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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Miguel tells his mother about Kay and how she has decided that he is the one she should marry. The problem is that Fox is sick and going to die so they can't tell him the news right now. Fox pretends to be on a call about his fatal illness. He talks to 'the doctor' with his back to the door. He knows that Kay is listening and hams up the call when necessary. She is broken up over his illness. "I know that as long as I keep her thinking that I am going to die, she will never leave me," Fox says quietly.

Chad is at the Book Café. His phone rings. Jared comes in behind him. "Hi Valerie. I am meeting Jared at the Book Café. I know, Valerie. We have a lot to talk about." Chad hangs up. "Chad, will you never learn? You are going to get caught by Whitney," Jared says, coming to the table. Theresa touches base with Whitney and tells her that she knows now that she will never have Whitney.

Luis has a moment alone at the house and he thinks about a happy day that he had recently…He remembers that time playing with Fancy in her pool. They had a lot of fun that day…He smiles now. "What is that smile all about?" Paloma asks. Luis tells his sister that he has been thinking about Fancy and feels that he just may have a future with her after all. Fancy is in bed at the hospital. Sheridan comes to visit and kisses her niece as she eats. "I brought you some makeup and clothes to wear." Fancy is glad for the things, but she feels pretty terrific anyway. "Luis took very good care of me in the hole. He held me so close.." Sheridan shouts for her to stop. "I just don't want to hear about Luis!" Fancy asks if her aunt has changed her mind about letting her be with Luis after all.

"Well, JT says that for a huge amount of money, he would tell Ethan the truth. Then Gwen struck a deal with JT and she showed up, too, with a bag of money. One was a hundred dollars short and I thought that I had won, but Julian was in control and had the money. He said that he would let JT tell Ethan the truth if I gave him full custody." Whitney feels that all her friend had to do was tell Julian that he isn't the boy's father anyway. "You can't let Julian win no matter what." Theresa is down, but she isn't the only one. Whitney says, "I am having a hard time since Rebecca told me what Chad did. Remember that night at that sleazy hotel? Rebecca saw Chad in one of those rooms and he was naked. I think that Chad is having an affair."

"It is none of your business Jared. I know that it is crazy what I am doing but you don't understand…" Jared knows that this can't last and that Whitney will find out. "Valerie is a beautiful warm body that gives you comfort but that has to change." Chad loves Whitney and wants to marry her. "I have it handled. I am going to take care." Jared knows that if Whitney finds out about this, his relationship will be over.

"Doctor, I promise to tell Kay about my condition. I love her with all my heart…Even if it is defective." Kay understands now. It is Fox's heart that is bad. That is what will eventually kill him. She enters the room. Fox hurries to hang up when he sees her in the room. "You know that you can tell me anything don't you, Fox?" He knows that. "Is there anything that you want to tell me now, Fox?" He says there is something he has to tell her that he has been meaning to for a while. "I need to speak about something right now."

Miguel saysm "She was just afraid to commit to me because of Charity. She is afraid that Charity will return. She is afraid that I would leave her." Pilar wonders if he would. Miguel remembers being with Charity and her telling him that she couldn't ever leave him, as he was the love of her life. "I couldn't love anyone as much as you Miguel…" she would tell him. "Miguel! Hijo, esto es importante! Tell me, Miguel! If Charity returned, would you leave Kay for her, my son?" Miguel comes back to the present and thinks about his mother's question.

"I know what you had with Luis, but when you told me that you loved Chris, did you mean it?" Sheridan tells Fancy how wonderful Chris is and that she did mean what she said. “It is just a bit hard seeing Luis with someone else," she explains. Fancy knows that but Luis is having feelings for her now and she doesn't want her aunt messing that up. "You can't have Chris and Luis." Sheridan knows that. "I have let Luis go." Fancy hopes so. "I think that Luis and I can be very happy together for a very long time."

"All I can tell you Paloma is that thinking of Fancy makes me smile." Paloma's concern is that he hasn't quite finished in his heart with Sheridan. Luis has no choice, he feels, but to move on since Sheridan has moved on with her life, from him. Paloma thinks of the conversation she last had with Sheridan where she declared that Luis is the love of her life. "Sheridan has made it very clear that she will not leave Chris, and so I have to understand that there is no chance of ever having a life with Sheridan. No chance."

"Chad wouldn't do anything to hurt you, Whitney. Remember you were the one that told me that Chad proved to you that he wasn't cheating?" Whitney remembers that. "That Rebecca is just a witch Theresa! You are right. Hey what about Jared?" Theresa is sure that is over now. "He won't want to see me again. that is over."

"Why don't you tell me what is going on with you and Theresa?" Jared tells Chad that Theresa gave him up to take another shot at Ethan. "I am out of here. I called a headhunter to find me another job in another city. I am leaving Harmony."

