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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"What is it, Kay? What do you want to tell me?" Fox waits patiently, and pretends to not know what Kay is going to tell him. Miguel hopes that Kay will tell Fox their news right away, but she stalls. "Go ahead, Kay," he says. Fox says, "What is it Kay?" Kay remembers hearing Fox on the phone. He just learned that he was going to die. "Kay what is it!" Fox is dying to know the truth.

Fancy rushes to get the rope tied around her waist. The wood beneath her creaks. Paloma sees that she is about to fall and has to hurry. SNAP! A corner of the platform drops. The ropes are giving out. Suddenly, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Fancy falls in the hole… Luis gets over the hole and jumps in. "Luis! No!"

Rebecca worries. Ethan is going to get up and find that Gwen is gone and that will make him very suspicious. "Gwen!" Rebecca says to herself, "He's coming! Time to Gwen myself up!" She puts the blonde wig from her bag of sex tricks on her head. Ethan comes out just as Rebecca is running to the bathroom. "I will be right back!" She slams the bathroom door, and Ethan gets to it too late. Rebecca turns on the shower and shouts that she will be out soon enough. Ethan waits patiently. Theresa has won. She will now have JT do all that she has paid for. Gwen worries. "You will lose Ethan, and then he will be with me!" Theresa boasts.

Sam and some men arrive to work on rescuing Fancy. Sam is grim when he hears that Luis has jumped into the hold without any reinforcements.

"We were just wondering if you were on the phone just now." Fox thinks about the call that he just faked. He denies making the call. "Really?" Miguel asks. "I just heard a noise and thought that maybe Maria woke up. It that why the both of you are out here together? If you think that I don't trust you, Kay, you are wrong. We are getting married." Miguel thinks that this is the perfect time to talk about marriage. "Yes, we are getting married, Miguel, and I just want the both of us to get along better. I am just realizing how fleeting life can be."

"I hate you!" Theresa knows Gwen did this herself. "All I did was help my mother email the information to JT." Theresa says that she got her time with Ethan and now it is her turn… Theresa and JT rush off. "I can't believe that this all happened because of $100. I knew that I had that hundred dollars when I packed that stupid bag." Her phone rings. "Gwen, we have a problem!" Gwen knows that. "I just lost this thing against Theresa over a hundred dollars." Rebecca pulls the hundred dollars out of her cleavage and looks at it. She knows that she has been the cause of Gwen's anger, but she doesn't tell Gwen. "Gwen can you hurry up?" Rebecca plugs her nose and answers. "I will be out in a minute! Gwen, we have a problem. Ethan thinks that I am you, and I am stuck in the shower." JT and Theresa rush to his car. They are going to go straight to Ethan and tell him everything. JT turns the key. "A rrr A rrr A rrr A rrr" The car won't turn over. "JT! What is it? We have to get to Ethan! Come on!" Rebecca says, "Just hurry home, Gwen. You just need to keep Theresa away from Ethan. Your husband is outside the door right now and he is amorous for his husband. Get over here Gwen and don't forget my money." Gwen hangs up and drags the money out of there.

“Gwen?" says Ethan. "Yes?" Rebecca asks. "I was thinking that I should come in and be with you in the shower since you got hit on the head before." Rebecca says that she wants to be alone. "Don't be long, honey, but I have to talk to you." Rebecca asks what it is he wants to talk about. "Theresa has been really adamant, and I want to put the questions in my head to rest so that we can get on with our lives." Rebecca hopes that Gwen gets there really quick so she can hold her marriage together.

JT is working under the car, but Theresa is impatient. "We have to get to the B&B to see Ethan!" JT says that fate probably wants Gwen to get to Ethan first. Theresa doesn't understand. JT nods behind her. Theresa turns to find Gwen running to get to the B&B. Theresa grabs a wrench and throws it at her. "Damn! I missed! I will get this car running if it kills me." Theresa grabs some tools and gets to work on the car.

