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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"Hey, Fox! We are waiting for you!" Fox starts coughing in the bathroom to avoid coming out. He runs the water to act like he is doing something… "We are telling him now!" Miguel says. Fox listens to Miguel and Kay as they talk in the hall. Miguel wants Fox to know that he is going to marry Kay, but Kay doesn't want to hurt Fox, especially when he is about to die. "How can you hurt him?" Kay asks. Fox listens quietly. Miguel knocks. "Come on out!" he says. Fox replies, "I will be right there!" Fox has to think fast as to how he can get out of this mess. He knows that if he leaves the bathroom, Miguel will find a way to get the news out. That can't happen.

Luis tries to wake Fancy but she doesn't move. He holds her in his arms. "Don't die on me, Fancy." "Luis! How bad is Fancy hurt?" Luis doesn't answer. "Answer us!" Luis shouts that she is gone. "Fancy is dead!"

"Gwen has been lying to you for years, Ethan, and once JT shows you the truth, you will leave her and come with me where you belong. I found JT tonight with Gwen." Ethan knows Gwen has been in the house all night. "Weren't you?" Theresa goes to the door and calls for JT. He comes prancing in. "Hello again!" Ethan turns to Gwen. "Is this true what she is saying?" Theresa smiles. "It's show time!"

"We are just going to hurt him at the worse time of his life Miguel? I don't think that I can do that." Fox listens as Miguel tries to convince Kay to dump him now and get the news out. "It is always better to tell the truth."

Fox stews, while the wheels in his head turn. "What am I going to do? I got it! This will destroy Miguel forever." Fox gets out his cellphone…Miguel shouts for Fox to come out. "I will be right there." Fox dials. "Hello? Yes, you used to work for my father but now I need you to work for me. I need you to find someone…" Luis holds Fancy and talks to her. Suddenly, she moves. "She's alive!" Paloma and Sheridan are thrilled. "We need blankets or jackets down here," Luis shouts. “It is freezing down here!" The women reply, "Hold on, Luis!" Paloma and Sheridan gets the emergency kits together. There is even a camera so that Paloma and Sheridan can see what is happening down in the hole.

"Theresa, you have been spreading your lies. How can I believe this?" Theresa turns to JT. "Tell Ethan everything.

Paloma and Sheridan dump supplies down the hole as fast as their legs will let them. Luis wraps Fancy in a blanket, and she panics when she suddenly wakes and realizes that someone is touching her torn top. She limply fights Luis off of her but then relaxes when she realizes that it is only Luis touching her and no one she doesn’t know. She was thinking that he was the bad man who tried to rape her earlier. He sees that her clothes have been cut and he calms her, but has to do something about her being so cold. He gets her completely under the blanket and removes her clothes with her being uncovered. Sheridan and Paloma turn on the monitor that they have which shows them what is going on in the hole. It comes to life and they see Luis over Fancy. He comes away from her, and when he stands, he is holding her bra. "Just what the hell is going on down there?" Sheridan shouts when she sees Luis stripping down.

"He deserves to know the truth." Kay hates this. "I don't think that I could hurt him. He wouldn't hurt anyone." Fox smirks inside the bathroom. "I will pay like my grandfather paid you if you give Miguel the full treatment, if you know what I mean." Miguel calls out, "Are you done in there?" Fox answers, "I will be right out!" Fox tells the person on the phone to get this done as quickly as possible since time is of the essence. He hangs up and goes to the mirror. "You would be proud, Grandfather."

Paloma explains to Sheridan that Luis is only trying to get Fancy warm to prevent her from going into shock. Sheridan understands now. "I will go and find Sam and Chris." Paloma leaves. Sheridan goes back to the monitor and watches as Luis gets Fancy all tucked in." You will be okay." He puts a pillow under her head and starts a fire down there. "Where am I? Where are my clothes?" He took them off as she was soaking wet. "I hope that blanket keeps you warm. Shoot. What should I do?" He remembers saving Sheridan's life once by stripping naked and getting under the covers with her. Luis considers that now and decides that he has to do the same thing here. "Oh my God! What is he doing?" Sheridan asks aloud when she sees Luis stripping. He crawls under the blanket with Fancy, and she responds better immediately.

"I don't want to hear another prepared story Theresa. I want to talk to this guy man to man. I want to know everything that you know. Tell me the truth, cause I am a good lawyer and will know if you are lying." Theresa offers Gwen the chance to ask JT a question first. "A file was sent to you by email. I want to know about that event. I want to know the who, how and why.” “It is over," Gwen thinks to herself. "Theresa is about to steal my husband."

"Are you alright in there, Fox?" asks Kay. "Yeah (cough-cough)." He gets the curling iron, plugs it in, and puts it to his head, ever so gingerly. He comes out of the bathroom. "Are you alright?" Kay feels his head and he is burning up. "So, you wanted to tell me something?" Miguel starts to speak, but Kay jumps in saying that Miguel only wanted to apologize and say that he will try to be friendlier. "You should rest, Fox." He says he doesn't want that. "I want to spend all of my time with you, Kay. I have had a realization about life and how beautiful it is. We work and live to do what? Be stressed, envious? We should celebrate life. There is something that I want to ask you, Miguel. Would you be my Best Man for my wedding to Kay?"

