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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel gets his hands on Fox's files and puts them on the desk to read. The gloved hand that isholding the doorknob from the outside turns it and pushes the door open. "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" Eve says. Miguel turns around and faces a very angry Dr. Russell. She has caught him red-handed.

"What kind of selfish bitch are you?" Fancy asks Sheridan. Fancy is in her bed now and, Sheridan hovers over her as Fancy rants. Luis has returned to the hospital and demands to know what is going on here.

THWACK! Whitney delivers a hard slap to Chad's face. She heard him talking to his lover. He denies it again. "Get the hell away from me! I hate you!"

Ethan hangs around the mansion. He sees the housekeeper, who is cleaning up the mess in the room where JT fell. Sam is suspicious of Ethan hanging around when Gwen has long gone. Sam knows that this is about Jared Casey. "Be straight with me. Is it Theresa or Little Ethan that you are really worried about?"

"The thing is that I love you," Jared says. He is on his knee proposing. Theresa is speechless. Jared puts the ring on her finger. "Please say 'yes'"… Theresa holds her hand up and stares at the ring on her finger. She smiles.

"Nothing is wrong," Fancy says. "I just keep having these flashes to having been attacked." Luis wishes that he could make things better. Fancy is in her own bed now, and she doesn't want anything. Luis knows that she needs her rest. He wishes that he could stay, but Sam needs his help. "JT Cornell was murdered, and he was found in the middle of Chad and Whitney's wedding cake." Sheridan finds that positively gruesome. Luis has been helping with the questioning. Fancy knows that he has to go, but he will be back to see her. "Maybe your Aunt Sheridan can stay," Luis suggests. Sheridan says that she would be glad to help. Luis is glad that someone that Fancy trusts will be with her.

"How could you look into my eyes and betray me in this way?" Whitney shouts. "Why did you marry me?" Chad tries to explain, but Whitney is hysterical. "You couldn't love me if you are sleeping with another woman. Is she the real love of your life, or just a slut you met in a bar one night?" Chad starts to answer, but Whitney runs off. Chad smashes a vase against the cupboards. "Damn it all to hell!"

"it is my job to make sure that Theresa and Little Ethan are protected," Ethan explains. Sam just thinks that Ethan is going way out of his way to get this guy away from Theresa. Ethan admits that he can't stop thinking about Theresa. "She is in my head and in my heart." Sam thinks that Gwen does have something to worry about her. Ethan says that Gwen is safe. "I am not going to leave her." Sam says then that Ethan has to leave Theresa alone.

"Marry me, Tess," Jared begs on his knees. "Theresa!" Jared and Theresa turn to find Whitney in the doorway looking completely opposite to the way that she did at her wedding just now. "Theresa! It's another woman. Chad, he's having an affair. He lied to me, Theresa!" Theresa goes to her friend now, and she holds her tightly as she cries.

"The weather is so awful here, but I will let you know when I can get a flight out," Grace says to Sam over the phone. She has to get home. A man dressed as a priest watches Grace secretly as she waits for a flight to Harmony.

Fox talks to Kay about their love and how nothing will get in the way of that…Kay thinks back to Miguel telling her that he thinks that Fox has been lying to them about his illness. She tells Fox that she can't lie to him anymore. "I know everything."

"I could have you arrested for this!" Eve says slamming the door behind her. Miguel faces Eve. He knows that he has been busted. He can't stop though. He has to find out. "Eve I don't care what you do. I have to know the truth! About Fox! I have to know if he is dying," Miguel shouts. Eve's face turns to one of confusion. "What?" Miguel can tell by the look on her face that he was right. "I knew it! He isn't sick! He isn't dying at all!"

"I mean I was just in total shock! How could someone like you be dying?" Fox thought that he was about to be busted, but he sees that instead of telling him the truth about her other secrets, she was just confessing that she knew of his illness. "I couldn't tell you," he tells her now. "I was being selfish. I was afraid that I was going to lose you. I thought that if you knew that I was dying you wouldn't want to be with me. Then there was the other fear that you would just feel pity. That is the last thing that I want. I don't want you to stay with me because you feel sorry for me." She hates that he had to suffer with this all alone. "I also wanted you and Maria to be taken care of after I am gone. When I die, you would get everything that a Crane deserves…after I was gone." She finds his actions to be the most generous thing that a person could do.

"I knew it. It was all a hoax. Fox isn't dying. I knew it," Miguel says. Eve tells Miguel that he is jumping to conclusions. She never said anything one way or the other about Fox's health. Miguel knows that Fox was lying. That is what Cranes do. Eve doesn't care about any of that. "Just hand me the file, and we can forget that any of this ever happened." Miguel looks down at the file in his hand and starts opening it. "Miguel! Give me that file now!"

Jared leaves so that the girls can talk. "I walked into the kitchen, and he was talking to this girl and making a date to sleep with her. I heard it plain!" Whitney says. "I should have followed my instincts. I knew it, but I didn't want to face the truth." Theresa didn't want to believe it either, and she pushed her friend to marry the guy. "I knew that something was wrong," Whitney says. Theresa still feels like Chad loves her friend, though, in spite of it all. Whitney shakes her head. "Marrying Chad was the biggest mistake that I have ever made in my life!"

Chad is in the kitchen, pouring himself a strong drink. "I told you this would happen," Jared tells Chad. Chad knew that this would happen. Jared wonders then why he continued the affair.

