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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay watches through the shed door as Miguel makes love to Charity. Simone pulls her friend from the door. Miguel is making love to Charity when he said that he was finished with her. Simone tells her friend that she deserves an answer. Kay doesn't care. She will not do this anymore. If Miguel wants to be with Charity, then he can be with her. She can't do anything about this anymore!

Jared and Theresa finish kissing. He warns her that she needs to get used to his kisses, as there will be a lot more. She revisits what the fortune teller said, and how she was right. He doesn't care about the fortune teller. He just knows that he couldn't live without her. "I won't let anything stand in the way of a future with you in it."

Ethan is in the Crane offices looking for something that proves that Jared is a troublemaker. He sits in the dark at a desk and starts rifling through the drawers to find the smoking gun. The lights go on suddenly, and Ethan turns to the door. It is Valerie walking in. She has caught Ethan snooping, and she now walks to the desk for an explanation.

Fancy stops running now. She hears Luis calling for her and asks her to stop so that he can explain. She starts running again. Luis appears where Fancy just was, and he calls out some more before he starts running again. Sheridan brings up the rear, amazed at what's going on. She wonders what it was that Luis did… She starts walking, but Eve is behind her and calls out to her, stopping her. Sheridan asks Eve what she is doing there, but Eve shoots the same question back at her. "You said that you were over Luis, Sheridan. Don't tell me that you are chasing him!" Sheridan turns on the woman for jumping down her throat. Eve reminds her that she used to be the girl's psychiatrist and knows what she is talking about. Sheridan reminds her that she 'used' to be her psychiatrist, with the operative word being 'used'. She tells Eve that she should try specializing in one field. She should know by now that she isn't the only doctor in town. "You know that saying, 'Jack of all trades, master of none!'" Sheridan runs off, and Eve runs off after her. Luis catches up to Fancy and tells her that she has things all wrong and needs to hear what he has to say. She feels that she has heard all that she has to. She knows that Pilar hates her family and thinks that the Cranes are all evil, herself included. Luis knows that his mother said that, but…Fancy waits for an explanation.

Kay whines and cries over her broken heart. Simone tells Kay to toughen up and deal with this properly. Kay stops crying over Miguel and pulls herself together. "Oh no!" Kay has a thought. She remembers Tabitha telling her that terrible things happen when Miguel and Charity make love…

Jared has a great idea now that he and Theresa are back together and are feeling close like this. He would like to make love to Theresa right there, right now to celebrate their getting back together. She loves the idea of being with him. They run off together to find a place on the wharf where no one will see them.

Ethan lies, telling Valerie that he was looking for Theresa when she gives him a hard time about being in the Crane offices. She doesn't buy anything that he is saying. She gets the phone on the desk. "I am going to call Theresa!"

Kay isn't sure what she should say to Miguel. Simone knows that Kay will say the right things and pushes her to interrupt the entangled twosome. Kay peers in the small window on the door. Miguel tells Charity that he loves making love to her. He thought that he would die without her. He feels that he somehow drove her away. She loves that they are together as if they were never apart. He tells her that he loves her, and if it is forgiveness that she needs, she has it. He wants to forget the past, but she can't. She wants to remember the past. She realizes that she made a mistake by turning her back on him. He vows they will never make that mistake again. They kiss now.

Luis starts his explanation. Sheridan has come up behind them and listens… Eve comes up too, and Sheridan waves at her to be quiet. Luis tells Fancy that he only agreed to what his mother said to calm her down. He really does love her. "Everything in me is wrapped up in you." They hug. Eve can see that Sheridan is really bothered by this scene.

Valerie keeps trying to make the call about Ethan, but Ethan keeps stopping her. He tells Valerie what he is really doing there. He is trying to find out about Jared. He knows that something is fishy and not right. Valerie has Crane Security on hold now. Ethan reminds Valerie that she could lose her job it Jared is some sort of plant who is there to destroy them. Valerie considers this and hangs up. She will work with him, but if he is wrong, she will hang him out to dry.

Jared wants to go on the beach and make love but Theresa doesn't really want to do that. He feels that he is being rejected all over again. "Don't tell me. It is Ethan right? You don't want to make love to me because of him." Jared knows that he will always come in second to Ethan when she has him throwing himself at her feet. Theresa tells Jared that she hasn't changed her mind. She does want to be with him. He feels silly now. He sees that he has jumped to conclusions. She understands after all that she has put him through. He hopes that they will stay together and not fight again. He needs to make love to her right now, but she tells that she is cold…really cold. She knows if they go down to the beach it will be colder. Christmas is a month away, and the breeze coming in from the water will be freezing. She would rather make love to him in a nice warm hotel room. Jared understands; he just wanted to know what it would be like to make love to her out on the beach. He tells her he will call and get them a room, and have a fire burning when they get there.

Kay can't do it. She starts walking off. Simone let Miguel do this to her friend. He is clearly getting away with it! She tears into the shed like a tornado. "Well! If it isn't Charity Standish!" Miguel and Charity pull the covers over themselves, asking what Simone is doing there. Miguel starts getting up on his feet. Simone tells Miguel that she didn't like what he did to her friend. SMACK! She punches him hard in the face. He goes flying, and Charity shrieks.

