looks like she has lost her mind. Luis is quiet and that is enough for Fancy to see that he really doesn't believe her that the Peeping Tom Rapist has been in her room.

Jared and Theresa are talking about Ethan and how he is now in the past. Theresa talks a pretty good game, telling Jared that she won't be considering anything to do with Theresa from now on.

In the car, Ethan hasn’t even bothered to get dressed. The Peeping Tom Rapist has Ethan in his car and he sits in the backseat, whispering in Ethan's ear as they ride. "You have to save Theresa!" the Peeping Tom Rapist whispers hoarsely in Ethan's ear. "…Have to save Theresa," Ethan says in a monotone.

Ivy stops Fox from leaving the house. Fox needs Kay and tells his mother that if she doesn't like that he is married to Kay, that is too bad. Ivy knows that Father Lonigan can't make an annulment if they hurry to the church. Julian finds this rich. Ivy will not let go of Fox's arm. She is his mother and she demands that he do what she says. However, that didn't work when he was seven and it will not work now. She finds him to be a misguided fool. She feels that she is just keeping Fox from making the biggest mistake of his life. Julian and Alistair's influence has tainted his perspective. Fox will not listen to his mother go on about his wife. "She is my life partner!" Ivy calls out to god. Fox tells Ivy that a real mother would help him and support him, instead of trying to make him lose the one person who can make him happy. He knows that Ivy doesn't know Kay. He says that she is the most loving, loyal person that he has ever met.

By the fire, Miguel and Kay are making love and softly calling out each other's names.

Fancy can tell that Luis doesn't believe her. She can see it in his eyes. He thinks that she has PTSD and she can tell. He denies all that. He believes her and he loves her. That is what loving a person is. When you love someone you believe them. That is what went wrong with he and Sheridan. He has learned his mistake and won't make it again. Fancy understands but wants to get back to the issue of the knife being in her pocket. "It is as if the Peeping Tom Rapist is trying to make me look like I am trying to hurt myself."

Jared hopes that this time Ethan stays out of their lives. Jared thinks that Ethan has lost it.

"The woman that you love is in danger. And you are the only one who can save her," the perp says to Ethan. "Theresa…" Ethan mutters as he drives shirtless over to save Theresa as commanded.

Theresa doesn't think that Ethan is deranged, but Jared really thinks that the man is not playing with a full deck due to the things that he has been doing lately. Theresa feels that Ethan is just confused. Jared hates that Ethan will not allow Theresa to have a future unless it is with him. Theresa says that Ethan will have to get used to her being with someone else cause she is marrying the most wonderful man whether he likes it or not. Jared likes hearing that and so they kiss. The phone rings and Theresa wants to ignore it but Jared looks at the display and sees that the office is calling. Theresa tells him to answer it. It is Chad at the office. He hit a snap on the Hong Kong deal and they have to handle it now since it is morning in Hong Kong right now. Jared will be right there. Theresa offers to come along but Jared tells her to stay home. He won't be gone long. She will hold him to that promise.

Fancy is stunned. It almost looks like she is scaring herself. She doesn't feel safe at the house. The Peeping Tom Rapist seems to come and go as he pleases. Luis will stay with her and sleep on the couch in the Princess Room. There is no other place that he would be in this whole world. Fancy feels so edgy and feels that she should be braver. Luis knows that she has the right to feel edgy after all that she has been through. He walks her to the bed to tuck her in.

Miguel and Kay lay side by side on the sand by the fire and he tells her that they could be a family still if she really wants that. "Oh my god," Kay suddenly says. "I am a married woman! What have I done?"

Ivy guarantees that Kay will drag her son down before he knows what hit him. Fox will not listen to this. Ivy wonders then why Fox had to lie to Kay is she was the one for him and they were meant to be together. "Why were you that desperate to hold on to her?" Fox looks uneasy.

Fox won't answer his mother's questions. He knows that she hates Kay and is looking for more ammunition to hurt Kay. Ivy knows that she hasn't been a good mother. Fox agrees and that is why he is marrying someone different from his mother. Ivy knows that this lie about dying is about Miguel. Ivy knew it. She thinks that Fox should just let Kay go with Miguel. Fox can't do that. He loves Kay. Ivy can see that but she can't understand the despicable lie. "Where is your pride? You should be above this." Julian threatens to take Ivy outside and dump her into the nearest bramble. He admits to helping Fox, as Fox needed his help. Ivy feels that Fox should have known better than to listen to Julian. "That's enough!" Fox shouts. "Shut up! Shut up mother!"

Kay is riddled with guilt now for making love to Miguel while married with Fox. She is supposed to be on her honeymoon right now and she is with Miguel. "I am a bad person…My god. Now I have committed adultery. I am going to burn in hell for this!"