Luis falls and somehow, while he is falling, he grabs Fancy. They are together and he holds her tightly with one arm, while throwing the rope he is holding up into the air. The rope catches on something and Luis and Fancy stop sharply bungee-bouncing at the end of the rope. Luis still holds the girl with one hand and the rope with the other. Sam tells the others that there is a rescue team working on getting to Luis and Fancy but it might be a couple of days before the couple can be saved. Paloma and Sheridan are stunned. "It is okay," Sam says. "I brought blankets and food. Are you two okay down there?" "We will be fine as long as nothing else goes wrong!" Fancy shouts. Just then, the rope holding them gives way and Luis and Fancy and falling again. Luis is careful to make sure that he still holds her as they make their quick descent! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!" Fancy screams.

"I didn’t know how tense God was making things for all of us, until God gave me a wakeup call." Kay thinks that Fox should go to bed and get some rest. "Okay but I have to tell you that the flowers are all set for the wedding and the quartet is available." Fox suddenly grabs his stomach grimacing. "Don't worry, I am fine. I think that I just moved something wrong. I have to brush my teeth, so I will do that before I go to bed." He shuffles off like an old man. "When are you going to tell him, Kay? When you marry him?" Fox knows that Kay will not break up with him now.

Gwen arrives at the B&B and stands in the hall. She can see that Theresa isn't there yet, and she doesn't know why. Rebecca calls asking her daughter to come up when Ethan comes down for some tea. Rebecca calls to Ethan to go and make her some tea and he is glad to do it. He makes it downstairs and the second there is time, Gwen rushes in the house and up the stairs. Rebecca and Gwen reunite in the bathroom. "Theresa won, and it was all because I was short $100." Gwen sees something in the corner. "What is that?" It is the wig. "Did you have sex with my husband?" She sees something else. "And what is that?" She sees the money in her mother's fat little fist. "I was playing Monopoly". Gwen knows that her mother skimmed that money off the cash that she had. Rebecca is the reason that Gwen's life is going to be ruined! Gwen gets her hands around the woman's neck and squeezes.

Luis and Fancy still fall down, down, down. He holds her and waits, not knowing what will happen to them next. Up above, Sam worries that the impact, when it finally happens could kill Luis and Fancy… Luis and Fancy still fall and cling to each other. There is a wooden floor below that Luis can see. They hit it! CRASH! They come at such an impact that they burst right through the floor and continue falling.

Theresa has JT sit behind the wheel and periodically try the car to see when it works. "Okay! Try it now!" He does, and it works. She jumps in smiling. "All I did was tighten up the thing-a-ma-jig, to the watch-a-ma-call-it and it worked. Come on, JT! Put the petal to the metal!"

"Luis! Luis!" No one answers Sheridan's cries. "It is highly unlikely that they survived that fall," Sam says. "Luis! Luis!" Sheridan cries. Down below, Luis and Fancy have hit rock bottom and are both unconscious.

Gwen is choking her mother, and Rebecca manages to pry her fingers off her neck to smarten her up. "I lost him. I lost him. I lost him!" THWACK! Rebecca slaps her hard in the face. "Smarten up, Gwen. You will do whatever you can to keep your man!" Gwen sees she is right. She gets on the robe and comes out of the bathroom. Ethan looks at her and has her tea ready. Rebecca has her fingers crossed.

Theresa and JT are on their way in the car. "I had an idea, Ethan. Let's get in the car and go to the airport and take off. We can take Jane and pick a place to go when we get to the airport!" Ethan likes that idea but he has to work and what about Jane? "We'll take her with us!" Ethan would prefer to stay and talk. Rebecca waves at her daughter, indicating to get him out of the way so that she can get out of the bathroom. Gwen craftily gets Ethan to the side of the room and gets his attention by hugging and kissing him. Rebecca steals this chance to get the hell out of there. She heads downstairs and sees Theresa at the bottom of the stairs. "Where's Ethan?" Rebecca will let Theresa through over her dead body. "Even better!" Theresa snaps. She starts barreling up the stairs like a football player but Rebecca is ready for her and hits her hard, sending her back down the stairs in a heap. "Ugh!" Theresa grunts.

