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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I'm tired, Luis." He knows that but needs Fancy to stay awake. "Help is on the way. Sam is going to rescue us but, we have to be awake to help him." She will try. "Are they really coming? Are we going to die down here?" Luis knows that Sam is coming, and no one is going to die. "You look like you are going to cry, Sheridan,” Paloma says. “Promise me something. When you see Luis, tell him the truth." Sheridan will not do that because she loves Chris and James. "It isn't a loveless marriage." Still she loves Luis. She can't deny that. "I can't do anything about that. It is too late. Look at the monitor. Luis has moved on."

"You were gone a bit longer than you said that you would be. Why?" Kay thinks back to making love to Fox, and how she couldn't deny him. "Tell me, Kay! Did you make love to Fox?" Kay isn't sure what to say. Fox is watching the couple from the bedroom window and thinks that Miguel is stupid for thinking that she didn't make love to him that night.

Theresa is licking her wounds now that she has left the B&B and has lost Ethan for good. She hears someone walking…She turns and sees JT walking quietly by without a care in the world. He starts running the second that he sees her. She gives chase, shouting after him with fury in her veins. "Stop! You, JT!" She makes a flying leap and lands on the lying bastard, tackling him to the ground. She sits on him, pulling his head up and demanding to know why he didn't tell the truth back there in Ethan's room. "Why? Why?" she asks. "Because I told him not to." Theresa pauses and turns to find Julian standing behind them. He smiles down at her.

"I told you I was tougher than you thought." Luis promises not to doubt Fancy again. "If we're not saved…" Luis will not listen to her negative talk. "As your boss, I want you to know how proud of you I am. You are something else, Fancy Crane." That is the nicest thing that he has ever said to her. "I owe you a big apology, Fancy. Come and let's get some dry clothes on for when they come to get us." Paloma says, "Sheridan, you spent more time with my mother than I did and you didn’t learn anything." Sheridan knows that Pilar is a woman of deep faith. "All Mama ever wanted was to spare them the heartache that she went through with Papa. I am not talking about them though, I am talking about you and Luis." Sheridan knows that Luis is the love of her life. "Wait! You are Fancy's friend." Paloma is that, but that doesn't change the truth. "You love him, too, and you had him first. I believe that it is you that Luis wants to be with." Sheridan isn't sure that is true anymore. "I will not do anything to endanger my relationship with Chris. I love my little boy - our little boy - and I will not lose our son. If staying with Chris means keeping James, then I will stay with them." Paloma promises to tell Luis the truth when she sees him next. "No!" Sheridan shouts. Sam and Chris return and have a way that they can hoist Luis and Fancy to the top of the hole. "Luis! We are going to pull you up!" Luis and Fancy are dressed now and ready to be rescued. Sam should be back at any moment. Sam throws down a line and Luis and Fancy secure themselves to it. There is only one machine so Luis and Fancy will have to come up together, with her sitting on his lap. "Okay! We're ready!" calls Luis. “Okay guys, start her up!" The machine is started and Luis and Fancy make their slow ascent out of the hole.

"It took Fox a long time to fall asleep and that's what made me late. I didn't want to wake him up when I was leaving the room." Fox loves this. "She is lying to him now. This is a good sign. You aren't leaving me, Kay. Not when I have a terminal illness."

"Did you learn nothing from our time together? I have enough on my hands with two ex-wives, but I thought that you would have learned that you can't keep secrets from me." Julian shows Theresa the black bag that Theresa had given JT. "This is Crane money; it's not yours to do with as you please. You have put your hand in the cookie jar, and now you need to be punished severely." Theresa says that she can use Crane money anyway that she wants. Julian laughs. "Crane is a public company and we are accountable to the shareholders. You illegally took this money." Theresa still thinks that she has every right to do what she did. "Oh Theresa, you never say never do you?" Theresa lunges for the man to get the bag of money from him. Julian is quick and moves in time to avoid her snatching to fortune from his hands. JT watches, fascinated by the way these people act…"Give me a hand will you?" Theresa warns JT that if he comes near her she will bite his ear off. JT helps Julian and holds that wildcat off pf Julian. "Let go of me!" JT lets Theresa go but will keep an eye on her. "Why didn’t you help me JT?" Julian couldn't care less about Theresa's love for Ethan. "Cry me a river. You have been trying to get Ethan back for years. Why did you think that Ethan was going to leave Gwen for you?" Theresa says that Ethan said that he was going to leave Gwen if what she said panned out. "I will make a deal with you, Theresa. I will let JT here tell Ethan the truth but I will need something in exchange." Theresa is interested in this deal. "I will give you anything to get Ethan."

"You said you loved me and you know how much you love me." That is true, but Kay can't break Fox's heart. "I found out that he is dying, and you are just rushing me." Miguel sees that she is right, and he is sorry about being the way that he has been. "Just tell me that you are not going to consider marrying him." Fox hears all from the window upstairs. "My days are not numbered Miguel, but yours are."

