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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I don't understand this, Endora. Every book that I have read says that the Dark Side will come to an end if Miguel and Charity get together, but it hasn't happened." The table is covered with books about witchcraft and the like. The boys in the basement blow smoke through the vent and roar. Even they agree. "Something's wrong."

Fox is at the tuxedo shop talking on the phone to his father about how under control everything is. He is the first one there, and he is thrilled to report that everything is going as planned. Soon he will be married to Kay, and everything will be right in the world. He laughs at the thought of Miguel being in his wedding party. Miguel is his Best Man. It is true…you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Noah and Miguel arrive at the tuxedo shop where they are to be fitted for tuxedos, and they whisper between themselves about this wedding and if it is really going to happen or not. They are to meet Fox there at about this time. Noah knows that Miguel is hurting, but there isn't anything that he can do about his plight of losing Kay. Miguel knows that Kay loves him but she will not tell him what is going on inside her.

Simone finds Kay moping over Miguel. Kay lays on the couch looking sad and blue. Simone isn't happy that Kay hasn't confronted Miguel yet for what he did to her. He shouldn't get away with that. Simone finds what he did despicable. "I want to make sure that Fox has a great last few months Simone, but Miguel is the man in my heart. He is the man that I want to marry." Simone can't understand any of this. The man cheated on her friend.

Fancy stands alone thinking of how great it will be when she is a police officer and she will then have everything that she wants. she will have Luis and she will have the career of her dreams. She is at the station alone right now, smiling to herself about the future and the great relationship that she will be able to start with Luis. Luis enters the room and tells Fancy that he is so proud of her and the work that she has done. They kiss.

Little Ethan had so much fun with his mother and Jared at the skating rink, and he can't stop talking about it. The three of them are now at the office talking about the fun they had together and listening to the Christmas music in the background. "I promise that we will do this again," Jared says to Little Ethan about the skating they did. Little Ethan hugs Jared and thanks him for that. Theresa watches them, pleased as punch.

"I want to know everything about Jared," Ethan tells JT into the cellphone. "I want to know how much he weighed at birth…I mean everything! No one is to know that I am investigating Jared Casey. Do you hear me JT?" Ethan says this last part a little too loudly. "Won't you ever stop?" Chad has come in, and he stands over Ethan now asking him what he is up to this time, and who he is talking to about investigating Jared.

Fancy pushes Luis off her when she realizes that they are at work and shouldn't be kissing like this. Someone might see them. "When you graduate, I have a surprise for you. I have booked time off for the both of us. There will be walks on the beach, candlelit dinners… " She loves this. He pushes her a few feet to the left. "Oh look! Mistletoe." It isn't really mistletoe, but they try it out anyway.

Little Ethan is on the laptop playing while Jared and Theresa steal a kiss when they think that he isn't watching them. Whitney enters and wants to visit with her friend for a bit. She hopes that she isn't intruding. Jared takes Little Ethan out for something to eat. "Bye, honey," Theresa says. "How sweet are they?" Whitney wonders. "Jared is really good with him, and Little Ethan really likes him. I can't see how anything can go wrong for us now."

Ethan pretends that he is talking to Gwen and hurries off the phone. He tells Chad that he was talking to Gwen. "Ethan, give it up. I know that you are hurting, but Theresa needs to find love. She is a young, beautiful woman. Let her have love with someone else." Ethan admits that he does want Theresa to be happy. Chad leaves the table for a moment to get something to eat. "I do want Theresa to be happy….just not with Jared. He is all wrong for her."

"Don't let Miguel ruin what you have with Fox. When he sees you married to Fox with the ring on your finger, he will see what he has lost." Kay considers what Simone tells her. Miguel did make Kay angry, and he did cheat on her, but still…she can't forget about him. Kay knows that Simone is right, but she can't stop loving Miguel.

"This is insane! I am about to be Best Man to the man who is marrying the girl that I love." Noah listens patiently as Miguel tells of his inner torment, of not only losing the girl that he loves, but of being in her wedding party as well. Miguel feels terrible and decides right there and right now that he will go to Fox and tell him the truth.

"The war between good and evil should be over, Endora, but we are still here. Why is that?" Endora telepathically considers the idea that Charity wasn't really Charity. Tabitha finds that silly. Everyone saw her, and Miguel REALLY saw her. "Did he?" Endora thinks… Tabitha reruns the footage in the big blue pot to see if she missed someone. She will need more juice for this. ZAP! Endora fills her mummy to the hilt with energy. ZAP! Tabitha looks into the bowl… "Okay…there they are…Wait a minute!" ZAP! She rewinds the big blue pot tape. "You are an Einstein, Endora! You were right, Endora. It wasn't Miguel and Charity. It was two imposters! Latex masks…an old Crane trick. Fox must have come up with this one. Miguel didn't betray Kay. We have to tell her immediately…." Tabitha trots off purposefully.

Little Ethan beats Jared at checkers again! Jared can't seem to get a break! "Let's do it again!" the boy shouts with glee. "Do you really like my mom?" Jared tells the boy that he loves Theresa. "Will you be my dad?" Jared hopes so. He really hopes so. "Things are going well for you and Jared, and I am happy for you." Theresa is grateful for that, but she wants her friend to be happy as well. Whitney is still estranged from Chad, but she can't help it. Theresa finds all this to be ridiculous. She knows that Chad's ultimatum was a serious one, but she doesn't trust the man. "Maybe this whole ultimatum thing is good because I certainly don't want to go on living this way…"

"How's Whitney?" Chad tells Ethan not to ask. "She says that she needs time to think, and it is killing me. I can't go on like this, so I gave her an ultimatum. I can't go on like this. She marries me by Christmas or it is over." Ethan brings up the conversation he had with Chad some time ago about adultery. "Are you having an affair with another woman?"

