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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Theresa is in her office looking at pictures and feeling lonely and blue. Whitney arrives. "What is it?" she asks. Theresa tells her that she told Ethan that Little Ethan is his son. "He didn't believe me. He said that he couldn't believe that I could be that cruel. He said that he would love nothing more than for that to be true. If Little Ethan were his son he would be complete, but that can't be true in his eyes, as that would make him think of me as dishonest. I have truly lost all hope of ever being with Ethan."

Luis is in the steam room. Ethan comes in. "You must be working something out. I saw you killing the punching bag out there." Luis has had a lot on his mind. "You want to talk about it?" Luis doesn't, and he saw Ethan punching the bag as well. "You must have a problem, too." Ethan says that the problem is his sister and there is no way for his problems with her to be fixed. "Yeah, well Sheridan hates me. She hates me because I couldn't bring Marty back to her. The point is that I failed. I saw it in her eyes when I went to the hospital to see Fancy." Ethan knows that has to be difficult. "How is Fancy anyway? I heard that you saved her life. That sounds pretty amazing." Luis smiles. "Actually, it is Fancy who is pretty amazing. More than amazing…"

Fancy is on the phone. She says, "I am not kidding Esmé. He said that he loved me. Yeah, well, I think that he is totally over her. Then again, maybe I am wrong," the recruit says into the phone to her friend. "Maybe I was just dreaming that Luis told me that he loved me…"

""Where are they? They have to greet their guests…" Tabitha has everything ready and she is dressed for the bridal shower. Tap Tap Tap Tap… Tabby looks up in time to see a shapely blonde in a fire-engine red dress cross the floor of her living room, unaware that her every move is being watched…"Who is that in my house?" Tabitha wonders, forehead crinkled and eyes a squint. "Oh no! Could it be? Oh no! Is it her? In my house?" Tabitha suddenly realizes who it is she is looking at. Fox is standing stunned at the doorway to the room in which Miguel and Kay make hot monkey love on the couch. They are under a blanket, but there is no mistake as to what they are doing. They don't notice Fox at the door. "This is the last time," Fox thinks to himself. "This is the last time that Miguel makes loves to Kay. I have to do something." He looks around the room.

Fox spies a knife on a table nearby, and he goes and picks it up walking slowly…slowly to the couch…Charity walks into the adjoining room. "Oh no! It is over for us. The combined goodness of Charity and Miguel would mean the end for Endora and me forever… It would be the end forever…" Kay mutters between hot, sloppy kisses with Miguel, "Oh I love you so much." Miguel says, "Oh I love you too." The kisses never stop.

Fox is almost upon them now. He has his knife ready for action…Slowly…Slowly…Someone grabs him from behind. It is Julian, who silently pulls him out of the room as silently as Fox entered it.

"What are you doing?" Fox asks when it is safe to talk. "I am keeping you out of trouble!" Julian says. Fox needs to act. He walks by his father to return to the room, but Julian holds tightly to his son to prevent him from screwing things up.

Fancy gets off the phone when she sees the nurse before her. "Bye Esmé! Gotta go!" She gets the instructions for care, and is warned to skip police training classes for a few days. Eve has prescribed some painkillers, and Fancy is released. Fancy decides to call Luis for a ride home. That will also give her more time to be around Luis in order to see if he does love her like she thinks or not "Damn voicemail…Hi Luis…I guess that you are busy…" She hangs up quickly. She is frowning now. "What if Esmé is right and Luis really doesn't love me like she thinks? Maybe I imagined it all."

"Your sister has a roller coaster ahead of her because I think that she has just realized that she and I will never be together." Luis laughs. "The bottom line is that Theresa loves you very, very, very much." Ethan admits that he loves Theresa too, but he isn't going to leave his wife unless it is for a good reason. "In Rome, Theresa wanted me to speak to JT Cornell about Gwen being the one who outed my paternity. JT didn't back up what she said and now she is devastated."

"Little Ethan is going to go through his life thinking that Julian is his father." Whitney wishes that she could help. "Still, I think that you have to make Ethan believe you." Theresa can't do it. "He can't imagine that I would even keep a secret like that. I don't think that Ethan would understand anyway. I really mess things up don't I? Why does love have to be so painful?" Whitney hasn't the answer to that. "I have to go to Fox and Kay's wedding shower." Whitney doesn't want to go. "I don't think that you should go either." Theresa has to go, as Miguel is depending on her. "I wouldn't go if it weren't for Miguel. The shower is going to depress me altogether." Whitney remembers a happier time when she and Theresa used to dream of their weddings. They were little girls then. "I am not going to have that, Whitney, but you can have the great marriage and live happily ever after. I will throw you the bridal shower…" Whitney doesn't think that will happen. "I am not going to marry Chad. I am just going to call the whole thing off."

