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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Ivy still tries to get Sam to admit that he knew that it was she in the bed with him and not Grace. Sam denies anything in his heart for Ivy and he is glad that Grace is on her way home.

The security officers at the airport try to piece together what happened with the explosion. "Those poor families."

Kay wants to cancel her engagement to Fox, but Fox tries to talk her out of it. Miguel wants her to be with him. The guests for the wedding stand around and listen as Kay tells Fox that she thought that he was the man for her, but she was wrong. She puts the ring back in Fox's hand…

Paloma arrives at Fancy's room and finds her on all fours. She is looking for the button from her rapist being in her room. She tells Paloma how Luis and Sheridan were there and that they thought that Fancy had a dream or hallucinated from taking her pills and drinking. If Fancy could find the button she would be believed, but without the button she has no proof. Fancy suddenly realizes that Sheridan could have taken the button and hidden it to make her seem foolish.

Sheridan comes downstairs and smiles at the tiny button in her hand. Luis is behind her, and the two stop at the foot of the stairs to talk. Sheridan remarks that she really hopes that Fancy isn't turning to booze and pills like Julian does. Luis finds that an odd remark. He wants to go back to see Fancy, but Sheridan talks him out of it. She says that Fancy really needs her space.

Gwen is in the room. Chad fills her in on what's been going on there. Whitney wonders if Gwen is there because she wants her ring back from Ethan. Theresa seems worried about that…Jared is still strapped to the chair and has had the polygraph test. Ethan stands over Jerry the technician and Jared waiting to hear the results.

Sam loved Ivy, but that mask is off and he can see her for what she truly is. Kay and Eve were wrong too, but they were wrong because of Ivy's plan. He tells Ivy to find God, as he is the only one who can forgive her now.

Kay knows that anything that Fox says to her now will be a lie. She knows that he will say anything to get her back, so she will not listen. "Perhaps I can help you with this," a man says, walking in. Eve is stunned. "Oh no! Can it be?"

Fancy explains how Sheridan was talking in her ear at the hospital…trying to convince her that she shouldn't be with Luis. Paloma can't believe her ears.

Downstairs, Luis tries to understand why Fancy would say terrible things about her aunt like she did. Luis finds the story of Sheridan whispering in her ear at the hospital particularly disturbing. Sheridan remembers that day. Fancy was telling the truth. Sheridan says now that she has been worried about her niece for years. She refers to her as selfish. She even pretends to cry at one point over wanting the best for Fancy!

Ethan tells Jared that he is going down. He knows that Theresa will toss the man out of her life when she gets these results. Gwen realizes that Ethan doesn't even know she is in the room. She wonders if she has lost the man already.

Eve introduces Sven as a doctor that she knows. He is Dr. Gasparro. Miguel feels immediately that this is another trick to help the Cranes win. They have everyone in their pockets. Dr. Gasparro is only there for the wedding, but he says that he can clear everything up here. He can speak, but he needs Fox's permission to speak. Julian says that his son has no reason to lie or hide anything. Dr. Gasparro tells Miguel that he is going to have some apologies to make.

Paloma feels funny about this. Sheridan is her friend, and she doesn't like hearing what Fancy has to say about her. She doesn't want to have to choose sides here. Fancy tells her that Sheridan's act is just that- an act. Paloma finds that to be sad. She doesn't put up with stuff like this. Fancy is shocked to see that Paloma is on her side. Paloma is! "You've got to fight for your man!" she counsels.

Sheridan tells Luis that Fancy can act very childlike, and she warns Luis to be careful of her. She suddenly decides that she shouldn’t say anything, but Luis pushes her, and Sheridan says that the way that Fancy acted upstairs was something that Sheridan has seen before. She says that she shouldn't be speaking badly of Fancy, but she finds that the way that Fancy went behind his back to the stakeout is similar to the way that she fell down the mineshaft. Sheridan says that Fancy only does what Fancy wants, and Sheridan feels that takes a horrible toll on a relationship. Luis seems to be listening.

Gwen tries to talk to Ethan alone, but he tells her that he is busy. She really pushes him and so they end up going out into the hall. Jared tells Theresa that he really loves her and that is the reason that he is taking this test - for her. Whitney whispers to her friend, asking what she will do if Jared passes the test. "Will you accept his proposal?"

Dr. Gasparro says that he has been the doctor who has been treating Fox's condition. Miguel says that it is all lies. Miguel says that he and Kay heard Fox with Dr. Russell, but Dr. Gasparro says that Dr. Russell knew nothing about this. He says that he was the one who was talking with Fox on the phone. Dr. Gasparro says that Fox is really sick.

Sam knows that there were no mistakes where he and Ivy were concerned. He feels that she knows nothing of love. She wasn't born a Crane, but she sure did make up for lost time. He knows that she thinks that any despicable act is worth getting whatever she wants.

Sheridan says that she is only telling Luis about Fancy to help him deal with the pain. Luis turns to go back to the wedding, but Sheridan stops him. She wants to talk to him about something long overdue. Things haven't been the same between them, Sheridan says.

