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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Dr. Gasparro gives credibility to Fox's story that he is fatally ill, and so the story is believed. Eve knows the man is a very popular doctor who does good work and would know about things like this. Ivy starts freaking out, but Julian tells her to shut up and stop her ranting. Kay turns to Simone, not sure what to do, but Simone can't make this decision for her. All she does is shrug her shoulders over what needs to be done here. The choice is Kay's as to who she should marry.

Sheridan tells Fancy to go back to bed and tells her that going to a party so soon is the worse thing that Fancy should do. Paloma comes down and tells Sheridan that she is wrong. She knows from her police training that the worst thing that she can do is stay in bed longer and not face the world after her rape.

Jared is on her knees as the others wait to hear what her decision will be. Theresa agrees to marry Jared. Gwen couldn’t care less. She has her wedding ring back on her finger where it belongs. Ethan, on the other hand, isn't going to accept Theresa marrying Jared. "No!" he shouts. Ethan will not allow Theresa to marry Jared, even if she wants to. He stomps off in anger at what has just happened. Rebecca shows up, and Gwen tells her mother that Theresa just agreed to marry Jared. Rebecca is overjoyed. "Let's break out the champagne." Ethan is still going on about JT and how he is sure that Jared killed the man. Rebecca and Gwen worry that Ethan will still try to find the evidence that JT had on everyone. Theresa tells Ethan that he has given his ring back and so he should let her go and live her own life. Ethan sees what this is about not. He gave his ring back to Gwen, and so Theresa feels that she has no other option but to marry Jared. Ethan will not let Theresa do this! He takes Theresa's hands out of Jared's!

Sheridan still thinks that Fancy should be back in bed in spite of what anyone says or thinks. Fancy admits that she is under a lot of stress, but she maintains that she is fine now and ready to get up and start being a part of the living again. Fancy is still angry that the button that she was looking for is gone. Luis stops Fancy from getting angry. Paloma says that it is great that Fancy is a strong woman and is trying to get her life back. Fancy confirms that she does in fact want to pick up her life and career just where she left them.

Fox tells Kay that it has been confirmed now that he has a terminal illness, so he would like Kay to go ahead with the wedding. Ivy shouts out that Fox shouldn't marry this girl. Sam would like his daughter to do what she wants. He feels that if she is unsure of what she should do, she should do nothing. Miguel knows that Fox will not get sicker and weaker as time goes by. Miguel begs Kay to wait a few weeks, and she will see for herself that Fox isn't fatally ill. "Stop!" Kay shouts. "You guys have made this the wedding day from hell!"

Ivy is upset that Fox is going to die. No one told her. She turns to Julian for answers, but he only rolls his eyes. Julian tells Ivy not to make a spectacle of herself. He goes over and pries the woman off of Fox. He tells her that she needs to be strong for their son. Ivy hugs him now.

Jessica goes to Spike, asking where he has been. He is only at the wedding for the booze. He takes a champagne bottle and drinks straight out of it. Sam talks to Kay and tells her that this is way out of hand. He feels that she should go home and think about this. "No!" Fox shouts. He is in no position to wait. He wants Kay to marry him now. Miguel won't let Kay marry Fox. He just won't allow it!

Fancy thanks Paloma for helping her up and getting her dressed that night. Sheridan finds it interesting to know that Paloma played a part in this. Still, Fancy feels that she can't meet the guests at the wedding though. Sheridan says that she is overdoing it as it is. Paloma feels that Fancy shouldn't have to go to the wedding but she can go and be alone with Luis for a while. Sheridan jumps forward to explain what that shouldn't happen but Paloma forces her to go back to the wedding.

Jared and Ethan are close to blows now…Whitney takes Theresa aside and asks her what she is going to do about this. Did she make her decision based on what Ethan did…giving Gwen back her ring? Theresa says that Ethan gave Gwen her ring back so that would make her a fool is she didn't go with Jared. Jared talks to Gwen for a while and tells her that he would like to marry Theresa, but Ethan keeps getting in the way. He knows that Theresa loves him, but there is still a chance that Ethan can stop them getting married if he remains persistent. Gwen thinks to herself that she will have to try to prevent Ethan from stopping Jared's marriage to Theresa.

Rebecca loves that Gwen has that ring back on her finger. Now that Gwen has that ring back where it belongs, she doesn't have to worry about losing Ethan again…Chad tells Ethan that he has to respect Theresa's choice. Ethan can't. He can't let Theresa marry the man because he gave Gwen her ring back. Ethan knows that Theresa really loves him. Chad knows that, but he won't be with her and so he has to accept this and move on.

Luis and Fancy go to a special room in the mansion where they can be alone. There is food and drink there. Music magically starts playing, and she marvels that Luis was able to do that without her noticing how. They move to the center of the floor and dance. She feels so safe in his arms. She loves this tune. It makes her feel like a princess. That she is. She is his princess.

