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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I have lost so much already," Julian says, looking at his blackmail letter and pondering on that matter. Ivy comes in, angry that this wedding between Fox and Kay is going to happen in spite of all that she has done to prevent it. She has to stop it. Julian hides his letter in his suit pocket and ignores the woman, tending to his drink instead.

Tabitha and Endora are at the front door coming in. Tabitha isn't sure what to do now that she knows that Norma and Edna are on her trail again. She has to protect Endora and herself from these two. "I will not let Norma and Edna get us again this year," Tabitha vows. They walk deeper into the house…

"I don't know why I trusted Miguel when he is clearly not over Charity," Kay wonders aloud. Tabitha and Endora enter the room and find Kay moaning about what Miguel has done to her. Tabitha starts explaining why things seem the way that they do when ZAP! Endora has her mummy coughing again. She is unable to speak. She coughs up a frog again. Someone is coming in the front door. ZAP! Endora makes the frog disappear.

Paloma, Noah and Jessica enter the house after having been at the church with the orphans. Noah and Jessica soften up on Kay. They are looking forward to the wedding, and it is Christmas. "Are you sure this is the wedding that you want?" Miguel asks Kay, walking up. "Just do what I say," Fox orders the fakers. "I know what I am doing." He has another plan to make sure that Kay doesn't fall for Miguel again.

JT is in the house now, worried that someone is trying to kill him. Someone knocks. It is Rebecca. She wants to be let in.

Ethan tells Gwen that he has to get the goods on Jared to keep Theresa safe. "Will you just stop it, Ethan?" she whines.

Theresa and Whitney talk about Theresa's situation. Whitney knows that Theresa is trying to make a life with Jared, but would she still do that if Ethan were free?"

Eve has to get to the hospital now that they have paged her, but she can't get over how bitter Sheridan sounded just a while ago when they were talking about Fancy and Luis. Sheridan said that Fancy wasn't mature enough for Luis, that she will screw the relationship up as she usually does when she gets someone to be with. Eve looks at Sheridan strangely now. Sheridan is starting to sound ugly again. "You are not still in love with him, are you?"

Luis tries to calm Fancy, who still lays on the bed and fights. She fights like the devil to get away from Luis, who is only trying to help her. She is on the bed, and they are waiting for an ambulance…She can't stop thinking about the man who tried to rape her. She sees him clearly in her mind…even now. "No, no no!" she whimpers. Luis tries to show her that she is safe, but she keeps fighting. The EMT workers arrive, and Luis explains Fancy's condition to one of them.

"I was sure that JT was in here," Rebecca says. Her phone rings. It is Gwen, who demands to know where JT is. She is at the Seascape, and JT isn't there. "I don't trust him. You have to get him out of town before he tells Ethan anything." Rebecca hangs up. "Where are you, JT?" JT hides under the desk. "If I stay here, I will be a dead man, but how will I escape without being seen?" He gets an idea and comes out from under the desk.

"I am not going to let this go," Ethan says to his wife. Gwen knows that he is probably thinking that he can get Theresa for himself if he damages Jared and Theresa’s relationship.

"Why would Ethan insist on there being a deep dark secret if there isn't?" Theresa asks Whitney. Jared has overheard her and comes over to the table. "You don't trust me do you, Theresa?" he asks.

Sheridan knows Fancy and knows that her relationships always end in disaster. Luis needs someone more mature. "She is young. Fancy is her own worst enemy. She thinks that the rules are written for everyone else but her. She never seems to learn," Sheridan tells Eve now that they can talk freely, alone in the church.

Fancy has been secured to the stretcher, and the attendants are ready to take her to the hospital. She is sleeping now. Luis looks down at her bruised and exhausted form. "I love you, Fancy. It's okay. Just hang in there, okay? I love you."

"Get a life…Ex-wife. You should know that we Crane men always triumph," Julian tells Ivy. She asks if that failure of a relationship with Eve is a triumph "Shut up!" he snarls. She wants him to see that they both have lost in love and they shouldn’t want that for their son.

Kay isn't going back to Miguel, and she tells him that in no uncertain terms. "What is going on here?" Kay tells Fox that she is so glad to see him. She wraps her arms around the man and kisses him passionately while Miguel watches.

"Why do you care?" Gwen asks Ethan. Ethan says that he is doing this for Little Ethan so that he will not end up with that slime ball for a father. Ethan walks off. "Please, Mother," Gwen prays. "Please get JT out of town."

Theresa still has faith in Jared, and she tells him so. He admits that he has a couple of parking tickets. "If that makes me a bad person, then so be it!"

Whitney is warming up to the idea of marrying Chad now. He smiles at her. She is actually looking forward to having a great life with Chad. She walks off. "If only," Chad says after taking out his 'blackmail letter' and looking it over again.

JT is at the house, counting out his money when his phone rings. "Hello?" He disguises his voice, pretending to be Spanish. "JT where the hell are you?" Ethan shouts. "I want that information on Casey, and I want it now!" Ethan holds the phone to his ear as he leans forward in front of Jared. "It’s coming in now! The proof is coming in now!" Ethan tells the man.

