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Passions Update Thursday 1/4/07--Canada; Friday 1/5/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Chad and Whitney go to a private room to be alone. "I must have been out of my mind to accuse you of cheating on me," Whitney says. He thinks about how he really was cheating. "Let's not talk about that and get this honeymoon on the way…" They fall on the bed kissing.

Fancy tries to call downstairs. The closet door opens behind her, and the perp in black sneaks up behind Fancy. He clamps his hand over her mouth and asks her if she missed him as much as he missed her. He drags her to the bed.

At the wedding, Father Lonigan is continuing the ceremony. "Stop!" Miguel is at the back of the church. Everyone turns to stare at him. "Fox has been lying to you all along," Miguel tells Kay. "What are you doing?" she asks him. Pilar smiles. "I just may get my Christmas miracle after all," she tells Paloma. "Father, do something," Fox says. "I am on it," Julian says, walking off. Ivy is at the back of the church smiling. Everything got handled, and she didn’t have to do anything.

"She isn't going to marry you," Ethan says after listening to Jared's proposal to Theresa. Jared turns around and sees Ethan there. "You cant' marry him! He is a killer, and I can prove it," Ethan shouts.

The wedding is paused as Fox, Miguel and Kay go to the side to talk. Luis takes this time to go and check on Fancy upstairs. Sheridan decides to go up there as well, and she leaves James and Chris in their seats. Everyone listens as Miguel pleads his case. He say that Fox has been lying all along. Julian tries to make Miguel leave, but he won't do it. "He even locked me in the pantry," Miguel says to Kay. Fox admits it. "You did what?" Kay asks Fox.

Luis is about to head up the stairs when Sheridan calls to him. He thanks her again for helping out with Fancy the other day. "Oh, I would do anything for Fancy." Sheridan beams.

Upstairs, Fancy fights for her life. The perp tries to drag her to the bed, but she fights like the devil. She manages to get away from the bastard and run to the door, but he gets to her again and drags her to the middle of the floor. She gets angry and bites the masked man. She gets in a few blows as they struggle, and he deals with the pain she has inflicted. She fights and pulls at his clothing, and a button goes flying. It lands on the floor. "You bitch! That was my best shirt!" The man now concentrates on getting Fancy back to the bed as she struggles…

Ethan tells Theresa that he has all that he needs now to prove that Jared shouldn't be trusted. Theresa hasn't any idea what he is talking about. "JT was blackmailing him like the other people that he had dirt on. There is a blackmail letter to him at JT's place. They found it. The letter was created using little cut-out words from magazines." Theresa is really listening now. Jared turns to her. "Actually, Tess, my name was a name that JT was using for blackmail purposes." Theresa's mouth falls open at the news.

"You do love me, Chad, I know it," Whitney says. She and Chad have finished making love, and they lie in bed together. "Was that Miles?" she asks. Chad hears nothing, but she goes to check on him anyway. When alone, Chad picks up his cellphone and sees that he hasn't gotten even one message. "Where are you?" he says.

"You used to say that there was a Crane curse," Luis tells Sheridan. Now with the things that have been happening lately, that might be true. "Watching Kay and Fox made me think about our marriage ceremony in Mexico. Even though it wasn't legal, it sure was beautiful, wasn't it?" Sheridan asks…It was a beautiful wedding…"I wonder if anything will ever be that perfect ever again," Sheridan says. Luis says that it is funny now since she is married to Chris and they have a son together. "Maybe one day, Fancy and I can have the same thing," Luis says. Sheridan had no idea that Luis and Fancy had spoken of marriage. She says that after what Fancy has been through, it might be hard to get to that stage in life. Eve enters the mansion and listens as Sheridan tells Luis that she wishes he and Fancy the best and how she will help them in anyway that she can. Luis heads upstairs now. Eve comes over to Sheridan. "I think that you were being less than honest with your offer to help just now," Eve tells Sheridan.

"He has been lying for weeks, Kay!" Miguel tells Kay and the others in the room. "He did that to make sure that you heard him talking on the phone." The guests are stunned. Miguel continues saying that Fox isn't sick at all. "I am escorting you out of here myself," Julian says to Miguel as he takes his arm. "You have to believe me, Kay!" Miguel shouts. "He is as ill as you or me!"

"JT tried to blackmail me, but there wasn't anything for him to do that!" Jared says. Theresa will accept that explanation, but Ethan knows that JT had something. He was told that. Jared begs Theresa not to listen to Ethan. "Theresa," Ethan says. "You have to look out for Little Ethan. Do you really want Little Ethan to be raised by a murderer? I know you love your son, but I know that you don't want to subject your son to this man." Theresa is really listening to Ethan now. Jared is angry now that Ethan talks about family values and morality, when he is clearly after Theresa while he is married to someone else. "I wouldn't ever kill someone!" Jared shouts. Theresa thinks about the fight that Ethan had with Gwen and how she is the reason that he fought with his wife. Jared can see a different look in Theresa's eyes now. He sees that Ethan has gotten to her, and he can't live with that. "I am just going to leave Harmony like I originally planned. Have a nice life." Theresa rushes after Jared, but he knows that she can't ever really be sure of him, and he can't live like that. "Take care of yourself…alright?" Jared walks out.

