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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I will be patient, but you have to tell Fox that you can't marry him because you love me." Kay wants to do that, but she can't see how she can hurt Fox, which is what will happen. Fox is inside the house, and he listens while Miguel and Kay talk outside thinking they are alone. "I can't hurt him," Kay says. "Oh, there you are," Julian says to Fox. Fox tells his father to be quiet, as he is trying to hear what Miguel and Kay are saying outside. Miguel and Kay hug now.

"I had to hit you on the back of the head, Gwen." Gwen counts up the money that she got for her grandmother's jewelry. Rebecca is still mad that the jewelry wasn't originally given to her. "Wait! We don't have enough money here. We are short. I gotta get more money for JT!" They hear someone coming. Gwen hides the money. Ethan comes in. "What did I hear you say?"

Theresa comes into the office with a leather bag. She goes to the wall, and a sliding panel opens. Theresa starts cramming money into the bag. Wad by wad goes into the bag. She doesn't even count it. She hears a door open and close behind her, but doesn't turn around. She knows who it is. "Oh Whitney! Thanks for coming back. I am getting the money to get JT to tell Ethan what he needs to know so that I can get Ethan back!" Jared’s voice replies, "Theresa?" She slowly turns to face Jared. "…'get Ethan back'? Does this mean that you and I are over Tess?"

Luis makes a call to check on Fancy's case, but no one has seen her. Paloma wonders if Luis and Fancy really do have a psychic connection. Luis gets off the phone and has to think…Chris is getting concerned, as he doesn't want this to somehow reveal that he had anything to do with Fancy being hurt, or worse…He leaves the house. Luis is disturbed. He hasn't a clue as to where to look for Fancy. "Luis…" Fancy’s voice says. Luis says, "Did you hear that? I just heard Fancy again. She is calling my name…" Sheridan and Paloma look at each other. They heard nothing. "Luis…" Luis looks around the room, but he is the only one who hears Fancy telepathically calling to him to save her. In the big, black hole where Fancy lays cold and alone, she is on a wooden ledge that sits wedged into the dirt wall underground. The ledge is supported by a single chain that has slowly been weakening due to Fancy's weight pulling on it. RRRREEEETCHCH! The links stretch and pull away from each other, and finally, they snap! Fancy doesn't fall, but she has a lot less support holding her up from a fatal fall.

"I am sorry, Jared, but Ethan is who I want. I don't want to hurt you, but Ethan is the love of my life." Jared guesses that she will be running Crane Industries with Ethan forever. "No, as soon as I get Ethan I will be giving up the company. I will be giving up the money and the power forever…"

"I didn't say anything." Ethan thought that he heard something about JT, but Rebecca and Gwen say they weren't talking about that. Ethan leaves to go to bed. "That was so close. What are we going to do to get the rest of the money?" Rebecca offers to persuade JT in her own special way but Gwen is afraid that JT will just go back to Theresa and up the ante. "I could raid Jane's college fund, but I don’t want to do that. Wait! I have an idea. What about your divorce settlement from Julian?" Rebecca almost chokes. "That is all the money that I have in the world." Gwen doesn't care. She wants every dime from her mother's divorce settlement.

"You love me, Kay, and I love you will all my heart. I am here now, and we can be together." Kay can't afford to make a mistake with this decision. "I can't hurt him. This is happening too fast. I have to go and check on Maria. I will be right back." Fox and Julian watch… "You have to go and get rid of Miguel now for good." Fox sees that his father is suggesting that Miguel be killed. "That is the only way that you can be sure that the man will be stopped for good!" Julian says. He takes a swig from his flask.

Luis, Paloma and Sheridan talk. "Where is Chris?" Luis and Sheridan suddenly realize that the man has disappeared. Sheridan goes upstairs to see if Chris is checking on James. Paloma and Sheridan find Chris's disappearance very strange. Luis's phone rings. His face lights up when he sees the display. "It is the telecommunications people. I put a trace on Fancy's phone. They should be able to tell me where she is. Hello!" he answers. Chris makes his way in the dark, back to the tunnels… "I have to get back to Fancy. I can't have her out here hurting and dying like this. I couldn't live with that on my conscience." In the hole, the weight of Fancy's body on the wooden ledge proves to be too much. CREEEEEEEEEEKKKKKK! The ledge breaks away and falls sideways like a trap door over a tub of water at a carnival. Fancy's body slides off it and deeper, down, down, down into the big, black darkness! "Alright, thank you!" says Luis. "We have her positive. She is down by the caves. We used to play there when we were kids. Fancy must have gotten hurt there." Sheridan lags back to call for someone at the mansion to come and take care of James at the cottage. "Oh Chris, where did you go?" she wonders. Chris has rope with him and he finds the hole where Fancy fell through. He shines a light down the hole and sees her shoe. "How could she have survived this fall?" "Fancy! Fancy can you hear me!"

Miguel phones his mother. He gets her voicemail. "Hi, Mama! I just wanted to let you know that Kay and I are going to be together." Julian is sickened that Miguel thinks that he has won over Fox already. "I can't kill him, father. There has to be another way to deal with this besides killing Miguel." Julian tells him that there isn't another way. "You are going to lose Kay just because you wouldn't get rid of a persistent problem!" Julian looks for things in the kitchen that they could use to kill the man. "I can't do that, as I will only go to prison and lose Kay anyway." Julian tells Fox to move fast as Kay is setting him up to be a loser. "What would your grandfather say?"

Kay comes back and says, "I was looking at Maria, and I was thinking. I do realize who it is that I want to be with." Miguel hopes that Kay is still going to choose him.

