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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Fancy has a bad dream while sleeping alone in her room.. She can't get Luis to believe that she was attacked again…The closet door opens, and the Peeping Tom Rapist comes out again. He walks to the bed and holds a screwdriver over her, and as he is about to stab her, Fancy's eyes opens. She screams and jumps out of the way.

Ivy tries to console Sam, but he wants nothing to do with her when she comes near him. He leaves the room. Eve feels that Ivy should leave the man alone. She started this whole thing. Jessica punches Ivy in the face. She has to be dragged off the woman. Jessica wishes that Ivy were dead. "I could kill you myself!"

Fancy is getting attacked, and she shouts out for Sam to come and help her. Sam is in the hall, and he runs into the bedroom and tackles the Peeping Tom Rapist who is on top of Fancy.

Jessica is out of control until Miguel talks her out of her raving. She hugs Miguel now. Fox makes sure that his mother is okay from the punch. Kay tries to go to her sister, but Jessica wants nothing to do with her and leaves the room. Eve would like to go to Jessica, but she then realizes that would be a mistake due to Jessica's mood.

Fancy asks Sam why he is attacking Luis. Sam sees that his right hand man is the one he is grappling with. Luis says that he wasn't attacking Fancy just now, even though she knows that he was. Sam turns to the closet and sees that the door is open.

Theresa and Whitney are talking to the manager of the motel, and they try to find out if Chad is there in one of the rooms…Chad and Jared are in the motel room listening to Theresa and Whitney talk to the motel manager outside the room. Chad is sure that the man will not talk. He has been paid off…The manager shows Whitney the list of clients that are at the hotel that night. She doesn't see Chad's name on it, but she sees Valerie's. She orders that the manager open her door. She has to see Valerie right away. The man will not do that. "You do it now, or you will be fired with one phone call, and never able to work in Harmony again!" Theresa threatens. The man hops to it and takes the ladies to the door…Inside the motel room, Jared and Chad hear what is going on outside their door, and they know their geese are cooked!

Miguel finds it funny that Fox seems to be taking the shock of all that is going on very well for someone who is going to die. Kay finds Miguel disgusting for attacking the man at the level that he does. Ivy isn't pleased that Miguel behaves this way either. Miguel didn't come to upset Kay. He heard about her mother and wanted to be with her. Fox tells Miguel that Kay doesn't need him. Ivy cries, hugging her son. A mother outliving her son is unnatural.

Chad and Jared wait for the inevitable as they hear movement outside the room. Outside, Theresa and Whitney wait while the manager tries to find the master key for the place. He fumbles around a bit but then he finds the key. When he does they open the door, and Theresa and Whitney enter. "Get up, bitch!" Whitney shouts at Valerie who 'appears' to be sleeping alone. Whitney goes to the bathroom door and bangs on it. "Get out here!"

Sam and Luis can't find anyone in the room or the closet, and that is driving Fancy crazy. Sheridan is there now too and she listens as Luis tries to make Fancy see reason. Fancy knows that the attacker came out of the closet with a knife and wanted to stab her…Sam takes Luis to the side and tells him that he sees that Luis has everything under control so he should really go now. He has to take care of his family now that Grace is dead. Grace shouldn’t have been in London. She should be home with her family. Sam thought that he could've forgiven Kay, but it is proving to be really hard to do. The men hug, and Sam takes his leave. Luis goes to Fancy and tells her to get some rest. She will try her best, and she apologizes for the way that she acted, but it was so real. Luis assures her that there was no knife. No one sees it, but at Luis's feet, just peeking out from under the bed…is the knife…

Ivy is close to hysterical, but Fox tells her to forget that he is sick for now. Sam returns to the room, and he unleashes his fury when Ivy tries to console him about his dead Grace. He can't stand the sight of Eve either and has a few words for both ladies. "I have been thinking…remembering things. Times when I spoke to you and to you…When you both saw that losing Grace was killing me and how my family was drowning in misery. And yet you sat back and watched my life get destroyed. My God, if only one of you…one of you said something…Grace wouldn't have left with a man that she hardly knew. And you! You were Grace's best friend. And you! You say you love me and you stood there and watched me suffer. You two are the most selfish, evil bitches that the world has ever seen. I hold you both responsible for Grace's death, and I will never, never forgive you. I will hate you till the day I die!"

Jessica is drinking in the kitchen when Spike comes to see her. He thought that she was upstairs. She asks if he was up in Fancy's bed just now. He doesn't know what she means, he says. "I saw it, Spike! I saw your ski mask! I know that you are the rapist!"

Sheridan whispers to Luis that the first step to getting Fancy back to normal is to get her to understand that she has been hallucinating…Luis goes to Fancy now and tries to get her to understand what really happened. Fancy gets her back up when she realizes what Luis is trying to do. Luis explains that he is logical due to his police training and he needs to have evidence to believe. The button, for instance, was never found. Fancy knows that her aunt took the button…Aunt Sheridan did in fact take the button, but she stays quiet now… Luis wants Fancy to just consider the fact that the attacks were nothing but a bad dream.

