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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Rebecca and Julian have just finished making love. He is dressed like a pilgrim and she is dressed like a squaw. He is overwhelmed by her lovemaking but his mood sours when she calls Eve a whore in comparison. Julian leaves suddenly to get fresh air instead of playing 'Stuff the Turkey' with Rebecca. Rebecca is not happy that Eve has managed to ruin this time for her.

Eve and TC sit on the living room couch in the house where they raised their children together. She brings him a beverage and he smiles at her gratefully. TC feels so lucky that he has Eve back in his life after treating her so badly. Eve tells him that they are lucky to have each other and their children.

Rae and Simone go and see Father Lonnigan at the church. He welcomes Rae to his church but she has already met him. She used to come to this church before. She tells him that she got her first communion there. She hasn't been welcomed there for a while, she says. She tells that the reason is because she is a lesbian.

Ivy shows up at the police station with goodies for Sam for the holiday. She puts her picnic basket on his desk and flashes him one of her biggest smiles. He can't believe her. He is still furious with her over what she did. He doesn't even want to look at her. He is most of all thankful that she is out of his life.

Endora sees a picture of a turkey on a calendar displayed in the house and a twinkle comes to her eye…A pink twinkle that is... ZAP! Turkeys start popping up all over the house. One by one, in every room… Tabitha freaks out. ZAP! Tabitha runs to see what Endora's pink little beam of light has done outside. She smiles after looking out. The child has frozen time. Endora's being naughty but Tabitha can't help but laugh. She orders Endora to get the festive birds out of the house as they gobble away in the background, but Endora makes no move to do as she has been told. Tabitha ducks in time to avoid a terrorizing turkey from flying directly at her head!

Father Lonnigan admits that homosexuality is against god's laws but gays and lesbians are among god's children and they do come to the church. He welcomes them. Father Lonnigan leaves the girls now. Rae finds them wanting to go to church hypocritical but Simone disagrees. Jessica arrives. She tells that she has done a terrible thing and now no one wants to be with her. ***

Ivy says that what she did was for love and she thinks that he should understand that. Sam sees things differently and he feels that nothing matters now. He tells Ivy to get out of there and to get a life. He wouldn't have anything to do with her if she were the last woman on earth.

Tabitha doesn't think that this is funny. Endora still will not do as she has been told. Tabitha is only glad that no one in the backyard has seen the birds yet but she still feels that they have to get the birds out. She reminds Endora that the dark side doesn't walk hand in hand with Thanksgiving. ZAP! Endora wiggles her finger. A group of pilgrims arrive. They recognize Tabitha right away. They see the evidence of modern technology in her kitchen and mistake it for witchcraft. The order is put out to seize Tabitha and the pilgrims run after her around the kitchen. Endora smiles as the pilgrims run by after her mummy.

Rebecca tries to stop Pookie from leaving the house but he feels that Thanksgiving should be spent with friends and family. Right now he feels that she has worn out her welcome. He leaves and she fumes at the way that he has treated her. She gets out her phone and calls JT. She wants him more than ever. He tells that he still is in Harmony. He tells her that he is at the wharf. She will be right there. He can't wait to get 'Thanksgiving spread' a new meaning.

Sam begs Ivy to leave but she stands firm. Ethan comes in surprised to find the two together. Sam says that he has been trying to get Ivy out of there. He intends on picking up where he left off with Grace. He asks Ethan to help his mother to get the rest of her things out of his house.

Grace is packing and thinking how nice it will be to get back to the family and straighten them all out. That bitch has been mucking about with her family and Grace will not have it. She is glad that Sam has seen Ivy for what she truly is. Grace's phone rings. She answers it and isn't happy when she hears who has called. She asks how the person got her number.

Tabitha has been captured by the pilgrims in her very own kitchen. Endora is oblivious to it all as she plays with the turkeys and thinks how nice the pilgrims are. Tabitha knows that she is in big trouble with these men from the past. She begs Endora to please help her mummy. She doesn't want to be fried up!

Jessica has no idea why she does what she does sometimes and she hates herself for it. She might have really crossed the line with Kay that night and she hopes that Kay will forgive her. A group of kids come in and they look like trouble. Rae tells the group to leave. She tells that they had better not cause any trouble. They say that they are into loving…not fighting. Rae feels that she is being picked on because she is a lesbian. She orders the Scooby gang to get out or she will call the police.

Julian comes up to TC and Eve's house and stares through the window. He sees TC and Eve on the couch talking. He slips and bumps against the window by mistake. Eve comes out to check things out. She is shocked to find him there. He can't believe that she would rather be spoon-feeding TC than spending time with him. She would rather be with someone who really cares about her and doesn't think of her as a slave.

Tabitha has been tied up and now the pesky pilgrims set about putting wood around her feet to set her on fire. Tabitha begs Endora to save her, but Endora needs to think about it for a bit first. One of the pilgrims finds a lighter in the house and frightens himself when he creates fire with it. He leans towards Tabitha now to light one of the pieces of wood at her feed. Tabitha shouts out for Endora's help!

