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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Miguel listens at the door and can't stand it any longer. He knows that Fox and Kay must be making love. He goes into the room and pulls Kay off Fox. He tells Fox that he loves Kay, and he won't let his fiancée sleep with the man. Fox jumps off the bed now. Fox tries to stop him and gets punched in the face when he reaches for Kay's hand.

Sheridan and Paloma are at the entry to the hole, and they see Luis and Fancy undressed under a blanket, kissing. Sheridan will not leave the area when Paloma suggests that she not watch if it hurts her. She can't be more upset than she already is. Fancy shivers in spite of Luis giving her as much of his body heat as he can…

"Tell me the secret that changed Theresa's behavior towards me." JT says that he might not know what Ethan is talking about. "What secret? I don't know what you are talking about." Gwen tells JT that she knows that he is lying and that he should tell whatever it is that he is hiding about Theresa's secret.

"Wake up! Wake up!" Kay is upset that Miguel hit a dying man. Fox lays very still on the ground and seems unconscious, or worse. "Do you realize what you've done? You killed him!" It has all been a dream. Miguel is really at the door, though, and he hears Fox and Kay inside. He walks off.

Luis and Fancy are under the blanket, and he still rubs her body to keep it warm. Sheridan looks at the monitor and sees the two together. It is like watching a train wreck, but she can't look away. "I am sure that Sam will come up with a rescue plan to get us out of here, Fancy." Fancy knows that. "I hope that he doesn't think that we are fraternizing down here." They laugh. "As soon as I am out of here, I am going to have this hole filled in. Some kid could fall down here." She knows that he is only talking to get her mind off their situation. He taught her that in class. "You are a good student, Fancy." She wants to go to sleep, but he keeps waking her in case she has a concussion. "I am sure that we will be on top soon." She believes him. "You are my, hero Luis!" They kiss some more. Sheridan sees everything. "I found something to eat, you want some?" Paloma offers the treat. Sheridan isn't hungry. Paloma looks at the monitor and sees Luis and Fancy kissing up a storm. "I don't remember learning that in class." Sheridan orders Paloma to hush up. "What do you know anyway?"

"I don't know what Mrs. Crane is hiding from you, Ethan. Whatever it is, I am sure that it is a doozie, though. I have nothing to gain by knowing what Theresa is lying about." Theresa tells Ethan that Gwen and JT are in collusion and that he needs to see that. "Enough! Come on! I don't understand your actions, Theresa, but I know that you have a tendency to tell yourself over and over something and then you believe it. You are worrying the hell out of me. If there is any foundation to your story, he would have said it, but he hasn't. Please, Theresa. Just accept it. My wife didn't ruin my life!" Gwen is behind Ethan and she smiles now. She knows that she has truly won.

Miguel goes into the yard and kicks a ball that he finds as hard as he can. He needs to vent. "Whoa, take it easy, man." Noah comes into the yard. He tells Miguel that his mother is coming home and will whip everyone into shape. He thinks that Miguel is still angry over what Kay did by breaking up her parents' marriage. "That isn't what I am mad about. Kay told me that she loves me and wants to spend the rest of her life with me and our daughter."

Fox says, "I love you so much, Kay." She loves him too, but she stops him when he tries to make love to her. "You are tired, Fox." He is, but he wants to make love to her all night. Before Kay’s eyes, his face morphs into Miguel's, and that is just too much for her. "I can't do this," she says sitting up. "What's wrong, Kay?” asks Fox. “Don't you want to make love to the man you love?"

"You must be so mad at me for running off the way I did." Luis is just glad that he found Fancy. "I thought that you were going to die, and my heart almost stopped." Paloma says, "I wish that I could hear what they were saying." Sheridan knows. "I have lost Luis's heart, and there he is, falling for Fancy. I can feel the love they have coming through the screen. It is gone. Our love is gone. All those lifetimes, all those years, now it is gone. I love Chris and take our vows seriously, but I always thought, - no, I always knew - that Luis would always be there, but now he is gone."

"You keep repeating yourself, and it just isn't true Theresa. I have given you ample reasons why it wasn't Gwen that did this. I have more than enough proof that my wife didn't do this to me. Now I don't want to talk about this again!" Gwen moves forward and holds her husband's arm while they glare at Theresa.

"Kay can't love you, Miguel. She loves Fox." Miguel says that he is the one that Kay loves. He is sure about that. "What a mess. Poor Fox." Miguel agrees that things are bad for Fox. "I like Fox, and I think that he was really good for Kay, but if you are the one that she loves, that's just great. Maybe you can whip her up into shape, Miguel. If you have a way to keep her happy and get my niece with both her parents that is great. Kay was chasing you around for years, and now you both are together." That is the problem, Miguel explains. "We are not together. We heard Fox on the phone, and he is dying. Kay wants to tell Fox the truth, but she won't do it now that he is dying."

