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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"When you came out of that coma, that was the thing that I prayed for," Luis tells Fancy. He wants to talk about the stakeout but she is uncomfortable. "I can't talk." He will not pressure her. "Fancy…You are almost a cop and you know the routine. Too much time is passing." She can't help it. She can't talk about this.

At Tabby's house, the drinks are in full swing. "Can I trust these two?" Tabitha wonders. "Can leopards really change their spots?" Edna asks Norma if she knows how Eskimos kiss and so they shimmy up close and start rubbing noses. "When you in my house, I will ask you to keep your noses to yourselves," Tabitha says.

Julian rolls over in bed. "I feel like I have been hit by a truck." Ivy is at the other end of the bed wondering what the hell it is that she has just done. She and Julian get up from either ends of the bed and see the other. "AAAAAhhhhhh!" They both scream in unison.

Theresa brings her best friend and the wedding guests back to the mansion. Rebecca has the champagne right away. Theresa talks to Whitney about the wedding and how as little girls they always dreamed of a wedding like this… Jared whispers to Chad that he is going to ask Theresa to marry him by the end of the night. Chad is just glad that no one crashed the wedding. He knows that there was a possibility of that happening. "I would like to propose a toast to the happy couple," Theresa says. "May you two have a lifetime of wedded bliss. The married couple kisses while the crowd whoops it up at the sight of them.

Ivy blames Julian for them ending up in bed together, but when she thinks back she remembers that she was the one to start the kissing. "I fear that we have been very, very bad," Julian says. Ivy knows that he is right, and she now hides her head under the covers in shame.

"Endora reminds me of somebody," Edna says staring at the tot. Tabby hurriedly pours the girls a refill and she warns that they had better be careful with this drink as she brews punch with quite a punch.

"Thank you guys for coming and helping us celebrate this day," Whitney says. Theresa wants this to be a day that Whitney and Chad will never forget…Chad and Whitney thank Theresa privately for all that she has done for them. "You better treat her right," Theresa warns Chad jokingly. "Could you please play Chad and Whitney's favorite song?" Theresa orders. The music starts.

"You are crying?" Gwen asks her mother when she sees the tears. Rebecca always cries at a girl's first wedding… Ethan hates that Theresa is having fun with Jared. As soon as he finds JT, he vows that will all be over. Gwen and Rebecca know that it is only a matter of time for people to find out their dirty secret but at least everyone else will go down with them…Kay has found the wedding beautiful…

Miguel is miserable. Noah tells him to look happy…"You look like you lost your best friend."

"Do you remember anything about him Fancy," Luis asks. "A scar, tattoo? Anything?" Fancy has turned from Luis now and she cries into her pillow. "No! No! I don't remember anything!" Fancy shouts. "I hate what happened. I am a trained Cadet, and I walked right into this, and look what happened!" Luis tells Fancy not to blame herself for what happened. He reminds her that Burt got jumped too. "I am sorry, Luis. I am so sorry." He is sorry too. He knows that the best thing for them to do is to find this guy and bring him to justice. "For that, I need your help."

"Looks like this holiday has tuckered out the little one," Edna observes of the sleepy Endora. Tabitha gets the child and carries her from the room. She puts Endora in the adjoining sitting room and returns. "We have lost our fourth for bridge it seems," Tabitha says upon returning. Norma clutches her axe and keeps it hidden from view under the table.

Ivy gets the aspirin out of the side table and gives Julian some. She takes some herself. "This does make for perverse sex doesn't it? We were married for 20 years," Julian says. "We were hurt by other people, and that would explain us falling back in bed together. She thinks that he has put some kick-a-poo in the booze, but he finds her just being dramatic. They hear the music downstairs and wonder who could be having a party. They get the sheets around them and head out of the room.

Downstairs, TC leaves his best friend Sam and goes to Whitney who is dancing with her husband. "Would you dance with your old man?" Whitney turns to his arms. Eve comes up and dances with Chad. Ethan is watching when Jared and Theresa walk off together. "Where the hell is JT?" Ethan wonders. He tries to call the man, but he gets JT's voicemail instead…Rebecca tells her daughter that at least this time for sure they can be sure that JT is gone for good…"She hates me, and it is really frustrating," Miguel tells Noah. Noah knows that something really big must have happened for Kay to change her mind like this.

"What is going on here?" Julian shouts. The entire group of guests to the wedding turn and see Julian and Ivy enter the room in sheets. It is clear what has been going on. Rebecca is most disturbed. If he were going to get exposed being involved in a sex-ca-pade, then she feels that it should have been with her. Sam is surprised at first but not for long. Eve is stunned beyond words.

