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Passions Update Friday 12/1/06--Canada; Monday 12/4/06

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Grace waits to hear what Eve has to tell her. Eve thinks about how Julian taunted her about Grace and how she will hate her when the truth comes out. "I have betrayed you, Grace. I have betrayed you in the worst possible way."

TC looks at a picture of himself and Eve and tells her that he is so lucky that he has her. She nursed him back to health. "When you come back from Kay's shower, I am going to have a surprise for you." He slips and falls to the ground. He is unconscious and the picture shatters. Kay wonders what Miguel could possibly want to talk to her about after what she has just witnessed. She remembers how he was naked with Charity just a little while ago, and how he acted like she was the only woman in the world for him. She turns to him now…

Sheridan is confused. She knows that she has to forget about Luis but she just can't. Luis and Fancy are in their rented room starting to make love…

Jared and Theresa tell each other they love each other while laying on the bed between bouts of lovemaking. She is really happy with him and plans to make this relationship work.

Ethan is in his car talking to Valerie and telling her that he will get Theresa away from Jared before it is too late. He can't wait even a minute. He has to warn her that Jared isn't who he portrays himself to be.

TC wakes on the floor and realizes what happened to him just now. "Don't get mad…Get up!" he tells himself. He pushes himself to his knees and grabs the walker to get to a standing position. There! He did it! He has to be strong for Eve. He plans to be the man that she needs him to be.

Grace can't believe that her friend would do anything bad enough to feel the way that she does about herself. Grace smiles. It can't be all that bad. Eve never wanted to hurt her friend when she agreed to keep quiet under Ivy's blackmail…she just felt powerless at the time and fearful that everything in her life would change.

Fox thinks that his father is drinking too much, but Julian won't stop. That is one of the only pleasures he has left in life. Fox peeks at Miguel and Kay. Miguel tells Kay that he loves her, and he wants to know if Kay has told Fox that she is leaving him. She can't believe that he still expects her to do that.

Sheridan's problem is that she just can't let Luis and Fancy be together. Gwen knows that Sheridan still loves Luis and finds her behavior a bit like stalking. Sheridan says that she only followed the two because she was concerned about them. Gwen wonders if Sheridan should have given Fancy her blessings to go after Luis. She feels that Sheridan has to tell the man how she feels. "You have to find Luis right now and tell him that you want him back."

Luis and Fancy have a drink together, and then they are kissing again. Earlier, she and he were acting like rabbits, trying to get together as fast as possible. Luis suggested that they take it slow now, and Fancy likes it. The fire roars behind them. They are laying down now. She likes that they are not rushing things and plan on working up to making love.

The circus is coming to town, and Jared decides that he will be taking Theresa and Little Ethan. Theresa remembers that she said that Ethan could take Little Ethan to the circus. Jared is fine with that. He will take the boy to the zoo instead. Theresa says that won't work either… “The Mystic Seaport?” He can't get that date either. Theresa suddenly decides that she will cancel some of Ethan's play dates with Little Ethan and start having Jared spend time with the boy. "I like that." He goes to the bathroom. Theresa sees that this is turning out to be a pretty good evening. Someone knocks. Theresa thinks it is room service. It is Ethan. He says that he is there to protect her from Jared.

Eve explains how Ivy knew all about her past and threatened to expose her. Grace knows about Eve's past. Sam told her. Eve wanted to stand up to Ivy, but she was desperate not to lose everything. She was worried that her family would hate her. She tells how Ivy blackmailed her into silence about something. "It gets worse…it's horrible, Grace. It is just horrible. I knew that Ivy was using David Hastings to break up your marriage, and I didn't tell you. I just kept quiet." Grace can't believe this. She calls Eve a miserable, selfish bitch!

Fox is not happy to see Kay like this. Her heart is breaking, and he was the one to actually do it. Miguel says that he was off buying flowers for her. She gets really mad and slaps him. "Damn you! Damn you for lying to me!"

Sheridan returns from the bathroom and feels much better about things. She will not be going to Luis to talk about this. She is finished with Luis and can't risk losing Marty. Gwen hears that Sheridan is confusing James with Marty. She wonders if her friend is having a nervous breakdown. Gwen thinks that Sheridan is just missing Marty. She finds her obsessed. Sheridan thinks that the real obsession is Gwen's over Theresa.

Ethan tells Theresa that he lied to the nanny to find out where she was that night. She isn't pleased that he has done this. Jared is still in the bathroom. "He's been lying. He's not legit, and I can prove it."

