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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Fox tells his father that it looks like Miguel and Kay have run off together. He can't find her anywhere. He has been searching for hours, and the both of them are just gone! Ivy wonders what Julian and Fox are talking about, when she enters the room and finds the two whispering to each other. Julian tells her that this is all her fault. If she hadn't schemed to get Sam, Kay wouldn't be feeling so bad about herself.

In the snow, Miguel and Kay declare their love for each other as they kiss. They stand out in the open, alone in the snow.

Ethan has the dream again. He dreams that he walks in on Jared abusing Theresa and he saves her…"Theresa…Theresa…" Gwen is furious when she wakes and hears what her husband is chanting in his sleep. Ethan wakes and realizes that he has been thinking about Theresa in his sleep again.

Jared and Theresa get ready for a night of lovemaking. He sits her on the bed and starts taking her clothes off…

In Fancy's room, she seems to be finally having a good night's sleep. She actually smiles as she is sleeping. The door to the closet opens and the Peeping Tom Rapist comes out and goes up to the bed with the litheness of a cat. He gets his trusty knife and starts stabbing …over and over…grunting as he works.

Ivy did something wrong when she ruined Sam's marriage, but she knows that Julian is responsible for whoppers in his past. Julian finds her pathetic because Fox may lose the woman that he loves. Ivy hates that two-faced tramp. She can't understand how Fox can love this girl. She is probably off with Miguel right now. Fox says that Kay did some things wrong and right now she is very vulnerable. He knows that Miguel will take advantage of that if he can. Ivy wants to worry about her son dying instead. She doesn't think that Miguel deserves Kay. He has a little time left to live, and instead of worrying about that, he can only think of this tramp. If she loved Fox, she would be turning to him instead of Miguel. Fox knows that Miguel is just using this opportunity.

Miguel wants Kay and loves her. They continue kissing as they stand in the snow, staring into each other's eyes. She suddenly moves from him, getting her mind back to the reality of the situation. She can't do this. She can't get hurt again. He promises never to hurt her but…she remembers the things that she saw at the bridal shower. He was with Charity in her arms in the shed. "I saw you. I saw you making love to Charity!"

The Peeping Tom Rapist is still stabbing. He rips the sheets in anger. He has been stabbing the mattress beside Fancy's sleeping form, and he never touches her…not once. He takes the knife now and puts the flat side of the blade to Fancy's neck. She still continues to sleep…

Gwen is furious. She can't even blame Theresa for this. Ethan is risking his family for a woman who is going to marry someone else.

Theresa rates the lovemaking with Jared as a 8.9 as she rolls back over to her side. Jared finds it a 9.5. He guarantees that from now on, he will be giving her 9.5s for the rest of the week. Every time that they make love, he promises that things will be different. She finds them to be pretty big words.

Fancy sleeps…Luis is walking the halls…He knocks on Fancy's door, but no one answers. He peeks in the room and sees her alone sleeping in her bed. He sees the ripped sheets and wakes Fancy to make sure that she is alright. He asks her what happened. He shows her the sheets. She immediately panics. She knows that the attacker must have done this. "Now you know I am not lying!"

Gwen can't understand Ethan and how he is acting. She hates feeling like the little jealous wife. She wonders if Theresa and Little Ethan are really in danger, because she sees things differently. She sees that she and Jane are the ones in danger. She doesn't find Ethan to be the same person that she married. She wants him to be honest with himself about this. Right now, she is exhausted and just wants to go to sleep. She turns her back on him and lays down. Ethan lays down too.

The door to the bedroom opens. The Peeping Tom Rapist enters the room and walks over to Ethan and Gwen's bed.

Fox is on the phone ordering Crane Security to keep looking for Kay. Ivy thinks that both Julian and Fox have lost their minds. The only thing that matters is that Fox is dying. Julian finds her concern strange after she has ignored him all his life. Her maternal fantasies are tiring to Julian. Julian orders Ivy to leave the room. Ivy wants to stay, but Julian and Fox ignore her now. She wants Fox to come to his senses and forget about Kay. She wants Fox to concentrate on living. He hasn't much time left. Fox says that he can't relax until he gets his wife back. Ivy stomps off. Fox hates lying to his mother, but Julian reminds him that she hasn't been that great of a mother anyway. Ivy is upset, and Fox hates that. Julian knows that Ivy will survive and wants to get back to Miguel and how he doesn't believe that Fox is really sick. The fear here is that Miguel will stumble on the truth about the impersonators and convince Kay that it wasn't him making love to Charity.

