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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"The two of you need to be more careful from now on," Fox tells the fakers over the phone. He tells them how his fiancée's sister saw and heard them the night before. It was only her drunken state that saved Fox's hide. He tells the fakers not to do anything else stupid and to be careful when out in public. They have a lot of questions, but Fox has it all figured out and knows that he has this marriage in the bag. "She isn't even speaking to Miguel."

Kay is walking outside alone. Miguel appears from nowhere and stops Kay's walk. "I love you Kay. I love you and Maria both," Miguel says to Kay. Kay rolls her eyes at him and tries to continue walking again. He stops her. He asks again what the problem is. She calls him a liar. "What did I do, Kay?"

JT and Rebecca are sleeping, and JT is still in drag from the night before, but now he wears a bra and panties. "Gimme a kiss, JT," Rebecca murmurs. He leans over and pecks her on the lips. She loves having sex with JT in a bra. "This going around in drag is great. Plus, I don't wanna get killed," JT says.

"Who are you calling so early in the morning?" Gwen asks Ethan when she reenters their bedroom. He hangs up the phone. He wanted to get to work on finding JT. "Well, I want to give you your Christmas present instead," Gwen says climbing on the bed. Ethan stares at the phone. He wants to find JT.

Chad sleeps at the motel alone. Jared comes in with coffee for the groom. Chad doesn't hear him at first, and Jared has to slap him on the butt and shout at him to get him up. "Hey, get up!" Chad rolls over. He has a hangover. Jared sees the empty champagne bottles and knows what went on the night before. "Come on! Get in the shower, Chad! You are getting married today!"

"James has made you a wonderful breakfast as a treat," Chris tells Sheridan. It seems that James and Chris have been up and busy this morning. She smiles at him. He heads into the kitchen to sort out the breakfast with James. She looks at the snowball globe on the table and thinks of how she really loves Luis.

"Luis!" He is about to go into Fancy's room when he hears his name being called. He turns to find Eve behind him right as he is about to enter Fancy's room. "There has been a change in Fancy's condition," Eve tells Luis. His shoulders start slumping when he sees the look in Eve's eyes. "I'm sorry Luis," Eve says.

"It doesn't matter what you did, Miguel. I am marrying Fox. Think whatever you want about this. I have nothing to say to you anymore," Kay says walking off from Miguel.

"Maybe playing in lesbian piano bars all over the world has caused Norma and Edna to forget about me," Tabitha tells Endora. She thinks that the presents for Endora are a sign that Norma and Edna have buried the hatchet! "Everything looks nicely back to normal," Tabitha says. Someone rings the doorbell, and Tabitha thinks that the wretched carolers are back again. She heads out the front door and sees a large crate outside. The address label says that the box is from the North Pole. "Can you zap this inside?" Tabitha asks Endora. ZAP! The crate is in the house when they return. "I suppose we need to see what is inside," Tabitha says. ZAP! A crowbar appears in her hand. She goes near the box.

"What do you say we go ice skating?" Chris asks James. Sheridan says that she would like to go and check on Fancy at the hospital, if that is okay. Chris is fine with that…She remembers how Eve caught Sheridan saying negative things about Luis and Fancy's relationship… "I am not a monster," Sheridan says now. "I just still really love Luis."

"She is in a coma," Eve says. "You have to be realistic about it and see that she might not come out of it." Luis will not believe that. It is Christmas, and he will be looking for a miracle.

"That was a lovely Christmas present," Ethan tells Gwen. She wants him to do something for her. She wants him to put off searching for JT until after the wedding. Ethan agrees to her deal, but he wants her to understand that he is going to do this.

Rebecca tries again to get JT to tell her his blackmail secrets, but he will say nothing once again. She points out that she and Gwen are in danger by just his being there and that they should know what is going on. He won't tell. She knows that the flash drive that he carries around has all the information that he uses to do his blackmail gigs on it. She has to get it. He even admits to having dirt on Rebecca and Gwen, but he promises not to use it. "You’d better be careful, JT. Someone might want to kill you for that flash drive." Rebecca thinks to herself that she is one of those people who might want to kill him for that thing as well.

Chad is in the bathroom of the motel shaving for his wedding. Jared is already in his tux in the bedroom. Chad can't get the thoughts of the night before out of his head. He comes to Jared now. "I don't know, man. After what went on with my affair the night before. I really hope that my wedding goes off without a hitch."

Rebecca searches JT's room to see if she can find the flash drive that has all the information on it. She thinks that if JT is killed she needs to make sure that the thing is in safe hands. JT watches Becks secretly from the bathroom, and he is disappointed in her and that bitch, Gwen!

