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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Katie
Pictures by Glynis

Everything's gonna be alright," Luis promises. He will find the bastard that did this to Fancy. He holds her in his arms. The door to the bedroom is open. "I just saw a shadow. Someone is outside the door listening!" Fancy says. Luis runs out of the room and finds Sheridan running off. "Hey…Sheridan!" Luis says, stopping her.

"I think that there is actually something in there." Chad and Whitney push their knives deeper into their wedding cake to hopefully get a slice, and a body falls from the middle of the cake, and it all goes crashing to the floor - corpse, cake and all. Sam takes over now. Kay remembers that Tabby saw death at her wedding to Fox, but maybe it was this wedding instead. Whitney is upset now that there is a dead body at her wedding. Paloma goes to help. "Whoever she is, she is dead…" Everyone wants to know who is it that is dead. "What a way to go," Rebecca says. "The only better way to go is death by chocolate…"

"I came to see Fancy, but when I saw you comforting her, I didn't want to interrupt," Sheridan explains. Luis tells Sheridan to come in and visit for a while. Fancy apologizes for overreacting when her aunt was outside the room. Luis is going to get Fancy's things together, as she is being released. "You don't have to worry now, Fancy. I love you," Luis says hugging her close. Sheridan balls her hands up into fists at the sight of them together.

"Who is this?" Kay asks. "Is anyone missing from the room? Who isn't here?" Everyone starts looking around. Paloma tries to help Sam, but he tells her that she can't help with this. It has to be handled carefully. Paloma goes back to Noah, who is impressed that she is eager to help with something like this. The photographer, who has just arrived, starts snapping pictures. Sam grabs the camera from the man and has him kicked out. Sam orders everyone into the other room and orders that everyone stay in the house.

"You should thank your lucky stars that someone made the cadaver cake," Rebecca tells Gwen. Gwen wishes that she wouldn't say things like this. Rebecca only means that this takes the spotlight off Ethan looking for JT. Kay is really disturbed by this. Fox tells her to relax. He is sure that they will know what happened soon enough.

"Poor soul," Eve says. "I wonder who she is." Eve and Sam stoop over the body, not sure whether to move it yet or not. The body is laying facedown on the ground, and the cake makes it hard to see more. Sam knows that there is only one way to find out who this is. He goes to the top of the body and reaches forward. He turns the body over so that it is face up, and suddenly, Sam and Eve know who this is. "Oh my God!"

"How could something like this happen? Who was that poor woman?" Whitney asks Theresa privately. Theresa knows that they will have the answers soon. Whitney is sorry that this happened at her wedding. It was supposed to be perfect. Theresa feels bad, but Whitney knows that this isn't her fault.

"You haven't found JT Cornell?" Ethan asks someone over the phone. "Then what am I paying you for?" He hangs up, frustrated.

"You look a little jumpy," Chad says to Jared, who seems to be shaking even. Chad feels the same way.

"I didn't expect this," Sam says. "This really takes the cake." Eve will pretend that he didn't just say that. Sam has to get this information to the station. "The media is going to have a field day with this." Sam leaves to make a call now. Eve doesn't think that this is going to be as big a surprise as Sam thinks…

"Sam, I will be right down," Luis says, hanging up. Luis tells Fancy that he has to go to work for a bit, but he will be back soon. Sheridan offers to stay with Fancy while he is gone. Luis kisses Fancy and then leaves. "Now, let me help you get comfortable. Can I get you another blanket? Some tea?" Fancy tells Sheridan that what she needs is…"For you to get away from me, you bitch!" Fancy shouts sitting up and pushing Sheridan's hands from her.

"Just because this wedding wasn't great doesn't mean that yours won't be too," Simone tells Kay. Kay peers over at Miguel. Simone can tell that Kay is still hung up on Miguel, and she wants Kay to smarten up and stop that. Miguel can't stop looking over at Kay. Noah tells Miguel that he is going overboard thinking that Fox is faking his illness. "Do you think that Eve will tell me what this fatal disease is?" Noah knows that Eve won't tell him anything. "Why don't you break into her office and find out what is going on in her files?"

Gwen wants to know more about this USB stick and what is on it. Rebecca only knows that it holds personal and damning information on citizens of Harmony and that there is supposedly a whole list. Rebecca thinks that Chad has to be one of JT's clients for sure. Gwen is stunned. She has no idea why Chad would marry Whitney if he had someone else. Rebecca says that everyone cheats. "I bet you that JT was blackmailing Chad…"

"I just wish that my secret was safe," Chad says to Jared. He will do whatever he has to do keep his secret safe.

When Theresa is alone, Ethan come over and says that it is very nice to see Theresa without Jared for a change. "I have hired a PI, and when he gets the dirt on Jared, he will give it to me as soon as possible."

