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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabitha worries now that Sheridan might figure out that she and Endora are witches. Luis and Fancy are going to have a time of it. Sheridan is a Crane and they hate to lose in love. Her heart is hardening. Sheridan continues to stare into the big blue pot at the image of Luis and Fancy kissing.

Fox sees that Kay is in agony because of what he has done. Julian sits with him as he relates how he has ended Miguel and Kay's affair forever. They see Kay with Simone and she is crying. It is killing Kay… Fox is suddenly remorseful and decides to go and tell Kay the truth right away.

Whitney has come looking for her friend and she finds Theresa at the wharf alone. Theresa says that Jared was there but he is gone now…forever. Whitney sits to hear the tale of what went wrong in Theresa's life this time. Theresa is strangely calm as she tells of how Jared did arrive but then didn't think things could work.

Gwen talks with Ethan and tells him that she is still feeling sick still. He offers to come home and look after her, but she tells him that he really can stay at work and not worry about her. Ethan thinks that Rebecca is there taking care of her daughter but she isn't. She is off meeting with JT.

JT shoots into the air outside his place. He shouts out that there is more of to come if whoever is out there doesn't leave him alone. He goes outside and holds his gun up defensively in case the culprits are still around. He looks down and at the bottom of the steps he sees Rebecca laying on her back with her eyes closed. JT runs to her and sees that he has nailed her.

Whitney feels that Theresa shouldn't be so ready to let Jared go. Theresa doesn't fault Jared for the way that he has taken this. It seems like no one is having a good night. Whitney tells how the fortuneteller warned her about Chad. Theresa says that Whitney really has to get these notions out of her head. Theresa uses her example to show Whitney that the fortuneteller told her that she would be with the man that she would spend the rest of her life with. She looks around and sees no one.

Ethan wants to talk to Rebecca. He remembers Pilar used to make a mustard plaster that would make him all better when he was a kid. He will tell Rebecca how to make it and that will make Gwen all better. Gwen doesn't know what to tell him.

JT is sorry that Rebecca is hurt but he has this great idea that he could take pictures of her and sell it to the tabloids. He looks at her thinking that she doesn't look violent enough. He rearranges her pose and gets it just right. He just needs his camera now. Rebecca's eyes pop open and she raises her leg kicking JT hard in the family jewels. She will not have her picture taken in such a morbid manner. He drops his letter that he was going to mail at the wharf, and Rebecca grabs it to read it. JT snatches it from her and holds it tightly to his chest.  "Tell me JT! Tell me who it is that you are blackmailing?"

Chad walks along and bumps into Jared who towards Tabitha's house. Jared notices that Chad is looking down and asks him how its going with him lately. Chad looks like he doesn't want to talk about his troubles with anyone…even Jared who knows his secret.

Julian grabs his son's arm and pulls him back from confessing his secret to Kay. Julian will not let his son lose out to an ignorant fishmonger. Fox knows that his father is right. Kay is hurting but that is because of what she did to him…

Simone listens as Kay tells how she overheard that Fox was dying. He only has a couple of months to live, she tells. She wanted to be with Miguel but she didn't want to break Fox's heart. But then Miguel hurt her. He promised her that he was over her. He looked at Charity and kissed her. He told her that he loved her. He had just told Kay the exact same thing. Simone understands now. "Men are pigs."

Sheridan gets angry as she looks into the bowl. She shouts that Luis should be kissing her! Tabitha tells Endora to stop this quick. ZAP! The image goes away and there is suddenly nothing in it but fruit. Tabitha tells that is nothing more than Black Lagoon Punch! Tabitha wonders if Sheridan must have had some. She knows that Sheridan is under stress. They have been talking about Marty and James and it isn't a wonder to Tabitha that Sheridan is seeing thing. She knows too that Sheridan lost Luis and that has to weigh on her mind too. Sheridan walks to another part of the room. Tabitha sees that again, the mortal lies to herself. It is clear to Tabitha that Sheridan, Luis and Fancy are on the road to disaster.

Luis gets Fancy to his house. She can't wait to be with him and she pulls off most of his and her clothes and pushes him to the couch. He tells her that they should really go to his room. She can't wait! They fall to the couch, kissing and groping…The door opens, but not widely. It is Pilar. She stops in the doorway, not exactly entering the house. She is on her cellphone talking. She hasn't come in yet. Luis and Fancy hear her and they jump off the couch and grab their clothes, trying to get them on before they are discovered half-naked on Pilar's couch.

Pilar stays on the phone and Luis sends Fancy to exit out the backdoor. Pilar comes in now and finds what appears to be a sleeping Luis on the couch. Pilar ends her call and wakes Luis. She asks him why he is in the living room and not in his room. He has his clothes all over the floor. She wonders why he isn't at the shower. He asks her the same thing. She is frazzled. She ran into Martin with that woman. She can't stand the sight of them together. "Let me tell you something mijo! The Cranes are evil! Absolutely evil!"

Sheridan gives Tabitha the gift that she brought from the attic in the mansion. Tabitha unwraps the gift and finds that it is a very old painting of someone who looks exactly like Tabitha. Sheridan waits to see if Tabitha can tell who the woman in the picture is.

