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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
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Sam makes a call to check up on JT's autopsy report, and then Ivy is on him. She wonders if Fox is telling the truth about dying. Sam wouldn't be surprised.

Miguel asks Kay to believe him. He is sure that Fox isn't dying. Kay just wants to be left alone now. She goes to Pilar and Simone. Simone feels that Miguel's suggestion that Fox take a simple test to prove if he is sick or not is a good idea. In a corner, Julian tells Fox that he should say that he will take the test. He knows that Kay wouldn't let him take this test anyway. It would be humiliating. Fox makes his way to Kay and Miguel, and he says to Kay that he will take the test to prove that he isn't lying.

Fancy is upset that Luis doesn't believe that the attacker was in her room. She tells how the voice of the man was evil and raspy. She remembers how she fought for her life and ripped the button off the man's shirt. Luis and Sheridan peek at each other over Fancy's head. She can tell they still don't believe her, and that makes her angry. Sheridan sees the bottle of wine and knows that she must have been drinking on top of taking her pills. Maybe she imagined all this.

Ethan tells Theresa that Jared killed JT because he was about to reveal secrets. Whitney says that Theresa feels that Jared is the best thing for her and she agrees. Ethan can't believe what she says. Whitney has an idea. She will show them how they can all see if Jared is a murderer or not.

Kay sees that Sam is right. Fox is a lot like her… and Julian too. Sam feels that with parents like Fox has, he didn't stand a chance. Ivy agrees. Fox is lying to Kay and Fancy is so far away from her. She sees that she has been doing it wrong all these years.

Pilar loves that Miguel is fighting for Kay and his daughter. She sees that he is fighting for his very life. Miguel knows that if Fox is agreeing to take this test, then he is only doing that because he knows that he can manipulate the test. Fox says that he will use Eve, and they all trust her. Miguel does care about the test. He has seen the file. Fox says that he only kept his secret because it is very personal to him. He suggests that maybe Miguel is the liar here. Pilar defends him. Miguel goes to Eve and tells her that she should tell the truth here. Eve can't tell what's in the file, but Miguel knows that if Fox agrees to let her tell, she will be safe from lawsuit. Miguel turns to Fox now for an answer.

As Luis and Fancy talk, Sheridan picks up Fancy's meds off the table. Fancy see that and becomes immediately suspicious of her. Sheridan says that she only got the pills thinking that she might need a pill right now. Fancy thinks about the button and suddenly realizes that Sheridan could have found the button. Fancy runs to Sheridan to search her, and Luis has to pull her off. Luis doesn't believe that Sheridan would hide a thing like that if it meant so much to Fancy. Fancy sees that she has to get out her big guns, and she tells Luis that she didn’t want to say this, but Fancy has been trying to keep her and Luis apart. Sheridan fakes surprise at hearing this.

The arguing continues until Whitney stops it again. The polygraph technician who gave Chad the test is still in the mansion, and Whitney says that all they have to do to prove what Jared is up to is get the man up there and make him administer the test. Jared will not do that. If Theresa can't believe him without the test, then they have nothing together.

Pilar doesn't see why Fox wouldn't agree to this. Kay begs Fox to get this over with. Fox tells Kay that she is supposed to love him and trust him. She does. She just wants to start the marriage out on good footing. Fox gives Eve the permission then to tell the wedding guests whatever she wants… Julian wonders what it is that Fox is doing now. Kay goes to Eve and asks if Miguel is telling the truth about Fox not being sick.

Luis believes that Sheridan loves Fancy and has done nothing less than love her. Fancy doesn't buy that. Fancy knows that this is a huge lie. She tells Luis that Sheridan is lying and still wants to be with him. Sheridan tells Fancy that she has been through a terrible experience, and she thinks that Fancy is suffering from PostTraumatic Stress. Fancy doesn't want to hear her bull. She begs Luis to believe her. She begs him to.

Jared knows that the polygraph tests are not reliable, and that is why they are not good in court. Whitney knows that the tests might not be good enough for court but they all saw Chad do it, and that was good enough for her. Whitney tells Jared to take the test so that Theresa will know that there is nothing that she has to worry about, and it will also show Ethan that he is wrong. Even Chad tells Jared to take the test.

Ivy cries over the way that she has failed her children. Sam actually doesn't think that she is that bad a person. She is a survivor, and he knows that whatever happens, she will get through this. She feels that she failed because she hated the fact that the children that she had were not all Sam's. She loved him with everything that she had. She felt that she could do anything to get him because of the way that she loved him, and now she can see that she was wrong. And in the process, she has lost Sam.

Fox is out of options and awaits Eve telling the truth about his health…"As far as I know, Fox is in perfect health." Miguel thanks Dr. Russell for telling the truth. Kay turns and goes to Fox now. She slaps him hard in the face twice, shouting at him and asking him how he could do this to her.