Valerie tells Whitney that Chad isn't in the bathroom. Whitney calls Valerie a liar. She knows that Valerie has been meeting Chad there. Theresa tells Valerie that she is so finished at Crane after this. Valerie tells Theresa and Whitney that she needs to get dressed and she will be out to talk to them in a minute. Theresa drags her friend out of the room to wait…Whitney can't believe that Chad is cheating…Valerie calls into the bathroom telling whoever is in there that they have to get out of there now because there is trouble…Whitney is outside crying on her friend's shoulder. "It's over! My marriage is truly over!" They hear a door open behind them and turn to look behind them. Both their mouths fall open…

Vincent comes out of the room. He says that he didn't come out of the bathroom because he was naked. He has no idea where Chad is and is surprised that the bride is having marriage problems already. Theresa warns the man that he had better not put any of this in print. Whitney had forgotten that she set Vincent up with Valerie. Jared shows up and that really surprises Theresa and Whitney. He says that the staff at the mansion told him that the girls were down there. He, Theresa and Whitney walk off. Vincent shouts out after them that he would love to have a picture for his paper.

Sam orders both Eve and Ivy to stay away from him. They disgust him. He leaves. Eve knows that she deserved everything that Sam said of her. Ivy can't give up though. She will find a way to make Sam love her. Eve walks up and bitch-slaps Ivy hard in the face. When she goes to do it again, Fox stops her.

"You're the rapist aren't you?" Jessica asks her husband. She knows that her husband is the rapist because she sleeps with him and knows what he is like. She threatens to tell and so Spike grabs her and pulls his knife on her, telling her that if she says anything he will tell of the murders that she has committed. Sam enters the kitchen and sees his daughter is in danger. He rushes to her and holds Spike to the wall. "What happened, Jessica? Tell me the truth!" Spike looks over Sam and says to his wife that she should tell him the truth.

Fancy orders Sheridan out of the room. She doesn't want Sheridan there. Sheridan leaves, but in the hall she says to herself that she will leave for now, but she will be back…"You can count on it!"

Whitney arrives at the mansion and finds Chad in their bed. She rushes to him and hugs him. She tells him how she found Valerie at the Safari Motel and she was there with Vincent. Whitney says that she ended up there since she couldn't find him anywhere. He says that he was in the kitchen getting some wedding cake. It sits on the table beside them. Jared and Theresa come to the room, and Whitney tells them that that she feels like such an idiot…Jared whispers to Chad that he was lucky that Valerie was booked in the very next room. Chad knows that he was lucky this time.

Luis tucks Fancy in and tells her to go to sleep. He plans to sit right by her bed, but she tells him to go, and she will be fine. He will leave the room then, but he will not leave the house. Fancy smiles as she watches him walk out. The lights are out now, and Fancy sits up in her bed. "One day you will see Luis what Sheridan is really like. I just hope that when that day comes it will not be too late for us."

Kay cries alone outside for her mother. Someone dressed in black comes up behind Kay. She thinks that it is Fox, but it is Miguel. He puts his coat around Kay and tries to make her feel better. Kay will not feel better. She knows that this is all her fault. She is just like Ivy and Eve. Miguel knows that she isn't evil. She is the coolest, hippest mom that he has ever seen. She turns to him. "Really?"

Sam holds Spike to the wall and asks his daughter again if there is something that he should know about Spike here that she has been keeping a secret. Jessica says that Spike never did anything wrong to her. "Now, can you let me go, Pops?" Sam pushes Spike backwards, while letting go of the bum at the same time. He warns Spike again never to call him 'Pops'. Luis comes bursting into the room now…His eyes are on fire when he sees Spike. He grabs the man by the collar and jacks him up much like Sam just did. "Were you just in Fancy's room just now? Were you!!?" Luis warns Spike that he is being watched and that eventually he will be brought down. Spike calls to his father-in-law asking if this isn't police brutality or what. Sam doesn't care about this. He leaves to go check in with the station. Sam tells Spike that he is as suspicious of the man as Luis is. Sam hugs his daughter now and tells him that he will be there for her if she needs him. Spike goes to Jessica and tells Sam that he will be there for Jessica and he will take care of her. Jessica says that she will be fine. Sam tells Jessica that if she wants to talk about anything, she should call him. He leaves the house. Spike tells Jessica that he has some things to do so she better go home ahead of him. Jessica doesn't want to drive. She has been drinking. Spike can't worry about that now. He walks off.

Miguel tells Kay that he is able to still care about her because he loves her. Whatever happens, he will always be there for her. She smiles. She doesn't know what to say really. He tells her not to say anything. They move in for a kiss.

Fox meets up with Eve and his mother and tells that he hasn't been able to find Kay…

Chad knows that he should have told Whitney where he was going, and he says that he will try to remember that. Still he feels that she should be okay with him going missing. This is what love is all about. He hopes that she will be able to forgive his secret when she finds out.

Fancy is just falling asleep again when the door to the closet opens up behind her. The Peeping Tom Rapist comes out of the closet and goes to the bed. He stoops and picks up his knife which he has left beneath the bed. He holds the knife now in one hand and holds it high about his head as he takes what looks like the first step to stabbing the sleeping Fancy!

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