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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Fox and Kay are married, and Fox has a great surprise for Kay for their honeymoon. She wants to know where they are going, but Fox won't tell her yet. Julian leaves to see that the guests are okay. Fox is just glad that the issue with Miguel is over now. Miguel watches the couple from outside, and he vows that Kay will end up with him.

Jared and Theresa arrive downstairs to the wedding. Jared heads over to see the happy couple. Chad follows. The tabloid reporter, Vincent thanks Whitney again for introducing him to Valerie. It was Whitney's pleasure. Theresa explains that she figured that Valerie could use someone to hang out with and so she introduced Vincent to Valerie.

Sam hugs his family - all but Spike - and thinks about how nice it will be when Grace gets back home. Spike watches Sam and his kids from his seat as he smirks.

The investigators who look into the explosion at the airport start calling the families of the names of missing persons on their list. The next family is Grace's, and so an investigator starts dialing to contact her family.

Luis is outside searching for the person that Fancy has seen for the second time now. Sheridan is out there holding the clawed gardening tool in her hand. She hides behind a column in the yard. Luis calls out for the culprit but gets no answer. Fancy comes out as well, and both she and Luis look around for whoever is frightening her.

Fox thanks his father for saving his ass at the wedding before when he was sure to get busted. He wants details but Julian thinks that it would be better for Fox not to know the details of all that. Fox loves that Miguel looks worse in Kay's eyes than he ever did. Julian tells Fox to get used to feeling this way. He is a Crane.

Kay is walking through the mansion when Miguel stops her by pulling her arm to talk to him. She doesn't want to talk to him, but he makes her do it anyway. He was trying to save her, he says, but Kay feels that Miguel was just trying to wreck the wedding, and she can't believe that he really loves her by the way that he acts. He says that he does love her and that Fox isn't really dying. Kay knows that the Cranes are powerful, but they can't really control a doctor as famous as Dr. Gasparro. She will not listen to more accusations about her husband now, and she counsels Miguel to start looking out for his own love life.

Theresa thought that Whitney was trusting Chad and not thinking that he was still cheating. She is a little surprised by the matchmaking of Valerie and Vincent. Whitney just wanted to make sure that Chad isn't cheating with Valerie anymore. Theresa actually understands that. Being with Jared keeps her mind off Ethan.

Rebecca and Gwen look in the room at the wedding reception, and they see Vincent the tabloid editor that JT contacted with the dirt. They are just glad that the USB Stick has disappeared. Rebecca knows that Theresa would dump Jared in a second if she could get her hands on that proof. Gwen doesn't think that Theresa would leave Jared now.

Luis and Fancy can't find the person who was supposedly out there staring in at them. Fancy is really sure that someone was out there. Luis would like to go back and dance with her some more, but she would like to go back to the wedding where there are more people around, or maybe just back to her room. Sheridan hurries to hide to be out of the way when Luis and Fancy start making their way back to the wedding. She breathes a sigh of relief when the way is finally clear.

Luis has Fancy back to her room. He suggests that she take a nice bubble bath and relax. He goes and runs the bath for her. When he returns, he finds her sulking. Fancy was remembering when they were at the inn and they were going to make love. Luis promises her that they will have that one day, and it will be wonderful. Right now, he just wants to be with Fancy anyway, and he can. Whether it is sitting with her in the bath or just sitting around, he won't give her any pressure.

At the wedding party, Sam sulks over Grace not being at the wedding. Noah tells his father that his mother will be there soon enough. Sam says that Grace had something to tell him and he can't wait to hear it. Paloma finds Sam's story with Grace very romantic. Sam tells Noah that he can't wait until Noah has his wedding. Sam looks over at Spike and Jessica and he says that he really doesn't believe in divorce…that was until he met Spike…Spike ravages Jessica as she sits on his lap. She fights him off but he wants her. He is drinking a lot and is getting really drunk. She wants her life to be different but Spike tells her that she can't have that life anymore. "I am your family now and you are mine…And I say have a drink…" He puts a glass in Jessica's hand and waits for her to have a drink.

Whitney thinks that the truth about the tabloid isn't ever coming out. Theresa would forget about it, but it is the truth, and it should come out. still, Theresa is ready to move on. She is finally happy. Chad comes over to tell Whitney that the tabloid guy is at the wedding. Whitney and Theresa already knew that. Whitney says that she was the one who introduced Vincent to Valerie. Chad looks at Whitney strangely now. Jared comes over to join the group, and soon Vincent. He smiles and throws his arms around Jared and Theresa as they all stand together smiling. All except for Chad, who eyes the editor with mild contempt.

Luis has Fancy in the bath while he sits by watching her in the bubbles. He offers to get her what anything she wants, and she orders a serving of him. Luis takes off his clothes then and steps into the tub with her. Truly two peas in a pod. He holds her in his arms and tells her that he loves her. She leans her head on his shoulder and tells him that she feels safe with him. He assures her that nothing will happen to her - not with him.