Sheridan watches the monitor. "Luis! How is Fancy? Is she better? Is she alright?" "She is doing much better!" Fancy coughs. Luis pulls out a bottle of water and gives her a drink to stop the coughing. "Are you warmer?" She is still cold. He pulls her to him again to continue making her warm. Paloma returns. "Sam is working on a way to save them, but the area is unstable." She sees the monitor. "He still is trying to keep her warm eh?" Sheridan doesn't think that there is anything cute about that. "I know what he is doing. Once he had to do that for me, and I had to do that for him." Paloma explains the effects of shock and Sheridan shouts out. "Aren't you just Little Miss Mary Sunshine tonight!" Sheridan quickly apologizes. "I know that that feels like. She feels safe, protected. Like she is the only woman in the world." Paloma turn to look at Sheridan's face as she goes on about Luis and what it feels like to be in his big strong arms.

"Okay, then. I have a question for you. Who exposed my true paternity? I want the name or names, and I want them now!"

Sheridan watches the monitor. "I am glad that Fancy is okay. It was terrifying when Luis jumped into the shaft." Paloma wonders where the rescue crew is. "What if there is a cave-in?" Sheridan knows that Luis will take care of things now. "Luis will take care of Fancy or die trying." Luis asks Fancy, "You feel better?" Fancy is fine. "You make me feel safe and warm." He likes hearing that. "Thank you, Luis. You could have died. You risked your life to save me. I still can't believe that you threw yourself down the shaft that way." He didn't know what else to do. "I saw you fall and thought that I was going to die too." She owes him her life. The romantic scene plays out on the monitor. "You used to look at me that way," Sheridan says to herself. "That look was mine."

Ethan asks, "Spit it out. Who told you that Sam Bennett was my father?" JT tells that he used a stringer. "I had her infiltrate the mansion. Her name was Phyllis." Theresa can't believe her ears. "What? You liar!" Gwen can't believe her luck at the last minute. "Oh…Yes! Yes!" She throws her fists up in the air triumphantly.

"Oh God. Your Best Man?" Fox says that they have a special bond because of all they have been through. "It only makes sense that Kay's best friend from her childhood be a part of the wedding." Kay says that this makes great sense. "We have our entire lives together." Miguel is about to make a suggestion, but Kay tells Fox that they should really go to bed now. "You go ahead and I will be in later." Fox goes to Miguel and thanks him for being Best Man. "I want to have a clean slate before…you know…" He hugs the man and then goes to bed. "What do you think you are doing? I can't be his Best Man, Kay? And what are you going to do now? I love you, and I am supposed to just stand here and watch you make love to him tonight? Tell me, Kay. If you are going to sleep with him, you’d better tell me right now."

"What am I doing?" Sheridan asks herself. "I am the one who told Fancy that she could date Luis." Paloma can see that this is really killing Sheridan. She says that it isn't but then quickly admits that it is. "You are such an amazing man, Luis. You are so strong and so brave." He doesn't think so. "I’ve been worried sick all night." She wants to repay him for what he did that night. You saved my life." Actually, he thinks that she is saving his." He turns her face up to his and they kiss. Sheridan and Paloma see everything. "Luis…it is really over," she thinks.

Theresa freaks out and lunges for JT to kill him. Ethan grabs her and pulls her off the man. While Ethan and Theresa argue about this, Gwen mouths the words 'Thank you', to JT. He shrugs and smiles. "How could you lie?" Theresa demands. Ethan doesn't care. "It is over. I am sorry Gwen." Gwen understands. "She can be very convincing." "…But Ethan!" Ethan wants to hear nothing from Theresa. "Forget it! It's over!"

"I will not have sex with Fox, but I will sleep in the bed with him. Fox is a good person, and he has helped me a lot. I love him but just not in the same way that I love you. I was gutting fish, and he came along and made me a princess. Now he is having the crisis of his life, so I am going to go in there, and I will be with him until he goes to sleep. Then I will come to you." Fox listens. "Funny how the dying suddenly get a burst of energy. She will be making love to me all night long." Kay kisses Miguel goodnight. Fox runs to the bed and jumps in. She takes off her robe and heads to the bed. "Come over here, honey. I want to make love to you all night long." He pulls her to him and makes her kiss him. Miguel sits outside the door listen to what sounds like lovemaking sounds.

Sheridan cries. "I should move on. Luis and Fancy deserve to be happy together. They do." Sheridan looks at the monitor. Luis continues kissing Fancy…

"Why are you lying? You know that you are lying." Theresa pummels him with her fists. Ethan drags her off the man again. "Well, I will just hit the road then." Ethan has one more question. "We were in Rome, and Theresa was chasing you all over town. She suddenly stopped chasing you and then pursuing me. I want to know that secret. Why did Theresa give me up in Rome?" JT stares at Theresa's face now.

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