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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I wish I could see the stars so I could make a wish. But what should I wish for? Well, I'm lonely, so I could wish for Roberto to come back to Harmony, or I could wish to meet someone new. Please, stars, tell me what to do. Can you find me someone to love? Hmm, I didn't think so." Paloma has been out alone making a wish, and now she starts walking again. She bumps into Noah who is also out for a walk. A smile comes to her face at the sight of him.

"I don't want to talk about it. I told you, it was a mistake for me to think that we could be together, ok? We were a mistake." Miguel is still trying to fix things with Kay, but she won't even discuss what she thinks he did. "But why, Kay? We were so happy. You were about to call off your wedding to Fox, and then you suddenly changed on me." Miguel tries to figure out what could make Kay act like this. The only thing that he can figure would be able to cause this is Charity. She calls him brilliant, and he can tell that he is on the right track for a change.

"Ah, you two were amazing. I don't know how you did it, but you fooled Kay into thinking that you were really Charity and you were really Miguel. That's all I really care about." 'Fake Miguel' and 'Fake Charity' tell Fox that they are pros and that they deliver when they need to. "Ah, money well spent. Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out how you did the -- the whole voice thing. That was amazing. I mean, you totally fooled Kay,” Fox says. "I feel sorry for her. When I saw her, her heart was broken when she thought she saw us making love." Fox tells her not to worry as Kay. He has everything in place to take care of her. "Listen, darling, don't worry about Kay. I'm going to make her the -- the happiest girl in the world." 'Fake Miguel' knows there could be snags in this plan. "This guy, Miguel, he has to be blown away by Kay's attitude. I mean, what if she tells Miguel what she saw? You know he'll deny it." Fox isn't concerned about t! his suddenly going the other way. He knows that she will never be able to tell herself that Miguel is telling the truth. "Why wouldn't she believe what she saw with -- with her own eyes? And besides, I know Kay, all right? She's going to be too humiliated to approach Miguel and tell him what she saw. I'm the man for her all right, and I'm going to make her happy for the rest of her life."

"Yes, this is Sheridan Crane. I'm looking for my niece, Fancy. No, she was not in her room, and none of the servants have seen her. Well, did she come back to the estate? You're one of the security guards; shouldn't you know?" Luis and Fancy suddenly appear nearby and stop outside the house to talk. Sheridan quickly gets off the phone now that she has found what she has been looking for. She listens in as the two talk. Luis tells Fancy that he can't do this thing that they have decided to do. He isn't sure that he will be able to keep his hands off her, and he is sorry for that. She is sorry too. The kids find the night has been very strange indeed. "I can deal with the fire at the B&B and all the other crazy things that have happened to keep us from making love, but seriously, if we have a stalker following us, we’ve got a serious problem." Fancy feels that it is her celebrity status that causes the problem… "It's not your fault, ok?! I'll tell you something. If I find out whoever did this, the pervert who took those pictures and sent them to the tabloids, I'm gonna make them pay." Sheridan thinks to herself how she hasn't even any idea why she did the things that she has been doing. "Oh, as much as it pains me to say it, we have got to keep our promise and stay apart from each other, at least until you graduate." Fancy knows that what Luis is saying is true. "Well, um, ok, since we know that we can't be together tonight, I think it's time for me to go to my room and for you to go home, 'cause this is just going to get us into trouble." The kids say goodnight and stare into each other's eyes. Fancy offers him her cheek so that they won't get carried away and screw up their plan of staying celibate for now. He pecks her. "Wait, we're mature adults, aren't we? I think we can handle a little more than that without losing control, right?" They kiss. There! No one's out of control. They think they should try! again but make this kiss even better than the last if that is possibl e.

"Ethan, you tried, ok? You tried to convince Theresa that Jared was cooking the books with the company pension plan, but you failed. Why don't you just go home?" Jared explained why he moved the money and his story is believable, so Whitney wants Ethan to drop it. For Ethan to be right, that would mean that Chad were lying and Whitney doesn't think that he really means to say that. "Ethan, man, all right, I know you're upset, and I know you think Jared's the wrong guy for her, but you're wrong on this one." Chad has suddenly appeared and also tries to set Ethan straight. “Ok, I know exactly what he's doing with that pension plan and it's totally legit. Ethan thinks that Chad just thinks that he is telling the truth, but deep down he knows this is all a lie. He plans to go back in the hotel room and talk to Theresa some more, but Whitney tells him 'no'. Ethan ignores her and explodes into the room one more time. Jared and Theresa are n! ot pleased.

