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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Gwen tries to get Ethan to stop and talk to her, but he says that he has something really important to take care of. Gwen sees that she isn't important anymore. Rebecca comes to her daughter and learns of the recent developments.

Theresa is in her room, where Whitney sleeps. Theresa is mulling over whether she should marry Jared or give the ring back. "No!" Whitney shouts. Theresa goes to Whitney, who is immediately reminded that her marriage is over before it has begun. She cries on Theresa's shoulder now.

Chad and Jared feel funny being back at the mansion so soon for a wedding. They only hope that this time there isn't a body in the cake!

Tabitha arrives at the mansion and talks for a bit with Noah and Pilar. "This wedding is a mistake. Kay should be marrying my son and not Fox," Pilar says. Noah walks her to her seat. Tabitha wonders where the happy couple are now. "Well, good evening," Julian says to Endora when he sees her. "Leave her alone, Julian," Tabitha orders. Julian reminds Tabitha that Endora is his daughter.

Sheridan, Chris and James arrive. "I wonder if Fancy will be joining the wedding," Sheridan wonders. Chris doubts it.

Upstairs, Fancy sits on her bed with Luis and tells him that she could almost swear that someone was in the closet. Someone is in the closet, and the door opens slightly as the person peeks out. Luis makes a move to look in the closet, but Fancy stops him. "I already looked in the closet, and no one is there," Fancy says. Luis sits again.

"I will be with you in spirit," Grace promises Kay over the phone. The priest behind Grace hears her call and knows that in a short while Grace will BE a spirit. After the call, Kay goes to Jessica and Simone, and they all can't believe this. Kay is really going to get married.

"Let me out of here! Fox shouldn't be marrying Kay!" Miguel shouts. He is still in the pantry, shouting to be freed. Fox hears him, and he approaches the door as he walks through the kitchen. "It is too late, Miguel. In just a short while, Kay will be Mrs. Nicholas Foxworth Crane!" Miguel thumps harder on the door now, determined to get out of there.

"I lost my husband! I lost him to Theresa!" Gwen tells her mother. "Ethan was sleeping, and he was calling out Theresa's name. I woke him up and threw the ring at him!" Rebecca understands now why Ethan thinks that they have broken up. "Don't get angry, get even. Just throw yourself at his mercy. Make him listen. Honey, you have to make him listen. You have to get the ring back." Gwen think that it is too late, as Ethan is already with Theresa. Rebecca knows that this will mean that Theresa will have everything, and she knows that just the idea of that should give Gwen some backbone.

"Have you seen Theresa?" Ethan says to Noah. Noah tells him that the wedding is about to start. Ethan can't be bothered by that. "I have to find Theresa!" Ethan says, running off.

Theresa knows that Whitney is really hurting now. Theresa should be at the wedding, but she wants to be there for her friend. Whitney would go, but she really doesn't want to be around people right now. Someone knocks. "Whitney, will you just come out and talk to me?" Chad shouts. Whitney asks Theresa to handle this. She goes to the door and Jared is there too. He feels that maybe Chad should have a chance to talk to Whitney. "Why don't you go and talk to your mistress?" Theresa asks with an accusatory finger in his face. Chad ignores her and breezes through, entering the room. "Whitney, you have to talk to me," he says to her. She has her face turned away from Chad, and she keeps it that way.

"I spoke to Charlie, who is head of security, and he assures that no one is getting into this wedding unless invited," Luis tells Fancy. "I have to get back to the wedding, but I will tell everyone that you send your best. Luis kisses Fancy's head and orders her to get some rest. He leaves the room. Fancy settles back into her bed. The door to the closet opens for a bit, and then it closes.

The girls get Kay ready for the big event. Sam is on the phone talking to Grace about her secret, but she can't tell him anything more right now. Sam assures her that things are great and everyone misses her. "I wish that I could be there for the wedding. I wish that fog would lift," Grace says. The priest tells her that they will be flying out in three hours, but not from this airport. They will be shuttled to another airport soon. Sam overhears the message from the priest and is overjoyed. "You will be getting your ticket to paradise," the priest says quietly. The airport attendant comes to tell the patrons to get ready to get on the shuttle that will take them to the next airport.

It is time for Kay to take her walk down the aisle now. "I am the most proud right now," says Sam. Kay takes her father's arm and they walk out. Jessica follows, and Simone takes Father Lonigan's arm and guides him out.

Julian sits with Endora and Tabitha, much to Tabitha's displeasure. "Have you seen Kay?" Ivy asks Julian. He gets up to go and talk to Ivy privately. Tabitha is glad to see the back of Julian's head… Julian warns Ivy to behave herself or she will be thrown out of the mansion. "Well, it wouldn't be the first time," Ivy says.

Luis thanks Sheridan for taking care of Fancy for him the night before. She says it was no problem. Luis leaves, and Chris wonders if something is wrong. Sheridan says that she is fine. She watches Luis as he goes to his mother and hugs Pilar. Noah is looking for Miguel, but Fox says that it's just like him not to make an appearance. Julian, too, asks about Miguel. "I think that he is tied up or something," Fox says. Julian hugs his son. "Good job," he whispers in the boy's ear.

"Welcome to Kay and Fox's wedding…" Father Lonigan starts from the podium in the main room of the mansion.

In the kitchen, in the pantry, Miguel is exhausted from banging on the door and shouting for help. No one is around… He works up some adrenaline and bangs on the door some more. "Someone help!"

