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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Gwen is sick as a dog. She sits in her room coughing and sneezing. Her mother arrives while she is covering her head with a towel over steam. Rebecca is going off on a getaway but Gwen begs her to stay. Rebecca tells that she is going off with JT to get him as far away as possible. Theresa will never find the man again.

Jared and Theresa are kissing at the wharf. He had the other half of her coin from the fortuneteller and so it seems like this is fate. She wasn't even going to show up there but Whitney pushed her to go to the designated place to see if anything would come of the fortuneteller's prediction. The two kiss again.

Whitney tells herself that the fortuneteller was wrong and doesn't know what she is talking about when it comes to the warnings she gave about Chad and how she can't be trusted. Chad arrives at the shower, and greets his wife. He has been thinking about the two of them and how they should get married right away like Fox and Kay are doing. Whitney thinks that is a mistake.

Luis tells Fancy that he loves her. Fancy can't believe that this is real. They kiss… He wants to get out of there and be alone with her. They have already said good luck to the bride and groom, and Luis really wants to make love to Fancy. She would like that.

Sheridan arrives at the shower and Simone sees her first when she enters. Sheridan has a gift but it is for Tabitha, and not the happy couple. Sheridan found the item in the attic of the mansion and think that Tabitha would like it. It is a little weird. Sheridan walks off and suddenly thoughts of Luis and Fancy come to her mind. She actually sees the two at the shower kissing…but it I all in her mind. Simone comes up behind Sheridan asking if she is okay.

Tabitha can't believe her eyes as she looks into the big blue pot! Miguel and Charity are lip-locking like there is no tomorrow! She sees all. Kay is stunned and can't seem to say anything.

Fox and Kay stand and watch as Miguel and Charity reunite with a long lingering kiss. From the second they laid eyes on each other, they have been inseparable. Fox tells Kay that it is as if they never separated. He wouldn't be surprised if Miguel and Charity ended up married like he and Kay… Miguel and Charity are still kissing hello while Kay watches stunned to silence.

Gwen coughs as she asks about JT. Rebecca tells that JT was still in town tying up some loose ends and that he has this great idea that could make him millions. Gwen knows that this has to be another blackmail scheme. Rebecca thinks that is what it is. JT knows a lot of stories and secrets about everyone in town and he is going to use it. Gwen realizes that Rebecca is going to benefit by working with JT. She knows that this is a crime but she is willing to give it a whirl. The phone rings and JT is on the phone. He asks if she has found her passport yet. He wants to get out of Dodge. As he talks, he works diligently cutting out words from magazines for his latest ploy.

Whitney tells Chad that she can't marry him…not after talking to the fortuneteller. Chad gets upset when he hears where Whitney has been getting advice. He asks if the fortuneteller told Whitney that he was cheating. She finds that interesting that he is so against her talking to the fortuneteller. She suspects that he is afraid that the fortuneteller told her that he is cheating.

Jared and Theresa are still at the wharf kissing. She smiles into his face when they part. He can see that she is happy and so he makes sure that she understands right from the start that this kissing changes nothing for them. She doesn't understand. For him, things seem more out of place than ever.

Luis and Fancy can't wait to go somewhere where they can be alone, and they start groping each other outside. They pull of their coats and kiss some more. She gives him the keys to drive, but still he can't tear himself away from her. The kiss some more.

Sheridan tells Simone that she just had a flash of something in her mind. She professes that she is fine. Simone asks if this has to do with Luis and Fancy. Simone tells that Paloma said that Luis and Fancy might be getting together. Sheridan blows up at Simone for asking about Luis and Fancy. Simone apologizes for bring this up. Sheridan says that she gave Luis and Fancy her blessing and is fine with their friendship. Sheridan leaves. Simone wonders where Kay is. This is supposed to be the happiest time of her life.

Kay is standing in the house watching Miguel and Charity kiss with a passion that she thought only she and Miguel could share. Fox wants Kay to come outside to be with their guests but she will be along in a minute. Fox reminds her that she wanted to tell him something but she tells that she doesn't have to do that anymore. It isn't important. Fox leaves the house.

Kay watches Miguel and Charity alone now. It is as if there isn't anyone else in the world but the both of them. Kay is confused by the way that Miguel is acting. Kay asks herself what it is that Miguel is doing. He is supposed to be in love with her, or so he said. She walks towards the two now.

Luis and Fancy haven't made it into the car yet. They are having trouble separating to do that. They are just getting in the car now. He goes to the driver's side after putting Fancy in on her side and he is thrilled that he is connecting with Fancy. He doesn't get to start the car cause Fancy is on him like white on rice. She practically climbs into his seat. He isn't sure where they should go. She wants to stay right there. What an idea. He feels like he is in high school again.

Tabitha and Endora look into the big blue pot. She knows that the boys in the basement have to know about this. Death is coming to Harmony. In fact, it looks like more than one person is going to die. Tabitha really knows that right now she and her daughter can't be found out as witches. Sheridan comes in the back door and puts her gift for Tabitha on the floor by the door. She enters the main room and sees Tabitha and Endora looking in the big blue pot. She asks what Tabitha is looking at in the pot. Tabitha and Endora's heads turn to see Sheridan behind them.

Whitney tells Chad that the fortuneteller isn't really her concern. There is something else. Her concern is that Rebecca saw Chad at the Safari Motel and he was naked in a room.