Noah and Paloma apologize to each other for the mishap, and he asks about what she is up to that night. She is taking a mended blouse to her sister, from their mother. "Yeah, Mama doesn't let anything go to waste. You can put a Lopez-Fitzgerald in the Crane mansion, but she is still a Lopez-Fitzgerald." Noah says that the women in her family are all as beautiful as their names. Paloma doesn't hear what he says and so he explains. "I -- I was just, um, I was just commenting on, uh, your family. Uh, your mother is very beautiful, as is your sister, Theresa, and -- and you." Noah tells her that he has to go start his shift at the Blue Note, and she does have to go drop off the blouse…It seems to be time to say goodbye. No one wants to say goodnight, but they do. Paloma wonders if the stars were listening to her wishes, now that she has seen Noah tonight.…Yeah, right!

"Kay, is that what you think? You still think I'm in love with Charity? Kay, you can't believe that. I love you, only you." She can't believe that he is still lying to her face. "Do you want me to say it? Do you want me to say it? Do you want to humiliate me even more? Ok, fine, you know what? I'll tell you."

Luis and Fancy have not been able to stay apart. He is still at her house kissing her and both are ready to throw caution to the wind. He is ready to give up the police force. She can't let him do that. If anyone should quit, it should be she. He has years invested in that job. "No, no! No one's quitting anything, ok? This is an impossible situation, but we're just going to have to deal with it. Oh. Oh, God." Fancy is concerned that Luis will not last even one minute staying away from her. She knows that she can barely handle this herself. "No, you can do this. No, you can. I believe in you, ok? We'll celebrate when you graduate. We'll even go away to celebrate. How's that?" Luis asks. "I'm sorry, I didn't know anyone was here, and apparently I'm ruining a very nice evening." Sheridan steps out of the shadows.

Chad is getting impatient with Whitney's attitude towards him. He feels that he has done everything that he can to show Whitney that he loves her and only her. "Come on, Whitney, just come home with me, all right? Let me help you get rid of those suspicions. Let me -- let me show you how much I love you." Whitney can't go back with him right now. She needs time. "Look, I just have to sort all of this through, ok? I'm gonna take Miles over to my parents' house to spend the night tonight, all right?" Chad begs her, but she just can't be with him right now.

"No, no, no, Jared. Jared, please don't. Please stop, let me handle this, please. Ethan, you need to listen to me. You are wrong about Jared." Ethan says again that Jared is a scam artist. "I know that you -- you think you found this proof that he did something wrong, something illegal, but he didn't. Chad just told you --" Besides, she doesn't need him to protect her. "No, stop it, Ethan! I don't need your protection. You are not my keeper. I don't want you to worry about me anymore. Now, we can be friends because we share a child. I have listened to you, I have. You need to stop seeing me as this helpless female. I can take care of myself. I do not want you looking out for me ever again. Oh! Look at that... chocolates."

Kay changes her mind. She doesn't want to say why she is dumping Miguel. It is all water under the bridge now. Noah happens on the scene and wants to know what's happening. Miguel says that Kay is acting and talking crazy. Kay gets her back up. "I'm not talking crazy! You know exactly what you did. And don't you dare even go to Fox and tell him that I was going to call off this wedding to be with you." That is exactly what Miguel plans to do if Kay doesn't tell him what is wrong with her. "What's wrong? Ugh, my God, you say you want to marry me, and then you just want to go -- forget it. You know what? Just go, go tell Fox, go tell Fox, 'cause no matter what, I will never be with you."

"Look, Chad, I don't want to walk away from what we have. But if I don't get some time to think all of this through and get some perspective on everything, I won't give our relationship a chance at all. Yes, Chad, I'm dead serious. If I were to call it right now, based on my suspicions and my intuitions, I would end things with you, right now."

Ethan wants to talk to Theresa some more, but she is done with him. She will never be with him. He says that he knows that. "Then don't do this. Stop digging into Jared's past. Stop spying on him at work, just stop, ok? I can take care of myself, I don't want you watching over me. I am not your responsibility. We are not a couple; we never will be, so stop trying to protect me."

