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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay says, "I can't wait to marry you and raise Maria with you. I know that you will be a good husband, Miguel. I just don't want to hurt Fox. I do love him." Miguel understands and hopes that Fox will too. Someone has been watching. Fox sees the lovers kissing in the yard. "How do I keep you? That's it!"

Rebecca looks in on Ethan. She goes over to the bed where he is sleeping and she grabs the blanket to look at his package… "Ooh!" Rebecca remembers that Gwen did order her to take care of Ethan. She climbs into the bed. "Ethan, it's Gwen…I'm here." He snuggles over to her for a hug. She rubs his arm. Theresa arrives at the meeting place. Gwen sees her. "What are you doing here?" They both deny that they have money in their bags. Suddenly they both run to JT's door. They see they are there for the same reason.

Fancy lays on the swinging, rotting board. "Fancy!" Luis calls out. Fancy can hear him but she can't move. "I'm here Luis…I'm here…" She talks very quietly. Up above, Luis and Paloma take flashlights and search the caves for Fancy. They come upon Sheridan and Chris. "I know that you had something to do with this!" Chris denies that. "Just shut up!" Luis orders. "Fancy! Fancy!" Luis continues his search. He will deal with Chris later.

Fox continues to watch. "Is my idea brilliant or totally whacked?" He remembers how his father thought that Kay was crazy for even thinking that he could win against a Crane. He told Fox to show Kay that he is the one who can provide that best that life has to offer. Fox thinks about that now. He goes to the window and opens it…Miguel and Kay are still kissing. "I thought that I lost you, Kay but now I know that things are going to be perfect." She knows that she has made the right decision now. "The second that I returned to Harmony, I knew that I had to be with you." She knew that they should be together from the start. "I sent money for you and Maria, but you and Maria need more. You need my time and my love, and I promise that I will make up for lost time." Kay hates that she has to hurt Fox. "I know that we have to tell him as soon as possible, but I don't want to hurt him. He is going to die when I tell him. He will just die." Fox shuts the window. "You feel guilty now Kay, well just wait."

"I have settled Ethan back to sleep by him thinking that I am Gwen…" Ethan starts kissing Rebecca's neck. "No," she thinks. "This isn't right." "I have freshen up a bit honey," she says. "Hurry back," Ethan tells her. Rebecca jumps out of the bed. "Could I? Should I? Would I?" She knows the answer to that. She goes to her bag of sexual paraphernalia and gets out one of her wigs. "This will do!" She goes back to the bedroom now with the wig. Gwen and Theresa argue until the door opens. "Well, hello, ladies…" The women are angry that they are being played against each other. He confirms that. "The one with the most money, gets the honey!"

Fancy dangles dangerously in the bottomless hole. Luis still calls for her. Chris explains how he came to be in the caves. He was thinking about Luis's visitation in the cottage. "Me being here, and this being the place where Fancy may be is nothing but a stroke of luck!" he says. "Fancy! Fancy!" Luis shouts. She hears him but can only manage to move her arm closer to her head. "Luis," she whimpers…"Luis." Her voice is nothing more than a whisper. No one can hear her. "Fancy! We know that you are here! Fancy!" Luis shouts. Fancy opens her eyes now. She looks around. "AAAAAhhhhhhhhhh!" Luis and the others have definitely heard that. They all look around, not really sure where the screaming is coming from. Fancy sits right up now, as she holds on to her wooden magic carpet. She looks around and starts to understand the kind of danger that she is really in.

Fox checks the hallway. "I hope this works," he says to himself. "This is going to kill Fox, Miguel." Miguel knows that. They go to the bedroom door where they hear Fox talking on the phone. "I need to know my test results doctor…" Kay has no idea what this is all about. "Tell me, Doctor… Am I going to live or am I going to die?"

Gwen and Theresa use their bags of money to batter JT as he stands up against the wall. He uses an umbrella to fend the girls off, and then threatens to make Ethan hate them both if they don't lay off. They settle down. "Here is the deal. Whoever has the most money wins. Now show me the money!" Both girls unzip their bags and start putting their wads on the table.

"Help! Somebody help me! Help! Help!" Luis and the others hear Fancy clearly now. "If you had anything to do with this, Chris…so help me God!" Sheridan tells Luis to stop this. They move ahead. "Help me!" Luis talks directly to Fancy now. They follow her voice and see that she has fallen into a hole. "How did this happen?" Chris says. "You ought to know, Chris, as you were the one that caused this to happen!" Sheridan hushes Luis and urges him to just get Fancy out of there. He shines his flashlight down the hole and he sees Fancy swinging in some unseen breeze on the wooden swing. It looks very unsafe. "Hurry, Luis! Save me!" CREEEEEEEEEEEEEK! SNAP! Links in the chains holding up are coming apart due to her weight. "Ahhhhhhhhh," she screams as the structure jumps under her. "Oh no," Luis says. "This isn't going to be easy."

