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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Chad and Jared have gone to a jewelry shop to get a ring for Jared to propose to Theresa. They wait while they discuss their girls and how their lives are going. Jared is really excited about getting engaged to Theresa, and Chad tells him to settle down and relax. Chad isn't as jovial as Jared for good reason. Chad thinks about how he has been engaged twice and never made it to the altar to actually get married.

'You need to focus on Chad's love for you and for Miles," Theresa advises her best friend. Theresa thinks about Jared and her relationship, and she feels more and more that Jared is the man who she is going to end up with. Ethan comes in slamming the door. "Is it true? Are you and Jared getting married?"

Simone and Kay set about arranging her wedding. Miguel calls to talk to Kay but Kay wants nothing to do with him.

Luis is talking to Fancy on the phone. She is waiting for her sting to start. She looks out the window while talking to Luis and sees Bert is outside covering her. Luis waits patiently for Luis to end his call. Fancy says that if she doesn't see him later, it will be because she has gone Christmas shopping. He warns her to be careful The peeping tom sees Bert watching Fancy in the house. He sneaks up behind the man and is about to pounce when he hears the man's radio go off. It is Fancy talking to Bert about the sting. Fancy decides that if she is going to get this guy she has to give him something to look at. She pretends that Luis is sitting before her in a chair and she starts taking of her clothes…The perp is outside with his knife ready and he starts breathing heavily now as Fancy undresses.

Miguel asks his big brother to look into where Charity could be. Luis has to be careful. Sam is already angry with him for a lot of reasons. He can't use department time for personal reasons. "Tell me what to do now, and I will do it." Luis sits Miguel at a computer and tells him what to do.

Simone tries on a dress that she could wear for the wedding, and looks at herself in the mirror as she and Kay talk about Miguel. "I have loved him my whole life!" Simone asks what Kay would do if Miguel came to her and swore that he wouldn't cheat every again. "Would you be able to forgive him then?"

"Whitney is convinced that you are seeing another person, and she is right," Jared tells Chad. Chad knows that, but he has to get Whitney back anyway. The saleslady comes to the pair and thinks that the two are getting engaged. Jared smiles. "I am definitely not getting engaged to him."

Ethan tells how Little Ethan got the distinct impression from Jared that Theresa and Jared are getting married, and he thinks that is completely wrong. Theresa can't help smiling at that. "He said that?" Ethan sees the smile on Theresa's face. "Oh my God! It's true! You are thinking about marrying Jared!"

"Look at that! You are now in the main federal database….Type Charity's name…Hit search…" Miguel does as he is told and soon they have the world open to them. "This might actually work," Miguel sees. "Why the hell didn't I think of using technology like this when I was trying to find Charity before? She probably didn't want to be found anyway. She probably doesn't love me anymore.” Luis finds it ironic that there were in love with other people at one time and now they are with others.

Fancy continues taking her clothes off as Bert and the peeping tom stare through the window. She peels down slowly for effect. Fancy is having her own little fantasy in the house, pretending to be undressing for Luis. "I could be anything that you want, Luis. That's how much I love you…" The perv can't wait any longer for her. His breathing gets heavier and heavier at the sight of her skimpy bra set. He has to have her. He has to get the girl, and Bert is in the way. Bert is her lookout, and this is a setup. The perv knows it. He gets his knife out and starts advancing on the undercover cop.

Chad leaves Jared to go and text Whitney a message outside. Jared turns back to the saleslady who starts showing him a wide array of rings.

"You can't marry Jared!" Theresa can't believe that she is having this conversation. "Stop one second, Ethan. We haven't talked about getting married. We are just dating and that is all." Ethan is relieved to hear that. "That will give me more time to find out what is wrong with this guy. Who goes to a kid and tells him that he is now going to be his father." Whitney gets a message from Chad. Hew wants to talk to her. Theresa and Ethan tell Whitney that she should go to see Chad and at least talk to him. She rushes off. "You know Theresa, Little Ethan needs his father," Ethan continues. "He is using Little Ethan to get to you." Theresa shouldn't believe him when he never believes her. She was just as right about JT as Ethan says that he is about Jared. "Let's make a deal," Theresa says. "I will believe you about Jared with no proof, if you will believe me about Gwen and the tabloid without proof. Deal? Or no deal!"

"Excellent choice!" the saleslady says when Jared points out a ring that he likes. "You think that Theresa will like that?" Jared asks Chad.

"No deal! No! You can easily walk away from Jared, but I will have a hard time leaving my marriage." Theresa knew it. He doesn't trust her, and so why should she trust him?

Simone is back in her old clothes now, and she and Kay sit on the bed. "Answer the question. Could you forgive Miguel if he admitted what he did?" Kay thinks about this. "I guess that I am saying that if Miguel admitted that he slept with Charity, and if he swore that he wouldn't do it again…then I would forgive him." She would even end things with Fox to be with Miguel right away.