"I want to make love to you too, honey." Fox tells Kay that God gave them the gift of making love so that no matter how bad life gets they can take this gift and lose themselves in it. " I see." She hugs Fox now. He rolls his eyes while his head is over her shoulder where she can't see him do it.

Luis and Fancy hold each and whisper sweet nothings as they try to warm up…Paloma asks, "You can't have both Chris and Luis though, can you?" Sheridan knows that but feels that this isn't fair. "I fell in love with Chris when I thought that Luis was dead. I was grieving for Luis and my child. To be honest with you, I fell in love with Chris because of James. It was so terrible that James lost his mother, but I looked at it as if God gave me this child to replace the child that I lost. I had so much love to give and no one to give it to…When I found out that Chris was James's father, one thing led to another and it just made sense that I love both of them." Paloma has to wonder if Sheridan really does love both men.

"Are we done? It is late and my husband and I have to get to bed now." Ethan agrees with his wife. Ethan tells Theresa that she really needs to get on with her life. "I can't Ethan, ‘cause you love me and I love you." Ethan tells Theresa that it is time for her to go. Gwen gets JT in a corner and asks him quietly why he helped her and not Theresa. "I can't really explain it right now." Gwen needs to know why he protected her. "Ask Julian," is all that JT will say about it. JT can't talk about this right now. They are just a few feet away from Ethan. "Gwen wasn't here all night, Ethan. She was with me and JT in a motel room." Ethan doesn't believe it. "Do you honestly believe that story about Phyllis? I swear that I am telling you the truth." Ethan knows that he is nuts, but he will give Theresa another chance. "Show me some proof." Theresa just needs 5 minutes with JT. "JT, you come with me for a few minutes." He has had enough of Theresa for one night and wants to get going. She grabs him around the neck, choking him. "You tell them! Tell them!"

Kay gets suspicious of the way that Fox talks. "It is like you are hiding something, Fox." He shushes her. "You love me?" She does. "Then show me, Kay." They start kissing and then fall into the bed.

Luis and Fancy settle in now. She dreams… Luis is speaking to her of true love and asking her forgiveness for not realizing that he loved her before. They would tell each other they love each other, and they wouldn't even care that they were stuck in a hole…Fancy smiles now. Sheridan says, "I know that expression on his face more than anyone. He is in love." Paloma wonders why Sheridan told Fancy that he could be with Luis if she really didn’t mean it. "I did mean it then, but now that I see the two of them together, I realized what I have lost. What have I done? Luis is the great love of my life." Paloma feels that Sheridan should just tell Luis that she loves the man, that she has always loved the man. "Go on Sheridan, do it! I know what you two were like, and if you love my brother you have to tell him." Sheridan is reluctant now that she sees that Luis loves Fancy. "Come on, Sheridan. Do it before it is too late." Sheridan looks at the monitor again. "I can't. If I lose Chris, I will lose James. I can't. I can't do that." Luis says, "We will get through this together." Fancy listens to Luis's soothing voice in her ear.

"Are you sure about this?" Miguel is. "The timing was incredible. I would say that he planned this. But he didn't know that we were talking to him on the phone. He still doesn't know." Fox tells Kay, "Oh wow, Kay. You made love to me like it was my last night on earth. My stomach sure hurts." Kay moves to get him something for that, but he makes her stay in bed with him. He remembers his dastardly plan…"Oh I suddenly feel so tired." Fox leans back on the bed…

Theresa is pulled off JT. "I am going to have you killed. I can do that, you know." JT has had enough of these people and he leaves. "Theresa, you need to get on with your life, and we need to get on with ours. Now please go." Theresa leaves. Ethan slams the door behind her.

"Hey, you need to stay awake. Not only because of the possible injury but because we have to help when Sam figures out a way out of here." She will try her best to stay awake. "If I die now, I will die a very happy woman." Paloma urges Sheridan, "Please Sheridan, it might be your last chance. Tell Luis that you love him." Sheridan gets up from the monitor. "I can't. I won't. I can't risk losing my son." She cries now. Paloma holds her as she sobs.

Kay gets up and peeks at Fox. He is asleep. She creeps out of the bed and pulls the covers back over him. She tiptoes out of the room…Fox's eyes open and he sits up looking at the door.

Noah isn't sure what is going on, but he wants to see his sister happy. He heads home. "I'm sorry. I came to you as quickly as I could." Fox watches as Kay rushes to his arms. "Miguel, you stupid fool. You can't out-Fox the fox!"

"I think that you owe me an apology for not believing that I was telling you the truth." Ethan agrees but can't understand why Theresa would do what she did. "Nothing that Theresa does makes any sense. She has a big imagination and it takes over." Ethan agrees with that. They hug. "How could this happen?" Theresa says at the bottom of the stairs. "All my hopes and all my dreams gone forever."

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