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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Sam can't believe that Ivy is still packing to move out. She has been packing for days, and he is sick of seeing her face. She still can't understand why he can't understand why she had to do what she did. Sam leaves to give her time to go. She answers the phone, and Grace is livid to see that this bitch is still in her house. "Get out, Ivy! Get out of my house!"

Simone and Kay still watch and listen to Miguel in the shed with Charity. Fox and Julian watch Kay from around the corner. Fox knows that this is just wrong, and he is sorry that he did this to Kay. Julian thinks that it is the right thing to do and hopes that his son will not screw it all up by confessing to her. He wants his son to win. Fox tells himself that bringing Charity back was the right thing to do. "Kay now sees Miguel as the rat that he really is." Simone wants Kay to confront the man, but Kay doesn't feel that it is worth it if he doesn't love her. Inside the shed, Miguel can be heard asking Charity to make this official and marry him, but he won't do it.

Julian bumps into Eve running and looking terrified in the night. He stops to talk to her, wondering what has gotten into her. She is shouting 'Picked the wrong man! Picked the wrong man!', and she is trembling. Julian thinks that she is sorry now that she left him for TC and perhaps wants to come back to him. He waits to see if that is the case.

Luis and Fancy are still kissing on the park bench, now that they have made up…They get up to go now and spend the night together. Sheridan is nearby watching and following them. She is furious, and it shows on her face. She knows that she is acting crazy. She is married and should be happy with that, but she just can't seem to stop herself from watching Luis and Fancy and following them everywhere they go.

Ethan and Valerie are in the office at Crane. They have the smoking gun that proves that Jared is trouble and needs to be dealt with. They have to get a hold of Theresa to warn her about Jared and his dastardly intentions towards her. Ethan remembers that Theresa was going to that bridal shower and will try to find her there. He dials the phone.

Jared and Theresa are in bed making love while entangled on the bed, and she makes a promise to him that from now on it will only be she and he together. They kiss while naked beneath the sheets.

Eve corrects Julian about his thinking. It isn't her who picked the wrong man, but Sheridan. She tells how Sheridan has been following Luis and Fancy around, and she might hurt Fancy, seeing as she is so angry and jealous. She tells Julian that Sheridan is a Crane just like he is, and that scares her. "I am so afraid of what Sheridan will do to Fancy if she gets angry enough.”

Luis and Fancy end up at a motel. Luis makes fun of it, calling it the No-Tell Motel, but Fancy tells him that it is a very distinguished place, and it is owned by someone that she knows. Suddenly in the distance, a woman is mugged, and her purse is stolen. The woman cries out for help. Duty calls. "You go to the woman, I'll get the guy!" Fancy and Luis fly into action.

Jared and Theresa are in bed talking about how nice it is to be together again after almost breaking up forever. He reaffirms what he told her before. He just can't stay away from her, and that is why he is there with her now. The phone rings, and it is Ethan on the other line. He wants to talk to Theresa right now. Jared listens to Theresa's side of the conversation and realizes that it is Ethan, of all people, that she is talking to.

Eve knows the Cranes and has a real concern for Luis and Fancy's safety. Julian takes it lightly, even though Eve begs him not to. She hasn't any idea who will be more dangerous if push comes to shove. Sheridan and Fancy are both Cranes and have terrible tempers when pushed too far. Julian finds that he isn't like that, so her theory is flawed. He would have to care to behave like that. She knows that he does care. He was so loving and kind and open to her. Then he turned into that old Julian that she hates. He warns her not to be so critical of him. He tells her that Grace is coming back to Harmony, and he wouldn't want to be Eve when Grace gets mad at her.

Ivy tells Grace that things are not as she thinks. She isn't still living there. She just came back to get some things and furniture that she moved in when she came to live there. Grace says that she is going destroy Ivy's life like Ivy's destroyed hers. Ivy took her husband and children. Her daughter is a prostitute, and Kay was even brought into Ivy's crazy scheme. She is even marrying a Crane. Ivy says that she isn't happy about Kay marrying a Crane, either and will do anything to stop that wedding.

Kay and Simone listen to Miguel and Charity talk about their love for each other while they lie naked in the shed. Charity doesn't want to be married, she says when Miguel proposes. She feels that she is too young for that sort of thing. She may never marry. She wants to be with him, but she doesn't want to marry him. Kay thinks that she is crazy. Simone understands her. Charity knows that Miguel will want to be with his daughter, and she just feels like being in his life, but not as his wife. She will still be with him, even after he marries Kay. He is surprised by that. They kiss and start making love again. Kay is shocked out of her mind. She runs off, and Simone follows her. Fox knows that this is for the best… she will have a life with him instead.

Luis catches the mugger and the woman's purse is returned. The woman is grateful, and the dirt bag will be taken to jail. She will be glad to testify against this guy and do her duty. Fancy called in for a car to come and pick the guy up, but there wasn't a car available. Luis and Fancy will have to take the guy in themselves. The mugger suggests that they let him go. "Shut your pie hole, you poop for brains!" the old lady snaps.

Sheridan goes to see Gwen, and Gwen can see that something is terribly wrong just from the look on her face. Sheridan tells her how she has been following Luis and Fancy, and she saw them go to the Bed & Breakfast Inn. "What's wrong with me, Gwen? How can I be doing this?"