"What would you do if Charity came back?" Miguel loves Kay but just wishes that she would tell Fox the truth. "The wedding is so soon." Pilar knows that Kay will tell Fox when the time is right. "I am going to head home and see if Kay has told Fox yet. It would be better if we were just all honest." They hug and Miguel is out the door, heading home. Pilar shakes her head.

Fox says to Kay, "I wanted to surprise you, and so I waited until now. I have planned the most spectacular bridal shower for you, Kay." She thought that he was going to tell her about his illness. "You make me want to live, Kay, and I cannot wait to be married to you." They hug.

"Thanks again for bringing my things, Aunt Sheridan…Is there something else that you want to say to me? Why are you really here?" Sheridan says that she cares about her niece, but Fancy knows there is more that she has to say. "I am just worried about you. It is painful to see you and Luis together, but I will have to get used to that." Fancy isn't sure that Sheridan can do that. "If Luis had brought your son home, you would have left Chris then, wouldn't you?" Sheridan doesn't want to talk about that. Luis didn't bring Marty home so she can't say what she would do.

"I want the biggest bouquet of flowers you have. Something cheerful. No! I will deliver it myself." Luis hangs up. "Luis!" Paloma asks. "If you had a choice between Sheridan and Fancy, which one would you choose?" Luis wants to know why Paloma is asking him this. "You know something that I don't know?"

Theresa is in the office. Chad comes in. "I have the contracts to go over, Theresa, whenever you are ready." Theresa looks up and Chad can see that she is blue. He says that he saw Jared, and was told that Theresa was taking another shot at Ethan. "Are you going to go back to Jared?" Theresa doesn't think that she can do that. "He won't want me, and I don't blame him. I set a record! In less than 24 hours I have lost 2 great men!" Jared comes off the elevator and finds Whitney there looking for Chad throughout the building. He tells her that Chad is in with Theresa as far as he knows. "Did you hear what happened last night? Things didn't work out between Ethan and Theresa. Do you think that you can forgive her, Jared?"

"No Luis! I don't know anything. I was just wondering if you thought you could get close to Fancy." Luis tells Paloma that he felt really close to Fancy in the mine shaft and if Fancy is ready to be with him, then he is ready for her." Paloma hugs her brother and watches him leave. "Oh, Luis. I just hope now that Sheridan keeps her feelings a secret! If she doesn't, then it is going to be hell for everyone."

"Can you do this, Aunt Sheridan?" Fancy asks. She says that she has gotten over Luis. "I need to know now, Aunt Sheridan. Have you given up on Luis?"

“Buenos dias, Mama.” Pilar has breakfast all ready. "Mama, I am confused. Look at Miguel. He is in love with Kay, but she is marrying Fox, and Theresa is after Ethan and can't get him. Then there is Luis and his problems with Sheridan. I will never let myself get in a situation like that." Pilar tells her to never say never. "Love is like a storm that blows in without warning."

"Did you tell him?" Kay admits that she didn't. Miguel is immediately angry with Kay…Fox is on the phone. "Hello, is this Charity?" Charity says that it is. "Did you get my instructions?" She did. "Good. Just follow them, and you will be in Harmony by tonight."

"I can't be in love with someone who is in love with someone else." Whitney says that Theresa really does care about Jared. He admits that he cares about Theresa, too. "Chad said that you can't have a relationship with three people." Whitney is surprised to hear that Chad was the one who said that. "I was having a great relationship, and now that I have taken a chance for Ethan, I have lost both of them forever." Chad feels that there may be a chance for Theresa to get Jared back. "He is leaving Harmony. If you don't act now, you will lose him forever."

"Stop picking at your food." Paloma knows that she has to bulk up if she wants to be a good cop. "Are you sure that you want to be a cop? It leaves very little time to date." There is no one that Paloma would like to be with, at least no one that knows that she is alive. Pilar wants to know who the dream man is for Paloma, but she keeps that to herself. She wonders if she will end up going through romantic hell like her brother's and sister…

"I just hate the idea of hurting Fox. I can't tell him now." Miguel has no idea what to do now. Fox goes over the details of how to get to Harmony, and Charity has everything down pat to get there.

Sheridan tells her niece, "If Luis falls in love with you, Fancy, and that is what you want, then I wish you all the happiness." Someone knocks. Sheridan is standing behind the door and hears Luis calling out to Fancy. Luis doesn't see Sheridan when he walks in with his huge bouquet of flowers and goes straight to the bed. Fancy is all smiles. Sheridan can't believe her eyes.

"I know that if you spend more time with Theresa, you will see that you are perfect for Theresa. Can you really walk away from her without knowing what might have been?"

"You think that I can do it, Chad? You think that I can convince him to stay in Harmony?" Chad knows that if she doesn't take the chance, she will be alone in her ivory tower. "No Jared, no Ethan! You will be all alone…"

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