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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay wakes in Miguel's arms, and a big smile comes to her face. They worked things out the night before, and now they are back together. The phone rings. Miguel answers. "Well, Charity…" A smile comes to his face. "Hang up!" Kay shouts. He tells Charity that he will be right there. He jumps out of bed. "I thought that Charity was gone, and so I went with you to settle for less." Kay calls to him again, and he goes to her, but only for a minute and then he is out the door. "Don't leave me!"…Kay jumps out of her sleep, thinking that she has been actually living the dream that turned out to be a nightmare. She wakes up thinking that Miguel was actually leaving her. "Don't leave me!" she shouts as she sits up in the bed. Fox and Tabitha coming running in the room to see what the shouting is all about. Tabitha knows that this has to be about Kay's love life and the trouble she has with the boys.

Miguel leaves another message for Kay to call him back. He tells Pilar and Luis about Kay's about-face on their plans to be together. Theresa arrives and hugs her family. They call for Paloma to come out. Theresa says that they should get another chair, because soon Cadet Crane will be enjoying her mother-in-law's cooking. Theresa can't believe that Luis is going to wait to be with Fancy. Someone else could come along and take her. Luis doesn't think so. "Things are looking bright for Fancy and me."

Fancy wakes and sees her room is full of precious…gorgeous flowers! A really huge arrangement has found its way into her room. They sit on a table near her bed. They card says they are from Luis. She knew it all along. She will have to call him to thank him for them as soon as possible. She walks to the phone to make the call. Sheridan comes to the room and sees the pretty flowers inside. She remarks that they are beautiful. "They're from Luis!" Fancy just loves him. Sheridan will put a stop to that.

Ethan comes to see Chad in the office and is told that he just succeeded in making a fool out of himself with his ranting the night before. Ethan doesn't care how he looked. Jared enters the office and walks up to Ethan. Theresa advances on him. "I know that you are up to no good Jared, and I am going to prove it." Jared says, "Do you defend your wife as much as you defend Tess?" Ethan orders the man to shut up. Chad has to get between the men when Ethan proves threatening. Ethan will not leave Theresa to this guy. "It is who she is moving on with that is the problem here." Jared tells Ethan to back off and let Theresa make her own decision.

Theresa fills the family in on what happened the night before with Ethan and Jared. Luis understands trying to move on and not being able to. Theresa finds Luis's situation to be different from hers with Ethan. The phone rings. Luis answers and finds that it is Fancy. "Thanks for the flowers. I love them, and I love you." Sheridan watches and listens as Fancy blushes while talking over the phone. She can't stand hearing Fancy talk to Luis, but she can't tear herself away. Luis reports that someone planned to get them in trouble with that picture the night before, and it doesn't seem to be the paparazzi. Sheridan knows that she did it, but that's her dirty little secret, and she protects that. Luis has no idea who took that picture of himself and Fancy that night. It is hard to imagine someone something as creepy as that. Fancy has to agree. "Who would be so mean?" Sheridan keeps quiet while standing behind her niece.

"Were you having a nightmare?" Kay was. She says that she can't remember. Tabitha knows in her heart that Kay is lying. Fox tells Tabitha to stay with Kay so he can finish making Kay breakfast. He leaves the room. "What is going on? My magic bowl is clogged up with all that is going on in Harmony. I can barely see a thing!" Kay tells Tabitha that she was going to tell Fox that they were breaking up and before she could do that, she found Miguel making love to Charity. "Is she was a virgin, she isn't one anymore." Tabitha's eyes roll to the back of her head and she falls back having fainted on the bed.

Fancy and Luis finish their call. The discussion turns now to Miguel's problem. Pilar tells Miguel not to give in. "Both parents should raise a child." Theresa knows her mother means to be telling her this as well, but Theresa can't let that happen in her case. Luis regrets some of the mistakes that he made with Sheridan. He is over her but that doesn't mean that it was wrong for him to try. Pilar will make some coffee for Fancy. "Riding down to the station together is about all that we can do together now." Sheridan stays while Fancy has her breakfast. Fancy apologizes for being so happy with her aunt's ex -boyfriend. Sheridan says that she …"Well…you know Fancy when you receive flowers from the man that you love…it is wonderful, but when you get flowers from Luis… Well he hasn't got that much money… You are a Crane and take things for granted." Fancy points out that her aunt is rich, and she knows that Luis splurged on her as well. "! Yes he did Fancy…And look what eventually happened to us! I just want you to avoid an issue that I had to deal with when I was with Luis, that's all. You can't indulge Luis either with your money, ‘cause he just won't like that. " Fancy sees Sheridan's point but doesn't know what she should do. Sheridan tells her to just savor the flowers for as long as they last. Fancy's mood is suddenly not good. "I need to get dressed." She walks into the bathroom. Sheridan picks up a bottle on the table and pours it in the vase holding the flowers. She smirks…

Jared is getting that Ethan doesn't like to be reminded that he has a wife to worry about instead of Theresa. He wonders if the man feels terrible because he isn't man enough to leave his wife to be with Theresa.