Grace is slowly starting to understand. She damns Eve straight to hell. Eve says that she was in hell the whole time since she did this. "You Judas!"

Fox watches Miguel from behind a tree. Julian has run out of booze. Fox wants to follow Miguel and Kay and see what happens next. Julian spies Eve alone sitting in a chair on the phone.

Eve apologies for what she did but Grace will never forgive Eve for this. "As God is my witness Eve! You are going to pay for this." Grace slams the phone on the ground breaking it.

Julian is standing over Eve now, and he is clearly drunk. He tells Eve that she should have stayed with him. He still loves her and wants her. She tries to get away but he grabs her, kissing her. He rips her dress to get at her skin…

Kay enters the house, and Miguel is right behind her, trying to talk to her. Fox sneaks in quietly behind the two and finds a hiding place nearby.

Luis and Fancy are making love, and suddenly, they hear beeping. It sounds like a fire alarm, but they ignore it. Suddenly there is an announcement over a speakerphone telling all the guests of the establishment to evacuate the building immediately. Luis and Fancy rush out. "It is like someone is conspiring against us."

Sheridan thinks that Gwen is the obsessed one…not her. Gwen sees this isn't going to be a friendly talk. "Gwen, the whole town can see that Ethan loves Theresa more than you! So why don't you divorce Ethan so that he can be with Theresa?"

Ethan orders Theresa to get dressed and come with him right now. Theresa will not go. She doesn't believe him. For all she knows he could just be doing this to stop her from moving on. Ethan knows that the guy is a liar. She remembers that she had proof once, but JT didn't come through for her, and Ethan didn't believe her. "Theresa! You have to get away from this man. You have to get out of here!"

Julian sits Eve in a chair and pulls at his tie. He is going to make her love him. She struggles and screams, but she can't get away. "No!" It's TC, and he picks up his walker, holding it over his head and he brings it down hard on Julian's head. Julian falls unconscious to the side…freeing Eve.

Fox eavesdrops on Miguel and Kay in the house. He is only interested in if Fox knows about them or not, and nothing else. Kay can't believe him.

Luis and Fancy are outside the Bed & Breakfast. A woman tells them that someone told her that there was a fire, but it turns out that there wasn't. Luis and Fancy have to wait to return to the room now. They can't wait. They go behind some bushes and get on the ground together.

Gwen sees that her friend is totally losing control. Sheridan keeps saying that she is fine with Chris and James, but Gwen can see that Sheridan is still in love with Luis.

Jared calls out to Theresa, who replies that everything is just fine. She remembers promising Jared that she was through with the games. Jared believed her. That was the start of her wonderful evening. Theresa won't go. She threatens to have Ethan arrested for stalking her. She is serious. She feels he is just making excuses to be around her. She pushes him back. "No! I don't want you here! That's it! Get out!" She slams the door in his face.

Julian is soon on his feet again and he punches TC, sending him flying. Eve gets so angry over that that she slaps Julian hard in the face before running to TC. "You are despicable, TC…Despicable!"

Kay tells Miguel that they are over and that she will be marrying Fox after all. "You can go to hell, Miguel." Fox smiles at what he hears.

Gwen suggests that Sheridan doesn't really love Chris. Sheridan feels that Gwen is doing the same thing like Eve did. Making her think that that she is crazy. Gwen didn't mean to do that. Sheridan gets her things and heads to the door. "Wait, Sheridan! Don't do anything crazy!"

Jared catches Theresa at the door and is confused about that. Soon they are kissing. He knocks the things off a bureau nearby and puts Theresa on top. "Oh, Jared! Oh yeah!" Ethan is outside the door hearing everything that is going on. He still plans on getting this guy.

Julian apologizes to TC, but Eve orders him to go home and leave them alone. TC makes a move to go for the man, but Eve stops him. "He's not worth a damn!" Julian watches them walk off, and he quietly says goodbye to Eve forever.

Kay runs up the stairs to get away from Miguel. Fox is happy that the blow up has worked like a charm.

Luis and Fancy are making out In the bushes. Sheridan is walking by and sees them. She takes out her cellphone and snaps. "Gotcha!"

Jared and Theresa are making love on the bureau. Ethan is outside the room listening to Theresa's moans and groans. Suddenly, he kicks the door down and comes flying into the room. Theresa gets out of the way just in time. Ethan is on Jared, and the two men are fighting. Theresa shouts for them to stop, but it’s out of control…

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