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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Eve arrives for work and goes to her desk. She looks at her mail and a particular envelope catches her eye. "What on earth?" On the outside of the envelope, someone has cut out letters from a magazine to spell out, 'Dr. Know-It-All'. Eve reads the letter in the envelope. "Oh no…Oh no, this is impossible." A look of fear comes to her face.

Ethan holds JT by the neck and demands to know the truth about the tabloid information being leaked. Rebecca is in the bathroom and hears what Ethan is asking of her editorial friend. He pushes JT up against a table, and then finally he has the man lay on it while Ethan keeps hold of him by the neck. "You are completely lying to me JT. You better tell me the truth!" Rebecca hopes that JT keeps his big mouth shut.

Little Ethan wants to go skating, but Jared hasn't a clue how to do it and doesn't seem that interested in learning how. Theresa is up for it and pushes Jared to get his game face on. Theresa and Little Ethan will show him how to skate. He has no skates, but that isn't a problem. Theresa and Little Ethan know where they can get some right now.

Whitney plays with Miles in the snow. Chad arrives and wants to play with them. Whitney doesn't want that, but Chad pushes. "I put up with your suspicions, and you found out that you were wrong about Valerie. I was hoping the light of day would show you how wrong you are." She did do some thinking. She does love Chad but they are not okay. "I still can't trust you."

Gwen leads Sheridan off as Luis and Fancy watch, saddened. Luis and Fancy have no idea what is wrong with Sheridan. "She said, 'I lost him'." Luis figures that Sheridan is upset because she is seeing all the kids playing. It must remind her of Marty and made her upset that Marty isn't with her. "Why don't you go to her, Luis? She needs you."

Little Ethan, Theresa and Jared are on the rink, and Jared is very unsure about this. Theresa loves that he is trying, and Little Ethan is having a great time with his mother's new friend. Jared and Theresa take this time to sneak a kiss when they think that Little Ethan is not paying attention. "Ew…" Little Ethan sees his mother and Jared kissing while standing on the ice rink. They smile at his reaction to that.

"We can't turn our lives upside down because of what that witch said to you." Whitney knows that Rebecca lies, but she only confirmed what Whitney was thinking all along about Chad. Rebecca has nothing to gain from doing that. She doesn't benefit at all. Chad suggests that Rebecca was drunk. "people tell the truth when they are drunk Chad." They look at their son. "He is having the time of his life," Whitney says of Miles playing.

"Sweetie, it's going to be okay." Gwen soothes her friend and tries to stop her sobbing. Sheridan knows that people are watching her. "I feel like such a fool. I pulled the fire alarm, and I sent the picture to the tabloids." Gwen knows that it is only human nature for Sheridan to be jealous. "I ruined her flowers, Gwen. I didn't want her to have anything beautiful from him. I have these terrible feeling swirling around in my stomach. I just want to hurt Fancy."

"No, I won't go over there Fancy. Sheridan is with her best friend. Gwen will help her with whatever is going on." Luis believes that if he goes over to Sheridan it will just make things worse if she is thinking about Marty. Talking to him will only bring about more memories.

"No stamp…That means that whoever delivered this, did it by hand." Eve calls the secretary and tells her that someone has been in her office. The woman knows nothing of anyone coming in. Eve cautions that they need to lock the office from now on. She hangs up. "Who could have found out about this? Who would do this to me?"

Rebecca listens from her sanctuary in the bathroom. Ethan wants JT to take a lie detector test. Rebecca knows that he can't do that. "I can't take a lie detector test!" JT says as Ethan tightens his grip on the man's throat. It isn't until JT remarks that Gwen is going to find out that he killed him that Ethan lets go of the man. He decides that he isn't going anywhere until he gets what he wants from the man. JT tells him that this isn't an option. He has things to do and people to see. He wants Ethan out of there, but Ethan won't go. "I am going to use the bathroom now. Do you mind?" JT jumps ahead of Ethan. "No! You can't!" Rebecca hears Ethan and realizes that she is about to be found out. She starts looking around the bathroom, panicking. There is nowhere to hide in there. Rebecca starts panicking. "I have to think of something else." Ethan ignores JT and enters the bathroom closing the door behind him. He is doing his business wh! ile standing. Rebecca peeks out from behind the shower curtain, and holy moly! "Gwen is a lucky girl," she thinks while watching Ethan go number one! Ethan thinks that he hears someone behind him. "Is someone there?" Rebecca jumps back behind the shower curtain to avoid being seen.

Jared has a time of it on his skates, and Theresa and Little Ethan laugh as he falls repeatedly as he slides haphazardly over the ice. Chad does his best to continue to persuade Whitney to come home to him with the baby, but she stands firm. She won't go now. "We should go and see Eve." Sheridan doesn't like the idea at first, but then she allows Gwen to lead her off to the hospital. "See? She didn't even look at us." Fancy noticed that. Fancy suggests now that they go skating, but Luis isn't up to that right now. He can't get over Sheridan being upset over Marty. "It was my fault. She was right. If it weren't for me, she would have her son with her right now." Fancy will not allow him to believe that.

"Why haven't I heard any screaming? Becky-Wecky should have been caught by now." JT listens at the bathroom door. Ethan opens the shower curtain, but no one is in the tub. "Not again," Rebecca says as she hangs out the window by her arms. Only her hands keep her from falling to her death. Ethan sees the open window and slams it shut. "Ahh!" Rebecca falls.