Eve is ready for the wedding and she talks to Theresa and Whitney about the wedding. Simone is there but strangely quiet. Theresa and Whitney run out of the room to get things going for the big day. Simone stays behind, and her mother goes to her. She is feeling sad that she will not be giving her mother a day like this due to her lesbianism. "Your father and I are so happy that you have found someone that you can be happy with." They hug.

Theresa and Whitney are in the hall and they are all a flutter over the day and what is going to happen.

Chad is concerned about the blackmailer and if this is something that will affect his wedding.

Sam can barely face Kay at the church when she arrives. She asks about her mother and learns that the plane was delayed. Fox and Noah arrive, and Fox apologizes for his mother's part in the family trouble. "Well, you are my daughter, and it is Christmas." He and Kay hug. Noah and Sam get a seat. "You know it won't be long till you and I walk down this same aisle," Fox tells Kay. They go get a seat.

Pilar and Miguel arrive at the church, and she knows that his heart is hurting but she tells him to move on. "I don't want to move on. I need to know why she is so angry with me," Miguel says.

Luis sits with Fancy and holds her hands. Sheridan comes to the room and stays at the door and listens as Luis pours his heart out to Fancy. "Sheridan is my past. You are my future. You have got to wake up, though. You've got to come back to me, because I can't bear losing you." Sheridan stands at the door, behind Luis and she hangs her head, almost seeming sad.

'We have sent several gifts for your golden-haired child, but this is especially for you, a piece offering from Norma and Edna," Tabitha reads. She sees that they spelled peace p-i-e-c-e. She warns Endora to get ready in case this is some type of booby trap. ZAP! Endora is now dressed in a firefighter's outfit.

Paloma sees Noah, and he shows her two tickets that he has for a concert. "I was hoping that we could go." She would love to.

"I have been waiting for this day," TC says. He and Eve enter. TC walks in on his own, and Whitney and Simone see him enter. They all hug, and then Simone and her parents go to get a seat. Theresa appears. It is all going to happen. Her friend is going to marry the man of her dreams. "I know that you and Jared will marry soon, too," Whitney says. Ethan is nearby and hears Whitney talking to Theresa. "There is no way that Theresa is marrying Jared. No way."

Luis continues praying over Fancy's body. He begs her to come back to him. Sheridan is still at the door watching and listening. Luis has his head down now, with his forehead resting on his intertwined knuckles. He seems about ready to give up, when suddenly, Fancy's hand moves. She slowly moves it to Luis's head. He feels her touch and raises his head to see she has moved and that now her eyes are opening. He smiles, and she smiles at him. At the door, Sheridan is gone. The only evidence that she was there at all is the pot of flowers that she was holding when standing at the door.

Rebecca finds nothing. She has to take drastic measures, and she puts a headband with a gadget on the front. JT comes out of the bathroom, and he is in drag again. "What is that on your head?" She says that she wanted to play army doctor, but he has to go. She tells him to leave the flash drive with her for safety, but he tells her that he can't do that. It is in a safe place already. She wants to go with JT, but he insists that what he has to do now, he has to do alone. He leaves the room. "Damn I have to find that flash drive." JT is listening at the door and sees that he can't even trust Becks! "I have to get out of town, or someone will kill me."

The wedding starts. Jared and Chad stand at the front of the church…Next, Simone walks Miles up the aisle…Theresa is next, and Gwen is upset to see that Ethan is really paying attention to her…At the back of the church, Eve tells Whitney that she will never forget this moment…Eve then walks up the aisle. TC smiles, remaining at the back of the church with Whitney. Jared can see that Chad is really nervous. "I am. I just don't want anything to go wrong." Eve is at the front now. Whitney stands at the back of the church, staring up at the front.

Tabitha gets the crate out, and Norma and Edna come out dressed as a snowman and an elf like the night before. "Oh, what fun it is to sing a slaying song to night!" Tabitha shudders at the word, 'slaying'.

"Thank you for being here, Luis," Fancy says. He wouldn't be anywhere else. 'You know what Fancy? You are a miracle," he tells her. "I love you," she tells him. He tells her that he loves her too.

JT has prepared a special envelope, and he now slips it under the door of the office of a tabloid. "When the rag gets a hold of this news, someone is going to be very sorry."

Whitney starts the walk up the aisle with her father…Chad thinks to himself how he loves Whitney…Miguel thinks about Kay…Jared and Theresa share a private look, and Ethan stares at the both of them. Gwen isn't amused." The whole congregation sings now. "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing… Glory to the newborn king!"

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