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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Jared and Theresa dance, and he dreams of the day they will be dancing at their own wedding. He hopes that she agrees that they should keep Ethan and Gwen off the guest list. Theresa agrees. Jared can see that Ethan is determined to ruin him forever.

Rebecca tells Gwen that everyone is going to be looking for the USB stick now. It is going to be a disaster. Ethan thinks to himself how he needs to find the USB Stick to get Jared out of their lives forever.

Fox asks Kay is she is okay. He saw her dancing with Miguel earlier. She says that he is fine. He wonders if she is still happy that she married him…Noah goes to Miguel, angry that the man almost ruined his sister's wedding.

Sam is sure that a mistake has been made, but Luis is just repeating what he was told. Luis got the message that Grace was on a bus en route from one airport to another and then the bus exploded and there were no survivors. She was coming home, and they were all going to be a family again. He just talked to her on the phone. She was on her way home and now…Sam can't believe that this is true. Luis will get more details. Sam hopes that Grace wasn't on that bus. Maybe she missed it. Luis hopes that is the truth.

Jessica walks the yard, trying to find her father in the darkness. She has just seen Spike with a ski mask that fell out of his pocket and she has a pretty good feeling that he is the Peeping Tom Rapist that everyone has been talking about. The one that attacked Fancy and terrorized her. She has to tell her father what she thinks Spike has been up to. She believes that he is the rapist!

Up in Fancy's room, she is wide-awake now. She stares into the midnight black ski mask of her rapist. He has become the gift that keeps on giving…"Well, hello, Princess," the Peeping Tom Rapist sneers. Fancy is on her toes in a flash. She runs for the door, but she doesn't get it open. He is on her, and he stops her from leaving. He pulls her back into the room. "Just like the last time," he says. She knees him in the groin and runs to the door but the door is locked, and so she bangs on it shouting for help, but no one comes. The Peeping Tom Rapist grabs her and pulls her back into the room…

Sam decides to try and call Grace with the hope that she was spared in the explosion, but she doesn't answer. "I refuse to believe that Grace is dead," Sam says. Jessica has entered the room and hears how her father talks of her mother. "Dead?" She moves closer to Luis and her father. Luis confirms that this is the case. Jessica puts her head on her father's shoulder and cries.

Kay says that she is glad to be married to Fox. That makes him smile. Paloma comes over to visit with the newlyweds. Noah knows that Miguel is hurting, but he can't dispute the specialist attesting to Fox's grave health condition. Miguel knowsthat this is a lie. He knows that marriage isn't going to last either. Noah wants to know what he means by that. Miguel says that if Fox is really sick, then he will be dead in a while, and then he will be able to step in and claim Kay as his own. "But if Fox doesn't die...I will kill him myself."

Jared has Theresa now, and he promises to never let her go. He sees that Theresa's head is in the clouds, and he wants to know why. Theresa tells him that she was thinking about nothing. Ethan goes over to Rebecca and talks more about the tabloid editor who is at the party. Rebecca tells him that he should go see the man if he wants to know more about him. It is time to throw the garter, so all the men gather round behind Fox, who kneels before Kay and smiles. Paloma tells Noah that he won't catch the garter if he is sitting with her. He sees that she is right, and he moves closer to the other men who are all in place to catch the garter. "Alright! Let's see who is going to be the next to get married," Fox says with his back to the crowd. He slides the garter off Kay's leg and then tosses it nonchalantly over his head. "Woo!" The crowd shouts when they see where the garter lands. It has landed right in Miguel's hand, without him trying to get it. Kay peeks past Fox's

Jessica has questions, but Luis and Sam don't have any details. Luis offers to tell her how they got a call from the British authorities telling of Grace's bus exploding. Jessica finds this hard to believe. They were going to be a family again and things were going to be normal. She has to believe that her mother is still alive. She asks if her father has tried to call her mother. Sam tells her that he did try, but no one answers. Jessica feels that means that there is a chance that her mother is alive. Luis offers to call and get more information, and he walks off. Jessica asks her father if he thinks that her mother is really dead. Sam has no idea, but he doesn't want any reaction until they know everything. "I can't lose my mother all over again. I was just being good for Mom," Jessica says. Jessica sees a bottle of booze on the table before her, and she opens it and drinks from it. Her father tries to stop her, but she sees no purpose in being good now. "I am a drunk and a whore, and no one cares." Sam cares, but she won't let him soothe her pain. She walks to the other end of the kitchen and sits on the floor with the bottle that she drinks from. Luis offers to make sure that she doesn't drive home. Luis tells Sam to go home and see if there are any messages. He will get Paloma to help him with Jessica. Sam sees that everything has gone wrong again. Grace got blown up on that bus, and now his family's hopes are gone.