Ethan tries to make his mother see that she has to give Sam space. Sam confirms that Ethan is telling the right thing. Ivy will not go. She wants Sam to admit that what she did was for the right reason. Sam remembers forgiving her for keeping Ethan a secret but this thing that she did to his family is unforgivable. Trying to get him is a waste of time. If she keeps trying to get him back, he knows that he will just hate her. He orders her out!

Grace shouts into the phone that she is to be left alone. She will not be a victim anymore.

Rebecca arrives at the designated meeting place but she doesn't see JT anywhere. He suddenly pops out of nowhere happily anticipating her nakedness under her fur coat. She opens the coat and shows that she is fully dressed. She sees that he has Gwen's bag of cash and she orders that he gives it back. After all most of it is her divorce money. JT won't give it up because he is a sneaky greedy bastard! He puts the bag behind him and kisses Becky. She tries reaching over him to get it while they are kissing but he's figured out her scheme and he grabs her hand to save his loot. She likes that he is greedy in spite of what it is costing her. He is glad to hear that because he has another great idea for how they can make even more cash than what he has now!

At Tabitha's place, the fire is getting higher and higher. Endora pleads with her baby to help. Endora finally springs into action. ZAP! A beam of light hits the front door. Endora doesn't get it. How is that supposed to help? Suddenly, the door flies open and a slew of Indians enter the room howling their chant! They stop in their tracks when they see the pilgrims. The pilgrims hold up their guns and the Indians take their defensive stance for battle. Tabitha stands roasting between them.

A boy asks for Father Lonnigan, and Jessica, Rae and Simone think that they are there to off the old man. Father Lonnigan comes into the room thinking that he recognizes one of the voices in the room. It is the voice of his son. Father Lonnigan says that he has been reaching out to kids in the neighborhood and these are some that have responded. Rae feels silly now that she was so presumptuous.

Julian drinks from his flask as he listens to how Eve has gone back to TC for now. Julian tells her that she is making the same mistake that Ethan is. She wonders what mistake that can be.

Rebecca puts JT's hand on her breast, supposedly to feel her thumping heart. She then asks him what Theresa's secret is. JT moves away from her seeing what her trick is. She flirts madly with him and still tries to get the bag of money in the process. JT takes out a letter and tells Rebecca that it is a letter that is going to someone with a deep, dark secret. That person will have to pay through the nose to keep that secret hidden. JT drops the letter in a nearby mailbox.

The Indians invite the pilgrims to dinner but the pilgrims don't accept the invitation. This angers the Indians and they all get into a battle, running through the house hollering and shouting at each other. When they all leave the room, Tabitha shouts to Endora again to help her by putting out the fire. ZAP! Endora conjures up a rain cloud and has it encircle her mummy. Rain falls from the cloud and soon the fire Is out! Tabitha breathes a sigh of relief now that she is finally safe…

Gloria tells his son Will that he and his friends can help in the kitchen with the Thanksgiving dinner. The kids and Father Lonnigan all walk out of the room singing, "We gather together to do the Lord's bidding…"

Rae sees that she really jumped the gun by thinking that Father Lonnigan was a fake. She will give Father Lonnigan another chance. 'Judge not lest ye be judged,' she suddenly remembers from her Christian training as a child.

Julian tells that Eve is like Ethan since she is staying with TC out of guilt. He lists the bad qualities that TC has, and Eve is quick to remind him that he isn't perfect either. Julian gives up. He tells her to stay and wipe the drool…clean the diapers…

Ivy refuses to go no matter what. Sam just wants her to move on with her life. He is going to be with Grace when she comes back and there is nothing that she can do to change that. She is crying and so Ethan walks her out. Sam looks down at the picture of he and Grace on his desk. He promises that Ivy will not come between them again.

Grace tells the caller that her mind is made up and no one will stop her!

Rebecca massages JT and asks him again who it is that he is blackmailing. He won't say. She points out that something could happen to him and if it did, he would want his work to go on. She could do that work. JT knows that his life isn't in danger. He has all the life insurance that he needs anyway in a little gadget that he shows Rebecca. She doesn't understand…

Tabitha tells Endora that witches don't celebrate with turkeys. They like ghosts and goblins and things like that. Tabitha can't stand the turkeys and the noises that they make anymore. Endora gives in and …ZAP! The turkeys disappear. Tabitha tells her daughter to unfreeze the partygoers in the yard so things can get back to normal. ZAP! Tabitha checks that things are okay with the mortals by using her big blue pot, and it is! She sees someone in the big blue pot that makes her blood run cold. She thinks that it is… She zooms in… She sees that they are doomed. CHARITY'S BACK! Tabitha's eyes close and she faints dropping to the floor.

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