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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"Yes or no, Whitney? I have been pretty patient with you, but I need an answer now." Chad has changed his mind. He won't give Whitney anymore time to think. He wants his answer to his proposal now. If Whitney doesn't accept him as her husband, he will be finished with her forever. Whitney feels rushed, but Chad can't be concerned about that now. He needs his answer now, and that is all there is to it.

"I got some good dirt on this Jared fella," JT says to Ethan. Ethan is glad to hear that and can't wait to see what JT has found. "What is it?" JT hands him an envelope. Ethan looks in the envelope that he has been given and sees that nothing is in it. "What the hell is this about?" He grabs the man by the collar and roughs him up a bit.

"What do you have to ask me?" Jared doesn't know how to start. He has the engagement ring behind his back, and now he needs the words.

'Fake Miguel' and 'Fake Charity' try to fake a call to make Kay think that Miguel will not be coming back to her. 'Fake Charity' says into the phone that she will be with him until the end of time. Kay listens in from another phone.

"I need you to call Kay for me and tell her that we will never be together. Luis sits behind him, listening… He decides to try Fancy again. He gets her voicemail and leaves another message. "I love you". Kelly appears in the station ready to go on her date. He is surprised to see her, as she should be doing the sting. "Well Fancy said that she would do it for me. She seemed really eager." A worried look comes to Luis's face now. In the house, the peeping tom has Fancy on the bed face up. He has left the duct tape on her mouth, and now he grunts loudly as he climbs on top of her moving up and down on her body as she tries to scream through the duct tape for help. The man's head is completely covered in a black ski mask which makes him even more startling to look at. Fancy clams her eyes closed and turns her head to the ceiling.

"Now really give it to Kay. I want this to be the end." 'Fake Miguel' says over the phone that if 'Fake Charity' will not marry him, he will have to marry Kay for the child's sake. 'Fake Charity' finds this script that Fox has put together to be a terrible one. "You are the one in my heart," 'Fake Miguel' says. 'Fake Charity' finds this to be really cruel. Fox reminds her that she is getting paid for this job, so she’d better do it. Kay listens from the phone in the bedroom as 'Fake Charity' and 'Fake Miguel' proclaim their fake, unstoppable love.

"Kay will not even listen to a word that I say, Charity." Charity feels that she shouldn't return to Harmony, even though it would help Miguel. Her memories of that place are painful. "Evil stopped me there everywhere that I went." She has started a new life and is happy. She is sorry, but she just can't face returning to Harmony. "My mom burned to death as soon as we moved there." Miguel understands.

"I told her not to go over to that steakhouse, but she was so determined." Kelly tells Luis that she is really sorry for agreeing to let Fancy do this. Fancy has a history of going against the rules, Luis finds. Kelly knows that Fancy will be fine. She heads out to the party. "So, that explains why Fancy isn't answering my calls." Luis tries to make contact with Burt, but Burt is tied up and gagged in the snow. He hears Luis calling out for him to answer, but he can't reach the radio which is only inches from where he lays.

'Time's up! I need an answer." Whitney feels rushed. She feels like he is rushing her. "Yes, Chad…yes I will marry you." He wants her to be sure and have no doubts or suspicions. She will take a leap of faith. "Miles is going to have a real mother and father." Chad can't wait to tell everyone that he has a new bride.

"What the hell are you playing at?" Ethan demands to know from the con man. He has the man by the collar of his sweater, pushing him up hard against the counter. JT hates that. "Where did you go to law school, Ethan? Riker’s? Geez, Ethan…every time that you get angry you get rough with me." JT promises that what he has is really good. "I wouldn’t want anyone that I cared about going near anyone like Jared Casey. Now let me go!" Ethan takes his hands off the man’s clothes, freeing him.

"You said that you wanted to ask me something, so just ask me." Theresa stares up into Jared's face and waits. Jared starts with 'I know that you haven't known me very long but…' He suddenly feels like an idiot. Jared says that he was thinking that the easiest way for them to spend more time together would be if they were to… The phone rings. Theresa answers, and it is Whitney. She tells Theresa that she and Chad are getting married. "Did you set a date?" Whitney did. She will be getting married on Christmas Eve. Whitney wants Theresa and Jared to come and celebrate. "I will see you soon, then." Theresa tells Jared that Whitney and Chad are going to get married, and they have to go and enjoy the celebration. She remembers that Jared wanted to ask her something, but he tells her that can wait. She rushes to get ready. "It can wait," Jared says to himself. "She is worth waiting for."

