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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Gwen finds out that Jared is leaving town and she panics. "But you can't leave town Jared!"

"Why can't he leave town Gwen?"

Ethan has come in behind Gwen and Jared.

Theresa is at the bridal shower in the yard walking alone and enjoying the decorations.

"How about your fortune?"

Theresa sees a woman reading cards at a table set up in the yard… Theresa holds no stock in fortune tellers. "Why not?" The woman knows that Theresa has been to a fortune teller before and that what she was told on that occasion came true.

Tabitha is in the kitchen getting things prepared, so that she can go and enjoy the festivities as the guests are starting to do.

Fox has Kay by the arm and he drags her to the door so that they can go and enjoy the bridal shower. "No Fox! I have something that I have to tell you!" He tells her to wait right there. "I will be right back." He runs off.

Miguel is in the yard having a drink near the bush where Charity hides like Fox told her to do. She can't wait to get out of there.

She has no idea that just a few short feet away Miguel is standing there. "I can't wait to see Miguel and Kay's face when I finally stop hiding."

"I can't let Kay tell me that she wants to marry Miguel," Fox thinks to himself. "As long as she doesn't tell me, she won't leave me."

Miguel has a drink and turns to the bush beside him.

He almost drops his glass over what he sees.

Tabitha is getting stressed out about this party.


Endora has sent her mummy a Martini. "Thank you dear. It is hard to keep Kay from doing the right thing. And then there is Charity. That is just too bizarre, thinking that Charity is here after I have kept them apart after all this time."

Miguel finds something wrong with the decorations and goes over to fix them. He is at the table now where there are pictures of Fox and Kay laid out.

Charity thinks that she has been waiting too long for Fox to come and get her. "Maybe I am waiting in the wrong place." She starts moving out of her hiding place to go elsewhere.

Paloma arrives in the yard for the shower.

She sees Theresa and starts going over to see her at the fortune teller's table where she is now sitting.

She stops walking when she sees Noah. "Theresa looks busy anyway. Maybe tonight Noah will notice me."

Fox can't let Kay tell him the truth no matter what. He rushes around the house knowing that she is searching for him.

Kay arrives where Fox just was and she calls his name. "I have to find Fox and tell him the truth."

She rushes forward and finds Fox who is coming towards her. "I have to tell you the truth Fox…"


Fox and Kay turn to find Jessica standing there behind them and looking just as scruffy as ever.


"You don't deserve a bridal shower bitch!" Kay is stunned by the attack and stands bent forward in pain. She holds her cheek. Kay can tell that Jessica has been drinking. "Because of you my life was ruined. Our mother left because of you. I hate you! You selfish bitch!"


"Oh!" Kay holds her cheek again. Fox grabs Jessica before she goes completely postal on her sister.

"I know why you want Jared to stay in Harmony Gwen. I told you a million times that I am married to you and I am committed to you." Gwen knows that Theresa never gives up when she wants something.

Jared tries to get into the conversation that Ethan and Gwen are having about him, but Ethan and Gwen ignore him.

"I just want Jared to stay in town so that Theresa can have a second chance with him." Ethan isn't buying.


Ethan and Gwen see they have been rude and turn to him to talk more about his staying in Harmony.

"It is clear that you want to be with the man of your dreams. Right now he will not leave his wife. You thought that the man was going to leave his wife but when the moment came, a lie came with it. Now all hope is gone. Would you like to know more?" Theresa doesn't. "There are no answers without questions…" Theresa has one. "The married man that I am in love with…is it over for good? Is there no hope for us?" The woman addresses the cards. "You want to know more about Ethan…Are you prepared for the answer? Be it good or bad?" She flips the cards…

Her face changes to one of surprise at what the cards tell her. The old wrinkled woman lifts her eyelids in Theresa's direction and the whites of her eyes grow large indicating something shocking…

Miguel looks at the pictures on the table.

Charity is right behind him but he doesn't see her. "I better get back to where Fox told her to wait."

She walks right by Miguel while his back is turned and stands again behind the bushes where she was before.

"If mom hadn't left, she would have been here when I needed her the most but you didn't care about that. You only cared about getting Miguel away from Charity and how our mother was against that. You plot, scheme and lie and caught, and still you come out on top. You are about to marry the richest man in the world, and Miguel still wants you." Kay tells Jessica to stop this.

Noah and Paloma come over when they hear the shouting at the side of the yard. They hear the things that Jessica is saying.

"Jessica, it is okay. Kay paid a price for what she did." Jessica finds that Kay gets away with everything and she gets judged. "You are my beautiful baby sister." Jessica asks Paloma to take her home. Noah and Paloma walk her to the house.

"It's okay Kay," Fox soothes. He hugs her.

"What's going on?"

Fox and Kay turn to find Miguel behind them.

"I have been around long enough to know when it is time to move on, and it is time."

