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Passions Update Friday 12/8/06--Canada; Monday 12/11/06

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Miguel is on Kay in her bed. The minute that Fox left the room, he came in to seduce her. He thinks that time has healed all wounds and that Kay will take him back. He is sure that whatever was bothering her is not an issue anymore. He is kissing and hugging her now. He wants to make love to her if she'll have him. He starts taking off his shirt while kneeling over her; sure that this is what she wants. "We belong together…" Kay pushes him off. "Get out of here. I hate you!"

Gwen is calling all over looking for Ethan. She has run out of places to call now. She decides to go find him and hopes he has a good reason for storming out without saying goodbye, or even letting her know that he was gone. Ethan walks in the house suddenly, slamming the door behind him. "Where have you been?" Ethan thinks about how he saw Jared and Theresa just now kissing at the office.

Jared and Theresa take Little Ethan to the park to spend some time together. Little Ethan seems fine with Jared and is just glad to be out in the snow. Little Ethan rushes off to build a snowman, leaving his mother with Jared to talk and spend time with.

JT finds his bag of money that he stashed in the bushes at the park, right where he left it. He is so overjoyed at finding it, and it shows. Rebecca sees that JT has been holding out on her. She hates that he doesn't tell her all his secrets. She thought they were partners.

Sheridan watches Luis and Fancy through the window. They are kissing and Luis doesn't want to stop. Sheridan makes a call. "911…This is an emergency call for Officer Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Yes, I'll hold while you locate him…" Sheridan has put a little twang in her voice pretending to be a southerner. She looks back in the window and sees two of Harmony's finest kissing like there's no tomorrow. "I swear if that dispatcher doesn’t get to Luis soon…" Suddenly Sergeant Deely comes in on Luis's radio asking for Officer Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald. Luis takes the call on the radio and finds out that some lady is looking for him. "Duty calls, so we will just have to wait…again." Luis and Fancy have to get to work, but Fancy tells him that she can't go with him. "Dispatch radioed me on my way here to pick you up. I have been assigned to walk the beat today." They will not see each other at work, but there is always later. He can hardly tear himsel! f away. "You know, Luis, we really should wait until I graduate." He knows that. They will have to try to be strong. He hugs her, but she pushes him away. "Stop stalling and go." He kisses her now. Sheridan watches from outside…She is furious. She runs and hides when Luis and Fancy are exiting the house. "You drive me crazy, Cadet Crane…you know that?" He loves her, and she loves him too.

JT is talking to his money as if it is his warm lover. "You've been holding out on me!" Rebecca has come up to JT, and he sees he has been caught red-handed. She thought that they were going to work together, and yet, he keeps secrets and hides his blackmail information. "I just wanted to protect you, Rebecca." She wants to know all. "Okay, Rebecca. Let's go back to my place, and I will start naming names." She believes him instantly and runs ahead to his place. "Oh, I'll start naming names all right,” JT whispers…”Names like 'gullible', 'naïve'…"

"I got up early and went out. I didn't want to wake you." Gwen is relieved to see that Ethan was out of the house for a reason that she doesn't have to be concerned about. The door flies open, and Sheridan comes in on the verge of crying. She rushes to Gwen and throws her arms around her, telling that she needs to talk to her best friend right away. Ethan takes the cue and heads to the other room. Jane cries and Ethan promises to take care of her so the girls can talk. Sheridan tells Gwen that something is wrong. "I don't know what to do. I've done terrible things, and I hate to think of what I'll do next. I do these things. I do these horrible things. I know they are wrong, but I do them anyway. I love my husband and my child. I have a problem. I have a serious problem with Luis and Fancy being together." Gwen understands. Sheridan thought that she could deal with that relationship, but it is like a knife in her heart. Gwen knows that! her friend's head is in the right place, but her heart is having a hard time. "I am mad at myself and taking it out on Luis and Fancy. I am so ashamed. Remember when I was here last time? I went into the bathroom and took a long time? I was calling in a phony fire alarm call. Then I went over there to make sure my trick worked. I found them, wearing hardly nothing, and I took a picture. I sent that to the tabloid, but I think that Sam stopped it. Then I dumped salt in Fancy's flowers. And now I just saw Luis and Fancy kissing, so I put in a call to the dispatcher to stop them kissing and get them to work." Gwen is glad that her friend is opening up about this. Gwen calls the office now to let them know that she isn't coming in to work. She will take her friend for a walk. Sheridan has been there many times for Gwen when she was worried about Theresa.

Jared and Theresa decide that they will be careful not to confuse Little Ethan with their relationship. Jared will be careful but wants Little Ethan to see how much he really cares about his mom. They kiss. POW! Little Ethan has hit Jared in the back with a snowball. Soon the three of them are throwing snowballs at each other. "This is fun!" Little Ethan shouts. Ethan shows up at the park and sees Jared and Theresa kissing, and he hates it. "You still want her don't you, Ethan?" He turns to find Noah behind him.

"I can't believe that you are trying to sit here and play dumb!" Miguel demands that Kay tell him what it was that he did to make her so angry. "My God! You are such a liar!" SLAP! Kay gives it to him hard across the face. He rubs his cheek and slowly turns to face her.

JT and Rebecca arrive back at his place. "I have changed my mind. I am not going to tell you anything about what I am doing. Blackmail is a dangerous game. Our lives matter. If something were to happen to me, I would rest easier knowing that you were safe." She knows that he is lying, and he admits that he doesn't trust her worth a lick. She complains that her checkbook hasn't been fat since he took her money to save Gwen's marriage. "Don't worry, Rebecca. I will share what I have with you." Rebecca thinks about what Jared said about him possibly dying. He alluded to a gizmo that he says holds information. That seems to be the key to his profiting from his blackmail Rebecca turns to JT now, pulling his face into her cleavage as she feels him all over. She knows that the gizmo has to be on him somewhere.

