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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Endora sits in the kitchen while her mummy lays passed out on the floor. ZAP! Endora has turned on the faucet and tossed water on her mother with just a wiggle of her finger, from her high chair. Tabitha jumps up and realizes that she has really seen Charity again in Harmony. She is at this very party. She passes out again.

Charity wants to go and join the party but Fox says 'no', and he says it a little too harshly catching Charity's attention. He covers his urgency to make this work the way that he planned. He calmly tells her that he wants her to appear to Miguel and Kay at the right time so his surprise for them will be a good one. Charity looks confused but then accepts his suggestion.

Miguel wants Kay to tell Fox the news about them as soon as she can. People are at a bridal shower for a wedding that isn't going to happen. Kay tries to tell Fox the news but every time that she makes an attempt, something happens. It is almost like he is trying to stop her from telling him.

Pilar and Luis are at the bridal shower and he wonders if Fancy is there as he looks around. He tells his mother that he is in love with Fancy Crane and he thought that he wouldn't ever love another woman again. Pilar is so glad to hear this news. She has always wanted her children to be happy.

Fancy is walking in the night by herself. She thinks about what she heard Luis say. He was in the gym and he told Ethan that he couldn't love another woman after Sheridan. Fancy cried when she heard that and Luis is none-the-wiser about her overhearing him. She realizes that he never loved her and he never will.

Noah and Paloma talk about Jessica while at the party and how they are glad that she is alright. They don't fault her drinking. They would drink too if they had been married to Spike. Noah reminds her of Jessica. He thanks her for saying that. Noah sees an old friend and will talk to Paloma later. She sighs after he is gone.

Whitney is thrilled to see that Jared has come to the party. She had no idea that he had been invited. He won't be staying long. He was on his way out of town and wanted to say goodbye to Fox and Kay and wish them a happy life. Whitney lets on that Theresa is supposed to be there but that means little to him now.

Theresa is with the fortuneteller and she tells Theresa has fate but Theresa doesn't believe it. She gets up to leave and the fortuneteller tells that there is a man that loves her and she can have him if she works quickly. That is the one man, the fortuneteller says, who can give Theresa happiness.

Pilar had no idea that Luis had managed to move on and it pleases her to no end that Luis has accepted the fact that Sheridan has moved on. Pilar finds that Fancy is a very nice girl. Luis changed his mind about her when down in the mineshaft with her. He wants to find her and tell her that he loves her before it is too late.

Paloma is so glad to see that Fancy is out of the hospital. She has arrived at the shower. Fancy is sad and Paloma notices. Fancy tells that she is sad about Luis. Paloma is sorry for that. Fancy isn't sure about that. Paloma loves her friend and just wants the best for everyone involved. Fancy tells that she overheard Luis talking to Ethan at the gym and he said that he will never love another woman but Sheridan. Fancy suddenly sees Noah and is reminded of that relationship failing as well. Paloma knows that Noah told her over and over that he never slept with Maya, but Fancy still doesn't buy it. Fancy trods off. Fancy might not believe Noah but Paloma does.

Whitney asks about Theresa, and Jared says that things just didn't work out for them. He still thinks that Theresa is a really great girl. Whitney wonders where Chad is. Jared tells Whitney not to worry because Chad really loves her. He walks off. Whitney can't understand this bad feeling that she has about Chad having a double life.

Theresa is really confused by the fortuneteller. The woman lays out he cards again and things are very clear. She warns Theresa that fate is trying to guide her and she should listen. The fortuneteller tells Theresa that the man that Theresa is to be with will have the other half of a coin that she produces. According to the fortuneteller, if Theresa can find the half of the coin, she will have her perfect man.

ZAP! Endora sees her mummy is out cold again and she uses her magic to douse her mother a second time with water. Tabitha wakes shouting from the water. She sits up while still on the ground and she wipes her face. Tabitha frets that if Charity moves back to town this will be the end of them all.

Fox leaves Charity in his bedroom again, telling her to just wait for a bit so they can make the perfect surprise. He has to have her come out at the right time. He walks out closing the door behind him. Charity is getting impatient and she rolls her eyes now in anticipation of finally being seen by her friends.

Kay wants to talk to Fox alone, so Miguel pecks her on the cheek and leaves. Fox comes to Kay and tells her that she looks a little off. She needs to talk to him but he wants to talk later. They have guests now. Kay won't let it wait. She has to talk to him now.

The fortuneteller doesn't understand why Theresa is so reluctant to find the man who can bring her a lifetime of happiness. Theresa says that she is interested in meeting the man of her dreams. She is told to go to a place overlooking water, with wooden railings. It is a place nearby. Theresa is told that if she goes to this place, she will change her life forever.