Jared thinks that both he and Theresa having the matching halves of a coin means nothing really. It is an interesting coincidence but that is all. As far as he is concerned, they are no closer to being together for the rest of their lives than before they met the fortuneteller.

Tabitha says that there isn't anything in the bowl. She whispers to Endora to change the channel. ZAP! The image of in the bowl of Miguel and Charity kissing fades away. Tabitha breathes a sigh of relief. Sheridan comes over and sees that the water in the bowl is just bubbling and there isn't anything in it. Tabitha says that she finds the bubbling water soothing. Sheridan thinks that Endora gets prettier everyday and actually reminds her of when she was a baby. Endora likes Sheridan and hopes that she comes around more often. Tabitha says quietly that she needs that like she needs a hole in the head. Sheridan starts coughing and Tabitha offers her a drink. She sends a telling look to Endora and ZAP! A fruity drink appears on the counter. Sheridan turns and thinks that she should have noticed that drink there before. The vision of Luis and Fancy kissing at the shower comes to her again. she rubs her head. Tabitha notices that something is wrong. Sheridan asks if Tabitha has ever experienced something coming to her mind all of a sudden… Tabitha hasn't had that happen to her before. She thinks that maybe the poor girl has been suppressing something that is trying to get out!

The idea of making love in the car doesn't turn out to be a good one. Luis gets a cramp and the car alarm goes off. Then they hear a little kid asking a parent what it is that those people are doing in that car! Luis and Fancy hear the child and separate smiling shyly.

Fox is on the phone telling his father how his plan worked like a charm… It is very important that Kay not find out about what he did, he says into the phone. A voice from behind Miguel asks what it is that he doesn't want Kay to find out about. Simone is behind Fox now waiting for an answer…

Miguel and Charity finally separate and look into each other's eyes. He tells Charity that he loves her. Kay thinks back to a time when he promised to love her and only her most of all. She realizes now that it was all a lie. His promise to her was all a lie! She goes running out of the room unseen

The kid offers Luis and Fancy some of his ice cream cone but Luis and Fancy decline his offer and send him to his mother. Luis and Fancy try again to connect but the alarm goes off again. This time Luis can't shut the damn thing off. They decide to ignore the alarm and they start kissing again.

Endora can tell that there is something wrong with her Aunt Sheridan. Sheridan tells Tabitha that she wishes that she had known her son at Endora's age. She accidentally refers to James as Marty and Tabitha points that out. she knows that Sheridan must be hurting. Sheridan sees Endora's ball in the room and remembers buying the same one for Marty. Tabitha is concerned that the girl isn't all right. In Sheridan's mind, she hears the ball bouncing.

Rebecca tells how she likes JT and how smart he is. Gwen isn't impressed with JT. He isn't anything more than a blackmailer. Rebecca tells that JT has all his dirty secrets on a little doo-dad that he carries around with him. All he has to do is retrieve the information when he needs it.

Whitney demands to know who it was that Chad went to the motel to meet.

Theresa tells Jared that she is the one for him. Jared disagrees. Theresa points out that the things that the fortuneteller told her was true. Jared hasn't ever let Theresa down but she has let him down. He figures that in another time and place they could have been something but Ethan is still in her heart and soul and he can't play second fiddle. He would like to be with her but he can't hurt himself this way. He will be leaving town for good, and that is that!

Jared did love Theresa and he could be a fool for her, but he can't. She orders him to kiss her just one last time and he does the honors. Then he walks off quickly without looking back. Theresa sits alone now.

Chad tells Whitney that Rebecca is a nut case. He swears to her on Miles that he isn't lying to her. Her telling him that she doesn't want to marry him kills him. She hasn't any idea what to think and so he doesn't know where he stands with her. She needs time to think. She rushes off.

Gwen calls Ethan and tells him that she is fine and that her mother is there to help her out if she needs it. Gwen gets off the phone and she talks again about her mother possibly going to jail for the antics that she is going to get up to with JT.

Fox ends his call. He turns to Whitney and asks her if she always eavesdrops. Simone says that she only eavesdrops when things involve her friends. Fox says that he has a surprise lined up for Kay, that's all. Simone runs off to find her friend. Fox knows that he is breaking Kay's heart right now but at least he saved his own.

Kay is crying and she runs to her friends arms. She tells Simone how Miguel doesn't really love her, but Charity.

JT puts together his blackmailing note with the words that he has cut out of a magazine. JT gets a call and it is a source giving him even more dirty secrets that he can use. He can't believe his good fortune. There is a noise behind him. He turns and tiptoes to the door after quickly hanging up. He gets his gun out. There is a looming figure that makes a shadow on the wall. There is something in the figure's hand. JT opens the door quickly and makes 3 quick shots into the night.

Sheridan is talking with Tabitha when she suddenly looks down into the big blue pot nearby. "Oh my God!" She sees an image. It is Luis and Fancy kissing in the bottom of the pot! She can't tear her eyes away!

In the car outside Tabitha's house, Luis and Fancy try to ignore the alarm and make love. This is too awkward. Luis suggests that they go to the Seascape Inn. They can have a nice fire there and relax comfortably. Fancy likes that idea. SNAP! The two separate and go to their corners. It is the stick-shift. Luis can't change gears because his stick-ship has broken. They won't be going anywhere! They need some place to go. Luis suggests his house. Everyone is at the shower and they can have some time alone there. Luis's house is in walking distance, so it proves to be the perfect idea. They scurry out of the car to get going!

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