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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Sheridan and Paloma watch as Luis talks in his dream seemingly to Fancy. His eyes are wide open. Chris doesn't understand what is going on here, and so Paloma and Sheridan explain. Paloma tries to wake the man. Fancy tells him that she needs him and is in the dark somewhere. She needs his help. "I am on my way, Fancy!" Fancy lays unconscious deep down in the big black hole.

Kay knows that Miguel doesn't want to talk to her, but she asks that he just give her a few minutes. He can do that. He wanted to talk to her as well.

"Ethan! Come over here! JT Cornell is in the storage room and is ready to tell you the truth about Gwen!" Ethan is too far from Theresa and can't hear her. Gwen is in the storage room with JT and she orders the man to get out of there. Rebecca makes her way to Ethan at the bar and tells him that Gwen has gone home and that he should go ahead and meet her at home. He didn't see Gwen go, but he starts leaving anyway. Theresa comes out again to the main room of the Blue Note. "Ethan! Ethan!" Ethan turns in Theresa's direction, but doesn't see her. "I could have sworn that I just heard Theresa just now!" Rebecca see the trouble that is about to erupt, and she runs to the storage room to warn Gwen when is about to unfold. Theresa makes her way to Ethan. "JT Cornell is in the storage room and he can tell you the truth about Gwen." Ethan doesn't understand. "Ethan! It is time that you found out what a lying bitch your wife really is!"

Chris needs to know what is going on. Sheridan remembers how she drugged Luis…"This is my fault. I put a sleeping pill in Luis's coffee. He was exhausted, and the pill worked at first." Paloma is concerned. "My brother isn't in dreamland where he should be.” Fancy calls to Luis in his mind's eye…"I hear you, Fancy…" Deep in the hole, Fancy lays unconscious waiting to be saved.

Kay explains to Miguel, "I talked to my mom, and she read me the riot act, and then she understood. I told her the same thing that I told you about how she sided with Charity all these years when she knew that I loved you. She said to say that she loves me and that she forgives me." Miguel understands…

"He is in the storage room with Gwen. Did you mean it when you said that you would leave Gwen and be with me if you found out the truth?" He did mean that. Rebecca enters the storage room and tells JT and Gwen that Ethan and Theresa are on their way to the storage room right now. Gwen is stunned. They are cornered and will never get out of there. "What are we going to do?" Rebecca sees that she is the one who will have to act. She goes to Gwennie and whispers her plan…

Paloma calls to her brother, but he can't hear her. "Fancy where are you?" She seems to be an entity in the room. "I am so scared. Please hurry." In the black hole, Fancy is still out of it, but she is laying on a platform that juts out from the wall. She is in danger of crashing lower into the hole at any moment.

"I shouldn't have been so resentful but I was. I was just so tired of hearing Charity's name. Something broke inside me. My mom kept telling me to let you and Charity be together, but I couldn't. I loved you so much, and I was dying inside." Miguel sees that this all happened because of him, and he can't believe it. "I couldn't hear or see what you were going through back then. My God, things would have been so different if I had look at things differently. I am so sorry." They would have been married by now.

"I know that now you are going to know that truth!" Theresa opens the door. Ethan enters the storage room. What he sees causes him to have an incredulous look on his face. "Gwen?" Ethan moves forward right away.

Paloma doesn't like this. Sheridan only gave him a small doze. "Maybe I can get through to him." Luis! It is me! Sheridan!" Chris knows that this has to be a bad dream. Luis ignores all while he talks to Fancy. "I can't hang on much longer. It is pitch black here. I love you…" In the hole, the platform shakes and threatens to go crashing to the bottom of the world. Fancy wakes and looks around. "I love you Luis." Luis cries out, "FANCY!" Luis shakes himself out of his sleep and is awake now. "She isn't here, Luis!"

"I may not like what you did to your parents, but I understand why you did it, and I don't hate you, Kay." She is so thankful for this. She hugs him. "I love you so much." He asks her if she just said what he thinks she said. She admits that she loves him with her whole heart. "You know what, Kay? I think that I love you too." They hug. They are below a window to the house.

Theresa knows that now her prayers will be answered. "Oh my God!" Theresa looks in the storage room. She sees Gwen unconscious on the floor with Ethan over her. Theresa goes searching for JT now. "Oh no! Where did they go?" Theresa searches every door and closet in the storage room but finds no one. "How did they get out of here?" Outside, JT and Rebecca are just exiting the club as if they were any other couple enjoying an evening at the Blue Note… Once outside, they know they have it made. They have escaped Theresa's reach. This is turning out to be such a good night, and JT promises that the fun has only just begun. They kiss.