Gwen's phone rings.

She answers while walking off for privacy.

"So you are leaving? I thought that you would jump at the chance to be with Theresa. Or are you getting Theresa to a spot where she will give you a little more power and money before you stay?" Jared never thought that Ethan was this much of an idiot. "what does that mean?" Jared says that only an idiot would leave Theresa.

"I have never seen the cards give such a definite answer like this before… You will be very surprised by what your future holds. It is very good news Theresa. My cards are showing that you are going to have the best news ever!" Theresa's mouth falls open.

"Jessica was here and she was drunk. She flipped out on me for what I did to the family." Miguel is sorry that happened.

Fox wonders why Miguel is holding it together like he is. Hasn't he seen Charity yet?

Miguel tells that he has been out enjoying himself at the party.

Fox is confused.

"I am going to see if Jessica is going to be okay," Fox says. He kisses Kay and leaves.

"You still haven't told him have you?" Miguel wants to kiss her cheek better but she is afraid that people will see. "You should have seen Jessica. She was blaming me for all that had gone wrong in her life." Miguel wants to get back to the situation with Fox. "You have to tell him now."

"Theresa isn't mine to keep. I am married." Jared tells how Theresa told him the conditions that Ethan has for leaving his wife clearly shows that there is a chance that he could be with her. "Let her go Ethan! You can't be with her and you still will not let her go. You could help her laugh a little more by leaving her alone." Ethan doesn't see that he is holding Theresa back from anything. "Yes you are!"

"You will never be with Ethan! Fate is doing you a favor. It is protecting you! Theresa! It is protecting you from a mistake that could ruin your life!"

"Jessica was so drunk she passed out the minute her head touched the pillow." Noah knows that his sister puts on this façade when she is miserable. "Dad and I try to reach out to her but is doesn't work." Paloma tells him that it sounds like Jessica has Delayed Response Syndrome. She experienced something like that when she left her mother. "I had terrible fights with my mom, but now I have come to see that my mother did the best she could. Also it is exhausted being angry all the time. I decided to look ahead." Noah wishes that he could forgive like Paloma does. "Mama says that even our deepest hurts heal over time. I think that love helps to heal…You just have to be open to it." Noah hasn't been open to it for a while. "Maybe it is time you were."

"Now I am stuck doing what those caterers should be doing…"

Tabby turns and sees that the TV is on.

That doesn't make her happy and she turns it off in a hurry when she sees that the girl is watching the parade.

"You have to help mummy with the food."


Well thank you dear! Endora has prepared all the food and laid it out with a twinkle of an eye!

Tabitha thinks about the chaos that will occur if Endora finds out that it is Thanksgiving. She shudders as she thinks of the fiasco that went on last year.

There was a dinner party and Endora turned a fake turkey into a real one. The guests were terrified and ran screaming and ducking from the bird from hell.

Tabitha sips her Martini now, hoping that she will be able to keep the secret from Endora so that nothing will happen now…

"Paloma I want to thank you for being a good friend to Jessica." That is just who she is. "I can tell that you are the same when it comes to friends and family. It is nice that we have that in common." Noah likes that. "Paloma. I would like us to be friends. Good friends. Why don't you go ahead and get some food. I want to check up on Jessica…" He walks off.

"I hope that we can be more than friends Noah…Much more…"

"I tried to tell him but he kept interrupting me." Miguel knows that everyone will be hurt if she doesn't tell the truth now. "I will but it is really hard. He doesn't have that long to live." It will not be easy but Miguel doesn't want to be a part of the man living a lie. Kay knows that Miguel is right. "the minute that Fox gets back here I will tell him the truth."

Fox heads right to the yard.

Charity is waiting for him where he left her.

"Damn! Miguel hasn't seen her yet!"

"I have an idea on how to give Miguel and Kay the surprise of their lives… Come with me."

"I will never have another party for another mortal in this house. Arranging caterer is hard work! I am a witch! I will take this slip outside, you wait for mummy."

Endora sees the calendar.

Tabitha sees what she is looking at.

She drops the tray that she is carrying. "Why didn't you tell me?" Endora asks telepathically…"You know why! You go nut at Thanksgiving!"

Ethan and Jared are almost arguing when Gwen returns. Jared quickly leaves.

"I have some more work to do, so I will meet you at the bridal shower." Gwen takes off.

"Well Jared," Ethan says. "I am glad that you are leaving…"

"Ethan isn't the right man for you. A life with him will bring you pain and sorrow. Theresa! There is a better man for you. This other man is much better for you." Theresa says that the other guy doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. "that isn't true. He wants you but he thinks that he can't have your because of Ethan. This man is a man of principles and ethics and he never judged you for wanting Ethan. If you act quickly, you can stop him. Jared is your future. Not Ethan! This is your one last chance at happiness."

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