Finally she manages to get out, "You and Ivy?" Sam just walks away. "How could you, Pookie? With Ivy? You call her a leech, a bag of bones…a witch in bitch's clothing?" Julian reminds Rebecca that he refers to her that way. Ivy thinks that he is lying, and she slaps him with her palms. Rebecca too gets in on the fun. Julian orders the women to stop this. "You are hurting me!" Ivy tells Julian that he doesn't know what hurt is. BAM! She knees him in the sheets. Julian bends over in pain.

Norma and Edna have Tabitha right where they want her. She believes the ladies are being friendly but they just want to lull her into a false sense of security. They turn and smile at Tabitha now as she checks on her tot.

Fancy thinks about the rape. "That's it! Fight back!" the man growled at her. Fancy gets up and fights Luis now. She doesn't want to remember. "No! I don't want to." Luis fights to hold her in the bed, but she doesn't want to be held. "No!" Fancy fights like the devil, but Luis will not let her go. He holds her until he feels the fight out of her. Then she just cries in his arms.

It is time to clean up the mess. ZAP! Tabitha has the table and all its mess just disappears. Norma and Edna put Tabitha in a chair and tell her not to move a muscle. "Just goes to show," Tabitha says. "You don't know a person."

Julian and Fox talk about Fox’s plans to get Kay and how things are going well…Julian congratulates the married couple and rushes upstairs… Ethan wishes that just once they could all have a normal event…Miguel looks at Fox and finds that he is a tad too jovial for someone who is dying. Noah can't believe his ears. "Remember how I told you how convenient it was that we heard him on the phone?" Noah listens as Miguel makes a theory that shows Fox to be a fake…"There is something that I have to ask you," Jared tells Theresa. She knows that he has something that he wants to say but they keep getting interrupted. "It is time to throw the bouquet!" Theresa tells Jared to hold that thought. She runs to the bottom of the stairs while Whitney runs halfway up. She turns her back to the banister and tosses the bouquet backwards over her head. "Oh!" "Ah!" the ladies shriek as the flowers come tumbling down. There is dead silence. Simone has caught! the bouquet. She looks down at it as if holding poison ivy. Ethan smiles quietly and Whitney laughs, finding this great fun!

"I remember what it was like to be raped, and it was like it was happening all over again. Please don't make me remember anymore," Fancy begs as Luis holds her to his chest.

Tabitha is sitting comfortable in her chair when Norma and Edna come rushing at her with the axe. Tabitha gets up just in time as the blade sinks into her chair. Norma and Edna chase Tabitha around and around the kitchen, trying to kill her.

Simone plays up to the superstition of having caught the bouquet, but she knows that it will be many years before a lesbian like her will be able to get married…Miguel goes to Kay and tells her that she should be worried, as this means that her wedding might not be next. "Leave me alone," Kay snaps. She goes off to be with Fox. Noah goes to Paloma saying that the noticed that she didn't try very hard to catch the bouquet. She says that she knows that people should be in love before they marry. "Well, where there's a will, there is a way."… A man comes to the house looking for JT. He has an envelope from the man, and he would like to speak to him. Rebecca and Gwen panic and consider getting the car and getting out of town.

Theresa tells that it is time to cut the cake. Chad and Whitney put their hands on the handle of the knife and start bearing down. "Uh…Theresa…It feels like there is something in the cake. We can't cut it." Theresa tells the two to keep trying. They do but they have a time of it.

"I can't remember anymore for you. I can't," Fancy cries. Luis says that he has to find this guy so that he can't do this to another woman ever again. She nods.

Norma and Edna are still chasing Tabitha all over the kitchen, but Tabitha has some money stashed, and she starts throwing it about the kitchen. Edna gets sidetracked and stops to pick up the cash. Tabitha runs into the sitting room and asks for Endora's help. ZAP! Endora gives her mummy some juice. ZAP! Tabitha causes a magical rope to trap Norma and Edna so they can't move. ZAP! "Oh no! What is that?" They look down. There is a fiery pit beneath their feet. "Nighty-night!" Tabitha shouts. A trap door opens, and Norma and Edna fall to the bowels of the house where the boys in the basement are waiting…

"Maybe we should just ease up," Whitney says. She and Chad can't make a slice out of their cake. They try even harder and then…The whole cake collapses. A dead body was in the middle and falls to the ground at the feet of the bride, groom and guests. The women scream. No one moves…least of all the corpse.

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