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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Miguel is sitting out in the snow when Noah finds him. Miguel tells Noah that Kay has suddenly changed her mind about him and is going to marry Fox now. Noah wonders if this is just guilt about what she was going to do to Fox. Miguel knows that he didn't do anything to deserve this.

Kay enters the house and sits crying alone. Simone comes in and learns that Miguel said nothing about what he did to her when they talked. He acted like everything was great, and the way that it should be. "Bastard! Did you tell him off?" Kay hasn't done anything about this yet. She just can't bring herself to do anything.

Charity comes to Fox, who is reading the newspaper outside. It is snowing out there, but Fox is not bothered by it. Charity sees that he is relaxed and happy over what transpired earlier. "Things went perfectly, Charity. Kay and Miguel are finished…"

Luis and Fancy are under a blanket, finally enjoying their time together alone. He hears something, and Fancy panics that they are going be interrupted again. She asks what it is that he hears…It's nothing! "No fire alarms…no phone calls… We actually have a chance at putting this plan into action. No more crazy interruptions. If I didn't know better I would think that someone has been trying to keep use apart."

Sheridan arrives home, brushing snow off of her coat as she comes in. Chris comes to greet her at the door. He was getting worried. She remembers walking and finding Luis and Fancy kissing under a blanket. She took a picture of them. She tells Chris that she is late because she went for a walk after the shower ended. He is just glad that she is okay, as he was starting to get worried. The memories of Luis and Fancy kissing haunt Sheridan, but she tells Chris that she is okay.

Whitney is alone in bed. She remembers talking to Theresa about Chad and his cheating. Chad jumps in the bed and tells her that it is snowing. He tries to make love to her, but she won't have it. He doesn't see how they can go on like this. She agrees.

Theresa watches as Ethan and Jared punch each other and fight in her room. Theresa was making love to Jared when the door flew open and Ethan came tearing in, pouncing on Jared without a word being said. They roll around on the bed and get up against the wall as they pummel each other senseless. She shouts at them to stop, but they can't hear, as they are too busy fighting. She is getting really concerned about this, but can't figure out a way to stop what's going on.

Chris and Sheridan sit and talk about taking a short vacation. He was thinking that they could take James skiing. He promises that he will find time for the both of them to be alone. She smiles. She looks at the picture of Luis and Fancy that is on her phone. "How dare they?" she whispers when Chris's back is turned. Chris cleans up the area where their magazines are kept. Sheridan sees one that holds her interest. It's the tabloid with Luis and Fancy's picture. They are pretending to be porn stars for their big bust. She smiles now, looking evil.

Luis and Fancy are kissing when there is a knock at the door. A bellhop has brought them champagne that Luis had ordered earlier. When Luis turns around, Fancy is gone. He sees the trail of her bra and panties ending at the bathroom door, and he smiles.

Whitney can't shake the feeling that Chad is cheating, and she leaves him in the room alone so she can go think. Someone knocks at the door. It is Valerie. She wants to talk to him. He tells her 'no'. She needs him. "It's important." Whitney is inside the bathroom, and she reenters the room, but Chad isn't there.

Theresa can't stop the fighting, and so she does the only other thing that she can do. She gets a pitcher of water and throws it on both men. That gets their attention, and they stop fighting.

Charity sees that Fox is quite evil, and she hopes never to cross him. Fox smiles as he tells how Kay never wants to see Miguel again. Fox knows that Kay is upset, but he will not think about how he hurt her. He won't lose Kay. She is his. Charity in Harmony with Miguel was the only way to get what he wanted.

Noah knows his sister and can tell that for her to act this way means that Miguel had to have done something. The only thing that he can think of that would cause this to happen is Charity coming back, but he knows that Miguel is completely over her.

Simone asks why Kay didn't confront Miguel about what she saw him doing. Kay thought that he was sweet and nice, but the reality is that he is two-faced and sneaky. She is so confused. She trusted him and should have known that he was lying. Simone can't listen to this. "I am going to go and let Miguel have it!"

Luis goes into the bathroom and finds Fancy in the tub with bubbles. She pretends to be surprised. He comes in with the champagne and glasses and drops his shorts. Fancy watches in awe as he moves closer to her. The water is hot and will surely get the kinks out. "Excellent idea, Cadet…" She is glad that he thinks so. They kiss. This feels right to him. She puts her hand under the water. "Wow! Does hot water always do this to you?" He assures her that hot water has nothing to do with it. There is only one thing missing from their magical date. He reaches for the champagne and now she understands. Now the night is perfection. Luis pops his cork and feeds Fancy from the bottle, letting it dribble down her chin. "Don't stop," she coos when he starts kissing her neck.