Eve is in the office. Gwen and Sheridan arrive, and Gwen explains that Sheridan needs to talk to a doctor. Gwen leaves. "I am so sorry, Eve." Eve knows that. "I am so frightened, Eve. I think that I am losing my mind." Eve prompts her to talk. "You were right, Eve. What you said. I can't stand to see Luis and Fancy together. It is driving me absolutely mad."

Fancy is serious about Luis blaming himself for what happened to Marty. She will not allow Luis to take the blame for Marty's death. "This doesn't help anyone, Luis." Luis can't help it. Marty would be alive if it weren't for his father.

Jared falls again. Theresa and Little Ethan come over laughing. "Get up, tough guy. People are watching!" Jared struggles to his bladed feet. Little Ethan is a whiz on his skates, and he offers to give Jared more lessons, but Jared begs off. Theresa tells him that he needs to take a leap of faith. They hold hands and skate off.

"Can you stop this insanity and give us a chance?" Whitney can't do that. "I need you, Whitney. I need you in my heart and in my bed. You are poisoning everything that we had, and I am sick of it. You need to make a decision. You will either be with me, or move on. I am not big on ultimatums, but here is one. Marry me by Christmas, or we are finished." Whitney can't believe that Chad is actually speaking to her this way. "You have convicted me of a crime without a trial. We live in the same place, sleep in the same bed." Chad loves Whitney, but he won't settle for this. "You either marry me now, or we are finished." Whitney finds this unfair. That is the choice that he gives her. "Marry me, or just call it a day."

Jared changes his mind about skating. "It is scary, but I like it. I like the idea of us learning together." Theresa and Little Ethan get Jared moving around the rink again.

"Don't you think that you should get back to your beat?" Fancy doesn't have to. She saved it for last so that she could knock off early. Luis has to get back to the station. She asks if they are going to get together later, but he doesn't think that he can handle that. She will see him later then. She walks off.

Gwen calls into work to get the rest of the day off. She smells something funny. "Is that rats? What is that? What is out there?" Gwen opens a door, and she learns that her mother is the smell. Rebecca falls into the room and she is filthy. "I think that you have some rats in that room," Ethan says. JT has no idea what happened to Becky, but he plays along with Ethan. Ethan grabs the man by the neck again and orders him to tell what the secret is that he is hiding. He pushes him roughly to the couch and walks around the room. He finds a picture of Jared. "What is this?" Ethan points to the picture. "I want to know everything about this guy…And I mean everything!"

"What happened to you?" Gwen asks her mother. First, Rebecca needs a drink. Rebecca screams when she tastes the water. Gwen realizes her mistake and gives her mother some of the strong stuff. "I fell…I really fell out a window. I was in JT's place and Ethan showed up. I ran in the bathroom and hid on the ledge. I am going to have to join the pigeons' union. I hit a garbage truck and kitty cats followed me all the way here." She goes to sit on the bed but Gwen direct her to a chair instead. "What was Ethan doing at JT's apartment?" Rebecca tells how Ethan wants to know about the tabloid information. "He didn't squeal, did he? I paid JT to keep his damn mouth shut, so he better."

Ethan sees that JT has been cutting words out of the magazines. He grabs the man by the collar again. "If you don't tell me everything that I need to know, you are going to be in pain."

Jared continues to have the time of his life with Theresa and Little Ethan…

"I want you to marry me, and the sooner the better." Chad doesn't know what Whitney drags her feet for. "You either marry me by Christmas or never." Chad walks off to his son and kisses his head before leaving. Whitney goes to her son and shouts for Theresa. Theresa hears her friend calling. Jared and Little Ethan go for hot chocolate so that Theresa can see Whitney. Theresa runs to Whitney. She asks what it is. "It's Chad! I think I might have lost him."

"I understand how you feel ‘cause you have loved Luis a long time. Have you been acting out at all? Done anything that you might be ashamed of?" Sheridan thinks about the doctor's question. She remembers spying on Luis and Fancy, pouring salt in Fancy's flowers… "Yes, I might have done something…"

Fancy arrives home now, and she goes to her room. She goes to the flowers that Luis bought her. "My gorgeous flowers…What happened to them?" "Aunt Sheridan said that everyday a flower lives means a decade of love. That can't be true." The phone rings. "Esmé! Talk to me! I could really use a friend. I am in love with Luis, and he says that he loves me too." Esmé asks dirty questions which Fancy refuses to answer. Esmé gets angry because her friend is going to be a police officer. She hates police officers. Fancy tells her that she can't be with Luis until she graduates. "Please cross your fingers for me, Esmé. We are going to have a life of happiness together."

"I had a feeling that this would happen, Sheridan, and that is why I told you to talk to Luis about this." Sheridan thinks that it is too late to talk to Luis now. He is in love with Fancy, and she is sure now that she has lost him. She has lost him for good.

Rebecca is sure that JT will keep his mouth shut. She tells Gwen that she has nothing to worry about.

"You are going to tell me what you know about Jared. I know that you can get the goods on Jared. You do this for me JT and I will help you out with Uncle Sam." JT does have a lot of trouble with the IRS and Ethan can help him as a lawyer. All those problems can go away for JT. It's a deal.

Whitney tells Theresa what Chad told her. "You know that you love Chad. Whitney, don't you dare lose him."

At the motel, Chad's 'friend' is already there having a shower. Chad arrives now at the motel room. "I'm here!" He starts disrobing and finally, he gets down to his pants. "Hurry up in there. I can't wait much longer. I need you so much!"

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