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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Rebecca comes home from shopping with her daughter and tosses her bags at the foot of Gwen's bed. She can't believe that she agreed to that divorce from Julian. Gwen doesn't enjoy Christmas this year. "You told me that JT is blackmailing everyone in town. What if he tries to blackmail me?" Rebecca doesn't think that will happen.

JT has the file on Jared ready and is to deliver it to Ethan at the Seascape where they are going to meet that night. Ethan has cleared JT with the IRS, so now he doesn't have to hide anymore. Now that he thinks about it, he might just stay in Harmony a while and stop being on the run. He heads out with his briefcase, but then runs back to get one of his cute little notes…

Ethan comes barging in the Seascape and goes right for Jared to rough him up. Chad and Whitney move out of the way. They are there celebrating Chad and Whitney's engagement and weren't expecting this kind of disruption. Theresa stops him from shoving the guy. "Give me a chance, Theresa, to show you how terrible this guy is."

Miguel tells Kay that he wants her to talk to Charity so that she will see that he and Charity haven't anything to do with each other anymore. Fox, 'Fake Charity' and 'Fake Miguel' are in the closet and they hear Miguel's plan to win Kay's heart. Fox can't let this happen. Kay orders Miguel out of her face. She never wants to see him again! Tabitha tells Endora that she knows now that the woman that Kay thinks is Charity is really an imposter. She tries to tell Endora that they have to tell Kay the news. "Oh, Kay!" ZAP! Endora zaps her mother to stop her from calling to Kay and telling her that she can be with Miguel. Tabitha coughs and coughs and then vomits up a frog which she drops out of her mouth, into the big blue pot. Tabitha tries to find Kay again and starts coughing again.

Sheridan, Eve, Chris and Father Lonigan talk at church. They have come there for the holiday to visit with Father Lonigan. Eve finds a minute to touch base with Sheridan and ask how she is feeling lately since the last time that they talked in her office. "I am all over that now," Sheridan shares. Eve is surprised to hear that Sheridan has had such a speedy recovery.

At the stakeout, Luis comes quietly up to the bedroom door. Fancy lays quietly in bed now. The peeping tom straddles her body. CLICK! The perp hears a noise and turns to face the door. Someone is out there. He quickly gets off Fancy and gets behind the door. The door opens…Luis's gun is the first thing to enter the room as he slowly makes his way in. He turns the corner and sees Fancy lying motionless on the bed. She is in her bra and panties with her eyes closed and her wrists bound. When he enters, the peeping tom is waiting for him behind the door. They immediately struggle. Luis doesn't get a chance to use his gun. Luis is thrown to the bed, and the perp is on top of him, trying to stab him. Luis forgets about the gun and concentrates now on keeping himself from getting stabbed.

Kay can't stand the sight of Miguel, and she runs out of the house. Simone is there on her way in. Miguel follows Kay out. Fox, 'Fake Charity' and 'Fake Miguel' take this time to try to run out the back door. They hear Miguel and Kay returning as they argue. Fox throws his hands up. He can't have 'Fake Miguel' and 'Fake Charity' found in there. Tabitha throws up another frog in the big blue pot. Tabitha gives up. Endora will have her way, and Tabitha knows it. Endora can't wait for the wedding, but Tabitha tells her that they can't go to the wedding. "It is almost Christmas, and you know who always pays up a visit at Christmas…She's fat, but she isn't jolly, and neither is her crippled old elf, Edna." The boys in the basement roar and blow smoke through the vent. Tabitha wonders if she should get out of Dodge. Outside Tabitha's door, someone delivers a box…

Sheridan tells Eve that she has been thinking about her husband and son and, she sees now that she was being silly about wanting Luis away from Fancy…

Luis fights with the perp, but he proves to be strong and Luis uses everything that he has in him to fight the man and keep his knife from stabbing him. Burt suddenly rushes in and grabs the perp by the arms, from behind. He frees Luis, but the man is able to wriggle out of Luis's grasp, and he jumps out the closed window, into the darkness. Burt runs to call for backup and an ambulance. Luis goes to Fancy and tries to revive her. She looks battered and beaten and she doesn't respond when he calls out her name.

Rebecca offers Gwen a drink, but Gwen just needs to know that her secret is safe. Rebecca says that if JT were going to do that, he could call him from anywhere. "You need to stop worrying about JT. He will leave town as soon as he blackmails a few people." Gwen is scared and thinks that this is all going to backfire on her in a bad way. "Call him right now, Mother!" Rebecca goes to the phone and dials. JT answers and doesn't recognize Becky when she tells him it’s his little honey-pie. He tells her that he has been cleared with the IRS. Gwen pushes her mother to ask JT about what he has been up to. Rebecca tells Gwen his report of how he doesn't have to leave town after all now that the IRS is off his back. "No, Mother! He has to leave town."

"You are spoiling the celebration!" Theresa tells Ethan. "Chad and Whitney are getting married, and you walk in and wreck everything." Ethan doesn't care. This guy is a fraud, and he wants Theresa to know it. He tells Jared to get out of town. "Theresa isn't even going to let you be a doorman, once Theresa hears what JT has on you."

Fox tries to hurry the fakers out of there, but they want to get paid. He offers to send it to them, and he pushes them out back. Simone was in the yard on her way in when Miguel and Kay exit the house. She follows them back in the house now as they argue. Kay can't stand that Miguel keeps following her around the house. THWACK! She slaps the man across the face. She walks out of the room. Miguel tries to follow her, but Simone holds him back. ZAP! Endora gets rid of the frogs, and Tabitha thanks her for that. She is more concerned now about Norma and Edna coming to kill her, and she starts packing.