Kay is about to tell Tabitha the story of what happened at her bridal shower and why she is so upset. Fox comes in and when his back is turned…ZAP! She makes the OJ on the breakfast tray disappears. "You forgot the orange juice." That gets Fox out of the room for a few more minutes, and Tabitha gets the whole story. She realizes now that she and Endora will never be safe.

The discussion around the breakfast table gets really analytical. Miguel really can't understand it. He hears that Luis still cares about Sheridan, and that Theresa still cares about Ethan. "So if the both of you had a choice…who would you be with? Ethan and Sheridan? Or Fancy and Jared?"

"Something isn't right here. I am not worried about you, Kay. I am worried about the Dark Side. Miguel and Charity coupling was to usher in a new era of love and understanding and all that crap. Kay, are you absolutely certain that Miguel and Charity did the deed last night because it really doesn't seem like they did!" Kay that Simone was there and saw it all. Tabitha poo-poos that. "Simone is gay. She probably doesn't even know how to do the deed. Are you sure that this just wasn’t' some slut?" Kay is sure.

Luis's answer is that things are different now than they were back when he and Sheridan were together. Theresa likes that answer and uses it too. Theresa gets a call. "Yes Valerie?" She Theresa is being reminded that she has a special meeting that day. "I wanted to say that I want my personal chef to prepare a special dinner at the restaurant. I was thinking of Kobe Beef. That will be it! Thanks!" Theresa turns to find her family starting at her in awe. "Please get my special limo!" Theresa's family laughs at her and how she has changed. There was a time when she couldn't afford Kobe Beef. Her brothers encircle her and joke about her being ticklish. That is one thing that has never changed. Soon the kids are food-fighting, and Pilar jumps out of the way screaming.

"So you don't want Tess to be with me, Ethan, but who do you want her to be with? You just don't want Theresa to be with anyone but you." Ethan tells Jared that he is as dumb as he looks for coming up with that stupid theory. Jared knows that Ethan will be all alone. "You won't have Gwen! You won't have Tess! You will be all alone with your little kitty cat! Here kitty-kitty-kitty!" Ethan shouts for Jared to shut up, and he leaps on top of Jared, pushing him up against the desk while they wrestle.

Pilar wakes a towel for a truce and the kids stop throwing things. "Who is going to help me clean this kitchen?" Luis will do it and so will Theresa. They know that Miguel has to go and talk to Kay. "Mijo, Miguelito, go and get cleaned up, and then you go and convince Kay to be with you," Pilar instructs.

"Miguel and Charity doing the deed should have done the Dark Side in." Kay thinks that maybe there is a timeline for stuff to start answering. "No Kay. Something just isn't right here. Where is Charity anyway?" Fox returns to the room but stays outside the door. Tabitha figures that Charity must be around somewhere. Maybe at the Bennetts’. "She has to be around to go to your wedding at least." Fox hears that and realizes that he hasn't thought his whole plan through.

Sheridan grins. "I can't believe that I just did that. I just put salt in the vase of flowers." The flowers have already started to wilt. Fancy enters the room, and Sheridan tells her that there is a legend that for everyday that the flowers a man gives a woman lives, that couple will have a decade of joy. Fancy looks at her flowers and is disappointed to see they are already wilting. Theresa's phone rings. She has to get going. Her ride is there. "Luis, are you happy with Fancy?" He is. "Are you happy with Jared?" She is.

Ethan and Jared take a break in their fighting. "Stay away from Theresa, or I will have to deal with you myself!" Ethan knows that will not happen if he takes this guy out first. The two lock horns and are at it again.

Fox has to find a way to keep Kay from knowing that the man who she saw with “Charity” was an imposter. Tabitha knows that this didn't happen like Kay thinks. "I have to consult my bowl and the boys in the basement." Tabitha runs out. Kay knows what she saw. The door flies open. Miguel enters. "What are you doing here?" He rushes to the bed and hugs Kay.

Luis is ready for work now. He and his mother have cleaned the kitchen up. Fancy arrives, and she and Luis can't stop smiling. Pilar wonders how these two are going to get any work done when they can't keep their eyes off each other. Pilar excuses herself and leaves the kitchen. Luis and Fancy are soon kissing. Sheridan comes up to the side of the house and peeks in the window, watching the two kissing.

Theresa arrives at the office and Jared is there waiting to greet her in his own special way. They start kissing. Behind them, Ethan enters the office. He sees the two together, and it seems as if the air goes out of him.

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