Sam proposes a toast to Kay and her new husband. "We are here to celebrate a special occasion. One that a mother and father dream of. I remember Grace and I dreaming about our children's futures. The only thing that we ever wanted was for our children to find someone in this world that would love them as much as we did. When I was thinking about what I was going to say tonight, it hit me that a tradition of a father giving away his daughter, that there was a lot more truth in that than I had ever considered. I really am giving my daughter away tonight to Fox. You know, after tomorrow, I'm not going to be able to pretend that I'm the main man in her life." Sam tells of the first time that Kay fell in love with Miguel. The crowd grumbles and Sam quickly apologizes for his mistake. He welcomes Fox to the family and holds his glass up to the man and his daughter. "I love you!"

A message is left on the Bennett home phone. Everyone is at the wedding, and so no one is there to take the investigator's message asking for someone to call the police regarding a Grace Bennett.

While Spike and Jessica. Are together, Spike's ski mask falls from his pocket and Jessica sees it. She panics.

Vincent talks about his association with JT and how there is this memory stick out there that has lots of details about the work that he does on it. It was given to him, and now it is missing. Rebecca is listening in to the conversation and panics over Vincent telling everyone about the USB Stick. "Now everyone knows about it!"

It doesn't take a long time for Chad, Jared, Theresa and Whitney to realize that, from what Vincent is saying, the killer must have taken the USB stick. Rebecca overhears the conversation, and she runs to find Gwen to give her an update.

Sheridan is still hiding in the shed in the yard. "They must have made it to Fancy's bedroom by now…"

While Luis and Fancy are in the bath, the phone rings. Luis doesn't want to answer, it but Fancy tells him that he should. It might have to do with her attack. Luis answers the phone, and a change comes over him. He hangs up. "I don’t know how I am going to tell Sam. It's Grace. She never got on the airplane. The bus that she was on blew up." Luis has no idea how he can tell Sam this in the middle of his daughter's wedding reception. Fancy tells Luis to go ahead and tell Sam the news. He wants to stay with Fancy but she tells him that she will be fine and that he should just go ahead.

Out in the yard, the Peeping Tom is dressed in black, and he slowly walks the yard of the Crane mansion…looking…watching…

Fancy tells Luis to go ahead and tell Sam the bad news. She doesn't feel like any other company but him, and so she elects to remain in the room alone. She turns off the light and gets in bed. As soon as she closes her eyes, the Peeping Tom enters her room and stands over her bed looking down on her.

Fox leaves to get a drink, and Miguel takes that chance to dance with Kay. Fox sees Miguel and Kay dancing together and gets angry, but Julian reminds him that he will have the girl in the end. Fox realizes that is true, and he has nothing to worry about. Luis finds Sam and takes him aside to have a talk. Noah and Paloma talk about Luis and Fancy, and Paloma asks if Noah still misses her. He denies that he does and says that he is more into current events. He kisses Paloma's cheek now. She tells him that she knows what Fancy is going through, as no one will be safe as long as that creep is out there. Jessica hears Paloma talking to Noah about the rapist and she knows that it is Spike. "I have to tell my dad," she tells herself.

Kay knows that Fox isn't going to like her dancing with Miguel, but Miguel doesn't care. Fox and his father watch the two dance. Miguel tells Kay that this should be their wedding reception and not hers with Fox. She will not continue the dance if he will keep talking like this. Miguel knows that Kay wouldn't want to be with Fox if she knew what he knew. Kay leaves Miguel on the dance floor…Julian smiles. He knew it!…Jared asks Theresa if they can sneak out of there. She would like to do that, but first there is something that she would like to do. Ethan watches as Jared and Theresa dance together. Chad wonders if Theresa really is going to keep her word and stay away from Theresa. Whitney thinks that there is a better chance of Theresa keeping her word than Ethan. Rebecca and Gwen talk about the USB Stick and how it is out there somewhere…Ethan thinks to himself that if he is able to find the USB Stick, then he will be able to keep Theresa from marrying Jared.

Luis has Sam alone now in a room in the mansion. He tells him that there was an explosion and Grace was on the bus that blew up. There were no survivors. Sam sits at one of the dining tables in the kitchen. H e thinks that this is a mistake. He just spoke to her a few hours ago. He can't believe that she was on that bus. "Not Grace…She was coming home to me, Luis…She was coming home…" Chief Bennett cries.

Fancy is sleeping but she senses that someone is in the room with her. "Luis, is that you?" Fancy asks as she stretches and yawns while waking up. She opens her eyes, and the Peeping Tom is standing over her…looking down at her. Fancy jumps up to a sitting position at the sight of the man in her room.

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