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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay is crying because as perfect as everything is, it won't last if Fox is dying. Fox tells Kay to have hope. "Maybe Dr. Gasparro can find a way to save me." Fox wants her to take advantage of the short time they have together. She agrees. They should just celebrate their love over and over. The door flies open, and Jessica comes stumbling in. "You killed our mother, Kay."

Jared and Theresa have just made love. She thinks that he is fun, sexy and adventurous. She can't wait to marry him. She is sorry that she had doubts about him. Jared knows that was all Ethan's doing. The lie detector test proves that both Jared and Chad have been telling the truth, and now they all can start their happy lives.

Whitney is sleeping, and she feels for Chad in the bed. He isn't there. She thinks that maybe he is in the Jacuzzi. She gets out of bed and checks, but he isn't there. She knows then that he has to be with Miles. She feels really woozy. She wants some water, but all that is in the room is diet soda. She pops the top on one. She sets out not to find her husband.

Chad arrives at the room and sees his 'friend' under the covers. He strips, grabs a condom and turns to his lover in bed.

Fancy shouts at the closet that the Peeping Tom Rapist will not get away this time. She boasts how she has caught him and soon the cops will have him too. Luis and Sheridan come running in the door to see what's going on. Sheridan heard the screaming and has arrived at the door at the same time as Luis, curious to see what the emergency is. He tells her that Fancy says that she has caught the Peeping Tom Rapist. "I am not imagining things, and this will prove it!"

Both Jared and Theresa are pleased with the life they are going to have, and they look forward to the future…together…

Whitney walks the halls looking for Chad…Chad rolls off of his 'friend' and tells her that they have all night to be together, so there will be no rush…He remembers how he drugged Whitney to keep her sleeping all night… He can stay all night and return in the morning.

Jessica explains to Fox and Kay how their mother was on a bus and she blew up. Fox and Kay find this hard to believe, especially coming from a drunken Jessica. Kay tells Jessica that they should wait to find out for sure. Kay heads to the door, and Sam runs in when it opens. He runs to Jessica and tells her that her drinking will not change what has happened. Kay asks her father if what Jessica said is true. Jessica and Sam don't answer, and Kay knows by their reaction that it must be true. "You killed her, Kay. Mom's dead because of you," Jessica accuses.

Sheridan smells something funny, and Fancy says that it is mace that she used on the Peeping Tom Rapist. She maced the bastard. She tells Luis that she was speaking the truth all along and that Sheridan was trying to make her deny her feelings for Luis. She seems to be trying to make Fancy think that she is unbalanced. Luis asks if the guy had a gun. Fancy has no idea. The Peeping Tom Rapist may not have had time to use it. Luis goes to the door, and he opens it with his gun trained on the door. He orders the culprit out and then just opens the door to take the criminal by surprise. Fancy and Sheridan's faces change when the door opens. "Oh no! It can't be!" No one's in the closet. Fancy is sure that the man is in there. Luis goes right into the walk-in closet, but no one is in there. Luis has checked, and there are only clothes and stuff inside. Fancy goes into the closet. Whitney walks in looking for Chad, but he isn't there. Sheridan offers to help her if she needs it. Whitney is sure that Chad is just downstairs in the kitchen. Fancy is in the closet shouting that she knows that the Peeping Tom Rapist is in there! Luis asks Whitney to see if she can go and get a sedative for Fancy. Whitney walks out. Luis calls for Fancy to come out of there. She does, and she can't understand what happened. She can see on the faces of both Luis and Sheridan that they don't believe her. She is immediately defensive.

Spike walks the halls and stops when he hears Jessica talking to her family in Fox and Kay's room. Jessica is blaming Kay for Grace dying. Spike walks in the room and tries to go to this wife. Sam would like to know something else first. "How did you get back on the grounds after we closed it down?" Spike doesn't answer him. He goes to his wife and asks her what is wrong…Jessica remembers seeing the ski mask fall out of Spike's pocket…She thinks that Spike should know what is wrong with her. Eve comes in and starts crying when Sam confirms that Grace is dead. "Shut up, you back-stabbing bitch!" Jessica says. She knows that Eve chose to sell out her mother instead of saving her friends. She hates both Kay and Eve. "You murdering bitches. I hope you both burn in hell!"

Jared gets uncomfortable when he sees Theresa looking at a picture of herself, Little Ethan and Ethan. Jared asks her if she is sorry that she agreed to marry him. She says 'no'. She was actually thinking that he should take a picture with her and her kids. Jared likes that idea. They kiss and are on their way to the bed when Whitney knocks. She knows that she shouldn't be bothering the couple, but she needs to come in. Theresa asks where Chad is. Whitney tells her that Chad is gone. Jared is interested in this now. Whitney has checked everywhere, and Chad isn't anywhere to be found. Jared can't try to be an alibi for Chad to save him this time. Chad lays in the bed at the Safari Motel and tells himself that he just can't stop. He grabs a condom and gets out of bed.

