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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Miguel keeps trying to get Kay to tell him what it is that he has done to her to make her so angry with him. She tells him that he knows what he has done and that he should leave her alone. Fox watches the two from the other room. Tabitha tells Kay that she tried to get a flight out of town, but she couldn't get one. "I know that Norma and Edna are around, and they are going to try and get me!" Tabitha jumps when someone knocks on the door. "It's carolers!" Kay announces. Miguel comes to Fox and asks him if he knows what Kay is mad about.

Jessica is hiding and she watches as 'Fake Charity' and 'Fake Miguel' talk. She has seen 'Fake Charity' take her mask off and now, as she watches, 'Fake Miguel' takes his mask off as well!

"This is about Theresa, isn't it?" Gwen asks her husband. Ethan says that he feels responsible for what happens to Little Ethan. Gwen sees things differently. She feels that this has to do with her not being able to give him children. "This is because I can't give you a son!"

JT is dressed as a woman, and he and Rebecca are together in the hall of his motel. He is shaking like a leaf. "I have a good idea who it was who shot at me before. I have a very good idea!" JT says.

Chad is nervous about asking Theresa to marry him, but Chad points out that Theresa is alone right now, so this would be a good time to ask her to marry him.

Eve gets the paddles out and works on Fancy. "Come on, Fancy…I am not gonna let you die on me!" Eve shouts. "Clear!" KA-CHUNG! Out in the hall, Julian, Ivy, Luis and Sheridan peer into the room using a window.

The carolers sing and Tabitha has to suffer through it. Endora likes the songs, but that is because she is half-mortal. Tabitha is more worried about Norma and Edna and their trying to kill her. "Smile," Paloma tells Kay as the carolers sing. "Oh," Tabitha says quietly. "Those two…over there…There is something horribly familiar about them…" Tabitha thinks about the terror that Norma and Edna put in her soul last year… She looks over to the two suspicious carolers again. "No…It can't be," Tabitha says.

"I am sure that Kay will be back to normal as soon as we are married," Fox tells Miguel. He thinks about the fact that he is home free thanks to the impersonators…

Jessica overhears the fakers talking about Fox and how he has fooled Kay into thinking that Miguel has been cheating on her with Charity. Jessica pulls her breath in sharply and 'Fake Miguel' hears her. "What was that?" The two fakers decide to get out of there, and they rush off. "So Fox is fooling my sister, is he? We will see about that!" Jessica heads home.

JT is really freaked out, and Rebecca pushes him for more information on what exactly has led up to him disguising himself and running off half-cocked like this. "I am not going to tell you, Becks. I don't want you to be in the danger that I am in. For all I know, this could be my last day as a professional."

"Go and talk to her now," Chad tells Jared. Jared goes to Theresa, who sits at a table alone in the Seascape, and he tries to work up the nerve to ask his question.

Eve is working on Fancy when she realizes that the door is open and that the family is out there and can hear all that is going on. A nurse closes the door and Luis can see that things are not as okay as he thought. Eve comes out now to see Fancy's family and friend. Luis tries to read her face. "Is she going to be okay?" he asks.

"Joy to the World," the carolers sing. "It can't be," Tabitha says quietly. Then she sees it. One of the elves was Edna, and the snowman was Norma! Norma even lifted her ax from behind her songbook to show it to Tabitha! Tabitha grabs Endora and rushes into the house to hide behind a plant. "It's Norma and Edna!" Tabitha tells Kay. Kay thinks that she is overreacting. "Mommy's paranoid," Endora says telepathically. Outside, Norma and Edna laugh with glee at the idea of Tabitha shaking in her boots at the sight of them.

Ethan tells Gwen that he loves her and that the fact that she can't give him a son has nothing to do with his trying to protect Little Ethan. Gwen soon believes him, and Ethan decides that they need to get going to find JT. Ethan rushes off. Gwen hopes that her mother was able to get JT out of town.

JT and Rebecca are talking calmly now in the hall of a building, and he looks at his image in the mirror. "You know…I kind of like this." Rebecca laughs…

Chad is about to pop the question when Theresa suddenly remembers that she has to give Whitney her engagement present. She rushes off to see her now. Chad comes over to his friend and discovers that Jared hasn't done the deed yet.

Eve says that Fancy is really hurt. She could have some internal bleeding. There is no telling what that man might have done to her. The family goes in to see Fancy, but Eve stops Sheridan, who would like to go into the room right now. "How do you feel right now, Sheridan," Eve asks. Sheridan isn't sure where Eve is going with all this. "Well, this experience has been a terrible one, and it is bound to bring Luis and Fancy closer together. How do you feel about that?" Sheridan isn't able to answer just yet, and so she stays quiet.

Luis sits with Fancy, holding her hand. "Do you hear me? I love you…" Ivy worries that Fancy will not be okay. Ivy tells Julian quietly that she hopes that he didn’t get the wrong impression when she was clinging to him in the hall. She was just afraid. He didn't get any impression. "Let's just think about Fancy." Julian has a nice long drink from his flask.

"Why don't you go home to your family?" Eve asks Sheridan. Sheridan understands now. Eve thinks that that she is going to go crazy over losing Luis because that is what the Cranes do when they lose someone. That is exactly what Eve thinks. She leaves Sheridan now in the hall.