Kay explains how she saw Miguel and Charity making love. Kay knows that he has to be hiding Charity somewhere. Miguel says that Charity is in the Caribbean somewhere. Kay says that the night of her bridal shower both she and Simone saw the lovers. Kay tells of the shed in the backyard. Miguel tells Kay that she is crazy and that none of what she says happened. Kay knows what she saw, and she will not be fooled anymore. She was getting ready to end her relationship for Miguel. She was going to give up everything for him, and he ruined it. "Fool me once, shame on you…Fool me twice, shame on me." Miguel knows that Fox is behind this and has fixed things so that Kay will stay with him.

Fancy panics. The Peeping Tom Rapist was right there in the room while Fancy was sleeping. Luis comes out of the closet. Luis finds the knife on the floor, in Fancy's robe. It falls to the ground now, and Luis picks it up. Fancy is not feeling very safe now. "Where did it come from? How did it get into my robe?"

Julian tells Fox that he has to keep a tighter reign on Kay from now on to keep control of her. Fox has security searching the entire town for his girl. He really has no idea where Kay is right now. Cranes don't lose, and that is all that Julian cares about.

Miguel makes a fire and then sits with Kay in front of it. She has no idea what to think about all this. Miguel knows that Fox has created a fantasy and made it come true to win Kay from him. Kay thinks quietly that if Miguel and Charity were in fact lovers, the dark side would have been ruined, and that didn't happen. She is starting to listen to Miguel and his ideas now. She can't get over the fact that she actually 'saw' Miguel in the shed. Miguel says that he hasn't seen Charity since she ran away, and that is the truth. Kay just doesn't know what to think. She is confused. He knows that she still loves him as much as he loves her. He knows that she wants him…

Fancy has no idea how this knife got in her pocket. Luis feels that getting the prints off the knife will prove that she is telling the truth. Fancy wants that. It will prove that she is telling the truth. Luis will not allow her to sleep in this room anymore. He gets on the phone and calls for a driver to get this knife to the lab. Fancy breathes a sigh of relief. Now everyone will stop thinking that she is crazy. Fancy takes Luis to the Princess room. It is a glorious room. Luis checks it out. Fancy knows that when the lab report comes back, Luis will see that she hasn't been lying. He believes her anyway.

Theresa feels things that she hasn't felt before when she makes love to Jared. He leaves the bed to get them some champagne. He pours two glasses, and while picking them up, he drops a book. He finds that a picture of Ethan, Little Ethan and Theresa have fallen out of the book. He hates that every time that he turns around, he finds something that reminds them of Ethan. Theresa is sorry that he found the picture. She had no idea that the picture was still in there. Jared is fine with Little Ethan having a relationship with Ethan, but he wants Ethan out of Theresa's life. Jared has to get Ethan's mind straight. He thinks that he and Ethan should talk man to man, in order to get used to the idea that Theresa will be marrying someone else.

The Peeping Tom Rapist opens a vial and holds it under Ethan's nose as he sleeps. A white fog floats from the vial to Ethan's nostrils. The Peeping Tom Rapist speaks to Ethan as he inhales the smoky fog…"Theresa needs your help. She's in danger…She needs you…" the Peeping Tom Rapist whispers…

Julian talks about the failure that his son will be if he doesn't get this thing with Kay under control. Fox will unleash his fury if he finds Miguel with his wife. As the men talk, Ivy comes into the area and hears Julian talk about how Fox has to worry about how he is going to explain that he has been cured. Ivy stays hidden as she listens to the tricks her son and ex-husband have been up to. Julian knows that Kay won't emotionally attach to Fox properly if she is just waiting for him to die. "How dare you! How dare both of you? You lying to me and letting me think that my son is dying?" Ivy shouts walking into the room. She can't believe that her son would stab his mother in the heart by making her think this.

Miguel tells Kay that everything that she has ever wanted is right here. He loves her and offers himself to her. He kisses her ear, and she allows that… Finally she gives in. "I love you," she says, kissing him.

Fancy is thrilled that Luis is investigating her attacks to prove that she isn't lying. Luis's cellphone rings. He answers to Carl and thanks the man for doing the job for him. Luis's face changes. "What? You sure about that? Okay, thanks." Luis sits heavily on the bed now. He tells Fancy that his prints and hers are the only ones on the knife…

Theresa agrees that Ethan should keep his distance now that she is going to marry Jared. She even rips up the picture of she, her son and Little Ethan. That makes Jared smile. She wants Ethan to leave them alone forever. Jared says that it has to be that way or they will have no chance to make a life together. "No more Ethan!" They kiss.

The smoky fog continues to go up Ethan's nose. His eyes fly open, and he is in a trance. The Peeping Tom Rapist orders Ethan to stand up. He does. "You can save her. You are the only one who can save her." Ethan walks out of the room with purpose…like a Universal Soldier gone wild…

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