Chris looks for an article in a certain magazine, but he can't find it. Sheridan says that she is hungry, and so Chris goes into the kitchen to get some really great Turkey Chili that he brought down from the house. Once he is gone from the room, Sheridan makes a call. "You don't need to know my name. I have a story for you that you are going to love."

Kay stops Simone from going to Miguel to confront him like she should have done.

Miguel tells Noah that Kay is the only woman in his heart now. Charity is his past. Whatever they had is dead and buried.

Chad and Valerie are talking in the hall. Whitney suddenly appears. She has caught them with their heads together. Valerie tries to leave, but Whitney won't let her. "No, bitch! We are going to settle this right here and right now."

Ethan says that he has the goods on Jared, and he isn't who he says he is. Theresa shouts that every time that she tries to get on with her life, Ethan is there to see that she doesn't. "That is not what this is about, Theresa! Come with me to the office, and I will show you that this guy isn't what he appears to be." Theresa now looks from one man's face to the other, not sure what to do.

Chris and Sheridan have dinner, and it is wonderful. He thanks her for this and can't understand what exactly it was that she did to deserve him. He feels that he knows what is happening here. "Losing Marty, and then our baby…It is going to take some time for you to get over that. In time you will be able to deal with the grief." Chris hopes that he has made her as happy as she has made him. They get their glasses of beer and look into each other's eyes. He really hopes that she can find happiness with him. She assures him that she has. She says that she loves their lives together. He loves it too. She tells him that she has no regrets. They hug.

Luis and Fancy are in the tub using their glasses to drink the champagne now. They can't keep their hands off each other, or their lips. They act like they have all the time in the world.

Whitney tells Chad that he is a bastard to bring this skank to their home. She demands to know how long this has been going on. Valerie tells Whitney that she is only there because Ethan has gone to confront Jared, and she came there to gets Chad's help. Whitney doesn't believe the story until she hears that Theresa is involved and doesn't need the publicity. Whitney goes inside to get dressed to help her friend. Valerie begs Chad to stop what he is doing before it's too late.

Theresa is listening to Ethan until she learns that he broke into Jared's office. "I have moved on. I am with Jared. If that hurts you…tough! Stop trying to tear down Jared. The more you say, the sillier you sound." That isn't what this is about, Ethan says, but Theresa will not listen to anymore of this.

Kay can't believe that Miguel lied to her. She thought that he was the one, but he isn't even close to Fox. She almost hurt him for that liar Miguel.

Fox tells Charity that he is doing what he is doing because he loves Kay. Charity hears in his voice that he wants to own her. He feels like he simply did what he had to do. "There you are." Fox and Charity turn to find Miguel walking up behind them. "Are we okay or what? Kay won't be calling off the wedding to you now."

Ethan is still in Theresa's room with Jared when Valerie, Chad and Whitney arrive. Theresa is all over Valerie when she hears that she knew that Ethan was up to tricks. Ethan tries to take the blame, but Theresa can't talk to her right now. She will deal with Valerie the next day. Valerie leaves. Ethan begs Theresa to go to the office with him so that he can show her the proof that he has. She won't go and orders him out. He sees a laptop in the room and says that he can use the satellite connection to get the proof that he needs. At first Jared doesn't want Ethan on the laptop, but then Ethan points out that if the man hasn't anything to hide, then this shouldn't matter.

Simone tells Kay that she has to confront Miguel and tell him what it was that she saw. "It is time that you nail Miguel to the wall."

Fox and Miguel shake hands over a job well done. Charity doesn't feel that this is right, but Fox defends what he did. Fox thanks Charity and Miguel for what he did. "No problem…Anytime."

Luis carries Fancy to the bed. "Make love to me now, Luis." He places her gently on the bed and starts kissing her softly. Chris goes to do the dishes, and then soon he and Sheridan will go to bed. When he leaves the room, Sheridan goes to the fax machine and puts the blown up pictures that she took in the machine. She hits the green button to send them off.

Ethan starts typing, but Theresa still thinks that this is ridiculous. Chad asks Jared what this is all about, but Jared says nothing. Ethan keeps typing, and soon Theresa is interested to see what this is about. She tells Jared that she is allowing this to get Ethan to back off and not because she doesn't trust him. Ethan is sure that he is going to show that Jared is a fraud. Theresa goes to Jared and tells that there isn't anything that Ethan will show her that will change her mind about him.

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