"I, uh, I was just looking for one of James' books. He was in here with it earlier, and, um, I'm -- I'm so sorry to interrupt." Luis says that he was just leaving anyway. He and Fancy have an early training day tomorrow. Fancy talks about how wonderful Luis is, and Sheridan thinks how she used to think that very same thing. Fancy can't believe that she ever gave the man up. Sheridan gets in her face and snarls that she did give him up, but now she wants him back. It was just a thought that came into her head and nothing more. Fancy is none-the-wiser about how her aunt really feels. Fancy asks her aunt again if this whole thing with her dating Luis is fine. Sheridan says that she is fine with this and has accepted that Luis and Fancy are lovers now. Fancy tells Sheridan that they haven't exactly done the deed yet. "Well, tonight we tried to -- you know, but things kept getting in the way, and -- well, the bottom line is it's against pol! ice department rules so we can't be together until I graduate." Sheridan says that if things are meant to be, then they will work out. Fancy knows that she with Luis and Sheridan with Chris is going to work out for the both of them.

Paloma finds Sheridan and Fancy at the house. Paloma saw Luis driving off and she wants to know how things are going for the happy couple. Fancy has so much to tell her. Fancy and Paloma turn slowly to Sheridan, who suddenly says that she has to go. Paloma asks if things are better with Fancy and her aunt. Fancy says that she can't help thinking that things are not okay with Sheridan over the relationship. Sheridan hasn’t left at all. She is outside the door listening in on the conversation that Fancy and Paloma are having… "Yeah, I'm sure it still hurts her to see my brother with someone else, but she made her choice. She's married now, so she'll have to get used to it." Fancy can't hold it in and expresses to Paloma that she loves Luis. Sheridan thinks about how she loves Luis too.

"It's not what I want, Chad. But right now -- look, I don't know, ok? I don't know anything. I just know that I want some time, ok? I just need to be alone." Chad gives in. "Yeah -- yeah, I can do that. I can see you need some time. But I'm going to miss you. Come here, let me hold you." Whitney won't let Chad hold her…she can't.

Ethan refuses to leave, even though Jared and Theresa both ask him to. "Is this really what you want? Is it? You want me to just stay out of your life, huh? Not to be a part of my life. We share a child together. You told me that you always wanted me to be a part of his life, and God knows I want to be. I love that little boy as if he were my own son and not Julian's." Theresa doesn't want to stop Little Ethan having Ethan in his life. "You will always be a part of Little Ethan's life. Ethan, he loves you so much, but you need to realize that Jared is going to become a big part of Little Ethan's life now, too." Ethan will not allow it. He won't allow Jared in Little Ethan's life.

Noah is as confused as Miguel is now about Kay not saying what it is that is bothering her so much about Miguel. Miguel will not leave her alone until she tells him what he needs to hear. Noah thinks that maybe Kay needs some time to think about this more and then maybe then she will talk to Miguel. Fox enters the room. He is immediately worried when he sees that Kay is crying. "No, everything's not all right, Fox. There's something you need tone to now," Miguel says.

Fox has an idea of what is coming, but he really doesn't want to hear it. That jeopardizes everything for him. Kay shouts at Miguel to shut up! "Uh, Kay's a little upset right now because Miguel just told her that the tuxedos for the groomsmen -- well, they're not going to be here in time for the wedding." Miguel says that wasn't what it was… Noah cuts him off. "You know what, Miguel? Actually, I'm sorry, I just remembered that your mother called and wanted me to give you a message. Excuse us." Noah takes Miguel off to the side and tells him that Kay doesn't want him to tell Fox the truth, but Miguel is stubborn and insists that Fox needs to hear the truth.

Luis goes out alone for a drink and orders a beer. The bartender sees that Luis is strangely thoughtful. He admits that he has someone from his past on his mind. The bartender comments that the person is clearly someone who is still in his present. Luis tells the man that he really is over the woman he was thinking of. He has someone new now that he is very happy with.

"Luis and I couldn't keep our hands off one another, and we were so hot to just -- oh, my God. Luis is your brother; you don't want to hear this." Sheridan is still listening and she hears everything. Paloma is grateful that Fancy will not have to deal with a stalker wanting Luis like Sheridan had to. "She was so crazy about him, but really crazy. Beth went insane -- she tried to kill Sheridan over Luis. Thank God you don't have to worry about Beth anymore. You don't have to worry about Luis's other ex. Sheridan would never do anything crazy like Beth." Sheridan thinks that the girls have no idea what she is capable of, and if they did, they would be very surprised.