Chad tells Whitney that he has to go. Whitney understands, but what does it matter anyway? Tomorrow she will be married to the man. Chad leaves. Jared catches up to him and asks if he is going to the hotel. "That is exactly where I am going," Chad says. JT is feeling sexy and luckily, so is Rebecca. They start kissing in the hall. Norma and Edna arrive at the motel and find what seems to be two women kissing. That reminds them of the lesbian bar scene in Italy… "You know," Edna starts. "That woman reminds me of that Rebecca Hotchkiss…" The two old ladies keep walking along now.

Ethan and Gwen have arrived at the motel, and they walk the halls trying to find JT. "Hmmm," someone moans naughtily. "What was that?" Ethan wonders. "I think that it came from over there." They both head to the direction of the noise to check it out.

At Tabitha's, the door opens, and Jessica comes running in, calling out. Fox and the others are sitting around, and they all stand when Jessica comes in looking frazzled. "I just saw a 'Fake Miguel' and a 'Fake Charity'!" she shouts. Fox tries to keep his composure and reacts like the others. "Jessica, are you drunk?" She admits that she is a little drunk, but she knows what she saw. "You must have been seeing things cause Miguel is right here," Kay says. Fox tells Jessica that she must be mistaken because of the booze. She knows that she saw something, but it didn't make sense. "It was so real. I heard them and saw them, and then they peeled off their faces. It sounds crazy, but…" Fox sees the bottle that Jessica has with her, and she has drunk it all. "You drank enough booze to drown a Russian Bear." Jessica remembers something important now. "They said that it was you, Fox. They said that you were the one who was behind the whole th! ing. "

Luis comes out of Fancy's room and wants to get started on this case right away. He walks off. Ivy feels terrible. They spent so much time away from her, and now they may lose her. Julian offers Ivy some of his booze, and she takes a swig. "This reminds me of drinking at the church lunches when we were married." Eve comes up to say that she may be able to get some DNA from the attacker… "You can go home if you like. You don't have to hang around here…" Julian leaves with Ivy then. Luis returns. "Any results yet?" Luis asks Eve about Fancy. In the hospital room, Fancy lays unconscious. Her Aunt Sheridan comes to the bed and sits beside her. She strokes the girl's hair. "We really need to talk about Luis," Sheridan says softly. "I don't think that you really love him…"

Julian and Ivy arrive at the mansion where Julian pours them a drink. She looks around the house and tells how Sam has tossed her out of the house and so now she is on the street. "Why don't you just stay in your room?" Ivy is worried that Theresa will not allow it, but Julian tells her that Theresa will not be ruling forever. "Your room is still free, why don't you take it?" She sees a picture that she can't believe he still has. It is a picture of Fancy, and Julian talks about how she was closer to Alistair than her own father. Julian and Ivy are standing a little too close, and she knows that she should go. "You could stay here…in your old room." She leans in, and the both of them are kissing…

Tabitha knew that something was up, and now Jessica tells the whole story… "I thought they were aliens, but they just pulled off their faces. I don't feel so good…" Jessica starts falling to the ground, and luckily, Noah is there to catch her. He puts her on the couch. Fox worries about how Jessica will act when she gets sober. She might tell the story again. Miguel watches as Fox and Kay hug now. Tabitha looks at Miguel's face and he will not rest now. It is clear by the look in his eye. "The seed has been planted…"

"I heard a man's voice," Ethan says, but Gwen thinks that could be anyone. "Let's look upstairs for JT." They walk off. Chad soon arrives and walks by Rebecca and JT who pretend to be kissing. Rebecca sees Chad walk by and wonders what he is doing there again. "Well, well…"

Jared leaves the girls to talk. Theresa is ready to unveil her surprise for her best friend. She has something under a veil. "This is for the big day…" She pulls the veil off, and a mannequin models Whitney's wedding gown of her dreams.

"I know that you are going to be alright, Fancy. And we are going to be very close, closer than we have ever been before…" Sheridan talks to her unconscious niece as if the girl can actually hear her. "And there is something else you need to understand…Luis isn't the man for you, and I really don't think that you love him…"

"I feel so sorry for Jessica. I am the reason that she got in trouble, due to my mother leaving," Kay says. Fox will not listen to all that. "I just can't wait to see you walk down the aisle," Fox says, hugging her.

"If Norma and Edna are here in Harmony, Endora, oh dear…" Tabitha says.

"You go girl!" Norma shouts at what appears to be the kissing lesbians. "Hey there is only one lady here!" JT shouts. Norma realizes her error and apologizes. "Whatever floats your boat!" She and Edna walk off. JT and Rebecca decide to make their party private, and they walk off.

Ethan and Gwen turn the corner, and Gwen thinks that this is useless. Ethan isn't ready to give up looking for JT, and he plods on.

Whitney can't help thinking that something is going to ruin her wedding the next day. Theresa only wants her to think happy thoughts.

Chad arrives at the motel room and is angry. "I mean it! I am not going to let you do anything to ruin my wedding!"

Luis gets the news that Fancy is going to probably be okay. That gives him something to root for. He heads out, trying to be positive. In Fancy's room, Sheridan tells her niece that she isn't in love with Luis and that it would be better for her to forget about Luis all together. Eve has come into the room and can't believe her ears. Sheridan turns to her and tells her that things are not really as they seem…

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