Fancy can't find her mace container. She dropped it when she pushed the man in the closet. Sheridan finds that this story is a lot like the other story with the button. Fancy starts looking for her mace, but she doesn't find it anywhere. There is no way the Peeping Tom Rapist could have left the room. Luis and Fancy would have seen him, and there is no way for him to get out if he was in the closet. Fancy doesn't care that things don't match up. She was attacked that night. Luis sees the wine bottle overturned on the floor and asks Fancy is she had more wine after he and Sheridan left earlier. Fancy says that she didn't have anything more to drink. The bottle fell over when she was fighting with the perp.

Spike is totally on his wife's side about Eve and Kay screwing up and getting Grace killed. Whitney enters the room, and her mother takes her out of the room to tell her that Grace is dead. Whitney had no idea. She knows that her mother must feel horrible. Grace told Eve that she wouldn't ever forgive her for what she did, and now Eve will never get the chance to try and make things right. Eve asks why Whitney is there. Whitney tells her that she woke up and Chad was gone. Eve feels that he might have just gone for a walk. Whitney remembers to ask her mother to go and see Fancy who desperately needs a sedative. She will go and take care of Fancy in a minute. Eve returns to the room and Sam tells her that her guilt must be eating her alive. Jessica agrees. Eve turns and heads to the door. Jessica starts attacking her sister now, and Sam tells Jessica to stop that, even though he knows that Jessica has a point.

Jared thinks that Chad just had something to do at Crane, but Whitney knows that Chad would usually wake her up to tell her that…Jared phones Chad's number when he has a moment to himself. Chad is getting in the shower with his 'friend', and he doesn't hear it when his cellphone rings by the bed. Jared leaves Chad a message that he has to get home right away or there is going to be trouble. He offers to go and look for Chad, and he leaves. Theresa tells Whitney to relax cause Jared will find Chad. Whitney thinks that there is a chance that Jared could be covering for Chad. She plans to go and look for Chad herself, and Theresa offers to change and go find Chad with her.

Fancy wants Luis to believe her that she saw the rapist again and that she chased him into the closet. Sheridan is sure that this is only about alcohol and pills. Eve enters the room, and Fancy isn't happy to see that Luis has called a doctor for her. She refuses to take a sedative and wants to go and find the rapist right now. Eve whispers to Sheridan that she had better not be involved in this. Sheridan tells her to act like a doctor and give Fancy the sedative instead of lecturing. Luis wants Fancy to have a rest, but she can't relax if Luis doesn't believe her. "I do." He convinces her to take the shot that Eve has ready and then relax. Eve tells Luis to call her on her cellphone if he needs any help. Sheridan gives her a dirty look as she leaves. Luis sits on the bed while Sheridan tells him how worried she is about Fancy, but a part of her still thinks that Fancy could just be doing this to get Luis's attention. Fancy flies out of bed and gets right in front of her aunt's face! "You hateful bitch! Always talking me down to Luis!" THWACK! Fancy slaps her hard with an opened hand.

Sam apologizes for talking badly to Kay, and he soothes Jessica with a hug…Eve looks at the ceiling and tells her friend that she is sorry…so sorry…

Theresa thinks that Whitney is being ridiculous and that Chad is probably not doing anything. Whitney has a gut feeling and she needs to do this. The girls head out.

Jared goes to the Safari Motel and bangs on the door. Chad leaves his friend in the shower and answers the door. Jared tells that Whitney is on to him. He warns the man to get dressed so they can get out of there before Chad gets caught.

Luis tries to talk sense to Fancy about her aunt, but Fancy wants him to know everything and she tells him how Sheridan wants to take Luis from her and poison her mind about him. Luis puts Fancy into bed and covers her up. "Sweet dreams," Sheridan says…

Jessica and Sam sit on the bed and talk about how Grace won't be able to come home again. Eve calls to Sam, but when she sees the look in his eyes, she stops talking. Spike tells Eve not to sweat it. He has gotten used to being hated after all this time. Jessica just can't get over how Kay killed their mother.

Valerie is in the shower…Chad is at the door telling Jared that he will be out in a minute. Jared will not wait. He goes into the room and into the shower where the other person still is. "Oh my god!" he says.

Theresa and Whitney are outside the Safari Motel, and they talk as they walk…Chad hears them and panics. He tells Jared that Theresa and Whitney are outside. Jared tells him that they have to get out of there or his marriage is going to be toast.

Luis and Sheridan talk while Fancy sleeps. Luis is starting to wonder now if Fancy has gone off the deep end because of the rape. Fancy is dreaming. She is being raped in the dream, but Luis and Sheridan ignore her and are slowly taking off their clothes to be together. Sheridan comes over and asks Fancy to hold it down so that she can get it on with Luis…Luis looks down at Fancy now and really wonders if Fancy has lost her mind in all this ...

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