Chad and Whitney appear and find out that now Ethan is arguing about Little Ethan being in Jared's life, and Jared wanting to be there for the boy. "No, Ethan, Jared is right. You have no say over what happens in Little Ethan's life. And you need to accept that. Jared is with me and I want him involved in Little Ethan's life." Jared starts getting angry and Theresa jumps in, asking nicely that Ethan let this go and leave. Finally, Ethan agrees to leave after Theresa orders him to return to his wife.

Fox acts excited over his upcoming nuptials. Kay says that she can't wait either. Miguel reminds her that they still haven't talked yet. Noah cuts Miguel off again. "Great, we're going to take off, we gotta go. But thank you for a wonderful party. See you later. Come on, man." Miguel whispers to Noah that he will not allow Kay to marry Fox when she is really in love with him.

Ethan changes his order from beer to vodka before Luis notices him at the bar. Luis can see that Ethan has had a bad day. He tells Luis how he was saving Theresa from a bad guy earlier. "Only I ended up making him look like a hero, and now your sister wants me to stay away from her. She told me she doesn't need me to protect her." Luis listens to Ethan's story but sees that he really has no proof to make the accusations that he did. Ethan knows that he should be able to move on from this, but he just can’t let it go! "Ethan, listen, I know you're still hung up on my sister, but you're driving yourself crazy. Something's gotta give. Don't you think it's time you at least tried to get over her?"

"Well, it killed me to see Ethan hurting like that. But you know what, I had to do it. I had to get him to realize that I am moving on." Whitney thinks that this is great! "Yeah, yeah. It's been a long time coming. I'm just glad that somebody's life has been decided around here, you know. I finally told Chad that I needed some time, you know, to think things through, and I'm going to take Miles to spend the night at my parents' house tonight." Theresa panics. "No, no, don't do this. Don't throw away your relationship, Whitney. And you have got to think about all of that pain that you went through to be together." Whitney has to make this decision. "Please, please, I'm begging you. just don't give me advice, all right? Not now. I just have to figure this out on my own."

"Chad, I told you not to play with fire. Now Whitney is going to be staying with her mother, thinking about things. That's really not good, man." Jared really thinks that this could be the end of Chad's relationship with Whitney.

Sheridan listens as Fancy and Paloma talk about how sane she is compared to Beth. If they only knew, Sheridan thinks to herself. The girls hear a noise behind the door. They go to see what it is. Sheridan rushes to hide.

"I know that it is not easy to move on from someone you love. I mean, God knows it took me forever to move on from Sheridan. But if you're not ready to leave Gwen and be with Theresa, you've got to accept that she's with Jared now." Ethan has already thought of all the things that Luis is saying to him. "I know, I know. You're right, she's -- she's with Jared." The only question in Ethan's head now is if Ethan can let it go or not.

Fancy checks behind the door but no one is out there. Paloma thinks that maybe it was just a servant out there. Fancy has a creepy feeling that someone was listening to them. They believed that Sheridan left but did she? Fancy doesn't think that her aunt would sneak around and listen in on them talking. Paloma has to get going. She has to be rested for training the next day. Luis calls Fancy. Sheridan gets back into position to listen in. Both have been thinking since they left each other earlier that evening. Luis and Fancy can't be together now, but they know that it will be heaven when they finally are together. Sheridan knows that it will feel like for Fancy to be in Luis's arms. She used to think that was heaven herself.

Chad shows up at the bar, and Ethan is quick to apologize for his behavior earlier with Jared. Whitney sees Chad is flying solo. "Where's Whitney? Isn't she coming with you?” Chad explains that he and Whitney have split for now. Ethan hates when that happens in relationships. Chad gets a call and sees that it is important. He keeps his voice down as he talks. "Excuse me. Look, I'm going to be alone tonight. Why don't you meet me at the motel? Yeah, yeah, things are pretty bad with Whitney. But I can't take this anymore, so tomorrow I'm gonna do something. Everything is going to be decided tomorrow. Either Whitney and I have a future together, or we don't."

Theresa wants Whitney to be sure of what she is doing here. Could she really believe that Chad is cheating? "Yeah, and I don't know why. Still, I feel it, you know, and it's really strong. Anyway, I need to make a decision, and I certainly can't do that with Chad around, so..." Whitney leaves, and Jared sees her going. Theresa is glad that in light of everyone else's lives falling down around them, she can depend on Jared. She sees now that it is he and she against the world and that is just the way that he wants it. She thanks her lucky stars now that Jared isn't going anywhere. "You know, for the first time, I actually believe that you're over Ethan. For the first time, I believe that you've put him in your past." Ethan is her past now…Jared is her future.

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