Theresa tells Whitney about the fortuneteller and how amazing she was. She said things about Ethan that were totally true. Whitney doesn't believe in the fortuneteller. They have ways of getting information while they are talking to you. When Whitney hears all the things that the woman said though, she has to admit that was a strange coincidence. Whitney thinks that the man that the fortuneteller was talking about was clearly Jared. Theresa tells that she has to find the man who has the other half of the coin and that will be her true love. Suddenly Theresa feels stupid about all this and thinks that she should just forget about it. She will probably have her hopes dashed.

Jared walks by the fortuneteller and she tries to rope him in for a reading. She can tell that he is hurt and that his pride is preventing him from being with the woman that he loves. He finds that a lucky guess. She also knows that he is leaving Harmony. Now he is interested and he sits at her table. The fortuneteller consults with her cards and sees that if Jared stays, he will be with the woman that he loves and he will find happiness with her.

Fancy enters another part of the yard and finds that she is right behind Luis and some other people. Near Luis isn't where she wants to be. She puts her head down and runs past him with the hopes that he won't see her. Luis sees her and wonders what that was all about.

In the house Tabitha is drying off. Fancy comes rushing in the house. She apologizes for bursting in. She asks if she can just hide out in the house for a while. She is hiding from Luis. That's fine with Tabitha. Fancy runs to another room. Luis comes into the house looking for Fancy. He waves 'hello' to Endora and says 'good evening' to Tabitha. He asks about Fancy, and Tabitha pauses. Nearby, Fancy is stooping and keeping herself hidden from Luis. She hears him though asking about her.

Luis tells that Fancy was outside and he thought that he saw her come in. Fancy hides on her hands and knees beside the table. Tabitha says that she hasn't seen Fancy anywhere. Luis thanks her and leaves.

Fancy comes out of hiding and thanks Tabitha for her help. Now that Tabitha has helped Fancy, Fancy owes the old woman one. She will help Tabitha take out the food. Fancy goes to Endora to say hello. Endora is thrilled to meet Fancy. Endora knows that the woman is her half-sister. Fancy can't help but think that Endora looks exactly like she did as a toddler. Tabitha asks Fancy to take a tray out now for the guests. Fancy trots off to the yard. Tabitha goes to Endora telling that no one can know that she is Julian's child. No one!

Fox feels that he knows what Kay is going to say. He says that she is worried about how their marriage is going to affect Miguel. He hasn't got Charity anymore, but Fox knows that the girls is still in Miguel's heart. Kay still needs to get out what she wants to say. Fox tells her to go ahead then. He closes his eyes suddenly and holds his hand to his head. He says that he needs to go inside and get his medicine. She asks him what he means by 'medicine'. He says that he just meant aspirin. Fox walks off. Kay thinks that Fox is all wrong about Miguel. He can't still want Charity…can he?

Pilar and Miguel talk and Pilar worries. She hopes that if Charity were to appear that Miguel would stick to his commitment with Kay. Miguel is sure that he will only love Kay from now.

Whitney wants her friend to check out what the fortuneteller and see if Jared will be there. Theresa decides that she needs to go and check out the fortuneteller's instructions to find true love. If she doesn't, she will never know if she should have gone or not.

Theresa is at the wharf. She feels silly that the man that she loves is really going to show up. He does. Jared is there. She thought that he had already left town, but learns that he was just on his way out of Harmony. He asks what she is doing there, but she knows that he wouldn't believe her if she told him. He just might. He reports that he has left his letter of resignation on her desk. He puts his hand out to shake hers, making sure that she understands that they are still friends, and that is when his half of the coin drops to the ground. Theresa picks it up, marveling that he has this.

Luis catches up to Fancy finally. She can't help but blush when he tells her that he has been looking for her everywhere.

Fox and Kay are in the house now. She is still trying to talk to him about breaking off their engagement so that she can marry Miguel. Someone calls her name from behind and she turns to face Charity. Kay's eyes grow wide at the sight of her…

Jared tells that he is embarrassed by the half-a-coin. He feels like a big jerk but he tells Theresa the story of the fortuneteller and how the coin was to lead him to his destined love. Theresa take out her half a coin and shows it to Jared. They kiss.

Noah offers Paloma some food that he has gotten for her without asking. She appreciates that.

Whitney goes to the fortuneteller and asks the old woman to answer a few questions. The old woman holds her hands and tells Whitney that she already knows the answers to the questions that she wants to ask. She warns Whitney to be careful. Sometimes it is better not to know the answers.

Fancy tells Luis how they were in the mineshaft and she thought that she heard him say something about them being together. Luis is trying to talk to Fancy and tell her that he loves her but she keeps talking. He mumbles that he is in love with a motor mouth. She talks for a few seconds more and then realizes that he just said that he loves her. He says it again and they kiss.

Charity is with Fox in the living room when Miguel comes in behind Charity. He recognizes her immediately. When he calls her name, she turns to him and he comes to her. Fox and Kay watch fascinated at the way that he seems to have suddenly connected with her. They are holding hands now and gazing into each other's eyes. He tells her that he loves her and has never stopped. Kay watches stunned…

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