"Ah ha…Right…What does that mean exactly?" Fox says. Miguel and Kay listen and wait to hear the results…Fox laughs…Miguel and Kay relax. Kay can't understand why Fox would be talking to a doctor this late at night. "What? I'm going to die?" Fox moves the phone from his ear. "Oh, Kay and Maria. What am I going to do?" Miguel and Kay are stunned now from the news.

Rebecca sees that this is going to be her best sex-capade ever. "Oh, the things that us mothers do for our daughters. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson." She sits on the bed. "I'm here, ready for the taking…" Ethan moves closer to her in his sleep and starts kissing her. "What is it about Ethan that has you girls fighting all these years. Gwen finds him loving and wonderful. Theresa agrees. "Okay, now I am going to count the money and see who has the most here. One of you will end up with Ethan, and the other will end up bitter and alone."

"Don't move, Fancy." She tells Luis to hurry as the chains are coming apart. Luis finds it interesting that Chris managed to bring rope which is what they need to get Fancy out of there. "I was just trying to be prepared," he says in his defence. "I am going to lower a rope down for you, Fancy. Just wait a second." She urges him to hurry and as she does so, something else comes loose and the board jumps again under her weight. "AAAHHHHH!" Chris thinks about how he spoke with Spike and told the man that there wasn't any way that he was going to allow Fancy to die like this. Luis is preparing the robe to send it down to Fancy so they can get her out of there. Something falls into the hole. "Oh no! Fancy! Watch out! Something's falling down to you!" She is staring up at the light where Luis and the others are and she sees something. She pulls her arms up to protect her face, waiting for the blow that is sure to come.

"Fox is dying. Oh God." Miguel and Kay turn back to the door. "What doc? No, I don't want to tell Kay. I want her to remember her wedding day as one of the best days of her life. I love Kay too much to burden her with all my problems right now. I want Kay to be as happy as she can for as long as she can." Kay is stunned that Fox is making this huge sacrifice for her. "This is some coincidence," Miguel finds. "I can't tell him the news now." Fox smiles, knowing that Miguel and Kay are right behind him, listening to his every word.

The board that has fallen down the hole misses Fancy and her supporting structure entirely. All breathe a sigh of relief. Luis gets the rope down the hole. "Put that around your waist, and I will pull you up!"

Rebecca and Ethan are in bed and he is falling for her act. It is when she talks about his rock hard muscle, oops I mean muscles when Ethan wakes up and sees that he has been making it with his mother-in-law. "Rebecca!!" Gwen and Theresa wait patiently for JT to count the money before him. Finally, his counting is complete. "I have no doubt which one of you is the winner. Gwen…" She starts jumping and cheering at the sound of her being called out first. "I knew it! I am the winner, and Theresa…you are the loser!"

Fox still pretends to talk on the phone. "I still think that we should tell Fox the truth about us." Kay can't do that right now. "What?" Fox asks. "Are you sure? I only have a few months to live? I definitely can't tell Kay then. I want what little time that we have together to get happy. I am sorry, Doctor but that isn't your call. I am going to live this dream as long as I can. Loving Kay, marrying her and being a loving father to Maria. That is my dying wish…It is like I said, Doctor. Kay is the most loving woman that I have ever met." Kay finds him totally selfless. "Amazing," Miguel says.

Fancy tries to get the rope around her. SNAP! "Whoa!" Fancy shouts. "She doesn't have much time!" "Okay, now!" Luis starts pulling on the rope. "Wait!" Fancy shouts. "The rope's come undone!" She reties it around her and shouts to be dragged up. Luis starts pulling again.

"Gwen, I was just trying to tell you that you were $100 short." Gwen doesn't believe that! She searches her bag but the money isn't there. Rebecca finds the $100 that she took from Gwen in her cleavage and smiles at it. "I sure hope that this hundred dollars that I took from Gwen's stash didn't cause her any trouble with JT." She looks over at Ethan, but he has gone back to sleep…Gwen counts the money herself and sees that she is indeed the loser of this little race. "I guess that you have lost, Gwen, which means that I win!" Theresa smiles. "I can't lose Ethan!" Gwen pouts. "You will Gwen, and soon, Ethan will be mine!" Theresa smiles again.

"Don't worry, Doctor, I will not do anything stupid. I want to be alive for Kay and Maria's sake." Fox hangs up the phone and reconnects the wires in the bottom of it. He hears Kay sniffing behind him at the door and knows that his trick has worked. Miguel isn't as heartbroken over Fox's troubles as Kay is. She is angered by that. Fox comes out of the room. "What's going on? I woke up and you were gone?" Miguel turns boldly to Fox and says that there is something that they have to tell him.

Fancy tries to get ready to be pulled up, but she doesn’t move fast enough. "AAAAHHHHH!" The chains break and Fancy falls screaming from the board.

Ethan is in bed…Rebecca pours herself a drink. "Gwen?" Ethan calls for his wife from the bedroom now. Rebecca pours herself a drink worrying now. If he gets up and finds that Gwen isn't there, he will know for sure that something is up. "Gwen? Honey? Are you out there?" Rebecca ignores his cries and sips her drink. Theresa grins from ear to ear. "I am going to get JT to tell what you have done, Gwen, and then…well you know what comes next!"

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