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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

“Kay, you are doing the right thing, you will see. Soon we will be able to start living our lives together, but first you have to tell Fox the truth about us." She doesn't want to hurt him. She says, "He just found out that he is dying, and I feel so selfish. He won't tell me that he is sick to protect me!"

"Maybe I should go and talk to Miguel and Kay right now to say 'hello'." Charity walks happily to the door, but Fox stops Charity from doing that. "Kay will be so happy to have you here on our special day. But don't spoil the surprise." Fox thinks how Charity has a big job ahead of her indeed… He is going to use her to split up Miguel and Kay forever. He can't help smiling about how Miguel is going to react to this.

"We are going to play a little game, James. When Luis asks you about the man who was at the house, you will tell him that you don't remember what he looks like, okay?" The boy does remember, but Chris really wants him to play the game, so he is to say nothing about the man that Fancy saw on the grounds. Chris knows that if he doesn't stop Luis from pushing too much he will be found out as one of Alistair's men. He will lose Sheridan forever.

Eve says, "Fancy, I think that you shouldn't be surprised by what both you and Sheridan could be capable of if you start fighting over Luis". Fancy knows that Eve is over-thinking the issue and that there won't be anything to worry about. "She has given up on Luis and their relationship is over now Eve!"

"Luis, what you are really asking me is if I am happy with Chris, instead of you." That is exactly what he is thinking.

"Julian isn't Little Ethan's father. You are. It is you, Ethan!" He can only stare back at Theresa after the bomb that she has dropped on him. He is at a loss for words while he is taking it all in.

"Fancy, you are a very bright young woman, so don't fool yourself into thinking that the relationship that Luis and Sheridan had is over. There is no mutual understanding. The point is that no matter what happens, Luis and Sheridan have this connection. Can't you feel it?" Fancy knows that the two didn't split in a regular sort of way, but the fact is that it is over. "I just want you to remember, that I warned you, Fancy." She thanks Eve for the heads up, but she is sure that Luis is hers.

"Luis…about my life with Chris…" Sheridan begins. "Mommy!" Chris and James arrive at Fancy's hospital door. "James wanted to check up on Fancy, so I brought him in." Sheridan says that she and Luis were just talking about Fancy and her condition. Eve says that the visitors can return to Fancy's room now. Her examination of Fancy is over, and she is waiting for them. Chris, James and Luis enter the room to go and visit with Fancy. "Sheridan, can I talk to you for a minute please?" Eve wants to talk about Luis and the fact that Sheridan still loves him.

"We were together one time back then. One time! You were on birth control. What are you trying to pull here? If something that important had happened, you would have told me about it. You wouldn't have ever kept a secret like that from me. Not after losing everything in my life. If you are telling me that Little Ethan is my son, I don't think that you would have done that! Or is it true. Tell me now if you are lying to me. OR could you be like my mother. Could you? Could you be that cruel, Theresa?"

Fox says, "I found some of your old clothes and got my secretary to get you some new ones. I want you to look your best when you see Miguel." Charity finds that Kay is very lucky to have a man like Fox to look after her. Charity picks a dress that is frumpy and shrieks, "Good Girl!" Fox has a slinkier dress though, and he would really like Charity to wear it. She runs off to put it on. Fox can't wait for Miguel to lay eyes on Charity.

"We can't put this off any longer. We have to tell Fox that we are getting married, Kay." Kay doesn't think that she will be able to find the words to tell Fox the truth, when he hasn't even told her that he is sick yet. "He will be living a lie, and I want to make sure that you are not in his bed anymore." Kay feels that if she tells Fox the truth, he will be alone and dying afterwards. That bothers her. "Are you changing your mind, Kay? Are you planning on marrying him?"

Eve says, "Sheridan, don't try to kid me. There is a competition going on for Luis's attention between you and Fancy. It was all over your face in there. A child could see it. You were never very good at lying, Sheridan. I know you better than anyone in this town. I was your psychiatrist and your hypnotist, and then you try to live up to the Crane standard of hiding pain." Sheridan tells her to stop analyzing her. "Turning away from reality is dangerous, Sheridan. Your true feelings will fester, and one day, they will explode. They will destroy everyone around you, including your new family." Chris decides to leave with James since Luis wants to talk about the assault on Fancy, but Luis wants him to stay. He might want to ask the man some questions. Fancy gives James a deck of playing cards and sends him to the table at the other end of the room to play. He walks off. "So Fancy, do you remember the man who was holding you at the cave?" She never saw his face. "I was blindfolded, and then he tried to rape me, but he never did." Luis is glad to hear that. "When I tried to escape, that was when I fell down the mine shaft." Luis pushes her to think about who this man is. "Sometimes people have access to auditory memories and that can help. "…Um…Before I fell, I think that I heard someone else came in the cave. There were two people there whispering." Luis is hopeful that maybe Fancy can remember one of their voices. Chris remembers that he did shout down the hole at her. She might have recognized his voice. "I do remember someone's voice Luis!" She looks directly at Chris now. "I remember!" Luis turns to look at Chris now as well.