Sam has to do a sting, and he wants to use a woman to be at the house in question and act like she lives there. "I can do it!" Luis tells Fancy that she isn't to do it. He will not allow it. Fancy is almost a full-fledged officer, and she is sure that she can handle it but Sam picks another officer instead after Luis refuses to give up his recruit, Cadet Crane.

"Are you sure that you didn't do or say something to make Kay change her mind about you Miguel?" Miguel tells Noah that he has done nothing. He really feels that this is about Charity somehow. He knows that Kay has many insecurities about her. Fox is behind a rack of tuxedos, and he hears Miguel coming up with a plan to find Charity and have her tell Kay that things are over between them. Miguel is sure that this is the way to assure Kay that he will never leave her if they get back together again. Fox knows that is the last thing that he can let happen.

"She'll forgive Miguel! I know it, Endora! I have to tell Kay right away!" Tabitha tries to leave the house and ends up knocking her head on it when she pulls too hard and she ends up pulling her body into the door instead. The door stays closed, much to Tabitha's chagrin. Endora is behind this. "Endora! We have to tell Kay the truth. Miguel is the one who Kay wants to marry. You can understand that." Endora wants Fox to marry Kay, but Tabitha knows that ultimately Kay deserves to marry the woman that he loves the most. "You really are a stubborn little devil aren't you? This is one fight that you will not win, Endora. I am going to tell Kay the truth!" Simone and Kay have come into the house through the back door. "Tell me what?"

"I wouldn't ever cheat on Whitney. She is the only woman for me." Chad acts indignant at the thought of that. Ethan warns that Chad could lose Whitney for good. "Can you stand watching her date someone else? Marry someone else?" Chad wonders if they are still talking about him or not. Chad gets a call and says that he has to go and see 'a friend.' He leaves. Ethan really hopes that Chad knows what he is doing…

Theresa wants her friend to get married. She knows that it would be a blast having a wedding and setting it all up. "I don’t want to marry Chad just because it may be fun." Theresa understands that. Theresa tells about the detective she offered to hire to follow Chad. "I could rehire the man to do the job, and then you will be sure." Whitney doesn't want to be underhanded. Theresa gets the phone and says that it will just take a second, and then Whitney will know for sure if Chad is cheating or not.

Sam asks Fancy to leave his desk so that he can talk to Luis alone… Fancy helps the undercover cops get ready for the sting. The girl who got the job over Fancy says that she had to cancel a special date with her boyfriend to do this sting. "He is going to be really disappointed." Fancy tells the girl to go. "I will take the assignment for you. I would love to do this, and I have no plans. Trust me!" The officer is thrilled and runs off to call her boyfriend." Bert worries that Fancy won't be ready for t his. "No! This will be a walk in the park."

"Good news, dear! It is sensational, Kay! You won't believe it! I can hardly believe it myself!" Simone and Kay wait to hear the good news. Tabitha starts talking, but no voice comes out. Tabitha turns to Endora and gives her a look. "Tabitha are you okay?" Simone asks. Endora tells telepathically that her mummy needs to listen. Endora doesn't want Kay to know that Miguel didn't cheat! Tabitha tries to talk again. Still nothing. She runs to the counter in the kitchen. "Whatever it is that Tabitha needs to get out, she sure is in a hurry to say it!" Tabitha gets some paper and writes. Kay grabs the paper and reads. Endora peeks at them all mischievously.

Miguel isn't sure what his plan will be to find Charity. "I need to do a worldwide search to find Charity." Fox eavesdrops and promises that he will do anything to keep Kay and him together.

Kay takes Tabitha to the side and asks her why she wrote the things that she did.. "My God! The pad has nothing but gibberish on it." Kay doesn't understand any of this. She leaves the kitchen with Simone. Tabitha's voice suddenly returns. "There is going to be a big timeout for this one, and changing my note? We have to tell Kay that the people she saw making love were imposters! You are just going to create trouble. You are going to create trouble for years and years to come."

Ethan sees Little Ethan and his sitter at the restaurant. Little Ethan tells of all the fun that he had with Jared that day. Ethan tells Little Ethan that they need to go on a play date real soon. Little Ethan shares a secret with Ethan. "I am going to have a new daddy."

Whitney tells that she doesn't want to have the investigator check out Chad. "I love him so much, but I can't shake this feeling." Theresa tells her best friend not to lose Chad over some feeling. "You have to trust him the same way that I trust Jared."

Chad waits and soon Jared arrives. "I need you to help me pick out an engagement ring for Tess. It has to be perfect."

Fancy and her contact are at the house. She is given instructions on how the sting is going to go down, and she is left alone in the house. Bert will be outside. Her phone rings. It is Luis, and he asks what Fancy is doing. "I am just wrapping presents," she lies. He hopes that she doesn't mind that he didn't let her go on the sting. This is a sex crime, and he didn't want her to be approached by the sick-o they are after. Bert is outside, and he radios in to tell that he and the other undercover officer are in place. Bert watches Fancy through the window as she talks on the phone. "She is some piece of eye candy," he says to himself approvingly. "Luis is a lucky man." To the left of Bert, a man dressed in black with his face completely covered enters the area from behind the house. He tiptoes out of the backyard and jumps behind some trees at the side of the house. Bert hasn't seen him… The man in black sees Fancy through the window. ! The Peeping Tom breathes deeply at the sight of her, and then…CLICK! With one move of his thumb, his knife is at attention...

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