Noah announces that it is time for the bride throw her bouquet. Fox finds that a great idea. Kay whispers to Fox that she wishes that Miguel would just go away. Fox wants to throw him out, but Kay will not have more trouble at her wedding. All the ladies get in place to catch the bouquet now. Noah can tell that Miguel is drunk now, and so he tells Miguel to go home. Kay throws her bouquet and Theresa catches it. Ethan almost falls out of his chair. Rebecca and Gwen turn to each other and clink glasses. Kay goes over to her and sees the engagement ring. She has no idea. Jared says that he and Theresa just got engaged, but they didn't want to spoil the wedding by announcing it. Kay is thrilled. Fox has everyone raise a glass to the newly engaged couple! Ethan sits watching. In his mind, he thinks, "It'll never happen…"

Jared and Theresa have started kissing and are barely in the room before they start tearing their clothes off…

Ethan comes to his wife and sees that she has prepared a very special evening for them. "I want you to treat me as a woman and not as a wife…" She loves him so much. He understands that he has been frustrating her lately while worrying about Theresa. She admits it, and she wants him to agree that his behavior has been a little excessive. He does admit it, but she really doesn't want to talk about that. She hopes that he still cares about their marriage. He tells her that he does care about their marriage. As Gwen kisses his neck, he thinks about making love to Theresa. He snaps out of it and now turns to Gwen. He is ravenous for her…

Fox carries Kay over the threshold and into their room. Kay can't believe her good fortune. She had a baby and had to work a lot, and now look at her life. She never thought that she would meet someone and fall in love like this. Fox has made all her dreams come true. That is Fox's goal, he tells her. She hates the idea of losing him one day. He doesn't want her to worry about the future. He just wants to think about now…

The Peeping Tom Rapist has Fancy on the ground. He holds her under him. He is going to make her pay for being rough with him this time. She can't stand this, and so she fights, pushing the Peeping Tom Rapist off her and running to the door again. The Peeping Tom Rapist has her up against the door now. His patience is wearing thin.

Chad and Whitney have just made love, and she can't understand how they can make love all day everyday. They are like people who have just met each other. Whitney has to go and check on Miles, but when she returns she wants to pick up where they just left off. Whitney leaves the room and Chad quickly puts something in Whitney's drink. He pours champagne in to her glass as well as his. "I hate to do this to you…but I need to." Whitney returns and tells that Noah is sleeping and so they can get back to their party. Chad watches as Whitney drinks her champagne. He smiles.

Sam is on the phone and learns that the police have a positive ID, and it is indeed Grace who has been killed in the explosion. He takes a picture of Grace and says her name over and over. Sam cries now.

Noah and Paloma are outside. They are walking to his house. They talk about movies and how they like the same ones. His favorite part of a favorite movie was the part where…he kisses Paloma. She likes that. Noah and Paloma enter the house and find Sam there. He is upset. He thought that Noah would be with Jessica. She is drunk. Sam says that he is upset because Grace is dead.

Fancy kicks the Peeping Tom Rapist and maces him. He screams in unspeakable pain, and she pushes him into the closet. She uses her body to hold the door closed. "I've got you now, you bastard!" she shouts.

Jessica continues to sit on the Crane kitchen floor, while Luis makes a call to ask about Fancy. There is no word on the Peeping Tom Rapist yet. Luis finds this unbelievable. "He has to be out there somewhere. Crane Security is pretty tight." Jessica hears Luis talking from the floor where she drinks. "The ski mask," Jessica suddenly remembers. "I have to tell them about the ski mask…" She stumbles to her feet and tries to make her way over to Luis…

Sam tells Noah and Paloma that Grace was on a bus that exploded. Sam just talked to Grace on the phone. She was coming home and she had something important to tell Sam. She wanted to talk to Sam in person, and now he will never have the chance. Sam will never have the chance to make up for all those lost years. Sam hangs his head and cries.

The priest reports over the phone that Grace is dead and that there is no way that she can tell anyone what it was that she found out.

Fox and Kay have made love in their bed of rose petals. Fox feels safe, happy and secure that Kay is finally his. Kay is upset that their happiness is going to end soon. Fox tells her that she shouldn't think about that and that she should just be happy. To him, everything is perfect, and no one can ruin this night for them. She leans over and kisses him.

Outside in the winter weather, Miguel stews. "You have her now, Fox. But you're dying soon, and one way or the other, Kay will be mine, and I will have her for the rest of her life…"

Chad tries to wake Whitney, but it seems those pills have done the trick. Chad dials. "Hey, it's me…I can get away…yeah…let's meet at the motel. Uh…It doesn't matter. I need to see you. Yeah, I really need to see you. Bye…" Chad looks at Whitney and says that he loves her…

"Open the door!" The Peeping Tom Rapist shouts. Fancy will not. She locks the man in the closet and shouts that she is going to get Luis. She runs to the door. Downstairs, Luis talks with Jessica when he hears Fancy shouting for him to come. "Hurry! I have him!" Luis runs to Fancy…

Ethan is dreaming. He dreams that he is in the mansion and hears Theresa shouting for help. When he enters the bedroom, he finds Jared beating Theresa and abusing her. Ethan fights with the man and finally hits the man with a fireplace poker. Theresa then goes over to him and thanks him for saving her life…Ethan suddenly wakes and finds that he is just dreaming. "I gotta protect her," he tells himself.

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