Luis looks around the room, thinking that Fancy has to be around since he heard her voice. "I am sorry, Luis, she wasn't. It was a dream." He will not believe that. Paloma wants him to relax and recover his strength. "Fancy was telling me to find her and save her. I don't care what you heard. I heard Fancy's cries for help." He sees powder on his shirt. "That wasn't on you when you came in." Luis brushes the dirt from his shirt. He even has blood on his hand. Chris thinks about how the dirt that Luis sees seems to be the same as the dirt that got on him when he was leaning into the hole. "Where did that come from?" Chris wonders. In the hole, Fancy calls out while in and out of consciousness on the platform… The rotting wooden structure shakes, threatening to drop Fancy at any moment. "Luis…"

"I left you to raise our daughter all alone with nothing more than a few measly cheques to get by on. Even though I have known you my entire life, I really never knew you. You have become the woman that I have always wanted. True love doesn't evaporate just because someone makes a mistake. Now that you have admitted your feelings to me, we can be a family. You, me and Maria. You just have to tell Fox the truth." Kay pulls away. "No!"

"Oh…Ethan." Ethan helps his wife up. Theresa can't be bothered about that. She has to find where JT has gone to. Outside the club, Rebecca worries that she has really hurt her daughter. "Oh no! What if I really hurt my Gwennie?" Gwen starts telling the story. At first it seems like maybe JT hit her in his quest to get the hell out of there. Gwen is in a sitting position now. She groans in pain and starts again to tell the story of what happened to her. "She…Theresa! She was the one who hit me!" Theresa's mouth opens wide in horror. She points at Gwen shouting. "You are a liar!"

Luis falls heavily into a chair. "I am so woozy." Sheridan takes responsibility for that. "I am so sorry. I was worried about you. You were out for so many hours and I put a sleeping pill in your coffee. I wanted you to have some rest before going back out to look for Fancy. I just wanted to help." Luis thinks that maybe she did help. "I was in a different state, and I connected with Fancy. She was calling me for help. I know that this sounds ridiculous, but she was calling me." Sheridan seems skeptical. "Come on, Sheridan. You and I were the same." Sheridan knows that, but she only thought that was something that she and he only shared between the two of them and no one else." Luis tells her that she was obviously wrong. Chris is starting to grasp what is really going on here. In the hole, Fancy still hangs on for dear life; not really aware of just how much danger she really is in.

Someone is in the bedroom window above Miguel and Kay…That person watches as Kay and Miguel talk. Kay tells Miguel below that she can't turn her back on Fox like this. She looks up and sees the window above them. The curtains are drawn…Kay continues explaining how she can't just give up on Fox as he wouldn't do this to her. "What about Charity?" Miguel gives Kay his word that he wouldn't leave her if Charity returned. "Believe in us. Don't believe in me!"

"Don't forget our deal, JT. You are going to take Gwennie's money and move far away." JT will leave, but only after he and Rebecca have one more go at it. Inside, Gwen explains, "She got all crazy and hit me over the head with that plank over there." Theresa says that Gwen is going to regret this, as she is about to be exposed as the liar that she really is. Ethan finds that there is a really big bump on the back of Gwen's head. Theresa says that Rebecca probably did it. Gwen silently remembers what happened. They got JT out of the storage room… "Close your eyes, Gwen…" She does as she is told. WHACK! Gwen wasn't expecting that. It didn't knock Gwen out, and so Rebecca had to do it again. WHACK! And down she went. Gwen can barely stand up. "He was here, Gwen, and you know it! Now tell me where he is!" She lunges at Gwen, but Ethan uses his body to stop her. Outside, JT and Rebecca are kissing. She pushes him off her and orders him to go… JT walks off. Rebecca enters the club again. "Whoa!" JT has a thought. "Gwen wants me to go and Theresa wants me to stay…There's some more bucks to be made here." Theresa is livid with having been made a fool again. Rebecca reenters the room, and Theresa lunges for her too. Gwen won't relax until her mother assures her that JT is truly history this time. Ethan tries to make Theresa see that he can't just leave Gwen without more proof that what Theresa is saying is true. "Yes," Rebecca whispers. "JT is long gone!" Actually, out back of the Blue Note, JT Cornell sits in a dark corner against the building counting the eggs in his basket. "Let's see 1 million dollars…" It doesn't take him long to figure out that by sticking around he could parlay this million into more big bucks. "Oh yeah!"

Fancy lays half in and half out of it… "Luis…" Luis sits quietly and he hears her… "Luis…" Chris wonders if Fancy could still be alive after that fall she took. Luis starts walking out. "Fancy is in a cold, dark place, and she is hurt. She is afraid that she is going to die. I will find the scum who did this to her, and I will make him pay." Luis picks up the phone.

"I don't know how I can say this to Fox. Not until I am sure." Miguel tells Kay to take her time. "I have a good feeling about this. I know that we are going to be good together." Kay warns Miguel not to say anything about this. Upstairs, the curtain in the window moves.

"Stop twisting everything around!" Ethan can't bother with this anymore. "JT isn't here. I have to get Gwen home." Ethan leaves with Rebecca and Gwen. Theresa can't believe this happened again. Her phone rings. "Hello! Bet you didn't think that you would hear from me again!" She is angry that she has paid the man a fortune and that he is not playing fair from his end. "I want to have you tell Ethan everything." JT is going to need a lot of doe-ray-me for that! "It is worth it. I will pay anything!"

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