Luis has Fancy all tucked in. She is sure that she will be able to rest now. She doesn't need anything to get to sleep now. She asks Luis if he could read to her…Maybe a novel. She tells that there is a book in the house that she loves and she hopes that it is still here. She points to the bookshelf and Luis goes over to get the book. She smiles, glad to see the book is still there. 'dreams of a Varsity Cheerleader'. Fancy knows that it is trash but she loved that trash. She would hide the cover at school and pretend that she was studying. She loved the character 'Cleo'. She was in a normal high school while Fancy was in boarding school. Fancy got in so much trouble with the book. The housemother at her dorm told Fancy that her mind would be pudding if she kept reading that book. She asks Luis to read to her now. 'All Cleo ever wanted was to make the cheerleading squad. Her friend Patty told her to forget it. Only the popular girls made it…"

Theresa thinks about Jared and how he is a wonderful man. Ethan is her past and Jared is her future now.

In the car, Ethan continues driving to the mansion. "Time's a wasting. You're the only one who can save Theresa…" the Peeping Tom Rapist says. "Yes, I have to save her," Ethan says without blinking.

Chad and Jared work and Jared takes another opportunity to tell Chad to stop having his affair. Chad says that he knows what he is doing. Jared knows that Chad is at least happy that he doesn't have an ex-boyfriend chasing his girlfriend every chance he gets.

Theresa takes off her robe and gets into bed. She misses Jared already.

Luis reads from the book while Fancy listens. '…This is it. I am in love…' Luis can't take anymore of this book but he doesn't have to read anymore since Fancy is sleeping.

Fox feels that his mother has no right to tell him what to do. Ivy wasn't ever a mother to any of the kids but Ethan. A man who was a bi-product of the sham of a marriage that she had with his father. She lied then. He guesses that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. She keep the secret about Ethan for about 20 years. Ivy knows that she was wrong and that is how she knows that this plan of Fox's is going to blow up in his face. She knows that Kay will discover what is going on and when she does Ivy knows that Kay will hate him.

Miguel tells Kay that Fox is tricking her. Kay still has no idea what to think about all this. Dr. Gasparro was at the wedding and seemed so believable. Miguel doesn't care. None of it is true. Kay wonders about Charity now. Miguel says that he has spoken to Charity and she wasn't anywhere near when the bridal shower took place. "You just have to believe me Kay. Fox is behind this."

Ivy will not let up on Fox. She says that she is telling him what she tells him because she loves him. She knows that she paid more attention to Ethan than the other kids, but that was because… Fox knows why. She loved Ethan more because Sam was his father. Fox says that the only thing that Ivy does equally for her children is interfere in their love lives repeatedly. Julian knows that is the truth. Ivy just wants more for her children and their life partners. Ivy knows that Fox isn't like Julian and needs to stop acting like a Crane. Julian calls Ivy foolish and tells Fox to go and find Kay to make sure that she isn't with Miguel.

Miguel thinks hard and realizes that as a Crane, Fox could do anything. "What if he hired lookalikes?" Kay starts walking home but Miguel stops her. He won't let her go back to Fox. He won't let that happen.

Luis sees pom-poms in the room and goes over to give them a shake. He looks at the sleeping Fancy and hopes that all her dreams come true.

Theresa waits for Jared to return as she lays in bed. When Jared arrives, Theresa will show him how much she loves him.

Downstairs, the front door to the mansion opens. Ethan walks in with his unstoppable stare and he pauses. The Peeping Tom Rapist walks into the house behind him and whispers. "Hurry Ethan…Theresa needs you…" Ethan turns to the stairs and starts to ascend…The Peeping Tom Rapist walks up behind him.

Chad and Jared have finished their work and now Jared heads home…

In Theresa's bedroom, she is fast asleep. The door opens and Ethan and the Peeping Tom Rapist walk in. Ethan is confused. The Peeping Tom Rapist told him that Theresa was in trouble. The Peeping Tom Rapist knows that Theresa looks okay but he assures that’s she isn't. "Go to her…Show her…" Ethan gets on the bed and whispers. "I'm here…" Theresa starts kissing Ethan as she sleeps. "I missed you." The Peeping Tom Rapist leaves the room.

Julian knows that if Kay has been with Miguel then they are going to have problems with her and the plan with Charity will have worn off. Ivy wants to know how Charity figures into this. Fox knows that it makes no difference telling Ivy the rest. Fox tells that Kay thinks that Charity is back but she isn't. Kay saw two people in the shed making love. Ivy knows that somehow Julian and Fox paid someone to make Miguel look like he were in love with Charity. She wonders now what kind of a family she belongs to. "Do you really want me to answer that? Mom? This is your family and I learned every single thing that I have learned from you. Now if you claim you love me then shut up and help me to salvage my marriage."

Miguel tells Kay that she has to talk to Fox and ask for a divorce. Miguel knows that Fox has tricked her into marrying him. Miguel wants to go and get Fox and bring him to Kay and get him to admit that he has been lying all along. She tells him to be careful.

Luis looks around the Princess Room and sees a huge pile of stuffed toys. He gets a teddy bear in a football suit and places him in Fancy's arms… Luis has no idea but underneath the pile of teddy bears, two darting eyes can be seen darting right and left. It is the Peeping Tom Rapist and he is watching Luis with Fancy from underneath the huge pile of toys…

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