At the wedding, Paloma goes to Noah and asks what happened. The room looks like there was just a funeral. He tells her that Kay is still trying to decide if she is going to marry Fox or not because of the revelation that Miguel put out there. It seems like Fox is dying. Sam tells Kay that she shouldn't do anything right now, not like this. Fox thanks his father quietly for getting Dr. Gasparro there to save his butt. Julian tells Fox to just seal this deal with Kay while he keeps Ivy quiet. Fox goes to Kay and her father and says that they should get married n ow since the minister is still there. Miguel comes over and tells Kay to disregard anything that Fox says. Kay doesn't know if she will ever get married. Miguel tells Kay to follow her heart, and Fox agrees. He reminds her that Miguel is the same person who dumped her to chase Charity and follow his heart. Simone comes to get her friend and remind her that what Fox just said is right. She wants Kay to remember what she saw in the shed. That seems to give Kay steam. "No more doubts!" Kay says to the crowd. "No more questions! I have made up my mind! Let's get married!" She runs to Fox's arms. Miguel stands behind her with his arms outstretched. "Kay, no please!" Kay says that she loves Fox and is going to marry him. Ivy thinks that this is the worst thing that could happen. She finds Fox marrying Kay to be a waste of his life. Paloma is upset that Miguel has lost the woman that he loves. Pilar tell Miguel that it is over and that he needs to stop going after Kay. Kay comes over to Miguel and tells him that Fox loves her and she loves him, and she hates that even a minute of this day was wasted listening to him. Miguel still wants to go to her, but Pilar holds him back. Fox tells Miguel to listen to his mother and to leave them all alone. Miguel thinks that over and leaves the room. Julian and Fox look at each other. They smile and wink at each other.

Chad knows that Theresa might make mistakes, but this is one that she has to make for herself whether it is wrong or not. Rebecca tells Gwen that she needs to get her husband home in bed where she can take care of him in her own special way. Gwen is more interested in making sure this wedding takes place so that Theresa will be out of Ethan's life forever. Jared tells Ethan that they should return to the wedding now. He refers to her as Mrs. Casey, and Rebecca and Gwen love hearing that "Mrs. Jared Casey!" Ethan grits his teeth as he watches the happy couple.

Luis and Fancy dance, and she tells him that she would love to be able to get rid of this feeling that someone is going to jump out and pounce on her at any minute. She is in Luis's arms now, and she feels safe as they continue to dance. Outside the window, someone watches the couple as they dance. A black glove reaches for the gardener's tool which lay in a bucket just below the window. One of the tools - a claw-like one that has metal claws for digging - is the one that catches the watcher's attention. The black, gloved hand reaches for the handle and pulls the tool out of the basket. As we travel up the tool, to the hand, to the arm, we see that the peeping culprit is…Sheridan! A smile comes to her lips…Inside the room, Fancy starts screaming. "I saw something out there!" Fancy points. Luis runs out of the house into the snow shouting for someone who might be out there. Fancy follows him out there, but they find no one. One of the outdoor decorations touches Fancy's shoulder and she jumps and screams. Luis runs to her, and he tells her that she is fine, but it is understandable that she is jittery. She has just been through a great ordeal. Luis and Fancy reenter the house now, sure that Fancy just thought that she saw something…After the couple are back safely inside, Sheridan comes around the corner of the building, walking in the snow to the window again. She has the clawed gardening tool in her hand…

Ethan says that he loves Gwen and says that he is glad that he is with her, but he just can't leave this thing alone. He goes to Jared and Theresa and tries to talk to them, but Jared won't allow it! "Enough!" Jared shouts.

Downstairs, at the wedding, Fox and Kay talk and decide what they should do to salvage the wedding. Kay sees Miguel outside with his mother through the window, but she can't be concerned about that right now. Ivy has another meltdown and tells Julian that he has do this, as this is the woman that he loves. Ivy says that this will not happen. It will have to be over her dead body. Julian looks at Ivy menacingly.

Miguel tries to get back in the house, but Pilar holds him back. She sees that nothing more can be done. He has to accept this.

Everything is ready to go, and the wedding is done again, but this time things are less formal and Fox urges the minister to get moving and get the wedding ceremony done. Ivy almost shouts out at one point, but Julian peers at her with evil in his eyes and she immediately shuts up. Fox and Kay hold hands as the minister goes through the motions and gets to the part where Kay says that she will take Fox as her husband. "I will," she says. "No!" Miguel screams through the window pane, as he watches his worse nightmare with his hands pressed up against the pane. "…You may kiss the bride!" Fox and Kay kiss. Ivy runs from the room as if about to vomit. Miguel turns from the window and realizes that he has failed for now, but he vows to pick up the pieces…

Whitney is proud of Theresa, and Chad is too. Ethan will never really be free of Theresa, but that can't be fixed. Ethan is sure that Jared beat the lie detector test somehow. Jared wants to let loose on Ethan, and Ethan isn't afraid, but Theresa stops it. Ethan tells Theresa that she is going to be married to a lying schemer, just like Spike. Theresa finds that funny, because she finds that Ethan is married to a lying schemer too. Gwen isn't really all that concerned about anything that Theresa says. She knows that soon enough, they are all going to be rid of Theresa and that is all that matters.

Luis pulls Fancy back into his arms to dance so they can pick up where they left off. They turn, and over Luis's shoulder, Fancy feels that they are being watched. She can feel the eyes of the person on them. The person is outside, she says. Luis goes outside again…Sheridan is out there, and she leans up against a wall so as not to be seen by Luis and Fancy. By the time that Luis has come outside, Sheridan is hiding behind a column in the yard. It is just wide enough to hide behind, and so Sheridan stands behind it, hoping that Luis doesn't come close enough to see her. "Hey! Is anyone out here?" Luis shouts out!

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