"I'm not being cold-hearted to Fox, but he has to know that we want to be together." Kay can't hit Fox with this news when he has awful news of his own. Fox listens at the bathroom door. "Stand your ground, Kay," he thinks. "He has to know that truth that you want to be with me and Maria" Kay can't hurt Fox now that he only has a little time to live. "It is time that we tell Fox the truth. That is my choice." Fox can't let Miguel tell him the truth. He will lose Kay for sure.

Sam and the others shout, but no one answers. They keep calling out and soon Luis responds. All breathe a sigh of relief. Sam and Chris head out to figure a way to get down there. "How is Fancy!" Sheridan calls out. "I don't know!" Luis picks himself up and walks over the rubble to where Fancy lays. She is very still. He sits over her.

Rebecca and Theresa get into it, tripping each other and falling on top of each other. They get umbrellas and sword fight. Ethan hears the women fighting, but Gwen says that is probably just Mrs. Henderson. "Honey, I love you more than anything in this whole world." Ethan hears Gwen working up to something. She talks about people doing things wrong and then thinking they didn't and blocking it out. "I hope that this has nothing to do with JT Cornell. If there is one thing that will break up our marriage Gwen, it is that Theresa has been telling the truth. Is that what you are trying to tell me?" Gwen denies that. Rebecca and Theresa continue fighting, and Theresa makes a break for it and goes to the stairs. She holds on to the rungs of the banister as Rebecca tries to pull her from climbing up the stairs. Theresa's hands give way and she falls backward onto Rebecca in a heap. "What is that?" Ethan wonders. "Is Mrs. Henderson falling down the stairs?" Gwen tries to get the subject back to them so that she can explain. Rebecca and Theresa’s fighting is just too much, however, and Ethan walks off to see what the hell is going on.

Fox waits to hear Kay that telling me the truth could take away what little time he has left. Miguel is firm on this. "Fox! When you are finished in there I want to talk to you!" Fox isn't happy to hear this. "I will be right out!" Miguel turns to Kay. "Kay, I am sorry but Fox needs to know the truth about us tonight."

Luis turns Fancy over to him and holds her like a baby. "Hang on okay? Help is on the way." She doesn't move. Paloma and Sheridan call out…Luis is too busy with Fancy to hear them. "You are so beautiful and so brave. You can't die on me, Fancy…" "What's happening?" Luis says, "She's hurt bad." Luis looks down into her glorious face. "Poor Fancy," Paloma says. "Just hold on, Fancy," Luis says. He remembers their kiss…Her coming in and him seeing her naked…"I love you," he tells her.

"What if Mrs. Henderson broke her hip or something. I have to go and check on her." Gwen needs to tell Ethan first that she really does love him and that she wouldn’t intentionally hurt him. BANG! "I know that wasn't Mrs. Henderson!" Ethan says. Downstairs, Rebecca is choking Theresa. Theresa grabs the receiver to the phone and slams it into the side of Rebecca's face. Rebecca falls off Theresa in pain. "You will not stop me from getting to Ethan!" She turns to get to the stairs and Rebecca is on her again from behind. SMACK! She punches Rebecca dead in the face! That is the last we see of her for the day. "JT!" Theresa shouts. "Meet me in JT's room," she shouts. She heads to the stairs one last time, and this time she is unhindered. Gwen is upstairs now at a loss for words. She kisses Ethan as that is all that she can do. The door flies open. "You get your hands off my man…you BITCH!" Ethan is as confused as ever. "She did it! She did it, and I can prove it! I have JT Cornell in the car, and he is going to come and tell you that Gwen and her mother set me up with the tabloid!"

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