"Thank you, Sheridan. This means a lot to us," Luis says. "Both Fancy and me." Luis walks out. "Why didn’t you tell Luis that you thought that I was trying to undermine you relationship?" Fancy knows that would be nothing but a trap. She can't talk about Sheridan badly to Luis. She worries that might backfire on her. He couldn't dare think that his Sheridan was a cold-hearted bitch! "Why I ought'a," Fancy tells Sheridan to back off. "If you do anything else, Aunt Sheridan… I will tell him everything!"

"Will you stop it Jared. Love has nothing to do with what I am doing. It's just sex," Chad says. Jared wonders why he can't just have that great sex with his new wife. "What if I have lost her forever?" Chad wonders.

"I just feel like such a fool, but I knew…I knew deep down, but what did I do? I did nothing about it," Whitney says. Theresa finds Chad to be the fool. Her friend followed her heart, and she believed in him. "You married him in good faith, but he is the one who destroyed it." Whitney sees the engagement ring and suddenly realizes that she interrupted something very special. "Did you say 'yes'?" Theresa says that Jared put the ring on her finger before she could answer. "I just am not sure about this." Whitney finds Theresa to be crazy not to marry Jared. "Oh…Let me guess…" Theresa knows that Whitney knows that this is about Ethan. Theresa has to think about what Ethan is saying. She doesn't want to believe it but she doesn't know. "You were fooled by Chad…Maybe Jared is fooling me too…"

"You really don't like my sister's boyfriend," Luis tells Ethan when Sam tells him that Ethan is out to get Jared. "If I don't turn up something on this creep real soon, your sister may marry this guy," Ethan says. Luis says that Theresa is a grown woman and can make her own decisions. "You have to accept this."

"I didn't …I know what I said sounded bad," Sheridan admits, but she didn't mean to hurt Luis and Fancy, she said it to help them. "I think that you and Luis are incredibly smart, and I love you, Fancy." Fancy believes none of it. Sheridan explains that the Cranes have a long horrible history with the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. "My mother took Martin Lopez-Fitzgerald from Pilar; my father is responsible for Antonio's death; Marty died, and you have no idea what Marty's death did to me, no idea at all." Sheridan sits. "Let me ask you a question. Why do you think that I married Chris?" Fancy has been trying to figure that out. James being Marty's age is part of it… "I could have left Chris and been with Luis, but I didn't…I couldn't bear to put Luis through anymore suffering. Any involvement with our family could be heartache for Luis." Fancy doesn't believe that. Sheridan knows that Alistair would fight, even from the grave, to make sure that the Cranes and Lopez-Fitzgeralds stay separate. Fancy knows that she and Luis can handle anything. "Oh yeah?" Sheridan comes back. "Does that include your recent rape?"

The priest comes to sit with Grace, and they talk. She tells how she is returning home after many years. "I found out something bad that is going to hurt a lot of people back home when they find out." The priest knows that secrets have a way of hurting people. Grace knows that, and that is why she has to get this information out in spite of what it is going to do to others.

"When I heard about this horrifying nightmare, my heart went out to you," Sheridan says. Fancy says that she and Luis have been wonderful. "They usually are at first," Sheridan says. "No matter what they say, they usually can't get the image of that out of their lives." Fancy reminds Sheridan that Luis is a policeman. Sheridan knows that, but every time that he touches Fancy he will remember what happened. "I don't want to see you getting hurt anymore than you have been," Sheridan says.

"It is just amazing, I can't imagine all of the stress that you have been under since you found out you are dying," Kay tells Fox. He says that it helps him to have Kay and Maria to worry about. He decides that the loves her too much to put her through this. "I don't want you to marry me."

Miguel doesn't care what Eve says. He wants to look at Fox's file, and he does. "I knew it! Fox isn't dying at all! There is no mention anywhere of a terminal illness!" Miguel shouts.

"You don't have to marry me," Fox tells Kay. "Now that you know, go find someone else to marry. I can't have you staying with me out of pity." Kay doesn't want to leave him. He means the world to her. "I can't believe that this happened to you. I want to be with you everyday, and we will get through this together." They kiss, and Fox can't believe the risk he just took.

"I got what I came for, and now I will go and tell Kay that Fox is lying," Miguel says. Eve warns Miguel that he could get in very big trouble for this. He doesn't care. He leaves the office with Fox's file. "Miguel! Miguel! Come back here!" Miguel is long gone.

"I am so sorry that I came to such a rotten conclusion about you," Fancy says. "I am not seeing things clearly. I guess the attack has made me more guarded and suspicious than I use to be." Sheridan forgives the girl and says she understands. Fancy is really tired and so Sheridan tucks her in. "anything that I can do, I am here for you. I just don't want you to make a mistake that will cost you terrible pain." Fancy's eyes soon close and Sheridan gets up off the bed. "she bought it," Sheridan says with a grin. She leaves closing the door behind her. "Not quite Aunt Sheridan. I will not let you ruin what I have with Luis. Who knew that you would have turned into a world class bitch?" Fancy sits up snarling at the door.

"At least I don’t have to worry about JT having dirt on me anymore," Chad says smiling at Jared. He knows that there are others out there who has secrets too.

"What if JT knew that Chad was having an affair? JT also had secrets about Jared," Whitney realizes. Theresa is confused. She doesn't know what to think about anymore.

Grace calls Sam to tell him that she will be staying at a nearby hotel and trying to get a flight the next day. "I have to get home Sam. I have something that I have to tell you." He wants to hear it now. She tries to talk some more but the phone goes dead. The priest is sitting nearby and he holds his bag close to him as he listens to Grace talk to her husband. He hears that she is trying to get home to Harmony and that she needs to tell her husband something very important. The priest looks down to his bag and opens it. There is a contraption in there with a flashing red light on it. "Oh you aren't going to make it home Grace…And you are not going to tell anyone…anything…"

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