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Passions Update Tuesday 1/2/07--Canada; Wednesday 1/3/07--USA

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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

"How dare you threaten me this way?" Eve demands of Fox, who turns strangely devilish before her eyes. He tells her to keep her mouth shut, or she will be ruined in this town. She doesn't have to say anything since Miguel already knows. "You should tell her yourself, Fox," she counsels. "That isn't going to happen," Julian says, coming in. He tells Fox to go and get ready for his wedding. Julian tells Eve to come with him. He is sure that they will be more comfortable elsewhere. He drags her off.

Kay, Jessica and Simone are together to get ready for the wedding in a bedroom in the mansion. Jessica says that Spike is going to be coming to the wedding, but she promises that he and she will behave. "He's somewhere around here," Jessica says.

Luis posts a guard at Fancy's door so that she will be secure and no one will go into her room unwanted. Inside the room, Fancy tries to make herself go to sleep. She has to stop being afraid. The person in the closet pushes the door open to peek at Fancy on her bed.

"Are you there with Theresa?" Gwen shouts into the phone. She is trying to connect with Ethan, but he has left the B&B. Theresa stands before Ethan, looking at the ring that has fallen to the ground from Ethan's pocket. It is Gwen's wedding ring. She doesn't understand why Gwen isn't wearing it. "I can't talk to you right now," Ethan tells Gwen before quickly hanging up. She can't believe that he has done this to her. Theresa looks up into Ethan's eyes. "Is it true? Have you really left Gwen?" Theresa asks.

"Oh my God! He hung up on me," Gwen realizes. "How could I have been so stupid to give the wedding ring back to him?" She puts her phone away and rushes out of there.

"We have some problems, that's all," Ethan says to Theresa about his marriage to Gwen. "I dreamed that I was making love to you tonight, and I guess that I called your name out…Gwen was furious, and she took her ring off, and she threw it at me." Theresa tells him that he would be really smart to divorce that woman. Ethan isn't there for that. He is there to talk about Jared. "What is it with you? He is a good man," Theresa says. Ethan doesn't believe that. "He is a fraud! He probably killed JT Cornell!" Theresa gives Ethan Gwen's ring back and tells him to get out.

"Remember when we were younger and we used to play bride and groom in the back yard?" Jessica reminds Simone and Kay while reminiscing. Simone remembers that. Jessica used to make her the groom. Jessica leaves the room for a bit. Simone can see that Kay is torn. "No matter what he says or does, you still love Miguel."

"Kay! Kay! Are you in here?" Miguel asks running in the house. Luis and a guard arrive, and Miguel is hysterical trying to find Kay. Luis wants his brother to respect Kay's wishes. She is about to walk down the aisle at any moment. "I have to find her! I have found something out!" He rushes out of the house. Luis shares a few words with a guard and leaves the man stationed in the mansion's kitchen. Fox enters looking for Luis… "Why are you wearing a gun?" Fox asks when he sees the guard has a gun in his waistband. The man says that he has been ordered to wear it, but Fox doesn't want that around on his wedding day. He makes the man hand the gun over, and he puts it in a kitchen drawer. The guard leaves the kitchen, and Fox takes the gun out and puts it in his waistband. "I will stop Miguel from ruining my wedding…one way or another…" He runs to get into place for the start of his wedding.

Julian locks Eve in a room and tells her that she will forget about this thing that is going on with Fox. She knows that he has to be furious that Fox has been caught in his lies. Julian only knows that if she breaks doctor/patient confidentiality, she will be sorry. "You know what this can't end well, Julian," she says. He refuses to judge and knows that she shouldn’t either. She reminds him what happened in their relationship when they were dishonest with each other. She tells him that she and TC try to be honest and open with each other. She mentions Julian with Ivy wrapped in sheets the other night. He doesn't want to talk about that. He is more concerned about Fox and her keeping her mouth shut. She looks at the chair in front of the door and trusts that he will not try to keep her in the room by force. She tries to leave, but he grabs her and plasters his lips all over her face as he holds her tightly to his body.

"I am praying for the fog to lift soon," Grace tells Simone over the phone from the airport. The priest is nearby and whispers to himself that the fog lifting isn't what Grace should be praying for. He looks ominously down at the leather bag beside his chair…

"Is someone there?" Fancy says looking over at the door. She sees no one is there. She looks into the hall, but no one is there either. "I could have sworn that I heard someone." She reenters her room and looks around some more. Tap… She hears a faint noise coming from the closet and she grabs a kitchen knife that was left in her room and starts walking slowly to the closest with the knife poised in her hand for stabbing.

"JT Cornell was murdered! Murdered right before JT was going to tell me the truth about the man that you are falling for," Ethan tells Theresa. She tells him that while he is trying to find this dirt on Jared, he should also find the dirt on his wife!

Simone puts on Kay's necklace that Fancy designed. "Isn't it lovely?" Simone knows that Kay is only trying to avoid talking about her situation with Miguel and Fox. There isn't anything to talk about. "I love Fox, but I love him in a different way than Miguel. Miguel is a liar, though, so I am going to forget Miguel. I will marry the man who loves me then." Someone knocks. It is Sam. "You mind if I have a word with my daughter?" Simone leaves to give Kay privacy. Jessica stays. Kay thanks her father for being there, even though what she did to the family was unforgivable. "I am still angry with you, Kay, and I don't know why, but I was talking to your mother earlier, and I understand that this is your day, and I love you so much. I always have, and I always will. You will never know how much…" Kay smiles. "Really?" He tells her that she is so beautiful. Jessica watches as they hug.

