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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

"Oh no! I was right. You two were the carolers," Todd realizes in horror. She faints from the shock of it all. "Don't be afraid, Tabitha. We are not here to hurt you," Nora says while Endora watches her.

"I would love to be around when the people of Harmony find out that I took their money to keep their secrets and then ripped them off and gave up the dirt on them anyway," JT says outside a tabloid editor's door. Rebecca is around the corner listening to the whole thing and what JT has said. She turns the corner and dives at the bottom of the door now to get out the envelope that JT has slid under the editor's door.

Sheridan is about to take a picture of Chris and James as part of their private Christmas family celebration. She aims the camera at them, but she sees Luis and James and not Chris and James… She can't stop thinking of Luis.

The doctor warns that Fancy has suffered severe physical and psychological trauma, and so he should go easy on her. Luis looks in the window and sees Fancy laying in her bed looking sad. Luis vows to find whoever did this to Fancy.

"Whitney and Chad, have you come here freely and without reservation to give yourself freely to each other?" Chad and Whitney tell that they are doing this freely. The happy couple smile at each other. "Since it is your intention to enter into marriage, join right hands…" Father Lonigan instructs them.

"The doctor says that you are doing great and that Eve will be back after the wedding," Luis tells Fancy. She tells Luis to go to the wedding… She won't mind. He doesn't want to be anywhere else but there. She wants to talk about the stakeout, but he reminds her that it is Christmas and so they shouldn't talk about that. He puts on a Santa hat and tells Fancy that it is time to see what she got. "First things first…" He hands her a present, and she opens it. It is a pin…"A Partridge in a peat tree…" He has eleven more presents to go and she starts crying. "You are so good to me, Luis…"

"Do you take Whitney to be your wife?" Father Lonigan asks. "To love her and honor her all the days of your life?" Chad does. "Whitney do you promise to be good to him all the days of your life…in sickness and in health…"…Ethan stares at Theresa and dreams of seeing her on her wedding day. "I do," he says quietly…Gwen turns to face him now when she hears what he says. Father Lonigan talks of the incredible journey that Whitney and Chad are going to take now…Miguel looks over to Fox and Kay and sees her in his arms as they whisper happily…"Chad… Are you ready for this journey, forsaking all others for Whitney from this day forward?" Father Lonigan asks Chad. He has a flashback to his last time in the motel. He couldn't wait to get his clothes off and be with his other 'significant other'. Father Lonigan asks again for an answer to his question. "Chad?"

Tabitha wakes in time, thinking that her daughter is going to be stabbed by Norma and Edna. "Wait a minute!" Tabitha shouts. Edna tells the witch that she and Edna were only going to string popcorn to make decorations with Endora. "We don't have an axe to grind with you anymore." Norma says. Tabitha turns to Edna asking if she feels the same. She says that she does. "We have found our true calling! Show business," Norma tells. "Our signature song…'LESBIAN'. We came to spend Christmas with you and Endora." Tabitha gives the bad news that she and Endora don't celebrate Christmas. Norma and Edna get it. Tabitha hopes that the unruly pair will keep it down so that Endora doesn't get excited. "You should be careful," Norma says. "She could grow up to be like Beth!" Tabitha says that they can celebrate the holiday as long as they never say the name of it. "Will you do the honor, Sweet Pea?" Tabitha asks. ZAP! A table appears and is prepared ! for the festivities to celebrate the holiday.

"You were supposed to be waiting for me at the motel, Rebecca!" She tells JT that she heard what he did. She really hates that he has betrayed her. He has dirt on her and Gwen that he has now passed over to the tabloids. "You bitch!" Rebecca shouts, slapping him hard. He has to hold her in a bear hug with both arms to keep her from hurting him. "You don't understand," JT tells Rebecca. "I have to get out of town. I don't have time for this. When the people that I have scammed realize what I have done, they are going to kill me!" Rebecca doesn't care, and she just keeps fighting.

"Thank you for making our Christmas wish come true, Endora," Nora says to Tabitha's child. "This means so much to us now that we have lost our family." Tabitha takes this time to remember Tim-Tim…They used to drink and get drunk together…She would ride her bike with Timmy on the front…They would also have tender moments that only friends can share…One year, for New Year’s Eve… He dressed up in costume to ring in the New Year… "Life goes on without you, Timmy, but it will never be the same," Tabitha says. Edna sees that Tabitha needs a friend. She tells of the wonderful memories of Timmy. "Dinner is ready," Edna tells her and so they go to the table. "Where's Norma?" Tabitha asks. RRRRRRRRRR! Norma appears with the electric carver. "Who wants a leg?"

James hangs an ornament on the tree while Chris and Sheridan watch. It is now Chris's turn to take a picture with the family. He sets the timer and runs to his family. "Merry Christmas!" they shout as the camera snaps.