Sam comes out of the main room. "Everyone come back in the room now. We have ID'ed the body and we know who it is." No one hurries to get into the room. They all just stand there looking around at each other.

"You are a cold snake. I heard everything that you said to me. 'Fancy, Luis is not the right man for you'," Fancy mocks. "What is wrong with you? I was in the hospital, and I had just been raped and that was the perfect time for you to pour poison in my ear? You are nothing but a cold-hearted bitch!" Fancy spits at her Aunt Sheridan.

"Our victim isn't a woman," Sam says after a brief perusal of the body. "Luis?" Sam calls, signaling the man. Luis pulls the blanket off the corpse and it is JT Cornell who is revealed…in DRAG! Rebecca throws herself on the body, feigning grief. She pats the body down as she goes on about the 'love' that she and JT had. "You are contaminating the evidence," Luis says, trying to pull Rebecca off the corpse. Ethan watches the scene knowing that he has lost his chance to prove that Jared is a bad guy. Miguel steals Eve's keys from her purse and has completed step one of his plan. Jared thinks that there isn't anything that can come out about him now. Chad will give an update to Crane. Miguel tells Kay that he thinks that Fox is up to something and that he is going to find out what it is. Rebecca is still wailing and pawing at JT. Sam drags her off, and she composes herself ,while licking her fingers. "Hmm…lemony…" The crowd groans in disgust at her eating the frosting that was on JT. Sam wants to know if anyone has any ideas on who did this. Ethan steps forward. "I know exactly who did this!"

Kay tells Simone privately now that Miguel says that he is going to find proof that Fox is lying. Simone wants to know what Miguel meant by that. Kay wonders if what Miguel said could be right. Simone knows that this can't be true. Simone can't help but notice that Kay seems to be hoping that Miguel finds something that will prove that Fox is a liar. "You had better decide what you are going to do here. You are about to go down the aisle," Simone says.

Miguel enters Eve's office and uses his keys to get into Eve's drawers…

"Who killed JT?" Ethan says that it was Jared. "JT was going to bring me proof that Jared was crooked, and now JT is dead." Sam asks for proof, but Ethan hasn't got any. "Everyone wanted JT dead," Sam says. "Now, why don't you remember your fancy law school training and find some evidence." Sam releases everyone, but tells them not to leave town. Noah offers to take Paloma home…Ethan goes to Theresa and she immediately is angry. She knows that this is about him not wanting to see her with anyone else. "This isn't about us," Ethan says. Theresa doesn't believe that. Ethan can't do this. He can't let her go…"I was going to propose tonight, but the dead body has put a damper on things," Jared tells Chad and Whitney. Whitney tells Jared that he should go and talk to Theresa now and asks her to marry him. "Turn the night into something fabulous." Chad is happy to have his bride now. "I am going to get some champagne, and I will meet you upstairs."

"Did you find the USB Stick?" Gwen asks. Rebecca said that she checked everywhere on the man, and he hasn't got the thing on him anywhere.

It is clear that whoever did this was doing it to keep their secret safe . All the people around the body look uncomfortable: Eve, Rebecca, Gwen, Fox… Jared comes to Theresa and whispers in her ear…

"The records have to be in here somewhere," Miguel says, looking through Eve's file folders. Someone is outside Eve's office where Miguel is. That person has gloves on and is slowly turning the knob of the door.

Fox comes to Kay now to comfort her. He assures her that their wedding will be better than this one…

Rebecca cries and cries and soon leaves the room, seemingly in distress…Luis and Sam are left in the room, and they talk about how Rebecca said that JT was being followed and that he was dressed like a woman to hide from someone…

"You make me sick!" Fancy says to her aunt. "I didn't do that," Sheridan says. Fancy knows that Sheridan took advantage of her while she was sick and weak. "I don't ever want to hear you go on about my grandfather again. You know what? You are evil. You are an absolute monster!"

"I want to do it again, but not tonight. Tonight is my wedding night," Chad says. " I can try to get together with you for New Year's, though!" Chad turns while talking on the phone and he sees that Whitney is in the doorway. She has heard everything. "You lied to me!" Whitney says. She moves to him quickly and slaps him hard.

Ethan explains to Gwen again why he has to get Jared away from Theresa. Gwen rolls her eyes.

Theresa comes down looking for Jared. She finds the main room filled with candles and flowers. Jared appears. "I keep on trying to ask you something but, Theresa...Wait…" He gets the ring out and holds it in front of him as he kneels before her. "Tess, I think that you are the most incredible woman in the world…I want to spend every minute of every day for the rest of my life with you. I want Little Ethan to have a real father, and I want you to have a real family. Tess, if you'd do me the great honor of marrying me, I will spend the rest of my life doing whatever I can to make you happy."

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