"Just tell this jerk the wedding is off," Miguel tells Kay. Julian is on the phone trying to get security over there to get this thing under control…"I got into Fox's medical file," Miguel explains. "He doesn't have an illness." Ivy comes over. "Fox is dying?" Julian tells her that he isn't dying right now. Kay turns to Fox now. "Is all this true?"

'I don't know why, but I can't stand the idea of another woman with Luis. Not even my own niece," Sheridan explains to Eve. '"You know, if something were to happen to Chris, then I would be single, and Luis would be single…" Eve wonders what she means by 'something happening to Chris…' "Please tell me that you are not hoping that Chris dies so that you can be with another man." All Sheridan is saying is that she knows that she wants to be with Luis.

Upstairs, Luis arrives at Fancy's door and calls out to her to see if he can come in. "Oh, she must be asleep," he figures. He tries the doorknob anyway and finds the door open. He looks in and finds the room in disarray and Fancy laying unconscious in the middle of the floor. "Fancy!" Luis shouts as he makes his way over to her to makes sure that she is alright.

Fancy gets up again and starts fighting Luis who she thinks is the perp. "He was here!" Luis thinks that Fancy was just having a dream. "No! He was here. It was the same man who attacked me before. I was afraid that he was going to attack me like before. He was so strong, and I couldn't fight him off." The perp was about to hurt her, but then something happened…"He suddenly stopped. I didn't see. He must have run off." He will call Crane Security. He picks up Fancy's phone, but she says that it didn't work. It works now. Luis makes the call and hugs Fancy. "What's going on?" Sheridan asks, walking in. "why is it so dark in here?" Sheridan flips the lights and they go on. "They were not working a moment ago…" Fancy is confused. Luis gets a call and is told that the culprit hasn’t been found yet. "Are you sure about this Fancy?" She is sure. "My attacker was here, and he almost raped me again. He was here!"

"Where have you been?" Jessica asks Spike, as he enters the mansion dressed for the wedding. Jessica tells him about the terrible problem with the wedding. Spike wants a drink but Jessica wants him to hold it together. She promised that she would too. Spike doesn't care about that. He goes into the main room where the guests are still listening to Miguel, Fox and Kay talk. Spike grabs a bottle of the good stuff and he and Jessica duck out of there.

"I am telling you the truth Kay," Miguel says. "I love you." Fox says that he is actually the one that loves her. Kay rubs her head and looks very confused. Eve is behind Kay and waits to see what Kay will do next.

Chad and Whitney are in a bedroom at the mansion having champagne and sitting in bed. Jared comes in after knocking and tells the couple goodbye. "I am leaving Harmony." He tells that Theresa loves him but not enough to make things work. "I need a relationship that is built on trust." Whitney definitely understands that. "I am so grateful that Chad has given me another chance…"

"It hurts to find out that you've been hurt by someone," Ethan says to Theresa when he sees that she is sad and crying. "I couldn't stand to see you marry someone who doesn't deserve you." She asks him why. "Cause I love you. Cause I love you, and I don't care." She turns her face up to him, and they kiss.

"Wait! Jared! Don't go!" Whitney says. Jared will not wait. He wishes that he had followed his gut the first time when he wanted to leave. "I think that this whole thing is my fault," Whitney says. "I was suspicious that Chad was cheating, and I must have made Theresa suspicious too." Jared says that this doesn't matter. Ethan is in Theresa's ear telling her that he isn't fit to marry her. "Just let me get dressed, and you will come with me," Whitney says.

Ethan and Theresa sit on the bed as they kiss, and Theresa tells him that she isn't going to do this again. "I want marriage, family and security, and you can't give this to me." Ethan knows that Jared can't give her that either, and he can't stand to see her with another man. He says that he loves her, but she only sees that he is being selfish and that isn't love!

"Everyone can clearly see what you are trying to do, Miguel," Fox says. He asks Chief Bennett to arrest the man but there aren't provisions in the law for that. "Look! Fox is a liar," Miguel says. "And I can prove it!"

"He kept saying that he missed me and that he was back for a return performance," Fancy says. Sheridan wonders if it was the same guy even. "I can prove that he was here," Fancy says. "We were fighting and I pulled a button off his shirt and it fell right here." Fancy and Luis get on all fours and search everywhere for the button that would give credence to Fancy's story, but they can't find it anywhere. "It was right here!" Fancy says. "I heard it fall!" Sheridan stands to the side and watches, as Fancy tries to prove her attacker was in fact there.

Miguel turns to Eve, but Fox says that she can't say anything about his medical health. She is bound to keep her mouth shut. Miguel might have an idea on how to prove that Fox is lying. Is Fox up to it?

"It's got to be under the bed," Fancy says, as she and Luis search. He can't find the button either. "I know that it dropped out of my hand right around here," Fancy says. Sheridan knows that Fancy has been exhausted physically and emotionally and so… Fancy knows what she is about to say, and she tells her aunt that she knows that the button is there. Luis and Sheridan stare over her at each other, and Fancy can see that they think that this is all a dream and that this was all in her mind.

"Is that what you want? Me to be available to you anytime that you want?" Theresa asks Ethan. The door opens, and Chad and Whitney enter with Jared. "Did you forget something?" Ethan asks Jared sarcastically. "In fact, I did. I forgot the woman that I love. I am back for Theresa!"

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