Eve tries to get Sheridan to leave now that she sees that Luis and Fancy have sorted their differences out and are staying together. She pulls on Sheridan's sleeve to get her to leave, but Sheridan turns on Eve like a serpent…hissing her displeasure at that old nosey-parker. "Don't you get it? Leave me alone!" Her face contorts into a Halloween mask, and she bares her teeth to show Eve she means business. Eve is quiet after that. Luis has made his full apology and waits for Fancy to accept it. She will, as long as he means what he says, is done with Sheridan, and really loves her in spite of what he promised his mother he would do. Luis doesn't answer, and that gets Fancy suspicious of his apology again. She demands to know if he is truly over Sheridan. Luis doesn't answer. Eve really feels they should go. Sheridan turns on Eve now. She tells Eve that she isn't her psychiatrist anymore, and that she is over Luis. Eve wonders, then, why Sheridan is following the couple around. Luis finally speaks. He tells Fancy that he is over Sheridan and in love with Fancy. The two hug and kiss. Seeing that is like a blow to Sheridan, and she closes her eyes as a single tear runs down her face.

Simone envisions kicking the crap out of Miguel. It has all been a dream. She has been fantasizing about smacking Miguel around. Kay snaps her out of her dream and gets her back to reality. Kay goes and peeks in the window and sees that Miguel suddenly remembers her. He jumps to a sitting position and says that he can't do this to Kay. Kay is thrilled and tells Simone what she's heard. Simone isn't impressed. The man who professes to love her just remembered her AFTER he made love to another woman. There isn't anything to be happy about in that!

Valerie gives Ethan the keys to the castle, and he goes to work. Ethan gets on Jared’s laptop and searches for something damning that will out him and get him away from Theresa. Valerie finds this a colossal waste of time. She has been helping Ethan with this and thinks that Ethan is up to something else. “There is nothing here! Look, Ethan! Why don't you just divorce Gwen and marry Theresa so that we can all get back to work around here?"

Jared and Theresa have made it to the room, but barely. They can't keep their hands off each other. She and he are joined at the hip and lips. They enter the room where the fire is glowing, and the room is warm. As they paw at each other, they fling their clothes behind them without a care. One of the garments falls into the fire, but the young lovers are unaware of that and continue their mating. Soon the fire is out of control, and getting bigger with every kiss.

Kay thinks that things are going to work out after all. She listens, waiting to hear Miguel profess how he feels for her. Miguel explains to Charity that he and Kay were going to be together, but it seems that she is going to marry Fox after all. He turns to Charity now. "You are the woman who I love." Kay turns from the window, feeling hurt.

Eve tells Sheridan that she looks just like her father used to right now. Sheridan turns slowly to face Eve. She hopes that her father is looking up at her from hell. She turns on Eve, attacking her about the life that she has been living. "You helped Ivy destroy Grace Bennett's life to keep your secrets, but all those secrets came out anyway…Now you! Eve the biggest BITCH in Harmony are trying to give me advice. Remember the bible…'Physician! Heal thyself!'"

Jared and Theresa are in the throes of passion! Theresa smells something burning, but Jared assures her that it is only him. Theresa smells fire! They look over and see that half the room is on fire. Jared grabs a robe and gets an extinguisher from the hallway to put the fire out. Some of the foam gets on Theresa's face…she smiles. The fire is out, and they know that they are going to be in trouble with the management. They will find somewhere else to be together. For her, anywhere is fine, as long as she is with him. They kiss.

Ethan says that Jared is twisted. He comes out of nowhere, and suddenly, he is the number two person at Crane. He is sure that Theresa is in trouble. She is the mother of his child, and even if it is for that reason alone, he will do this. Valerie wants to go now. She is running a big risk, and if someone were to walk in there, she would be in mighty big trouble. Ethan just needs a few more minutes. He sits at the computer again and reads. "Oh my God! Valerie! I knew he was a fake and now I have the proof! It's all right here! That guy's a fraud!"

Kay is going to be sick. Simone orders her to kick the door down, but Kay is too weak to do that right now. Inside, Miguel tells Charity that they can be together again…He suggests they leave town. Kay feels like the stupid girl that he got pregnant and nothing more. Simone hugs her friend.

Valerie and Ethan look at the screen now. They have to tell Theresa, or she will have regrets for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, Jared and Theresa are in bed making sweet, sweet love. "…Ah…Jared…"

Luis and Fancy sit on a bench, and they talk. She feels like Santa just gave them their early Christmas present: their love. Sheridan is telling Eve off. "I don't take advice from heartless bitches! I know what I have to do! And if anyone gets in my way, I will take care of them too!" Eve is stunned to silence. She puts her hand to her mouth in horror, as Sheridan directs her attention back to Luis and Fancy as they hug and kiss on the bench. Eve sees that Sheridan is acting just like her father. She really is Alistair's daughter! Eve knows that this can only be trouble. Sheridan watches Luis and Fancy now. She grits her teeth, and her face becomes hard.

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