Luis is having a hard time believing this last bit about Sheridan really wanting him back. Sheridan was at Fancy's bedside at the hospital, and she was trying to speak to Fancy's subconscious and plant the idea that Luis and Fancy can't be together. Fancy begs him now to believe her. Luis thinks to how Sheridan told him on the stairs a few minutes ago that she would do anything to help her niece recover. Luis tells Fancy now that he just can't think these terrible things about Sheridan. Fancy sees that Sheridan has finally gotten to him. She has done it! Sheridan has driven a wedge between Luis and Fancy.

Whitney offers to make the call for the polygraph specialist. It is all settled. Theresa hopes that Whitney is right about this. Whitney thinks that Theresa just may be hoping that Jared is a bad seed, so that she can turn to Ethan. Chad tells Jared to tell the truth, and he will be fine. Chad tells him that he had questions that he could answer truthfully. Chad sees that Jared is nervous and asks why. He wonders now if Ethan was right. "Did you kill JT Cornell?"

Kay doesn't want to hear anything that Fox has to say. She and Simone walk to the front of the house and close the doors between the rooms.

Pilar is glad that her son was proven to be right. Kay is hurt, but it is for everyone's good. Julian comes to Fox now, and Fox tells him that he has lost Kay. He has truly lost her.

Luis loves Fancy but he can't believe these things that Fancy says about Sheridan. Luis looks at Sheridan's medicine bottle and sees that she shouldn't have been drinking with the pills. She didn't drink too much. In fact she tells Luis that if he believes Sheridan over her then she doesn't want him there. "Get out! Get out! And take her with you!"

Jared is worried about this test. He has a lot riding on it here. Chad's advice is to tell the truth and everything will be fine…

Whitney sees that Ethan's marriage could very well be over. This could be Theresa's chance to finally be with Ethan. Theresa tells how she was kissing Ethan earlier and she had to remind herself that was all that it would be. Whitney really has to wonder now who Theresa would pick if she had a choice between them. Chad, Jared and Ethan return to the room where Jerry is waiting to do the test. Jerry wants a list of questions from Jared that he should be asking. Ethan decides that he will be asking the questions. Whitney feels that the administrator should be doing the test the way he usually does it. Ethan says that if Jared is telling the truth, then it won't matter who is asking the questions.

Sam admits to loving Ivy when they were living together, but he says that the only reason that he made love to her that morning was because he thought that she was Grace. Ivy doesn't believe that and would like Sam to finally admit the truth.

Simone and Kay sit on the stairs as Kay tries to figure out how Fox could do this to her.

In the main room where the guests are, Miguel tells Fox that he knows what he did and why he did it. Kay returns to the room now and tells her guests that she has something to say to everyone.

Fancy tells Luis how Sheridan made it clear that she would do anything to get Luis back to be with her. She orders Luis and Sheridan out. Luis wants to stay outside her door, but she tells him to keep away from her. She ushers Luis and Sheridan out. She closes the door. She knows that she didn't dream this. The man was there. In the hall, Sheridan tells Luis that soon Fancy will calm down and realize that she was just dreaming. Luis hopes so. Sheridan says that she knows so…

Jerry gives instructions to Jared on how to answer, and the testing begins with Ethan asking the questions. "Have you ever lied to Theresa?" "No!" Jerry sees that was a lie. Jared says that he only lied to Theresa about how much he loved her at first. Ethan finds his explanation beautiful and wants to get moving to the rest of the questions. "No!" Theresa says. She doesn't like this at all. She wants this stopped now. She believes that Jared has never lied to her. "Are you hiding anything from Theresa right now?" "No!" That question can't be read properly. The needle on the polygraph doesn't move definitively in one direction or the other…It is inconclusive. "I have one more question for you," Ethan says. "Did you kill JT Cornell??

Sam shouts at Ivy to cut it out when she tells him that they need to be together. She asks him again. "Did you really think that it was Grace that you were with this morning?"

Miguel and Fox try to talk to Kay before she talks to the crowd, and they end up arguing. Pilar stops the boys shouting and lets Kay talk. She has no idea why she is surprised that this happened, and in light of that, there is only one thing that she can do. She takes off the ring and hands it to Fox. "No, Kay! No!" he says.

Fancy tears her room apart to find that damn button. Luis and Fancy are outside Fancy's door and Luis tells Sheridan that he would have believed Fancy had they found one shred of evidence to prove what she is saying. Luis decides to head back to the wedding. Sheridan wants to stay in the hall a bit longer, and she will be down in a minute. Luis leaves and the most evil smile comes to Sheridan's face. She remembers how she found the button while Fancy and Luis were looking under the pillow. She holds it up in her hand now and smiles at it.

"No!" Jared says. Jerry checks the results. Whitney wonders what Theresa is going to do when she hears the results of the test.

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