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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay realizes that she has just dodged a bullet by finding out that Miguel still loves Charity before she told Fox she was leaving him. She can't believe that she was going to dump Fox, who is the sweetest man in the world, for that rat Miguel. She would have ruined the last few months of his life by hurting him for no good reason.

Fox talks to Charity and Miguel about what just happened to Kay and how they hurt her terribly. Charity finds it sad that Kay is hurting, but Fox had to do it to keep her, he says. "I won't lose her, and that is what really counts at the end of the day." He had to do something that would make her never return to Miguel ever again.

Luis promises to make love to Fancy all night long now that he finally has her all to himself like he has been hoping for all night. He throws their towels to the side, and they start kissing with their warm bodies up against each other. They can't wait to really be together.

The picture of Luis and Fancy making out has come out the other side of Sheridan's fax machine now. The deed is done. She knows that the media will eat this up. Luis and Fancy won't be able to survive the bad publicity, and they will be finished.

Theresa is torn about what to do. She tells Whitney that she doesn't want to know what Ethan has on Jared. She tells Whitney that Ethan kicked the door down and started a fight. "I just want Ethan to stay out of my life for good. He can't leave his wife, so why can't he leave me alone?" Ethan has the information that proves that Jared isn't who he says he is. He has the computer loaded up to where it needs to be, and he welcomes Theresa to come over and see the dirt for herself. No one goes near the computer now. Theresa feels that this has gone far enough. She trusts Jared. She does this, but only to get Ethan off his rant. Theresa looks at the screen. Her face changes… She sits before the laptop. Ethan knows that now Theresa can see that Jared is a thief. "He has stolen billions of dollars from you, and he has doomed the Crane employees to a retirement lived in poverty."

Chris heads to bed, and Sheridan tells him that she will be in soon. Chris leaves after giving her a peck on the lips. "Tomorrow it will all be finished. Luis and Fancy will be split up forever."

Luis and Fancy are in bed, and he starts out by kissing her neck. She moans in response. Someone knocks. They decide to ignore the knocking. It is probably the sex police. The knock comes again. "Luis! Fancy! Open up!" Luis and Fancy recognize Sam's voice. They fear getting fired. Sam isn't going away, and he knows the kids are in there. Luis rolls out of bed to get the door. "What the hell is going on now?"

Noah comes to his sister and Simone and tells them that he was outside with Miguel and that he is upset. "He has no idea why you are not talking to him anymore." Kay hates that Miguel has dragged her brother into it. Noah can't understand Kay ruining the whole family to get this guy and then rejecting him when she finally gets him. Miguel was in the backyard, Noah says, but he started walking down the street. Kay decides that she will find him and have this talk that she has been dreading. Miguel assures Fox that he made sure that Kay saw him making love to Charity and vowing love for Charity. He is sure that Kay will not be interesting in going back with him.

Theresa's mouth is open from the shock of what she sees before her. Ethan knows that the board will oust her from the company when they find out what happened and that Theresa gave the man the red carpet to ruin them. "You have to send this guy to prison." Theresa closes the laptop. "I don't believe it. I trust you, Jared."

Luis opens the door asking if something is wrong. "I thought that I made it abundantly clear that the two of you can't fraternize. There is a strict policy about this. Now is there a reason why the station shouldn't fire both of you?" Sam shows Luis and Fancy the picture that was supposed to be the cover of a tabloid. Sam has a friend at the tabloid who killed the intended story and sent the picture to Sam. "What is wrong with you?" This wasn't from a reporter; someone must have been stalking them to get this picture. "Who would do a sick thing like that?" Fancy wonders.

Sheridan is sleeping. She dreams… In the dream, she sees herself faxing the picture of Luis and Fancy to the tabloid… Sheridan jumps up out of her sleep. "Oh my God! What have I done?"

Kay finds Miguel in the street walking alone. He is covered with snow now. She gets angry at his act of sincerity. He demands to know what she has done to him. She tells him that when she is finished with him, he won't be able to hold his head up in this town.

Ethan knows that Theresa is foolish if she thinks that she can wish these facts away by just turning her back on them. Theresa finds Jared loving and honest, and she doesn't believe that he would do these things. "I know what is in his heart, and that is what matters to me." Ethan takes Theresa aside and tells her that she can't trust this guy because he says she should. She finds him such a lawyer. All he talks about is proof and facts. "If you could just believe me without proof, we would be together right now. I guess that lawyers just care about facts and evidence. I know that you still love me, you told me so. Don't you get it? You are committed to Gwen, and you want to believe the best is in her." Ethan brought her proof, but that isn't good enough. She needs more than one balance sheet to leave Jared. Jared comes over to their corner, and tells Theresa that what Ethan said is true. Ethan and Theresa turn in Jared's direction now, waiting to hear what he says in explanation of what he has done to cause all of this confusion. "It's all true. The balance sheet is correct. I did take the money out of the accounts, Theresa." Theresa turns to him in complete and utter shock and horror at what he is confessing to her.

