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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Whitney meets her mother for a meal at the Seascape. She tells her that she only has a feeling that Chad is cheating. She can't believe him when he tells her that she is the only woman in the world that he will ever love. Chad appears with flowers for Eve and her daughter. "I just wanted to let you know that you are the only woman in the world for me, and it would make me very happy if you would marry me."

Julian and Fox are at another table in the restaurant, and they briefly talk about Eve and how she has returned to TC. Then they talk about Kay and how Fox has the situation under control. Fox gets a call. It is an officer telling Fox that Miguel is at the station and very close to finding Charity. "Oh no…That's not good. That's not good at all." She is in the Caribbean on a small island. Luis has heard of the island that she is on and thinks that he will be able to help with this more than he initially thought. He gets Miguel a phone so that he can check out some leads, and he starts dialing to find out how he can contact Charity.

Kay doesn't care what Miguel did in the past. If he can be honest with her now, she wants to be with him more than anyone in the world. Simone can't believe, her ears but can believe the lovesick look on her face. Kay would forgive him anything because she loves him so much.

Miguel still works on the police computer, trying to find Charity, but Luis can't get his mind off Fancy. She should have called him back by now. He figures that she must still be out shopping and got busy. He pushes himself to forget about her and gets back to helping his brother.

Fancy thinks about Luis and how he is doing. She can't wait for them to go on their trip together when she graduates. She gets the radio and tries to reach Burt. "I liked your strip tease, foxy momma." Fancy finds that a strange thing for Burt to say to her. "Burt, is that you?" Outside, the perp has picked up the radio that was beside Burt's hand. Burt lays unconscious on the ground. The perp holds the radio to his lips again and chuckles into it. Fancy gets very uncomfortable.

Ethan and Theresa are kissing in her office. Jared is outside the office and is about to enter the office. He opens the door a little but then stops to think about how he should propose. He thinks that he has it down now, and he pushes the door a little more open. "Wait…I have to handle that contract. I forgot about that. I had better do that first." Jared closes the door and walks off. "What was that?" Theresa asks as he moves away from Ethan. He didn’t hear anything. He wants her to give him an answer now as to what she is going to do about Jared. She can't do this. She has been sucked in again. "Don't come to me like this again until you are ready to leave your wife." Ethan leaves. "I can't believe that I let him do this to me again."

Whitney tells Chad in no uncertain terms that she needs time to think and be left alone. Eve can't understand her behavior. She has loved this man forever. He leaves. Eve doesn't understand this. She asks Whitney why she is treating the man that she loves that way. "He was naked in a hotel room, Mom!" Eve doesn't know how to respond to that.

Fox learns that Charity has been found in the Caribbean. Fox tells his father all the juicy details and then he calls 'Fake Miguel' and 'Fake Charity' and tells them to meet him at Tabitha's. Fox is off. Julian knows that when you lose the woman that you love, you regret it for the rest of your life. Eve turns around and locks eyes with Julian…

Fancy talks more into the radio. The perp tells her that Burt can't talk to her right now. "He's all tied up." Fancy gets off the phone and sees that she has to do what she has been trained to do and be a cop. She grabs her gun and holds it before her. "This guy's going down!" Burt needs her help and she will, she realizes, not sit idly by and be a target for this peeping tom. She gets her coat on and goes outside with her gun drawn and ready if needed. "That's it, lady," The perp whispers as he watches her get closer. "Come and get it…"

Luis tells Miguel about how he will finally get to be with Fancy when she graduates. Miguel continues to track Charity down. He is checking a list of hotels now.

'Fake Miguel' and 'Fake Charity' have arrived and Fox tells them that this time they will not need their masks, just the use of their voices. "I thought that I heard voices," Kay says from outside the room. She and Simone enter the room and Kay is surprised to find Fox there.

Whitney tells Eve that she had her suspicions and then Rebecca went and told her the same thing. Eve wouldn't believe anything that woman said. Eve feels that Crane is too demanding and that Chad is just working hard. "I am no expert, but I think that you should just follow your heart." Chad returns with Eve's and Whitney's favorite chocolates. He wants to talk to Whitney privately now that she has finished her dinner. Whitney walks off with Chad. Eve really hopes that Whitney can find some peace and happiness. Julian sits in Whitney's chair. "What about her mother? Has she found peace and happiness?" THWACK! She slaps him hard in the face. "That certainly helped!" Julian knows that he deserved the slap. He came over to apologize for his behavior. He beat up a stroke victim and attacked her at the bridal shower. She gets up to leave, and an envelope falls out. He looks at it, and she feels that by the look on his face, he knows what ! the envelope is about.

JT is cutting words out of a magazine when someone knocks. He hides his tools of the trade and asks who is there. "Delivery!" JT opens the door, and Ethan walks in. "I need the information on Jared now! I can't let him hurt Theresa."

Theresa is in the office with her back to the door. She can't believe that she let herself get sucked in again and fell for Ethan's tricks. Someone touches her shoulder. She jumps, "Why have you come back again?" she shouts. She turns to find that Jared is behind her, and not Ethan. "Who did you think I was, Theresa?"