Gwen begs and begs her mother to give her the money from her divorce settlement so that she can keep Ethan. Ethan dreams……Gwen is in bed with him and he tells her that he loves her with all of his heart……Gwen's face and body would morph into Theresa and she would beg him to be with her. "I just need the proof," he would tell her…Ethan's sleep hasn't been disturbed but now he speaks in his sleep. "Just give me the proof."

Jared says, "You would give up all of this?" Theresa would. "I have changed my mind. I want Little Ethan to have a normal life. I like to think that the money didn't change me, but it did. So! I am going to make my dreams come true with this money and there isn't anything that anyone can do to change my mind." Jared would like to try. He kisses her.

"I have to figure out how to get to the bottom of the shaft. There has to be another way down there…" Chris gets up to investigate the place. At the entrance to the caves, Luis, Sheridan and Paloma arrive. "We have to be quiet. If the guy is around, then we don't want to alert him that we are here." They decide to split up. Paloma goes off on her own. Luis orders that Sheridan comes with him. Down in the hole, past the ledge where Fancy once lay, is another ledge. Fancy has fallen on it, this time on her stomach. This ledge isn't like the last, in that it swings from chains that hold the wooden structure suspended, like a very broad playground swing. Fancy lays on it now as it gently swings after having been Fancy falling on it. She is unconscious.

"Well, I am still the man that you want, right?" Kay says that there is only one man who can give Maria everything that she needs. Miguel sees where this is going. "You are still going to choose Fox? He is the man that you are going to be with ?"

"I am begging you to help me keep Ethan." Rebecca hasn't any idea how she will live. Gwen promises that they will find a way for her to live. "But the bank is closed." Gwen knows that with her mother's involvement with the bank manager, she can get the bank open anytime that she wants. Rebecca knows that she will find another man as rich as the Cranes to take care of her. "I will give you the money." Gwen is grateful! She runs to the bedroom and sees Ethan laying asleep on their bed and she just smiles at his beautiful form.

Jared and Theresa kiss……Theresa can't help but think about the steamy kisses that she has shared with Ethan and how he made her feel…"Your heart is elsewhere, isn't it?" Theresa admits that it is. "You are a wonderful man, but Ethan has my heart." Jared can't fight that. "Well, at least I can help. I tell ya what…I will take a run down to the vault and help you bring up some money. If that makes you happy, then that is all that I need to know." She wishes that they had met under different circumstances. He wishes that too. "I will be right back." He leaves the office now.

"Hello? Yeah JT. Yes, I have the money. Where do you want to meet me?" Gwen tells her mother that the second they get the money all they have to do is drop it off with JT, and Theresa will be blown out of the water.

"Here it is." Jared has returned with the bag of money and he puts it on the couch. "Are you sure that you are going about things the right way to get what you want?" She finds it is the only way. Her phone rings. "Hello? I know exactly where that is. I will have the money. I WILL have your money." Jared finds that strange that all she has to do is hand the money over and that will get her Ethan. "I just hope that your dream doesn't become a nightmare."

"Please help me," Fancy whimpers. Paloma comes full circle and meets Luis and Sheridan. "Found anything?" No one has found anything. They continue searching. Chris sees Luis and Sheridan creeping around in the caves, and he ducks out of sight quickly. "I wonder what Luis and Sheridan are doing here…" "Well, well, well! What have we here?" Chris turns to find Luis and Sheridan behind him. "What are you doing here?" Sheridan asks. "He is here because he knew that Fancy was here all along…Didn't you?!" Luis shouts at the man. Sheridan stands stunned behind Luis staring at her husband, waiting for an answer.

"She did? She said that she wants to choose the right man for Maria and that is me." Julian heard that. "You take my advice. You be ruthless before it is too late." Julian leaves. "I wasn't talking about money or possessions, Miguel. I was talking about thinks that are unconditional in life. You are Maria's dad, and I love you, so I will tell Fox that you are the man that I am going to marry." They hug. "You are right, Father…I am too late…" Fox sees and hears everything.

Gwen is thrilled. She goes to her mother, and they dump all that lovely money in a bag. "Goodbye Benjamin," Rebecca says to her money. "Mother, just think how good you are going to feel for helping me out this way. Rebecca steals a couple of bucks and tucks it into her bottomless cleavage. Gwen checks on Ethan. "He is still asleep, but I need you to stay here and cover for me. I will see you later. Just take care of Ethan for me." Gwen leaves with the bag full of money. Rebecca goes to the bedroom and looks in on Ethan. "You heard her," she says to the sleeping form. "I have to take care of you, so here goes…"

"I think that you should let me come with you." Theresa really needs to do this on her own. "Are you sure that you want to give all this up?" She is sure. "All I am giving up is evil. This place represents grief and unhappiness, and I am glad to get rid of it. I want the truth cause the truth will set me free. When I wake up, the truth will be that I will be waking up with the man of my dreams."

"You tell me what you are doing here!" Sheridan gets between the two men to stop Luis from battering Chris. "Luis! I am sure that Chris has a good explanation for being here. Don't you, Chris?" Luis hasn't got time for this. He continues his search for Fancy. "Fancy! Fancy!" Deep in the hole, Fancy lays on the giant swing, many, many feet beneath the surface level of the earth. "Luis…Luis…Help me." Her voice is so small and she can barely be heard. RRRRRipppp! One of the ropes slowly tears itself apart…fiber by fiber…SNAP! That rope has come apart. The level piece of wood that Fancy is laying on is now uneven since one corner now hangs lower than the other.

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