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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis hands Fancy the flowers that he has brought for her. "You are beautiful." He kisses her. Sheridan is behind them without Luis knowing, and she hears that Luis said the same things to her once. Fancy thanks Luis for taking care of her in the mineshaft. "You built a fire, and kept me warm with you body…" Eve enters the room and sees that Luis is really into Fancy. She thinks that he looks at her as if they were an item. "How is my patient?" Luis and Fancy turn to see Eve approaching. "Oh, Sheridan! I didn’t see you there," Luis says.

Tabitha shouts out that she is getting things ready for the bridal shower and will be out to the kitchen in a minute. "Why are you doing this, Kay?" Miguel asks. He doesn't like that she is allowing the arrangements for the shower to continue. Things are getting out of hand. "You are not marrying Fox!" Tabitha enters the kitchen and hustles about getting things ready for the shower. She puts a tray of appetizers on the stove. Noah enters the kitchen and is surprised to learn that Miguel and Kay haven't told Fox about their wanting to marry yet. Kay isn't happy to see that Miguel has told someone their secret. Tabitha had no idea that Kay had made a decision…

"Father, I am dying." Julian is stunned at the news that Fox has given him. "I am just kidding, Father. Come over and I will explain everything."

"Are those the custody papers that I need drawn up to get Little Ethan?" Ethan hands the papers to Ethan. "I have changed my mind. I want full custody of Little Ethan," Julian says. Theresa thinks about her son and how she needs to protect him no matter what. Jared enters the room and says that he has arranged for a headhunter to find him another job somewhere else, out of Harmony. Theresa would really like him to reconsider and try working things out at Crane, but he is positive that he won't be able to stay. In his opinion, this arrangement of him working there with her will not work out. "You can leave Crane, but please don't leave Harmony because of me. I really did think that I was over him. I am sorry for what I put you through." He doesn't want her to apologize. "We are finished - this time for good." Jared knows that this is just a break in the action. "No, there won't be a next time." Jared knows that these two will find a way back to each other. What man can resist her?

"No, Julian! I will not help you take that boy from his mother. She is all that he has in life." Julian knows that Little Ethan probably thinks that Theresa is all that he has in his life. "Ethan, do you think that there is anything that we could offer Theresa to compel her to give me full custody? I think that there is something. It is a pity that Theresa isn't involved with some man." Ethan says that Theresa's friend's name is Jared and that Theresa won't trade a man for her son. "Let's figure out a realistic custody arrangement." Inside, Julian knows that all he has to do is get Ethan to be with Theresa, and then he will be able to have his child to himself.

"Fancy sure looks good. You took good care of her," Sheridan says. Eve knows that this mixture of people in the room isn't good. Fancy thanks Luis for the flowers again. She holds them in her lap and smells them. He remembers how he ordered the biggest bouquet that he could get. "You know Fancy, everyone down at the station chipped in to get you those beautiful flowers…" Fancy had no idea that she was so popular. "Are you kidding? Everyone is crazy about you…" Luis tells her. "Well!" Sheridan says a tad harshly, trying to keep her voice under control. She leans over and roughly grabs the flowers by their stems. "Why don't I get you some water for those flowers then?" She marches out of there and down the hall. Eve can see that this isn't good at all. Sheridan isn't over Luis yet. "Thank you for saving me again, Luis… You were so brave and took good care of me." Sheridan comes into the room with the flowers in a vase. She holds them high and pauses in the doorway before entering. She uses the flowers to hide her face as she listens. "Thanks for warming me with your body heat…" Fancy gushes as she blushes up at Luis. As Luis and Fancy are about to kiss…BAM! Sheridan puts the vase down loudly to interrupt the two and sabotage that romantic kiss. It works! They are separated. "Well! I’d better be going." Sheridan feels that it is time.

Tabitha is confused. Fox is dying? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, and with a wave of her hand, Noah, Fox and Kay are asleep where they stand. "Why didn't I know that Fox was dying? My big blue pot usually bubbles up a bulletin. I will have to keep an eye on this dying disease." …And with a wave of her hand, Noah, Fox and Kay are awake. "Why are you having the bridal shower here? Why not at Fox's house, or your father's?" Kay can't go to her father about this. He is still angry with her. "You aren't going to marry him anyway, Kay," Miguel says. He and Noah go to find Fox to keep up the ruse. "What are we going to do when Endora finds out that her brother isn't long for this world? We could all be dead!" Fox thinks about how he has things beautifully under control. His phone rings. "What? Charity is landing? When she arrives, make sure that she is taken directly to Tabitha Lennox's house. And make sure that no one knows that she is in town." Fox hears a noise behind him. He turns to find Miguel and Noah behind him. That has caught him off guard…they may have heard him talking on the phone.

Ethan will do as Julian asks, but he thinks that it is wrong. "You work for me. I want full custody, so the right or wrong of it will be damned. Keep your displeasure to yourself." Julian leaves. "I didn't sign on to do Julian's bidding. I have to warn Theresa. Losing Little Ethan will send her right over the edge."

"I have feelings for you Jared, deep feelings for you. Do you really have to stop loving someone to start loving someone else? Let's pick up where we left off. I would love nothing more." Someone knocks. Ethan is at the door. "Ethan! I have been waiting for you." Jared feels secretly that she always will be.