"Is this your idea of a sick joke?" Theresa tries to explain, but Ethan keeps talking. "You remember how angry I was with my mother? When she lied to me? I can't believe that you would keep something like that from someone that you love, or loved. Could you?" She says that she couldn't do that. "I know this Theresa, so why the hell would you say something like this to me?" She cries and says that she just lashed out. "I meant to say that you are like a father to Little Ethan. It was the discussion of Julian wanting to have full custody, and I exploded." Ethan understands. "The truth is that I am a little disappointed that I am not his father." Theresa finds so many things are wrong with her life and she wishes that she could change it with one stroke. "It isn't wrong to fantasize is it? Cause in my fantasies so much is different. Everything is different."

"I heard a voice but I thought that I might have been dreaming after I fell." Fancy stops to think about this… Fancy remembers hearing Luis's voice telling her that he loved her when they were at the bottom of the mineshaft. She decides that she won't tell Luis of that memory right now, but she still blushes. "I think that I was mistaken this time." Luis tries to jog her memory. "What happened when you went after this person? I remember! James pointed it out. He was sitting by the French windows. I was playing with James……He said he saw a man talking to his father on the grounds. Then he said the man was at the window……We were running through the park……Someone hit me and I was out…I never saw the man's face the whole time." Luis turns to James. "Who was it, Chris?" Chris says that he has no idea who the man could be. "Well since you won't tell me, I will have to go to James."

Sheridan tells Eve, "I hope that I don't have to tell you to mind your own business. I have James, and I have Chris, and I finally have the family that I have always wanted." Eve points out that Sheridan doesn't have Luis. "I know that!" She quickly apologizes for shouting. "I no longer want to be with Luis." Eve wonders if Sheridan's heart tells her that she can live the rest of her life without Luis…

Fox is getting impatient waiting for Charity to return. She opens the door in the sexy dress that Fox bought for her. "Miguel is going to have a fit when he sees you." She says that she will have to completely change her makeup now. "Get cracking then!" Fox marvels at the way that she looks. Miguel is going to love it. Kay says, "I don't know how to tell him, Miguel." Miguel suggests that they tell him together. "I love you, Kay, and no matter what happens, you are never to forget that." They kiss, but she stops it. They could get caught. He doesn't care. "I have everything that I have ever wanted, Eve!" Eve saw her…the look on her face when Luis and Fancy were close. "There was the slightest look of hurt." Sheridan says that her shoes are too tight, but then admits that it does hurt seeing Luis and Fancy together like that. "Any woman would feel this way, but I am a grown woman and I need to get over this."

Chris asks, "You want to question my son?" Luis knows that he needs Chris's permission to question the boy, but that will only let Luis think that Chris has something to hide. "What's it gonna be? Do I have your permission to question James or not?"

Ethan says, "I am sorry, Theresa. You are obviously very distraught. I am Julian's lawyer, and I have to work for his best interests." Theresa asks him about her interests. "I should probably go." She reminds him that he promised to always be in Little Ethan's life. "Could you reaffirm that please?" He loves that kid and has no problem promising again to be in that kid's life. "He trusts you, Ethan. I trust you. Don't let me down okay?" He won't. "There have been many times when I have been with Little Ethan, and I have wished that he were my son…but he isn't my son, and he will never be my son."

"Alright, you can ask my son some questions but I would like to talk to him first." Luis finds that awfully suspicious and so Chris says for Luis to go ahead. "So James, you were with Fancy at the mansion the other day. Did you have a good time? There was a man at the window. Do you know who it is?"

"That great love that everyone talks about between me and Luis caused me great pain! It is the reason that I lost my son. Luis swore that he would bring my son home, and he didn't do it! I don't think that I can get past that Eve. I have Chris and James, and I couldn't be happier!" Eve says that she only wants Sheridan to know that her door is always open if she ever wants to talk. Sheridan calms down. "I have to go and say goodbye to Fancy now." She walks off. "Heaven help Luis and Fancy if Sheridan ever loses Chris…" Luis continues to question James…"What is going on here?" Luis tells Sheridan that he was asking James about the man that was on the property. "James, come here!" The boy obediently walks to his mother and stands before her. "Who gave you permission to question my son, Luis? Just stay away from my son, Luis! You hear me!" Sheridan snarls with her teeth bared. "You just stay away! You had no business questioning a child! Chris! Let's go!" He hurries to her side. "Fancy…feel better…" then the trio is out of there. Fancy thinks… She remembers how Luis told her that he loved her in the mineshaft. "But did that really happen?" she wonders. "Let me explain!" Sheridan will not listen to anything that Luis has to say. "You stay away from my family, or I will throw you down the mineshaft myself!" She, James and Chris walk off. "Was that Sheridan I just heard?" Luis tells Eve that it was.

"Well, you read those papers carefully, okay?" Ethan leaves. Theresa sits now wondering what she did to deserve this.

"I don't want Kay to see you before the time is right Charity, so you stay here until I tell you." Fox leaves Charity and runs downstairs. Downstairs, Miguel and Kay are caught up in the moment. They are under a blanket making love to each other on the couch. Fox hears them as he is coming down the stairs…He turns the corner and sees them 'at it', in the living room without a care in the world.

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