"I won't let him get away with it." Julian holds tight to his son. "You will go to prison if you do what you want to do now. Just carry on with the game and let him think that you are ill and that you are going to die." Fox calms down but is surprised that he was ready to kill just now. He tries to rush off to Miguel again but Julian holds him. "You can arrange to get rid of Miguel properly at a later date." Kay is upstairs with Miguel. Julian finds that is great. "You bring her down and you drop the bomb on them…" Miguel says, "That's it Kay. I can't let you marry Fox." Kay is too spent from their lovemaking to discuss it right now. "What is she doing in my house?" Tabitha is confused about seeing Charity of all people. Charity comes out again. "I wonder when Fox is going to come and get me so that I can see Miguel and Kay…"

"How can I say those words when I think that Chad is lying to me? If I marry Chad, I need him to love me with his whole heart and soul. We were taught that marriage was something special." Theresa thinks she sounds like Ethan, talking about marriage as a sacred thing. "If he made a mistake, should he have to hold on to those vows for his life? Actually I married Alistair, and that was a mistake. In spite of what has happened in the past, I do believe in marriage vows. If you are basing how you feel on what Rebecca said…don't! She is a liar!" Whitney knows that, but still... "Whitney, you can marry Chad and live a good life with him." Whitney is sorry that Theresa has to go through all the things that she is constantly dealing with. "I just want to move on, Whitney. I want to have our dream." Whitney wants that too.

"I hate to hear that Theresa is suffering so much, I hope that she can give up on you easily." Ethan doesn't think that Theresa will ever be over him. "She just needs to accept the situation and move on. I hope that Jared guy isn't going to work out. Besides, he is moving out of town. I want Theresa to move on, but with the right guy." Luis understands.

Fancy arrives at the station looking for Luis. He isn't in the front, so she has come around to the gym area to check for him there. She can't find him anywhere. She is about to walk away…

She suddenly hears voices in the steam room. It is Luis and Ethan talking love and their feelings. "Sheridan is the only woman…the only woman that I've ever loved…" Fancy moves quickly from the doorway as if struck by lightening at the sound of his words.

"Do you think that Chad would really risk losing you and Miles?" Whitney can't make sense of this either. "I just know that I have to postpone the wedding. I haven't asked him about this because I am afraid that he might admit to it." Theresa knows that Whitney knows Chad better than anyone. "Rebecca is a lying witch, and she doesn't want anyone to be happy." Whitney was suspicious before that, though. "Yes, but your suspicions were wrong. You and Chad belong together. Think of all that you went through with him. Don't lose your chance to be happy. Life is too short." Whitney will do it. "I will give him a chance to tell me the truth." Theresa is so happy to hear this. "I will throw you the biggest bridal shower that you have ever seen." Whitney will allow that, but only if Theresa allows her best friend to throw her one for herself and Jared…

Fancy is still listening to Ethan and Luis talk. "I never thought that I would love another woman after Sheridan. How could I?"

Fancy cries in the corridor. "I was wrong. He doesn't love me. He still loves Aunt Sheridan…" She moves away from the door. Ethan is picking up that Luis has feelings for Fancy now. "She's it!" Luis confirms. "I love her!" Fancy only hears bits and pieces of the conversation and thinks that when Luis says that he 'loves her', that he is referring to Sheridan. She feels like such a fool now.

Miguel and Kay lay in each other's arms talking. "People are coming over, Miguel. I have to go and get ready. The caterers are in the backyard…" Miguel will not let her go. "You have to go up and tell him." Kay can't do that. "I care for Fox, and I can't hurt him. He doesn't deserve this. I know that I am not going to marry him." Miguel feels then that she has to get going and do this then. "You are just being cruel." Kay can see that. "I will tell him right now." She leaves Miguel…Tabitha is outside her house. "It couldn't possibly be Charity. It has to be someone else. Let me check up on those caterers…" "Hello Tabitha!" Tabitha backs up. "I am here to see my daughter." Tabby will not let him by. "I will not make trouble for Fox's party, but don't you forget that I will be with my daughter." Julian walks off. "What else can go wrong? I better check on Endora. When a Crane wants something, they will go to any lengths to get it." Tabby rushes off. Charity enters the bedroom. "There you are!" Fox says. "I have changed my mind. I think that we will wait for the rest of the guests to arrive before you come out." Charity can't wait!

"What? You will throw me a bridal shower in exchange for one of your own?" Theresa doesn't think that will happen. "I was starting to forget about Ethan, but then JT came to Harmony, and I took a chance. That was when I lost Jared. He is leaving Harmony." Whitney feels that it is worth it to convince Jared to stay. Theresa knows that Jared wants nothing to do with her. "You know, I did care for him, and I was beginning to fall in love with him."

"You know, Luis, you have to tell Fancy if you love her." Luis was going to but he hasn't really had a chance…Fancy is in the corridor crying now. She isn't listening anymore and she feels like a fool.

Fox hides Charity behind some bushes and tells her to stand right there. "I can't wait until Miguel and Kay see you with their own eyes." Miguel is alone and dressed now. "Well I am ready…" Kay enters. Fox comes in. "Fox! I was just coming to see you." Fox puts his arms around Kay's shoulders and kisses her vulgarly. Miguel cringes. "We are going to have the wedding of the year, Kay." Kay tries to start a sentence, but he won't allow it. "I have something to show you in the backyard." Miguel leaves the room. "Fox, I have to talk to you, and it can't wait. We need to talk right now." Charity stands hidden where Fox left her. Miguel comes out to the backyard all alone… He looks around at the decorations for the party that will soon be starting. Charity stays hidden and can't wait to come out and surprise all of her friends.

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