"This is just a terrible misunderstanding," Chad says. She understands. She heard him on the phone. He says that he was just making a business appointment. "Ask Jared." He turns to Jared and asks him if the guy that he hired is there yet. "Yes, he is." A man enters the room and sits at the desk in the room. Whitney asks what Chad is doing. "I am getting ready to take a lie detector test." He pulls up his sleeves.

Ethan goes searching the wedding for Theresa. Rebecca and Gwen find Ethan and try to talk to him, but he is too charged with energy to listen to them. "Everybody should just sit down now!" Jessica says. Ethan sees that she is right, and he enters the main room. Rebecca and Gwen follow. Ivy appears in the foyer, angry that she can't find Kay before the blessed event starts.

In the kitchen, in the pantry, Miguel continues to bang on the door, trying to get out, but no one hears him.

Chad does the lie detector test. "Do you love your wife?" "Yes". "Is there another woman in your heart?" "No!" "Are you having an affair?" "No!" The technician checks the results. "He is telling the truth!" Chad turns to Whitney now. "See? You have to come back to me!"

Fancy is dreaming about the rape again. Suddenly she flies to a sitting position. "Somebody help me!" Fancy tells herself that Luis is right downstairs and that she is perfectly safe. She tries to get back to sleep now. The door to the closet opens and closes.

The passengers are getting on the shuttle now to go to the other airport. Grace's phone rings. "Hello! No! I am going to tell everything that I know, and you can't stop me!" Grace shouts into her cellphone. She slams the thing shut. "Oh, sorry, pretty lady, but we certainly can stop you," the priest says from his place in line.

Ivy is at the back of the church and she is not happy to see Sam walking his daughter to the front of the church. "I just have to stop this wedding!" Ivy fumes. "You may be seated," Father Lonigan tells the guests. "I love you, Kay Bennett," Fox says softly to his bride. "I love you too," Kay says. As she is looking at Fox's face, it morphs into Miguel's. Kay steps back a little, almost going off balance… "What is it?" Fox asks. "It's just the wedding jitters," Kay says. She sees that Julian is standing in as Best Man. Fox tells her that Miguel probably couldn't handle seeing Kay marry someone else. Father Lonigan starts. "…hear our prayers for Kay as they pledge their love today…" Ivy watches from the back. She decides to set off the fire alarms. She runs off. Ethan's phone rings, and he says that he has to get going after he answers the call. "You can't avoid me forever," Gwen tells him. He walks off. Rebecca and Gwen follow him, but they have no idea where he is off to.

"Will you ever forgive me for doubting you, Chad?" Whitney asks. He will. Jared and Theresa are pleased as well to see the couple together again. "I would like an answer to my question now. Will you marry me now, Tess?" Theresa opens her mouth, but nothing comes out. "Okay, is this about Ethan?" Jared asks.

Miguel is still banging on the door to get out. Ivy comes running in the kitchen to find the alarms, "Help get me out of here! I am the only one who can stop this wedding!" Miguel shouts. "Miguel? Is that you?" Ivy asks. She opens the door, and Miguel comes running out. "Are they married yet?" Miguel asks. Ivy tells him that they aren't. "Good!" Miguel says. He goes running to the main room. 'Thank you,' Ivy mouths to the heavens.

On the shuttle bus, the priest has the driver load his leather bag with the sticks of dynamite in it, and the timer which blinks continuously. Once it is locked in the bowels of the bus, the priest takes out a remote and presses a button. Activation has taken place. The priest turns now and walks alongside the side of the bus. Grace is on the bus already. She has a window seat and seems to be sitting above where the priest's bag has been loaded onto the bus. She is oblivious to what is going on around her. She sits quietly looking out the window…

"I can't sleep," Fancy says. "I should just give up and get dressed and go down to my brother's wedding." The lights go out. "Is someone there?" No one answers. Fancy goes to the phone. "Hello?" The phone is dead. Someone comes up behind her and clamps a hand over her mouth. She tries to scream but it is too late. The perp has her.

At the airport, the shuttle is about to drive off. The priest is safely back inside the airport, and he watches and waits. The bus starts moving. Grace thinks about how happy she will be to get back to Harmony. The priest inside the airport does the sign of the cross and hits the button on his remote. A terrible explosion goes off. The priest calmly walks away.

Fox thinks that he is free and clear when no one says that he and Kay shouldn't marry. Father Lonigan is about to get back to the ceremony when suddenly shouting can be heard. "Wait! Stop the wedding!" All turn to see Miguel at the back of the room ranting like a maniac. "You can't marry him, Kay. He lied to you. You can't!" Miguel walks to the front of the church. Ivy appears at the back, smiling from ear to ear. "You can't marry him Kay. He lied, and I can prove it." Kay stands with her mouth open, and Fox and Julian look at each other as if Miguel is crazy.

Upstairs, Chad and Whitney enjoy a sweet reunion and decide to go home together. Jared and Theresa smile at each other, glad for the outcome of it all. Jared wants to get back to him and Theresa now. He stands before her smiling face and asks her if she will marry him. He gets on one knee and looks up at her, waiting for her answer to his proposal. As he is kneeling with his back to the door, the door quietly opens, and Ethan is standing there. He hears Jared's proposal and stays quiet, waiting for Theresa to answer the man. Theresa sees that Ethan has entered the room, and she pauses now, staring from Jared's face to Ethan's and then back again.

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