Sam talks with Sheridan while they wait for Luis and Fancy to reach the top of the hole. "Are you okay?" Luis shouts up that he and Fancy are just fine. Sam continues to watch the machine as it pulls the wire backward to pull Luis and Fancy out of the hole. "Try to stay in the center of the hole!" RrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr! "What's happening?" The machine's motor is failing and losing power. Suddenly it stops. "Ahhhhhhhhh!" Luis and Fancy start falling at a high speed and the machine does nothing to stop them. "Do something!" Sam orders that they try to get the machine going. Suddenly, Luis and Fancy stop. They are only a couple of feet from the ground when they stop descending. "Hang on Luis! We are going to try again." The machine starts again, and the two start rising out of the hole. "I hope that Fancy doesn't recognize me from before. I will surely lose Sheridan if she does," Chris thinks to himself. "We are almost to the top!" Luis and Fancy scramble out of the hole and take off the wires. "Are you okay, Fancy?" Fancy tells Luis that she is just fine. Sheridan runs to Luis and hugs him now. Chris watches her closely.

"Come on, Kay! We have to tell Fox the truth." Kay is just feeling pressured now. Fox loves this. "I need you to do this, Kay. I promised to give up Charity…" Fox thinks that they will see about that.

"Here is the deal. I will give JT all the money that he needs so that he will go and tell Ethan the truth about Rebecca and Gwen. What I need in exchange would be…full custody of my son." Theresa's face goes white in light of Julian's request. "You are never going to get it Julian. I will never give you rights to Little Ethan. He is my child. You have nothing to do with Little Ethan!" Julian wants to know what she means by that. Theresa remembers when JT told her that Ethan was Little Ethan's father. JT squirms uncomfortably now with the secret that he holds.

"I still don't know that I can believe you about Charity." Miguel promises that Charity is out of his life forever. Kay thinks about how Miguel would just say that she liked some flowers and Miguel would buy it for her. Kay was watching them and she saw them kissing. It wasn't fair. Kay is uncomfortable now that she faces Miguel. Fox makes a call to beat Miguel at his own game.

"How long is it going to take the paramedics to get here?" Sam is on the phone trying to get assistance. Luis is fine but worries about Fancy. "It was you," he says to Chris. "You are responsible for this. You knew that she was here before anyone else did." Chris tells how he heard Luis talking in his sleep about where Fancy was. He put the description to the test and came up with this place. Paloma thinks that makes sense. Sheridan believes him. Sam finds no reason to disbelieve Chris on this issue. Luis will let this go for now, but if he finds out that Chris had anything to do with this, he will make the man pay. "We all heard you moaning in your sleep and you were talking to Fancy." Fancy didn't realize that she really reached Luis. She thought that she was dreaming. "We were connecting somehow…You from the shaft, and me from some near-hallucinatory state from some sleeping pills. Everyone told me that I was talking to you. There was dirt on my sleeve and blood on my arm." Fancy finds all this amazing. "That hasn’t ever happened to me before." Paloma tells Fancy that Luis has had that many times before with Sheridan. Luis and Fancy hug while Sheridan watches…

"What if you would have found Charity? None of this would be happening…" Kay remembers the way that he was with her back then. She watched them secretly. He would tell Charity that her hair looks like silk in the moonlight. "We just me,t and I feel like I have been looking for you my whole life." She felt the same. "A fortune teller told me once that I would be with the same man my whole life. Kay was torn and thought even then that Miguel was going to be with her all her life. Miguel wants to know what Kay is thinking about now. Fox ends his call. "I hope that you like surprises Miguel, ‘cause I have one just for you."

"You heard my terms, Theresa. You give me my son, and I will give you Ethan." Julian holds the money up in front of Theresa, but she nods her head. "I love my son with all of my heart." Julian reminds her that the boy is their son. "In my life I have done two things. I had Little Ethan, and I had Jane. I lost Jane, but I will be damned if I let you raise my son to be a Crane." Julian points out that Little Ethan is a Crane and is being raised as one. Theresa disagrees. "I will find another way to get Ethan back." Julian isn't concerned about her decision. "This changes nothing. I will gain full custody of Little Ethan, and in the process you will lose everything!"

"Her pulse is a little weak, but she is a lucky lady." The paramedics start pushing Luis off. "You are coming with me, aren't you?" Luis will do that. "Sheridan you had something that you wanted to tell me?" Sheridan says that it was nothing and waves him off. Luis leaves."Why didn't you tell him?" Sheridan tells Paloma that she just couldn't.

Julian tells JT goodbye now, and he leaves. "Do you really believe that you can keep full custody of our son? Poor, poor Theresa. She has yet to learn that she can't go up against a Crane man…and win." Julian takes his bag of money and leaves. "My God. What have I done?"

"Even if I were to see Charity, your fears will never happen. So I don't know why we are talking about Charity. It will never happen." Miguel pulls Kay close to him now, and they hug. She doesn't seem to believe that things will go as he plans though.

"Hello! Hi! Something has come up, and you have got to come home right away." Fox has found her…Fox has found Charity, and he speaks to her on the phone right now.

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