Sheridan can't believe she did what she did. She is in the living room now thinking about it in horror. She hates that she took the picture and sent it to the tabloids to hurt Luis and Fancy, and she really hates that she took that picture of them when they didn't know she was around. "What kind of person am I to hurt two people that I love so dearly? Luis, what have I done to you?" She looks down at the picture in her hand. "Sheridan?" It is Chris, and he wants to know what she is doing out of bed.

Luis doesn't need a lecture about this right now, especially from Sam of all people. He tells Sam to arrest him if he wants to for being with Fancy this way. He thought that Sam was a friend of his, but now he wonders. He is being discreet so what is the big problem? Fancy is shocked at the way that Luis addresses his superior. Sam says that he has been a friend to Luis since he was a boy. "If you two are in love, I say great, but when your behavior affects my department, then I step in. Your career is on the line, and it affects all of us. Now I have a very big decision to make."

Jared tells Theresa that he reallocated the funds to make the pensions stronger and much more profitable for the employees. He didn't want what happened to Enron to happen to them. "Profits are way up, and we could then look at boosting the pensions in a year and make things better for everyone involved." Ethan doesn't believe any of this crap that Jared is spewing. Theresa isn't sure what she should think about any of this. She is getting really confused now. Ethan knows that this is all garbage and that Jared is lying to cover up his crimes. He just came up with that story. Jared tells Ethan that Chad knows about this. Chad comes forward and says that he and Jared did discuss moving the money. Theresa knew it. This wasn't what Ethan said it was.

Fancy offers to quit, but Luis won't let her. Sam eases up, and everyone gets to keep their jobs. Fancy heads to the bathroom now. Sam asks Luis what fascinates him about the Crane women so much. Luis feels that is his business. "You had better start thinking of your career and hers. You will lose everything that you worked so hard for if you don't watch it." Luis can't help it. He loves Fancy. He has no idea what he should do. Sam can't help Luis with that, but warns that if this gets out, his career will be down the tubes. In the bathroom, Fancy has her ear up against the wall, and she hears everything.

Noah and Simone are alone, and he asks her what is in his sister's head. Simone says that Kay isn't the problem here. "He is a two-faced liar. Kay is totally justified in hating the guy. I wish that she could reach down and find that anger in her." Noah disagrees. Simone has to wonder what it is with these guys. She would rip his little weasely head off if she could.

Kay is so upset with Miguel that she can't even speak. She is disgusted and humiliated. She will not tell him what he already knows. "Let's just pretend like we never started getting back together. Let's just pretend that I never thought about ending plans to marry someone who truly loves me."

Fox makes his payment now to Charity. She smiles in appreciation of getting paid for a job well done. "And you! Thank you, too…" 'Miguel' takes the envelope that is handed to him and opens it to look at the bills inside. He smiles.

Noah asks what exactly it was that Miguel did. Simone feels like Noah is just covering for Miguel. He remembers her sticking up for Kay when she was at her worst. He would like to take a side, but he doesn't have all the information. All he knows is that Miguel is out in the snow in pain. Simone tells Noah to forget it. She has had it with all of them. She walks off.

Kay can't believe that she made such a stupid mistake. He begs for her to tell him what happened. "I am lost. I am lost and confused. I have no clue what is going on, except that I feel that I am losing you."

Fox orders Charity and 'Miguel' to take off their masks now so they don't get caught wearing them. The two pull at their necks, peeling the masks off their heads. "Amazing," Fox says. "Just look at the magic that a little latex can do…"

Chris offers to stay up and keep Sheridan company, but she wants to stay up and do some reading, she says. Chris leaves her alone then. She sits alone. "The lies just keep on coming. I am tearing Luis and Fancy to pieces. I am a monster. I don't want him to be with her ever again because I love him, and I can't help it."

Luis and Fancy are alone again, and he apologizes for the interruptions. He will not let anything else get in their way of making love. She wants to do this more than anything. "We just dodged a bullet." Luis has dodged bigger bullets before. She wants him to think about the sick-o who took that picture. "They could be outside right now trying to get a picture of them right now." Luis doesn't believe that. She wants him to think about his career and how he loves it. One bad incident could ruin everything for them. He is worried about her reputation being dragged through the mud. He loves her, but he doesn't want his love for her to end up hurting her. She doesn't want to cause him pain either. Now what? She hasn't got the answer, but they can't, at least not yet. Luis knows that they will find a way around this. "I promise you that." She hopes so.

Theresa knows now that she should have had more faith in Jared. Ethan insists that Theresa believe in him instead. "How many times have I said that to you, Ethan?" Whitney takes Ethan outside. Ethan tells Whitney that she has to get through to Theresa for him. She thinks that Jared is a good guy, and he wants to protect Theresa. "He is a bad guy, Whitney." Whitney knows that anger and jealousy are making him overreact. "Chad knows about the pension-fund money. If you don't believe Jared, then you are saying that Chad is a liar too…Is that it?" In the room, Jared goes to the bathroom. Theresa tells Chad that she is grateful to him for backing up Jared the way that he did. She hugs him. Then she goes to Jared and hugs him too. While Jared is hugging Theresa, he looks at Chad meaningfully over her shoulder.

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