Gwen tells Ethan that her mother can't come to the phone because she is with Jane. Ethan accepts the excuse and hangs up.

Rebecca is angry that JT would make a buck with her dead body and not tell her who they are blackmailing. She thinks that if he really wants her to go away with him, he will tell her his secret.

Jared tells that he was just with Theresa. They both went to a fortuneteller and the woman said that if they found the other halves of the coins they had, they would be with the right person for life. Jared won't let himself be made a fool of though. He warns Chad that he has to stop messing around and be true to Whitney.

The only good thing about talking to the fortuneteller is that Theresa doesn't believe in them anymore. She sees that she hasn't got Jared and Whitney doesn't have Chad…

Simone tells Kay that if she wants to sort this out, she will have to go and talk to Miguel herself. Fox and Julian eavesdrop on the conversation and hear how torn up Kay is over the loss of her true love. Simone does manage to convince her though that she has to go and talk to Miguel. They get up and head into the house.

Kay and Simone go into the house but Miguel and Charity are not where she left them. She can't find them anywhere. Fox and Julian follow the girls from a distance and wait for the best part of all this. Simone finds a very sexy burgundy bra on the couch. She holds it up for Kay to see.

Sheridan tells that the picture looks like the bottom half of it was torn off. Tabitha revisits that time in history. She calls up demons and was very angry. She called for pain and sorrow to curse the Crane hearts for all eternity! Sheridan asks Tabitha again now is she knows anything about this painting. Endora thinks that this is going to be good!

Fancy couldn't get out of the house and now she is stuck inside hiding. Luis is getting dressed now while his mother goes on about how the Cranes are terrible people. Fancy hears everything. Luis tells his mother that things that have gone wrong with the Cranes have to do with Alistair. He knows that Sheridan is good and Fancy is good too. Pilar is sure that when the Cranes are good, they are only faking. She asks Luis one favor and one favor only. "You have ended it with Sheridan, and you barely know Fancy. Please! Please Luis! Don't ever get involved with a Crane again!" Fancy hears everything from her hiding spot down the hall.

Kay doesn't care about the bra. She just wants to know where Miguel and Charity went. Simone sees a trail of clothes. Kay and Simone follow them. Fox can't wait for this. At the end of the trail of clothes is the end of Miguel and Kay. Julian and Fox follow the girls.

Ethan asks himself why Theresa would waste herself on someone like Jared. Ethan really wants to know more about this guy. If he isn't what he appears to be Ethan will make him pay. Ethan gets up from his desk.

Whitney orders Theresa to go find Jared and make him stay. Theresa feels that ship has sailed and that they should be more concerned about Chad and getting Whitney married right now. Whitney has to go but would like Theresa to think about what she has said. Theresa feels that she can't change things now.

Chad admits that he is starting to think that he is addicted to sex. He doesn't need a support group. He has his own program. The problem is that he just can imagine life without Whitney.

Rebecca gives JT a bag of ice which he holds in his lap to cool off his crotch after Rebecca put her stiletto heel to it. She speaks sweetly into his ear about the news that he is holding to himself. She needs to know who he is blackmailing. He hands her an envelope. "If you want to know who is going to be blackmailed, open this envelope."

Sheridan won't go back to the party. She asks Tabitha to please tell Fox and Kay that she has left. Sheridan says goodbye to Tabitha and Endora and leaves. Tabitha feels sorry for Sheridan. She hates to see a mother grieving for her children now that she has Endora. And Sheridan is also grieving for Luis which makes things harder. Endora tells her mummy to reverse the curse that she put on the Cranes all those centuries ago. Tabitha will not reverse it. The curse stays. "The sins of the father Endora. And my curse is sure-fire!"

Pilar begs Luis to promise that he will dump the Cranes forever. Fancy listens as Luis tells his mother that he will promise not to do with the Cranes. He hugs his mother… Down the hall, Fancy wonders inside how Luis could possibly make a promise like that to his mother.

Simone and Kay finds Charity's shoe and Miguel's sock…They are outside now in the yard. Kay goes to the shed and looks in the window on the door. She sees Miguel and Charity making love.

Fancy feels that she has been made a fool of, and she waits till Pilar and Luis can't see her and she runs out the front door. Sheridan is outside and she sees when Fancy walks out of the house. She stays hidden and watches as Fancy walks off. Luis hears Fancy's shoes on the porch and runs to the door shouting Fancy's name. Pilar doesn't understand. Luis goes out on the porch and shouts after Fancy to stop. He runs after her up the walk. "What is going on here?" Sheridan wonders after seeing this.

Chad sees Ethan at Crane and Ethan lies to him about what he is doing there. Chad has no reason to think that Ethan is up to anything, so he walks off. Ethan heads to the offices of Crane to see what is up with this guy. Down the hall, someone is around the corner. All that can be seen of this person is a shadow of a body that holds something that seems to be a gun…

Theresa and Whitney have done all the talking they can do right now. Whitney tells her friend goodbye and walks off.

Theresa turns to find Jared behind her. He can't leave her like he planned. He holds her in his arms and they kiss.

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