Fox has to take a call, and so he breaks himself away from Kay. Paloma is confused. She thought that Kay wanted to be with her brother. "I will explain later," Kay tells her quietly. Noah has a great idea. There are some decorations at the house, and he thinks that they should make a night of it decorating and getting ready for the wedding. Everyone leaves to get the decorations at the Bennetts’. Kay stays behind. "I feel like I was just shot in the heart."

"Look, someone shot at me when I went to the Seascape," JT explains. "So I am out of here!" He hangs up on Ethan. Ethan is sure that Jared was the one that shot at the man, and he accuses him of doing just that.

Fancy is brought into the hospital now and taken to a room. Sheridan and Eve are there. Luis tells how Fancy got attacked at work and is really shaken up and in bad shape. Eve follows the medical staff into the room. Sheridan stands back and watches… "I love you," Luis says to the door. Sheridan overhears him.

"I think that he is at Tabby's, and I want you to go over to the house and prevent Fox from marrying her." Julian will not do that. He knows that he wouldn't have lost Eve had he been more forceful and that is what he wants Fox to be now. "Get off your high horse. Everyone knows what you did, Ivy." She knows now that she was wrong. "Lies and manipulations always backfire." Julian gets a call and he tells Ivy that Fancy has been attacked and is in the hospital. They rush out.

Jessica watches awkwardly as the others sing Christmas carols and decorate Tabitha's house. Kay needs more decorations, and so Jessica offers to go and get some. Noah isn't comfortable with her going out after dark. "What do you think I am going to do? Turn a trick? Have some drugs?" Noah sees that he is being silly and tells her to go ahead then. "I will be fine," she says. She gets her coat and goes to the door. "Like I will ever be fine again!"

Theresa knows that Gwen is worried about her marriage being over the second that Ethan gets news from JT about her. "I will not listen to this," Gwen says, walking away. Theresa follows her and stops her from leaving. Theresa says that t she knows that she is afraid that Ethan is going to dump her and take Jane. "Gosh who am I gonna pick? Ethan? Or Jared? Ethan? Or Jared? It is going to be a Merry Christmas for me. And you? You won't even have a lump of coal in your stocking!"

Rebecca is still outside JT's place, and she wonders where he is. She hears someone coming and hides. A very tall, muscular woman comes out of the place with a scarf over her head and a long pink coat. She swings her hips erotically as she walks off. "Who was that tramp?" Rebecca wonders. She runs up to JT's place and enters it easily now. She finds no one inside. She decides to follow that muscular tramp that just left. She might know where JT is.

Luis tells Sheridan what happened to Fancy. Sheridan tries to get him to see that Fancy is just too immature and would have been fine if only she had listened to Luis and Sam. Luis knows that, but he also knows that Fancy does a lot of the things that she does because she wants to impress him.

Endora catches her mummy trying to tell Miguel about the 'Fake Charity'. ZAP! Tabitha starts coughing again and can't talk. She turns from Miguel and stoops, vomiting the frog. ZAP! Endora makes it all go away. Tabitha wants to talk to Miguel, she tells him, but he cuts her off. "Do you know why Kay doesn't want me anymore?"

Jessica is at the wharf, and she watches as lovers whisper sweet nothings to each other. Her life is a train wreck, and she knows it. Spike will never love her the way that a man should love a woman. She turns her head and sees that there is a liquor store a few feet away. "I haven't had a drink in weeks. Ah, it's Christmas…What the hell?" She enters the liquor store.

'Fake Charity' and 'Fake Miguel' show up at the wharf, and they take a chance and practice their lines on a park bench so that they can get them down pat. They already have their masks on…

Eve comes to Luis and tells him that Fancy has been raped. It was so bad that she might not make it.

Theresa leaves Gwen with one final thought. "You are going down!" Jared is tired of listening to Ethan's rants. Theresa returns and tells Ethan that this is over! Now! Ethan leaves the area now. "Do you really think that someone shot at JT?" Whitney asks Chad. Chad fingers his letter in his pocket and isn't sure what might have gone on.

Rebecca follows the strange woman and finds her about to go into some door somewhere. "Hey!" She shouts that the woman had better tell where JT is. No one messes around with her man but her! The woman turns, and Rebecca realizes that it is really JT in drag!

Tabitha tells Miguel to try to figure out what is going on to make Kay change her mind the way that she has.

Jessica comes out of the liquor store and has a swig of the booze. "Hmmm.." She sees Charity and figures that she has returned to town for the wedding. "Is that Miguel with her?" Jessica wonders. Suddenly 'Fake Charity' pulls her mask off. Jessica is horrified…

JT tells Becks all about how he was shot at that night and explains that that is why he is in disguise…

Whitney would believe that Ethan was telling the truth if only Rebecca and Gwen weren't involved with JT as well.

Jared realizes that JT has to be the same person who is blackmailing Chad. "The guy deserves to be killed," Jared says. Ethan tells Gwen that he is heading out to find JT. Gwen is sick of this. Ethan has to do this. "I am Little Ethan's godfather, and I have to take care of him." Ethan runs out. "Wait!" Gwen shouts. "I am coming with you."

Eve is with Luis in the hallway talking to him about Fancy's grave condition. She could die due to what happened to her that night. "BEEEEEEEEEEEEP!" Eve's face changes to fear. "She's flatlining!" Eve runs back into the room to save Fancy's life.

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