Ivy assures Grace that she isn't happy about Fox and Kay at all. Grace wonders if Sam knows how Ivy really feels. She will make sure that everything comes out when she returns. She will run Ivy out on a rail. Ivy gets her back up and isn't afraid of Grace. She tells Grace that she should ask her husband who he prefers to make love to. "He told me that he was tired of pretending with you!" Sam has returned to the house, and he hears what Ivy is saying. He grabs the phone from Ivy, who is still ranting about Grace and how she is threatening to go after her and eventually Eve. Grace asks what it was that Ivy just said about Eve. Sam is upset now. He was going to break the news about Eve to Grace gently…

Julian can't wait to have Grace return and have a go at Eve. Eve knows that this is just Julian's hurt talking. She knows that he is upset that she is staying with TC. Still, she thinks that they should do something about Sheridan. She would like Julian to talk to Sheridan and make her see that she has to give up Luis. He doesn't care what she wants. She didn't care what he wanted.

Ethan tells Theresa that he has to talk to her about Jared. Jared asks what it is that Ethan wants. Theresa is sitting up and telling Ethan that it doesn't matter what he has to say to her. She has made up with Jared, and she is going to stay with him no matter what! Ethan rolls his eyes.

Eve says that helping Sheridan isn't something that benefits her. He talks of how he put her on a pedestal, while ignoring the issue that Eve wants to discuss. He is through with her. "Leave me alone… I don't care."

Simone offers to go with Kay to talk to Miguel, but she just wants to get out of there. Simone goes to get the car so they can go for a drive. Fox watches Kay and hates seeing her in all this pain. Julian tells Fox not to weaken. "If you lose the woman that you love, you will regret it for the rest of your life." Fox knows that he is talking about himself.

Luis thinks they should call Sam to help them out. Fancy isn't sure the Chief of Police will want to come out for this. Luis and Fancy talk in code about them getting together. The old woman figures this out in now time. "I get it. You want to have a little more time to make whoopee." The mugger chuckles, and Luis tells him to shut his pie hole. The old woman sees a squad car not far off. Fancy shouts and runs to it. "I guess that you are going to get lucky after all, handsome…"

Sheridan wonders if she is losing her mind. Gwen listens to her story and decides that Sheridan has to make a decision. She will be hurting herself. Ethan did the same thing with her and Theresa. Gwen thinks now that Ethan is done with Theresa and her tricks. "I think that she is out of his life for good."

Ethan tells Theresa that he is trying to save her. He tells that he is trying to save her from Jared. He has the proof. She orders him not to call her again. Jared likes the way that she handled that. He suggests that she turn her phone off. She does. He understands why Ethan can't let go of this incredible woman. He says that he couldn't help notice that Theresa's eyes lit up when she realized that Ethan was on the phone. "So I am asking you now. Are you glad that you are with me? Or is it Ethan that you want?"

Ivy tells Sam that she will be telling Grace just how much Eve was involved in this. Sam knows that Ivy knows that this will hurt Grace, and that proves what kind of person she is. He orders her out of the house. When she is gone, Sam tells Grace that he thought that Grace would have been gone by now. Grace is coming home the next day and can't wait to see him. Grace wants to know more about Eve. She missed her friend so much and wants to call her right now. Sam has to tell her something first. He is about to tell the story when the line goes dead. Grace hears the line is dead from her end too, but instead of calling Sam back, she calls her best friend, Eve. Eve is glad to hear from her friend and is really surprised to learn that the woman will be coming home the very next day. Grace can't wait to have a heart-to-heart with her very best friend. She starts about Ivy now and how self-centered Ivy is. She is so glad that she has Eve who just goes around caring about everyone else.

Ethan wishes that he knew where Theresa was right now. She could be anywhere in the world, he knows. He decides to call the nanny. Theresa tells the nanny everywhere that she goes in case she is needed.

Jared needs to know that Theresa really does love him deep inside. She turns to him and sincerely tells Jared that it isn't easy for her. Ethan has been a part of her life forever. She is trying to move on, though. Jared will not stand by and hold his breath if there is a chance that she will return to Ethan. She guarantees that will not happen. She will not be trying to make Ethan jealous or play other games. He hopes that he isn't being a fool, but he does believe her. "Okay, now just make love to me…"

Sam has to do some damage control so that Grace will not be too devastated. Grace tells Eve that she can't wait to come home. They will celebrate Christmas like they used to. There is so much that they have to talk about. "Grace…I have something to tell you…"

Julian reminds Fox again that they are Cranes and that they don't lose, when he hears weakness in the boy's voice. Fox knows that he has broken Kay's heart. Julian says that is all the better, as she will need Fox to lean on. Kay stands waiting for Simone to return. "Kay? Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you." Kay turns to find Miguel, the lying bastard, standing behind her looking at her innocently.

Luis and Fancy have made it. They have a room, and they can finally be together. Luis tells her that now they can have the night of their lives. It will be a night that they can remember for the rest of their lives. He wants to take it slow and easy with her tonight.

Ethan gets the nanny and tells her that he has to talk to Theresa. He lies about this being about the custody case. He learns that Theresa is at the Harmony Inn and jets into action. Valerie wishes him luck because he is going to need it. At the Harmony Inn, Theresa lounges and enjoys Jared as she kisses him and frolics in the bed, feeling as is all is finally right in the world…

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