Kay can't understand why she continues to listen to this torture of Miguel and Charity talking on the phone. "I can't wait to lie in your arms again, but I hope that it is in a bed next time, that shed was freezing." 'Fake Miguel' responds telling 'Fake Charity' that he can't wait to feel her against his chest. Kay has heard enough, and she hangs up. "I have been such an idiot…" 'Fake Charity' is sarcastic when she remarks that was fun. "You did great," Fox says, but he really hated 'Fake Charity's’ adlibs. 'Fake Miguel' knows that the conversation will definitely end things for Miguel and Kay. "She loves me," Fox says. "Once she gets over Miguel, then we can spend the rest of our lives together."

"It would mean the world to me if you came back to Harmony. You have moved on, Charity, and that is what I need." Charity wants Miguel to be happy, and that is the reason that she left the man. She feels that him having moved on this much proves that she did the right thing. Still, he feels that her leaving him wasn't fair. He would have closure if she returned to town to face him. "Charity, please…" She can't do it. She can't go back to Harmony now, maybe not ever. He understands. They can still be friends. She agrees to talk to Kay for him over the phone, though. He will find Kay, and the girls can talk over the phone. Miguel tells his brother that Charity will not return to town but will talk to Kay over the phone. Miguel leaves. Luis can't reach Burt over the radio, so he gets his coat on and heads to the house to see what is going on over there.

The perp is in the process of raping Fancy, and she gets a gust of energy and suddenly tosses her body to the right, sending the criminal flying off her body to the floor. She jumps to her feet, but her hands are tied behind her back, and she can't move very well. She tries to make it to the door, but the perp has her again and swings her around. She fights him, and he stops that by slapping her hard in the face… That knocks her out, and she falls to the floor unconscious.

"We are finally tying the knot!" Chad tells his friend over the phone. Whitney, too, is on her cell phone telling everyone that she knows that she will marry. She has no second thoughts. She loves Chad, and she has loved him for so long. "Just forget the crazy suspicions that I had, I know that you wouldn't hurt me." Chad thinks back to his conversation with Jared and how he was talking Chad into being good to Whitney. He told Chad that he either has to tell the truth or keep the secret… Then there are the times when Chad went to the motel to meet his friend… Whitney can see that he is in deep thought, but he keeps those thoughts to himself. Theresa and Jared arrive now and they all hug over Chad and Whitney's engagement.

Dave the auditor works away, deciding who will be audited and who will not. Ethan arrives and greets his old school friend. Dave and Ethan sit, and Dave tells Ethan how the fire of working in a tax office started with a little old lady that he caught trying to cheat on his taxes. Ethan tells him that he called on behalf of a client. "Here is JT Cornell's security number…" Dave looks the man up and realizes that JT has been wanted for a long time. "There is a cell waiting for him in Guantanamo. He will have to pay his back taxes and fines…then there is the interest." Ethan wonders what it will take to get this guy in the clear. Dave does the math and comes up with a figure that he shows Ethan on paper. "Wow…That's a lot of money, Dave." Dave knows that, but that is what you get for messing with Uncle Sam. Ethan gets a cheque out and pays JT Cornell's bill with the IRS. Dave gives Ethan a receipt, and the men shake hands…JT is home look! ing at Jared's picture. He gets a call from Ethan. "I am at the IRS. Congratulations. You now have a clean bill of health from the IRS." JT is thrilled. He can now be seen in public, and so he arranges to meet Ethan over a lobster dinner to give him all the dirt that he has on Jared Casey. "It a date!"

Fox hustles the 'Fakes' out of the house, but 'Fake Charity' is still upset that they are playing this rotten trick on Kay. Fox justifies what he is doing. He will make things okay for Kay when they are married. He promises. The three start walking to the door, but someone is coming and so Fox pushes 'Fake Charity' and 'Fake Miguel' into a closet. Kay comes down and thinks that she heard someone there. She is looking for Miguel, but he isn't around. She goes into the living room. Fox gets the two fakes and tries to get them out of the door, but then Miguel arrives looking for Kay. Fox and the Fakes hear him coming, and they all go into the closet. Miguel follows Kay to the front door to talk to her but is suddenly confused. He has forgotten what he meant to say and instead remarks on how beautiful Kay looks to him. "I have to do this…" He pulls her into his arms and kisses her with all the passion that he has in him.

Fancy is out cold on the floor. The perp stands over her body clad only in bra and panties. She is unconscious. He pulls her to her feet and tosses her roughly on the bed. He climbs on top of her now…

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