"I especially love this gift," Fancy says of the snowy globe he has given her. She turns it upside down to make it snow. "Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald…It's here," a nurse announces. Fancy is confused. Luis goes out of the room and returns with a rolling cart of food complete with candles and glasses of champagne. "To our first Christmas together!" Clink! I almost forgot," Luis says. He hangs Fancy a stocking. "Santa told me to please give this to my lady-friend…Ho ho ho!" She sticks her hand in the stocking and pulls out two tickets for a romantic tropical getaway! Luis fakes surprise. "We will go when you are ready." Fancy suddenly gets uncomfortable. "We have to talk about what happened." He knows that, but that can wait.

"Ah…Yes, father," Chad finally responds to Father Lonigan's question in the ceremony…Rebecca enters from the back of the church. "I have to find Gwen," she says. She finally sees her and rubs to sit with her. "We have trouble," Rebecca whispers. "What is it, Mother?" Gwen asks mildly irritated. Rebecca whispers to her daughter…Father Lonigan continues his ceremony at the front, asking if there is anyone who objects to these two being joined. "NO!" someone shouts unexpectedly. The entire bridal party at the front turns and stares at the guilty party. It is Gwen. She is so embarrassed that she has spoken out this way. Theresa gives her an extra dirty look for that faux pas!

James doesn't want to go, but eventually, he does. His father goes with him to tuck him in. Sheridan goes to the desk in the room, and she gets out a gift. She hugs it to her. "I miss you so much," Sheridan says quietly.

Luis and Fancy sit over plates of food. He offers to heat up her plate when he sees that she isn't eating, but she just isn't hungry. He takes the plate from her. She remembers the rape and winces. "I can't do this. I can’t let him see me like this." Luis has gone to take out the empty plates. "I can do this. I can be happy for Luis's sake…"

Ethan wonders why Gwen shouted out like that. Chad thinks that he has been found out and exposed at the same time. Gwen says that she only saw a mouse and it frightened her. She apologizes to Father Lonigan. Theresa knows that this has to do with JT. It has to. The wedding is continued. Chad places the ring on Whitney's finger and she does the same to him. "Let's give thanks through Jesus Christ our lord…"

Rebecca and Gwen whisper over the trouble that they are in. "He cannot get away with this Gwen and trust me, JT won't," Rebecca promises.

"Let's join them in their unending praise," Father Lonigan tells the congregation, as he wraps up the wedding. Chad and Whitney stand smiling now…hand in hand…husband and wife!

Tabitha thinks that she is about to be killed when she sees Norma with the carver, but she is done with those days. "We have an image to protect now," Edna explains. "Now, calm down, and enjoy your dinner. Maybe afterwards, we can do a medley from our show, SANTA CLAUSE IS COMING TO PROVINCE TOWN."

"No one would expect a filthy blackmailer like myself to leave town on a bus," JT says as he stands around outside. …Ethan would read the tabloid and divorce Gwen…Whitney would read the tabloid and dump Chad…Theresa would realize that Jared was just using her and she would dump him…Ethan would be furious with Theresa for not telling him that Little Ethan was his son and he would have nothing to do with her…"There are so many more lies on that hard drive…So many more lives that will be trashed by the truth." JT smirks as he sits at the bus stop flicking his hair out of the way of his eyes. He is still in drag, as he is still fearful that he may be recognized and consequently killed for his part in the destruction of lives in Harmony.

"I said to Marie Antoinette…'The peasants are revolting' and she said, 'Oh you have seen zem too?'" Norma and Edna laugh at Tabby's tales. Norma is so moved that she goes over to Tabitha's seat and gives her a hug that almost crushes her bones. Tabitha would like to make this a tradition and do this all the time. Norma likes scaring Tabitha though. It keeps her on her toes. "Here's to next year," Tabby says clinking glasses with the others. Norma is careful to keep her axe below the table…out of sight…

Sheridan is at the window, and she dreams that it is Luis who comes to her when she feels someone touch her shoulder. She turns to face Chris, and they hug. Chris talks of how they are going to spend the rest of their lives together… Sheridan thinks about that. "The rest of my life without Luis."

"This is perfect," Fancy tells Luis. He doesn't believe that. Se says it again. "You must be exhausted," Luis realizes. She admits that she is. "Why don't you get some rest? Okay?" He kisses her forehead. He puts on some soft music for her, and SILENT NIGHT plays from a ghetto blaster. "I love you, Fancy. You will be okay," Luis says before leaving the room.

"May Jesus always fill your hearts with love! With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife. Chad, you may now kiss Whitney." The couple kisses while every one claps.

BEEP BEEP! "That's my bus! Goodbye, Harmony!" JT is ready to go. Too bad he can't stick around and watch what happens when destruction hits Harmony. JT gets up now and pulls his suitcase on wheels behind him to get it to the bus, as all dainty ladies do. Someone dressed as Santa appears and stands directly in front of JT as he tries to walk by. "Excuse me, Santa!" JT says. He tries to walk by the other way to get to the bus, but Santa gets in front of him again. "Hey!" JT shouts. "What kind of a nut dresses like that anyway?" JT snorts. He pushes his way past the crazy bastard and starts walking away. The Santa who has been taking donations for charity now reaches deep within his pot and pulls out a silver gun. He walks quickly and purposefully in the direction where JT disappeared out of sight, and as he does so, he raises his arm…aiming the gun…

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