"Now we need either her passport number, date of birth or social security number…" Miguel tries his best to fill in the information on the computer. Luis calls Fancy again and gets her voicemail. He leaves her a message that he was just wondering what she was doing. Miguel sees his brother's face change. "What is it?" Luis tells his brother that he just got a terrible feeling, and he can't explain it.

Fancy is in her bra and panties now, and she swings her hips as she walks to the chair, asking pretend-Luis to help her take off her clothes… He seems to walk towards her but then he vanishes. Suddenly she remembers that she isn't alone and that she should be alert for work in case the perp arrives. "Well it looks like nothing's going to happen with this sting…might as well call it a night." Out in the yard, the perp has gotten as close to Bert as he dares. He picks up a big rock and holds it high over his head, and then he brings it down with all the force in him. THUD! Bert falls to the ground and has a dirt nap. The perp is free now to get the girl. He looks up at the window, and she is still there, walking around in her underwear…

"I wish you every happiness," the saleslady says before leaving. Jared promises that he will not beat Chad to the altar. He smiles now. "I could wake up engaged to Tess." He might just propose that night. Jared leaves. Chad checks his phone. "Whitney didn't answer my text message." He closes the phone. "Chad?" He turns to find Whitney behind him. "Why am I meeting you at a jewelry store? Are you up to your tactics? Are you going to bribe me next?"

"Stop telling me what to do. I want to be more than your little bit on the side." Ethan says that she means more to him than sex! "What I know is that I have wasted a lot of my life on you, Ethan." He just doesn't want to see her taken advantage of. She finds that is what he is doing. "You won't be with me, but you won't let me go."

Miguel keeps searching but hasn't found anything yet. Luis goes to another officer and asks if anyone has heard from Bert and Kelly on their sting. No one has heard anything. The officer gets on the radio and tries to reach Bert. Fancy is in the fake house on a laptop pretending to be just checking her messages. "I am coming to get your pretty girl," The perp says from behind his black mask. "…Coming to get you…" Suddenly a voice can be heard from the ground. "Bert! What is your location? We need your location." The perp looks down at the radio and doesn’t move. Back at the station, the officer tells Luis that usually Bert answers right away. "Bert! What is your location?" the radio shouts. The perp stands still…

"Is that how you feel about me now?" Chad asks. Whitney hasn't any idea how she feels, but she can't help the feeling that something is going on with him and he won't tell her what that is. "We have been through so much Whitney to get where we are. The thought of losing you to a feeling that you have is crazy. All you have to do is take the next step with me and be my wife. I love you, and you should have faith in my and believe that. Marry me."

"I did some really crazy things," Kay remembers the past. Simone tries to understand how Kay thinks that she can forgive Miguel. Kay isn't sure how this can work, or if this can wait.

Luis tells Miguel about the sting, and how he can't reach Bert. Luis tries not to worry, but he ends up going back to the officer to get him to try Bert once more. "Don't worry, everything is alright," the peeper whispers into the radio. Luis is upset that Bert isn't using the right protocol to do the call. The officer asks Bert again to use the right codes on the radio. The perp is confused; all he can do as he holds the radio in front of him is breathe heavily.

"I want you to be with the man that loves you the most, Theresa." She wants that too. He touches her face. "I want you to be with the man who will move a mountain for you, Theresa." Their lips gets closer. "I am with him now, Ethan." Finally, their lips meet and the passionate kissing begins!

"Please. Just say that you will marry me." Whitney is sorry, but she hasn't made her decision yet. "At least you didn't say 'no'." She has to go now. She has to meet her mother at the Seascape. He offers to walk her there, but she would rather walk alone. Chad has bought a ring from the saleslady, and she hopes that this guy doesn't try to return the ring. Chad gets on the phone now. He knows of a way that he can get Whitney to marry him.

Simone thinks that the conditions that Kay should use to forgive Miguel are to have him admit what he did and promises not to do it again.

Miguel is alone at the computer in the police station when her picture pops up. "I found her! I found Charity!"

Luis wonders why Bert isn't complying. The perp remembers what Bert was saying when he came upon the man. He repeats it. "Everything over here is Charlie-Robert." Luis and the officer breathe a sigh of relief. Bert has used the proper codes to communicate with the station. The perp knows that he has done the right thing. He turns now to the window. The girl is still inside, and she happily works on her laptop. The perp gets closer and closer to the house to get to the girl…

Jared is pleased as punch. He looks at the velvet box in his hand and smiles. "Theresa will be so happy," he says.

Inside the office, Ethan and Theresa are kissing, They haven't stopped since they started. They have thrown caution to the wind… Outside in the hall, Jared has arrived on the floor of Theresa's office, and he crosses the hall to get to the office. As Ethan and Theresa's passions rise, the door to the office starts opening.

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