Simone is in the hall when Miguel comes running and tries to get in Kay's room at the mansion. "What are you doing?" Simone shouts. "I have to find Kay." Simone won't listen to that. "I found something out and I have to tell her about it!" Miguel shouts. Simone doesn't care. She uses all her energy to push Miguel backwards down the hall and away from the room where her friend is getting ready to have the best day of her life. They are out of sight. Fox comes around the corner and looks up and down both halls. No one is in sight. He pulls the gun from out of his waistband and holds it pointed up to the ceiling by the side of his head, sort of like the cops do in the movies. "I have to stop Miguel…and I will…" He goes running down the hall now with purpose.

"I know you are in there!" Fancy shouts at the closet. "I'm coming in!" Fancy opens the door, but sees no one in her walk-in closet. She goes back into her room and has some wine. She has already had a pill, but who cares, she's not driving. In the closet, the perp who raped her is dressed in his black gear with face and head totally covered as before. He comes out of hiding and pushes the door open again to peek at Fancy who gets back into bed.

Eve pushes Julian off of her and tells him that if he really cared for Fox, he would make sure that this wedding didn’t happen like this. Eve leaves the room. Ivy comes storming in. "You have to do something about our son marrying Kay!"

"I want you to listen to me," Sam says when he sees that Kay thinks that he won't walk her down the aisle. "You think that I would let anyone else walk you down the aisle? When your mother returns, we will be one big happy family again." Sam gets a call. "I am sorry, Sam but the flights have been cancelled again," Grace says. "Maybe I will get there for the tail-end of the reception." The priest makes a point of staying close to Grace so that he can hear her conversation with her family. Sam hands the phone to Kay. "Dad says that he will walk me down the aisle." Grace is so proud. "I can't wait to see all of you. I would throw my arms around you and give you all a big hug. I will see you soon." The priest says quietly that she shouldn't count on that.

"Let Kay get married in peace!" Simone says. "I will not let you get near Kay. Even if I have to post a guard to get that done!" Simone leaves Miguel alone in the kitchen now. Michael turns to leave the kitchen through the other exit, but Fox is on his way in. "Miguel," Fox says blocking the doorway so that Miguel can't get out. "Hey! What are you doing?" Miguel asks. Fox pulls his gun and points it at Miguel's chest. Miguel instinctively puts his hands up and backs up quickly. Fox advances on him.

"There are cops outside," Miguel says. Fox doesn't care. There are no cops around, and he has hired everyone who is outside the room. Miguel tells Fox that he has seen Eve's medical files and knows that Fox isn't ill. Fox threatens to put the man away for a very long time. "You will not shoot me," Miguel says. Fox says that he will do whatever he can to make Kay his wife. Miguel feels that Fox already has done everything that he can. Miguel tries to leave, but when he turns his back on Fox, he hears Fox cock the gun. "I am not playing with you," Fox says. "It is time to put you on ice. To the pantry!" He holds the gun to Miguel's head and forces him into the pantry off the kitchen. Miguel immediately starts banging on the door to get out, but Fox has locked him in. He goes back to the kitchen drawer and locks the gun safely away. He takes the key and leaves the room. Miguel keeps shouting for help.

"Leave me alone!" Theresa shouts, but Ethan won't do it. They are in the yard, and they see where they carved their initials vowing love for each other. That was a long time ago though. She begs him to leave her alone. He won't. He holds her face in his hands and tries to make her talk to him. He sees the ring on her finger and asks what that is. She tells him that Jared gave it to her. This is what he feared. The door to the yard opens, and Gwen comes out. "Ethan! Wait!" Gwen says when she sees her husband with Theresa's face in his hands, and she sees the way that Ethan is looking into her eyes. "Just wait, Ethan," Gwen says softly. "We need to talk." Theresa and Ethan move away from each other slowly, while Gwen comes forward.

Fancy is laying in her bed, tossing and turning. "I can't sleep," she says with her eyes closed. A shadow comes to her and looms over her bed now. Suddenly, she springs from her bed with the litheness of a cat and spring at her attacker with the knife that she has in her room. "You could have killed me!" Luis says. Fancy calms down and tells him that she thought that someone was in her room to hurt her, that's all.

Theresa can't deal with this right now and walks off. Gwen tries to talk to Ethan now that they are alone, but he walks off and follows Theresa without giving Gwen a second look. Gwen stands alone now, while Ethan runs off shouting "Theresa! Theresa!"

Ivy begs Julian to help her stop this wedding. Julian can't do that. Fox wants to marry Kay, and he wants to see at least one of his children happy. "You cannot allow this!" Ivy says. Julian warns her that she had better not get any ideas about driving through the windows as they just had them re-glazed. He leaves, and she throws her shoe at the door. "I swear! Kay Bennett will never be my daughter-in-law!"

"You know, Kay…I am not thrilled that you are marrying into that family, but give Fox a big hug for me," Grace tells Kay. The priest behind her whispers, "Sorry, Grace. You know too much, and we can't allow you to live…" He looks down at her bag where, inside, he has dynamite ready to blow. The red light blinks as the timer makes its countdown.

Fox goes to Father Lonigan and tells him that they are ready to start the wedding now. The good Father gets into place for the start of the nuptials. Fox hopes that this goes off without a hitch and that Miguel will stay locked up until the wedding has ended. In the kitchen Miguel is still trapped and calling out for help, but no one is in the kitchen to save him.

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