"Luis saved Sheridan countless times, and in the end, Luis broke her heart," Eve tells Fancy. "You too could end up just like her."

"Sheridan wait!" She turns to find Luis behind her. "You and Fancy where talking before I got there. What were you two talking about?" Sheridan tells how Fancy said nothing but amazing things about him and how he saved her. "Did she say anything else?" Sheridan can see that he is fishing about what Fancy might feel for him. He feels so high school. "Oh my God. You don't have just feelings for her, you love her. You love Fancy!"

"How am I gonna tell Fox that I can't marry him?" Tabitha has no idea. "Miguel may have said that he will let you tell Fox when you are ready, but he has no patience. Miguel could just blurt the news out at the worst possible time." "I can explain," Fox starts. "No Fox, I understand why you picked Miguel to be your Best Man and not me. Kay and I are not getting along right now, and Miguel is Maria's father." Fox thanks Noah for understanding. "I feel like I am getting everything that I have ever wanted. Kay is going to be my dream come true. I get to wake up to that face every day of my life. Then I get to make love to her every night." Miguel jumps forward. "Stop! Just stop! There is something that you should know about Kay!"

"I do like Luis, but the situation…Obviously you care for Luis and he for you, but then there is Sheridan, your aunt. She loves Luis, and he still loves her. I know that she is married to someone else, but there are still 3 people in love and that is a recipe for disaster. Fancy, just be careful of your heart. Situations like these can quickly lead to disaster."

"You are in love with my niece." Luis doesn't want to talk about this but Sheridan insists. "Alright. I didn't think that I would be able to fall in love again but I guess that I have. I am in love with Fancy."

"I will leave to let the both of you discuss Little Ethan." Theresa tries to explain that Julian was to have been at the meeting as well, but Jared just leaves. "Let's get down to business. I still don't want Julian to have partial custody of Little Ethan. He might be allowed to have visits with the boy, but it will be supervised." Ethan delivers the blow. "Julian wants to sue for full custody. I was talking to Julian earlier, and he acted like he knew something that I didn’t. I used to think that he was my father, so I know him pretty well. I am just going to come out and ask you. Is Julian blackmailing you?"

Fancy says, "I appreciate your concern, but Sheridan has decided to be with Chris and Luis wants to be with me. He wants me and not my Aunt Sheridan." Eve listens quietly.

"I understand why you would want Fancy. We are both so alike." Luis hadn't thought that at all. "Fancy is her own person." Sheridan accepts that… "Are you happy with Fancy?" Luis says that they are not officially a couple yet, but he will see. "Good." Luis asks about Chris and if she is happy with him.

"Should you really be talking behind her back?" Noah asks. "What's going on?" Kay has entered the room. "We were just talking about you, honey." Fox runs over to Kay and kisses her. The doorbell rings. It is Julian. He has bubbly for the happy occasion. "Might I speak with my son about some business?" Noah, Miguel and Kay leave the room. "I am glad to see that you have Miguel under control, son." That isn't the best of it. "I have arranged for Charity to return to town. When she arrives, that will create enough doubt about Miguel and what kind of husband he will make." Fox's phone vibrates. "Hello? Yes. Bring her up the back way…" Julian and Fox start up the stairs… "Miguel and Kay are over and they don’t even know it." Noah says to Kay, "Kay, don't make the same mistake that you made with our parents by keeping this secret." Noah leaves. "Kay, we are going to tell Fox the truth tonight!" Miguel demands.

"He can't get full custody! I can't lose Little Ethan!" Ethan feels that she has to let the court system work it out. She can't. That is how she lost Jane. "Every time that I think that I am doing the right thing, it never works. I cannot let Julian take Little Ethan away from me." Ethan offers to go back to Julian and tell him that she will consider joint custody if he will back off from trying to get full custody. Theresa isn't listening. She has her back to Ethan now and she is mumbling. "I should have told the truth when I had the chance…" Ethan shouts at her to listen to him and what he is suggesting. She turns to him now frustrated. "Don't you get it? He isn't Little Ethan's father!" Ethan's mouth drops.

"Your Aunt Sheridan, she is a beautiful person…and you, Fancy, are lovely inside and out. But there is something in the gene pool of the Cranes that prevents people from leaving them. If you push this issue, that might push Sheridan to do something that you might not expect. Like when Julian turned on me. I just don't want any one of you to be hurt." Fancy is sure that will not happen. "She said that she moved on, and she has seen that Luis has moved on with me."

"I am very happy, Luis. I have James now. Chris and James are the family that I have always wanted." That isn't what Luis asked Sheridan. "I asked if you were happy with Chris." She says that she loves them.

"Son, I am quite proud of you going after what you want." Fox thanks his father for saying that. "I just hope my little plan works." Someone knocks. Fox opens the door to Charity. She says hello and is as glad to be home in Harmony as Fox is to have her there.

"What did you say, Theresa? Did I hear you right? Julian isn't Little Ethan's father? Then who is?" Theresa stares up into Ethan's face with her tear-stained one. "Answer me! Who is Little Ethan's father?" Seconds pass by that seem like minutes, and then…"You are, Ethan…You are Little Ethan's father…"

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