Jared and Theresa build a snowman with Little Ethan. Noah tells Ethan that all he had to do was choose Theresa instead of Gwen to be happy right now. Ethan just cares about the trouble that Jared is going to cause Theresa. Sheridan and Gwen arrive at the park. Sheridan worries that she will see Luis and Fancy and get upset again. Gwen says that they are nowhere around. "Do you have a permit to build that snowman?" .Fancy has come up to Theresa, Jared and Little Ethan, and she visits with them for a moment to catch up. Sheridan tells Gwen that she is definitely feeling a lot better now that she has come for this walk with Gwen. Fancy is walking off from Theresa and her crew, and when she does, she bumps into…Luis! "Oh hi!" Big smiles appear on both their faces. Sheridan turns and sees the two together…AGAIN! Gwen sees that this isn't good. "What the hell is it going to take to keep these two apart?" Sheridan shouts with a sneer! !

"Quit lying to my face!" Miguel tells Kay that he left the house to buy her flowers, and when he got back, she was angry with him. "Things cannot be fixed, Miguel! Not as long as Charity is in the picture!" Miguel looks as if someone has slapped his face.

"I am trying to stay away from you until you graduate." Luis really wants to pull Fancy behind a tree right now. "I wouldn't have come here had I known that you were here. I couldn't get any work done at the station. I thought that I would come here and walk it off, but you have gotten me all fired up again." Fancy tells him that there is a word for what is happening. "Horny?" That isn't what she meant. She was talking about 'Fate'. "I want to rip them both apart." Gwen tells Sheridan that she has to get a hold of herself. "You are married, and you can't fight with people like this."

Ethan wants to finish what he started in the office. Noah tells him that it seems as if Little Ethan is having a great time with the guy. "I am having the greatest time ever!" Little Ethan shouts to Jared and Theresa. Ethan tells that Jared is scum and he has to be after something. Theresa won't listen to him because he wouldn't listen to her about JT. Noah wonders if Ethan needs to find JT and see for one last time if maybe Theresa was telling the truth after all. Ethan decides that he will do that.

"$50,000!" Rebecca claps her hands with glee as she watches JT count his cash. "I am set for life!" Rebecca corrects him. "Don't you mean 'we'?" JT says that is what he meant, but Rebecca knows that he is lying. She has to find this thing with the information on it so she can get in on the action. She spies a bottle of the good stuff on a table and decides that she will need the help of Mr. Daniels to get this particular job done. She goes to the table and pours them both a drink. She brings it over to JT, who takes a good, healthy swig of it. He pretends to teeter and ends up sitting comfortable on a table while Rebecca pushes her ample bosoms in his face. While he is preoccupied, she rubs his body with her hand. "Got it!" she thinks to herself. She pulls the gizmo out of his back pocket, but then JT grabs it out of her hand. "Naughty, naughty, naughty! Rebecca! I'm shocked!" She says that she thought that the thing was a condom wrapp! er. "I want to know who you are blackmailing and why." He tells her that she will only be a part of what he tells her she can be a part of. She doesn’t want to just watch, she wants to be a part of it. She tells herself that she has to figure out who is getting blackmailed so that she can get in on the action.

Little Ethan goes to play, and Jared and Theresa take this time to steal a few kisses. "I don't know why he just doesn't throw her down in the snow and have her!" Noah thinks that Ethan would be better off trying to find JT. Noah is a bartender and knows from the gossip in town that JT has been out trying to get dirt on anyone that he can. "I have heard enough to be able to figure out where JT is."

Luis and Fancy know they have to wait for her to graduate before they make love. He offers to buy her hot chocolate, but she insists that she buy the hot chocolate. He won't let her do it, and so he makes the purchase. "Here is to staying warm…" They each take a sip. Gwen says, "I think that we should keep walking, Sheridan." She can't move. She can't tear herself away. "It just makes me want to…" Sheridan moves off like a bat out of hell and when Gwen calls to her, it is already too late. Sheridan goes right up to Luis and Fancy and gets in Fancy's face. "How dare you flaunt your relationship with Luis right in my face?" Fancy is shocked to even see her there. "I didn't even know that you were here." Sheridan tells Fancy that Luis loves her and will never love her the same. “You know what? BURN IN HELL, BITCH!" She takes the hot chocolate out of Fancy's hand and throws the hot liquid right into her face. "AHHH!" Fancy shouts shaking h! er head from side to side with her eyes closed due to the pain.

"Charity isn't in the picture." Kay thinks that Miguel is calling her stupid. "I am not going to do this anymore. We are finished and done. I am marrying Fox! End of story."

JT has a strong box full of money, and when Rebecca touches the cash inside, he moves her hand. Someone knocks. "JT! It's me! I have to talk to you." JT whispers to Rebecca to hide in the bathroom. She runs off, and JT opens the door. Ethan grabs the man by the collar. "I want the truth right now."

Theresa, Jared and Little Ethan have finished their snowman, and now they have a hug.

Fancy is screaming in horror. Sheridan loves this! She laughs at Fancy's pain. Luis grabs Sheridan and asks her what the hell she is doing…Sheridan pulls herself away from her fantasy and sees that she is in deep trouble. "I have to keep them away from each other. I can't stand it," Sheridan cries. Gwen suggests that she get therapy for this. "I've lost him," Sheridan sobs over his friend's shoulder. "I've lost him." In the distance, Luis and Fancy hear the crying and look over to see Sheridan crying on Gwen's shoulder.

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