Sheridan does seem like her old self, and Eve is glad to see that…Chris and James talk to Father Lonigan and say that things are going to be great with their family and that nothing will spoil it. Paloma, Noah, Jessica and Spike have come to church with gifts, and they talk with Father Lonigan. Jessica has so much to make up for in her life and she will start this holiday.

Spike goes to Chris, and Chris is furious. James can identify Spike as the man who has been doing the crimes at the mansion. Chris sees that Spike has a nasty cut on his hand. "It was nothing," Spike says. "I just got into a bit of trouble."

Luis gives Fancy CPR and immediately gets a pulse. "Come on, Fancy. Come back to me. Please. I can't lose you." Luis stares down into the sleeping face of Fancy…He strokes her hair, trying to will her awake.

Gwen makes a play at getting the phone from Rebecca to talk to JT, but Rebecca fights her and manages to keep the cell phone in her hand. Gwen doesn't care if JT is going to keep his mouth shut or not, she just wants him out of there. JT shouts out, asking what is going on there. Rebecca fills him in about Gwen's concerns. "Oh Ethan isn't interested in that anymore. He is trying to get the dirt on Jared." Gwen knows what this is about. Ethan is clearly trying to get Theresa to himself, and he won't let her move on. Rebecca learns that JT hasn't given the information to JT yet, but he is on his way to do that now. Rebecca tells Gwen what's up, and they decide to stop JT from delivering his information.

"What do they have on you?" Chad asks Jared. Jared says that he has nothing. A server comes to Chad and gives him a letter. He realizes that this is a blackmail letter. Someone has found out about him. "My marriage is going to be on the rocks before it even starts."

Ethan tells Theresa that he is going to get this bastard away from her. Theresa tells Ethan that he can't trust JT. He didn't come through for her. Ethan is sure that JT will do what he said. "I am telling you that JT betrayed me and will do the same for you. Where is he?" Ethan has no idea. JT should have been there by now…Outside the Seascape, JT is about to enter the restaurant. He puts his hand on the doorknob to open the door when he hears someone behind him. He turns and he face turns to a look of great concern. JT brings the briefcase up in front of his chest. BANG!! Everything goes black!

Simone will not let go of Miguel when he orders her to.

In a back room, the fakers are telling Fox from outside a window that they forgot their knapsack. He turns and sees it in the room. He gets it and tosses it out the window. "What are you doing?" Fox turns to find Kay standing behind him. "I was looking for my beautiful bride," Fox lies. "What in the?" Tabitha says. She and Endora are packed and ready to leave the house for their safety. They see the present and bring it into the house. "Oh! Oh! What if it is from Norma? What is there is a nuclear bomb inside?"

Noah and Jessica can't wait to see their mother. Jessica is concerned about what her mother is going to think about Spike. Noah tells her to think about trees and presents and family instead… Spike goes over to Chris and sits with him on the couch. "Can't you hurry up the payments to my offshore accounts?" Chris tells him that he can't hurry this. Spike needs this money but Chris is going to be audited next month and he can't have any strange dealings. Chris really wishes that Spike would leave him alone. He doesn't want anyone seeing them talking like this. "Luis will not give up until we are buried." Spike says that Luis shouldn't be a concern. He knows that right now, he and Chris are not his main concern…

Eve and Sheridan talk about more people coming. Sheridan knows that Fancy won't be there. "She wouldn't come here to help the orphans like we do…Not unless PEOPLE MAGAZINE were here." Eve thinks that Fancy has grown up a lot, and she is becoming a cop to help the community. "Oh come on, Eve. Fancy just became a cop to get near Luis. That is just one of the reasons why that relationship isn't going to work." Eve is shocked at Sheridan's statement. "Excuse me?"

Luis talks to Fancy, and she manages to wake. Her eyes open, and she moans and tries to talk. Luis is so grateful to see that she is conscious. As quickly as she wakes, she is out again. Luis holds her face up as it starts falling to the side. "Come on Fancy! No!"

Gwen says a prayer before entering the Seascape to see if JT has reached Ethan yet. Ethan gets on his phone to call JT, but he only gets the man's voicemail. "Ahhh!" JT runs screaming all the way home! He locks his door and barricades it. He clutches his briefcase and sees the bullet hole in it. "This briefcase saved me. I must tell the manufacturer… Maybe this little money-making scheme is kaput!"

Tabitha and Endora open the gift, and they find a doll inside. "It's a doll!" Endora shouts. Tabitha looks at the card and sees that the doll came from Norma and Edna. "Oh no. We should throw it in the toilet. It could be the Bride of Chucky!" Tabitha inspects it and can't find anything wrong. "You can have it, Endora…Christmas present from Norma and Edna…Oh, Lucifer! What are those two wackos up to now?"

Miguel can't leave Kay alone. "I love her." Simone doesn't find that holds much water. She tells Miguel that he will have to get used to the idea of Kay marrying Fox…Kay tells Fox that she wants to move up the wedding date. "Really?" She tells Fox that she can't wait to marry him.

Noah and Paloma talk about Christmas, and he tells her how he wants a Grace Bennett Christmas. "What else do you want?" Noah turns to Paloma and softly kisses her lips.

Eve wants to know why Sheridan has said the things that she has about Fancy. "It's just women's intuition. You will see that Luis and Fancy will not make it as a couple…Chris wants to know what Spike means when he refers to Luis being too busy to worry about them. "Never mind him. He has much bigger fish to fry," Spike retorts. In his pocket is a black ski mask that hangs halfway out of the pocket.

Luis is still holding Fancy in the bedroom and hoping that she is okay. Burt returns to see how they are doing. Fancy suddenly gets up and starts fighting Luis to let her go. He tells her over and over that it is he and not the peeping tom, but she is hysterical and can't hear him. She starts to cry.

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