Fancy comes down the stairs of the porch and holds her gun out as she looks around the yard for the perp. "MMM! MMM!" Burt is tied up, and his mouth is duct taped shut, but he has regained consciousness and tries to sit up. "Burt!" she shouts, running over to him. She gets on her knees and starts untying him. Burt tries to warn her, but he can get a word in… The perp has come up behind Fancy and now drags her away from the tied up cop. She struggles now to get free but the man has a firm hold on her. All she can see is a head covered in black. She fights, and fights, but he has the control…

Whitney sees that she isn't getting the space that she asked for, and Chad knows it. He wants to show her something. He hands her a scrapbook about the both of them. "This is when we were first dating and keeping it a secret from Simone…You kept the ticket to the concert that we went to together." There is even a picture of Miles when he was first born. Chad has put this all together himself. He has some articles that accused him and Whitney of being brother and sister. He keeps those articles to remember the things that he and she have been through together.

Kay is sure that she heard voices but only Fox is in the room. "I was practicing my wedding vows." 'Fake Miguel' and 'Fake Charity' are in the next room listening. Fox gives Kay a necklace that he had specially made for Kay. She can wear it on their wedding day. "You are so good to me." Fox knows that Simone and Kay were going to have their tea upstairs, and he doesn't want to interrupt that. Kay and Simone take their tea upstairs. 'Fake Miguel' and 'Fake Charity' come out of hiding. They are ready to implement their plan. "Kay will be finished with Miguel forever."

Miguel thinks that Charity may not be in an apartment. She could be in a private home. Luis will help his brother check it out.

Fancy kicks the perp and elbows him, causing him to loosen his grip on her so that she can get away. She fall but then turns around with her gun before her, pulling herself up in a half sit-up. "Freeze!" Too late. The perp has pulled Burt to his feet, and he holds the man in front of him, with his knife to the side of his head. "Drop it lady, or your friend Burt here gets it!"

Chad knows that now Whitney has to be able to put her doubts aside. She can't tell him yet. "I need an answer. Marry me by Christmas, or I am going to move on."

Julian denies that he sent this letter. "Someone has been blackmailing me as well." He shows Eve the copy of the letter that he received. It, too, was constructed using cut out magazine words.

JT finds Ethan very impatient. Ethan thought that JT already had the dirt that he wanted. JT doesn't get this guy. "You say that you don't want Theresa, but you never leave her alone. What is it? Are you really in love with Theresa? Or are you ready to spend the rest of your life without her?"

Theresa apologizes to Jared for jumping down his throat. "I thought that Whitney came back to have that last word with me. We were talking, and things got heated." Jared tells Theresa that she needs to slow down. He massages her shoulders and can feel the tension. He tells her that he has come by to give her something. She turns to him, wondering what that thing is. "This…" He kisses her lips.

Kay feels terrible. She is hoping that things will be over with Charity, and she is lying to Fox. Simone knows that her friend has to do what is best for her. Kay has no idea how she will tell Fox the truth. She has to find out what Miguel is ready to do. Simone is ready to go, and she gets to the door. Fox is on his way in and kisses Simone goodbye. He can see that Kay is jittery. She tells him that she is just a little nervous. "Miguel is home, and I think that he is talking to Charity. Their voices are low, but I think that they are planning their own wedding." Fox leaves the room. "I have to know what he is saying to her," Kay says. Fox is outside the room, and he smiles. He knows Kay better than anyone. He peeks in the room and sees Kay reaching for the phone. He closes the door and walks off.

Miguel has found her. He is being connected to Charity's apartment now. "Charity is this really you?" She can't believe that they are talking like this. Luis is happy to see that Miguel has found Charity. He looks at his phone again and sees that Fancy hasn't called.

"PUT THE GUN DOWN!" the man orders. Fancy does as she is told, and she kicks the gun to the man. He picks it up and points it at her. "You've had your peep show! What do you want from me now?" he moves closer to her. "What do I want? You…Me…" He makes a quick move and gets behind her, holding her in a chokehold while he uses the other hand to point the gun at the side of her head.

Miguel tells that he has searched everywhere for her. She doesn't know why. She told him that she and he didn’t have a future. "I know that. Now I am with Kay," Miguel says. She will do whatever he wants her to do if that will help him with Kay.

Kay listens as 'Fake Miguel', and 'Fake Charity' fake their call "We have to talk about the future, Charity…"

"I need to know now, Whitney…tonight…Yes or no!" Whitney isn't sure what to say to Chad. Eve and Julian try to figure out what these letters are all about. Julian plans to kill whoever created them.

JT hands Ethan the file that he has on Jared. Ethan promises to hold up his part of the bargain if this information that he has been handed pans out.

Jared and Theresa are kissing, and soon, they stop and he tells her that he has a question for her and he is hoping that she gives him the answer that he is looking for. He holds the black velvet box behind him.

Luis leaves another message for Fancy… He has a picture of her in front of him on his desk, and he stares at it now…The perp has Fancy's mouth taped up and her arms tied up. He brings her back into the house. She would be screaming if it weren't for the tape on her mouth. The sounds now come out more like the squeals of a pig. The perp shoves her roughly on the bed. She lands on her back and looks up at him in terror. While still holding the gun on her, he removes his clothes and jumps on her. She squeals her loudest at this point, but it's only just begun…

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