Paloma's advice for Fancy is to go after Luis and get him for her own. Fancy can't go downstairs and face the guests for the wedding after what happened to her. Paloma knows how she feels. She was almost raped twice, and it was horrible. She had family and friends who supported her, and that is how she got over it. She tells Fancy to get over this or she may lose Luis and she can't have that happen…she can't!

Jared is sure that he passed the test. He knows he did. Across the room, Theresa says that she still has no idea what she is going to do no matter what the test says. Whitney knows that if Theresa doesn't make her mind up about this soon, she will lose Jared forever.

Gwen apologizes, but Ethan stops her. He tells her that it is alright. She really wants to be his wife and wants her ring back. "Can I have my ring back? Can I have our marriage back?"

Sheridan says that there is a barrier between her and Luis, and it causes tension. She would like to get past that. she wants to talk about Marty's death and Luis's part in it.

Fancy doesn't feel like she can go down those stairs. Paloma knows that Fancy can do this. She can't believe that Fancy Crane is afraid to do something. Where is that Cadet that she knows? Fancy says that she should have been able to fight off the criminal and she couldn't. Paloma knows that this isn't her friend's fault. This could have happened to anyone. She doesn't want Fancy to feel ashamed that the scum raped her. Paloma finds Fancy amazing, and she admires Fancy so much. The other cadets admire her too. No matter what challenge they face, Fancy never backs down and that is what Paloma wants Fancy to do now. Fancy doesn't know if she has the strength to fight. Paloma has an exercise for Fancy. She tells Fancy to close her eyes and think about how she feels when she is with Luis. Fancy does as she is told, and she is suddenly calm and stops crying. Fancy realizes suddenly that there is more that she can do to win Luis. "I love Luis, and I refuse to let that bitch come between us."

Gwen has apologized and she wants Ethan and her to live up to their apologies. "I love you, too," Ethan says. "Of course you can have your ring back." Jerry comes into the hall to tell Ethan that the results are ready. Ethan turns from Gwen and reenters the bedroom. Gwen isn't happy that she didn’t get her ring back first. She follows Ethan back into the room. "Alright," Ethan says. "What are the results? Is he a murderer or not?"

Paloma touches up her makeup while waiting for Fancy to put on a killer dress. Fancy comes out in a matronly dress that would be perfect for a nun. Paloma goes rummaging through Fancy's wardrobe and finds a sexy dress, but Fancy isn't sure that she wants to wear something sexy. Paloma reminds her again that this crime isn't about her. She wants Fancy to make sure that she allows herself to accept everything in life that she deserves. She tells Fancy to fight for Luis and use all the weapons that she has. Fancy knows then that the dress that Paloma has picked out is a nuclear bomb. She takes the dress to the bathroom to change.

Miguel wants to see proof in a file about the results of Fox's condition. Dr. Gasparro will be glad to fax the necessary records some time in the future. Fox stares at this stranger and thinks about how he has never seen this guy in his life. He takes a chance and tells the man that he has permission to show or talk about the medical file.

Fancy is dressed to kill when she exits the bathroom. Paloma loves the way that her friend looks in that dress. Her back is out and sexy and Paloma knows that Luis will not be able to resist.

Downstairs, Sheridan tells Luis that she wants him to forgive her for her part in Marty going missing. Luis won't hear this. He won't have her blame herself. They hug now. When they separate, they are holding hands and staring in each other's eyes. Fancy comes to the top of the stairs and sees that things have already started cementing between Luis and Sheridan in such a short time since she last saw them.

"He isn't the killer of JT Cornell," Jerry tells the group in the bedroom. "Can I have my ring back now?" Gwen asks Ethan. He has no idea what she is talking about but then says, "Yeah, yeah…" He turns his attention back to Theresa and Jared now. Jared has the biggest smile ever, and before everyone in the room, he gets on his knees before the woman of his dreams and proposes. "Theresa! Will you marry me now?" Theresa looks up from Jared's face, and her eyes lock with Ethan's.

Ivy will do anything to get Sam back, but he can't forgive her, as she destroyed the lives of everyone in his family, and he will never be able to forgive her for that.

Grace's name is on the list of missing passengers who were on the shuttle bus…

Julian smiles at the way that he and Fox have pulled one over on everyone at the wedding…Eve feels that what Dr. Gasparro has said has to be true since he is one of the best physicians in the world… Simone asks her friend which man it is that she is going to choose: Miguel, or Fox.

Fancy watches the two as they talk downstairs. They hug again, and Sheridan is sure that she has Luis right where she wants him. "Luis...My Luis.." Sheridan says, as she rubs Luis's back while hugging him. "Ahem." Sheridan's face changes. Luis and Sheridan separate, and they look up the stairs to see Fancy standing there smiling and looking every bit like a movie star in her gown and fancy hair. Luis stares up at her in awe, but the look on Sheridan's face is an unhappy one indeed…

Upstairs, everyone waits for Theresa's answer to Jared's proposal. "I will marry you," Theresa responds. She and Jared hug, while Ethan stands limply as if the wind has been knocked out of him.

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